1963-09-23 - Precinct Breakout
Summary: In which Cain beats a dude with another dude..
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Raven had been kept in the interrogation room with only a bit of water and sometimes something to eat. This time, there was no guise to her at all. Just blue skin, red hair that was now a little bit mussed, a bruise upon the arm due to being shot that was healing rather nicely under police custody. There is a chance that they have may taken an iron to her skull, there was a black eye .. well purple, her ribs were bruised but yet again, healing nicely. Every now and then, people filtered in and out of the two way window, just to get a look at Raven as she was. Mutant. Loud and proud. Though some were eerily spooked by the way she stared forward with one eye open, hands cuffed behiind her back, and upon the chair that she sat upon.

It was a quiet, somber moment as everyone continued to do their jobs. Cops filtering in and out as some turn in their keys for the day so that they could go home. Others picking up keys and assignments to go on patrol. Some were just checking in to return evidence before they head out into the field whilst some others drop off the random criminal here and there. Even a kid for throwing a rock at a window and busting up Mr. Jay's car.

This was all apart of the plan. Even though it didn't seem like it was. The cops were the focus of her ire and at this point in time? She was launching a one woman war in the name of justice.


No part of this happened to fit into any of Domino's plans. Not at all. The point was to -not- get arrested, -not- get tossed under the spotlight. Really, not to do anything at all which might draw attention her way! She's got some very unfriendly foes in this country's Government and military. If they knew she was locked away in one of those drab looking interrogation rooms right now…

It would make a bad situation much, much worse.

Her predicament is similar to Raven's, not that she would ever know it. In her case the process is ongoing. Barely seated across the bolted down metal table across from her is another officer, all but screaming his head off as he tries to extract something, -anything- from the bloodied and battered albino.

Several officers have since lost their voices trying. She's not made a sound since having taken the baton to her gut back in Hell's Kitchen. In silence and pure defiance she simply glares back at the shouting officer, thinking of all of the wonderfully violent things she will do to these people when her time arrives.

They won't keep her here forever.


After they got nabbed, Cain needed a bit of time to regroup. He had a couple of contacts for Raven (that's how he found Fred), different operatives she had for different things. But Raven was the source of most intel and, well, neither of them were exactly spies.

Finally, Cain had just followed a cop home, grabbed him by the scruff, and asked where they were or he'd pop the dude's neck - and told him if he warned the other boys in blue, his wife and kids could get smushed like flies, too.

They've been staking out for a while, waiting for the cops to change shifts. Not cause either of them are particularly threatened. But chaos always helps. And they might literally catch the cops with their pants down.

"Fifty bucks says I can throw you up to the second floor," he grins at Fred.



Not near as tall as his 'compadre' by at least a good foot, Frederick J Dukes might just about be about as wide.

The round renegade had been surprised to find himself at the beckon call of one Cain Marko. His dimsissal of the man mighta meand a block-leveling brawl had it not been for the person that owned such a nefarious roladex from where in his name was pulled.

Fred Dukes: Rotund Bastard
Owes a Favor.

So Fred had waited there just across from the precinct, antsy and eager. He wasn't one for patience, couldn't see why they hell they had waited so goddamned long. But then Cain made a bet and a smile slid acrous the broad mouth of Mr. Dukes here, nasty and crooked. He tossed a now empty coke bottle over towards a trash can…

On the math of it, it was a easy bet. Fred weighed a quarter ton. Cain looked like he could bench press a box truck… But Freddy boy had that trick. He shifted his fotting, rocking absently on his feet as he anchored himself in place through terrible, mutant tomfoolery.

"That'll be the quickest g'damned fifty you ever lost. G'on, try it!" he dared the man, fists planting to his copious hips.


'Listen. Woman. You gotta give us a name.' The detective said as he enters into the room, the door closing behind him, locked and shut tight. 'This is going to go down bad for you. Fifty counts of murder, the equal amount of property destruction and assaulting and greviously injuring a cop. This is a hate crime, missy. I'm going to throw the fucking book at you and a lot more fists if you don't pipe up.'

The man takes a seat as the yellow eyed woman shifts her gaze towards him.

'Listen here, you ugly bitch! You don't scare me. None of ya' do. I hope the world gets rid of your ass just with the rest of them. Now are you going to give me a name or not!'

Raven slowly smiles, her head shaking ever so slightly as she rolls her shoulders in tandem. It was a smooth move, her bones within her body clicking and readjusting, her bare foot pressing against the ground as she readjusts her seat. "I want my one phone call."

'You don't have any rights, not now. Not today. Not ever. Not until you give me what I want.'

"A kick in the ass?"

The man slams a stack of papers down upon the table, shifting them to allow her to take a glance at the carnage that was done at the club. Bodies were scattered upon the floor, tables were turned, many bullet holes littered the wall and the exploded, turned upside down car was also seen. And it does not phase Raven one bit.

"Pretty." She says. Just in time for the man to rise up and give her a good and soundful smack upon the cheek.


Hours of frustration and nothing to show for it gets the better of one more officer. The man screaming at Domino finally lunges forward, aiming to dart across the table itself in order to punch her square in the face.

He probably should have judged clearances better.


"AUGH!" he suddenly blurts out in agony, collapsing onto the floor and knocking his own chair away from the two as he clutches his dislocated knee, tears welling in his eyes.

Leg: 0. Steel table: 1.

Shortly after the door is unbolted and two more officers jump in, weapons drawn. "Jeezus, what happened?!"

"Just get me outta here..!" the wounded man cries out, trying (and failing) to hang onto what little of his pride remains.

The other two slowly look at one another, actually seeming a little worried. Neither one speaks but they know what the other is thinking. 'The White Bitch. The curse.'

Looks of warning and malicious intent are passed the albino's way as they carefully drag their injured companion out of the room, slamming and locking the door with a resounding crash of metal.

These guys really oughta learn to be more careful.


Cain knows nothing about the trouble going on indoors, as he's about to create a load of trouble outdoors. He confidently grasps at Fred, only to find him cement-blocking him, "Really? This how we gonna do this?" he snorts.

And then there's a tremendous strain, vibrating starting as he pushes his boots into the asphalt, but he just can't deadlift him at first, but he's not about to give up. He's not just some strong guy, he's the god damn Juggernaut.

And so, slowly, wobblingly, Cain's impossible strength hefts Fred up, up, and finally deposits him on his shoulder. There's a hint of sweat on his brow, "You fat bastard," he mutters.

And then he starts to run, having started down the street from the place, a slow trot that increases in speed and velocity as he heads towards the precinct. A few cops out front, smoking cigarettes, see the approaching behemoths, multiple tons of massive flesh, and draw their guns, "Stop, stop right there, stop or we'll…oh JESUS!" one of them yells, diving as Cain uses the momentum of his running along with his strength to heft and hurl, flinging Fred just barely up high enough to hit the window on the second floor even as he prepares to plow skull-first into the front door of the precinct.


It was petty and a waste of their time but as Fred put it while Cain got him in just about the most powerful bearhug the Texan had ever felt, "Hey, fifty bucks is fifty bucks."

Fred radiated confidence, crossing his arms as best he could considering the situation. This was how he used to make his living and nobody but NOBODY had ever gotten him off of his feet when he had set his mind to staying in place….

But then Cain pout in a bit more effort and… oh lord, Fred actually started to sweat. "C'mon now, 'gonna hurt yourself." he cautioned the bigger man, jaw going slack as he felt himself have to try and maintain his connection with the ground for the first time in his life.

It ramped up from there, and to his credit, Fred Dukes did not quit! The pavement did.

It came up underneath him like earth clinging to the roots of a stubborn weed, two great big hunks of cement wrenched up along with him, they fell away with a heavy crash and thud just as soon as he was well and proper whooped!

"Aw shit shit shi-!" he rattled as he was hauled along like the biggest damn sack of potatos anyone ever cared to see. His fecal profanity continued, one last word drawn out long as he was pitched up!

It was lucky the fat ass didn't bounce off!

He crashed through the window and into a office area. Reports were being filed and statements taken. The click-clack of type writers coming to a halt to the tune of busting glass.

Fred tumbled in, crashing over some unlucky bastard that had fought so hard to get that desk near the window, smashing him against his own work surface for just a breif moment before Fred rolled off and dropped to the floor with a thud.

Men rose, sidearms were drawn… and somebody had to say it-


Fred saw Red… and moments later someone was sent flying out the very window Fred had just come through… Their landing was much less favorable.


Despite the goings on in Domino's room, the police were situated tightly. And despite the beating that Raven was going to take with her hands behind her back, there was an omnious laughter that had her jaw shifting and warping oddly. That laughter.. that warping of her jaw.. it caused the man to take a stand, shocked into slight silence until the loud *CRACKATHOOM* was heard throughout the precinct. 'What the..' The detective said, his head turned towards the door as a commotion from behind suddenly gets his attention.

And where Raven once sat, stood a little girl in a cute sundress upon the chair. Granted, her face was still slightly swollen, her eye blackened, but she was a cute little thing with pigtails to boot. Insult to injury, naturally, for the cuffs were upon the floor and the little girl bounces in her place with a grand smile to end all cold hearts and introduce sunshine.

"Hidey-ho!" Raven chirps out..

..And soon there was a flurry of movements, the small hands placed upon the table to frog-leap forward, legs soon extending into that of an adults which plant feet straight into the detectives chest to send him blasting towards the wall.

Yes. Raven just kicked a guy mid-shift. Her toes were tingling with delight..



The body that was thrown by Fred sails towards the ground, landing shoulder first onto the pavement which has him bouncing. Granted, the cops outside were enthralled by the sight of the fat man being thrown by an even bigger man, their slack jawed-starry eyed gaze filled with shock and awe as one promptly pees himself and the other faints dead upon the spot.

Inside, a woman screams. Two women scream, three! Bodies of civilians start to scramble and run towards the back of the building to head for the exits while the faithful few begin to fire rounds wildly while taking cover.

The operator immediately picks up the rotary phone, her fingers shaking madly as she tries to roll through a few numbers, but those digits did not give in the face of fear. It was a clear mutant attack and everyone was -going- to be armed by way of a shout and scrambled feet.


It's the waiting that's murder. Sometimes waiting is all one can do, but that also allows a person to watch and listen all the more intently for when that moment does happen to come around…

When a fleshy wrecking ball punches a hole into the side of the building, that's Domino's first cue that the time is extremely freaking nigh.

They probably should have watched her closer. Maybe they would have if they hadn't been so unnerved. Stuck in a cell she had to work with what left available. Course walls and fingernails. Over time she filed the latter down to sharpened edges. Drawing blood from her own wrist is trivial. Dislocating one of her thumbs, that takes a little more effort.

There's a stifled grunt as a muted *pop!* sounds out in the tiny room. Seconds later she has one of her hands free, tainted in streaks of bright red against the parchment-pale background. A flinch and another *pop!* later and her thumb is back where it belongs.

Right… That's the next obstacle out of the way. With all of the screaming and crashing already going on, loud enough that she can hear it even through the supposed sound-proofing of the interrogation room, she doesn't pretend to still be cuffed. Instead she's up against the door, ready to use the one empty shackle as a crude form of brass knuckles on the first person unfortunate enough to come through the door.

More waiting. But not much more.


Cain blows through the front of the building like a battering ram, except more man-shaped. Big man shaped. The doors collapse inwards, along with the concrete on either side and quite a bit above, coating him in rubble and dust as he shakes it off, blinking.

"Damn crap in my eye," he mutters. Which is when the gunfire starts. A dozen guns have been pulled already and they start firing, sparks flaring on his chest, his face, his legs as he's pelted with lead. None of which does the least bit of anything to him.

"Get a clue, shitheads, yer out o' yer URK!" he says, coughing as someone shot a bullet right down his damn throat, "That's it, now I'm PISSED."
he nearest officer is seized and quickly turned into a flail as Cain lays about himself, just casually beating people senseless with one of their own brothers in blue, the officer in question wailing helplessly as he's flung about by the gargantuan's grip on his skull.


Fred was angry. Fred was goddamned furious! Not only had he been beaten at his trick, not only was he now being shot by a bunch of goddamned cops, but he just lost fifty mother loving dollars! 50! Y'know how much that is?! Well, yes fifty is fifty but I'm talking inflation here!

"Fifty goddamned fuggin-" Fred grumbles to himself, barely able to hear himself speak over the clap of gunfire. He shields his face with a hefted arm as round after round punches through the denim of his overalls and shirt… only to be gently cushioned byt the copious amounts of flesh over which these clothes are stretched. It creats a almost hypnotic rippling effect, the bullets themselves falling and bouncing against the floor tile or getting caught between flesh and fabric… He'll be shaken all of that out for a good ten minutes!

Anger boiled up and Fred gave a heated snort that caused his nostrils to flare. Reaching to his left, he collected a rolling chair and sent it hurtling across the room into a firing line of police officers before he himself went barreling into them. He didn't move like a man weighed down by himself, he moved well despite it and came among them like a bear. He struck left and right, sending men flying. He crushed the gun and hand of a officer that was about to put a round in his temple… It would not have worked but the headache it would have left Fred with would have been almost intolerable.

He was a wrecking ball in that room and at last he took hold of some poor schmuck detective by the lapels and drew him close. "Where are the goddamned women!" he dremanded… and his victim blanched. Oh lord, the muties are coming for our women! "From the restrant, y'fuggin idjit!" Fred continued, giving him another shake for emphasis!



It was total chaos and mayhem at the precinct, at least three cops were outside, scrambling behind the cars while dragging one who fainted to safety. They may not be the brightest or the best, but they were smart enough to know that when mutants storm the castle, you get the hell out of dodge. And this was all for two women, one pale as a ghost, the other a pretty blue yet set with a face that no one could appreciate but her own.

Though.. little did they know that their face could be her face at a moments notice.

It was like a proverbial call to arms; the few cops who managed to get out of the building were already in their cars, blocking off the streets to set up a perimeter. Though most of them had the thought in mind to watch and see what will happen. Granted, there may be a mutant in the mix who was secretly vying for this to happen, even though he swore to uphold the law, chances are he's seen the rough side and kept himself quiet due to his own safety.

But never mind that.

The few who managed to get away storm the armory; shotguns of varying/limited types were taken from their places and swiftly loaded, hats were tossed to the ground amist the nerves that they were facing. Typically, an angry one was shouting out orders and listening to the hail of what could be a gunbattle taking place near by. But little did they know, it was all one sided. The men had skin that was impenetrable, like reinforced steel that doesn't bend nor break.

There were loud bangs upon the door to Domino's room, a body flown against it to duck away from Cain's rage. The cop that he does have in his hand screams and urps with each hit, occasionally murmuring a sorry and a slight prayer before he too was finally knocked out from the blows he was forced upon his comrades.

Fred's grip upon the cop already had him peeing himself (its a thing with cops, apparently), limp like spaghetti in his grasp, his finger lifting to point towards Domino's door as he too soon faints on the spot.

He was lilly livered, brand new to the job, a week in and he already fainted! Hopefully no one noticed.

Raven's room was locked up tight. With the detective down, Raven promptly shifts into her all too usual look; blue skin, a constant reptilian shift coupled with nictating membrane of a blink of an eye as she bends to rifle through the mans pocket in search of keys.

And she hums. Where one would immediately jump into action, the blue.. redhaired woman takes her time. Keys were soon found and picked up, and with a lean against the wall, she tries one by one.. even as a bullet pelts the plaster and sinks right into the top of her arm.

"Oooowww.." She intones, then thinks better than to stand there. She crouches.. and one by one.. she jiggles the knob to the door to try out each one for a fit.


Whatever else is in this building with her, it isn't happy. For all Domino knows that's a freaking dinosaur on the other side, but whatever it is it's making short work of the place. She's actually feeling angry now that there won't be anything left for her to bring a world of hurt unto!

But there's still the matter of the door barring her access from the world at large, and with the unmoveable force apparently very close to it… Using the bloodied shackle she raps metal on metal several times then slams both of her palms down upon the door, one of them leaving a crimson handprint behind.

The first words out of her mouth in days come at full volume, "Get this fucking thing open!"

She does -not- enjoy being shoved into boxes!

Just get her out of here and she'll have herself a gun in each hand within a New York Second.


Cain starts trying to figure out his way to the cells, after he goes up to the front desk and kicks his way through it. He's discarded his human flail and just moved on to casually batting people out of his way, treating the cops as irritants more than targets.

"Just lemme get my bitches and go, will you? Fuck me runnin', it ain't like you're gonna hurt me, assholes," he mutters, only to see a new group emerge between him and the entrance to the holding area. A swat team type, or, at least, the proto-equivalent of it, with shotguns and even a couple of military M-16s.



Across the street, there is darkness upon the upper edge of a ten-floor mid-rise. Aside from light pollution, there's nothing to be seen; Daredevil stands far enough back that there's no way he could see what was going on across the street.

Moot point.

His signature costume of blood red has been sewn back together in spots, no longer the sleek perfection that normally clings to his frame. He also stands with a bit of a slump; beneath all of the red, he's wounded and tired. Fighting off hellspawn will do that to a man. Still, he can hear with crystal clarity everything that's taking place at the precinct, and is mapping it all out within his mind.

"As if demon spawn weren't enough," he mutters under his breath, before removing the grappling-club from the left side of his utility belt. He focuses, erasing the sounds piece by piece, until a very unique buzzing sound fills his ears.r
His arm moves, takes aim, then flings the billy club into the night.

A moment later, a loud 'POP!' sounds, paired with a flash of blue. Sparks and flame fall from a blown transformer upon an electric pole; another one nearby blows a split second later. Then, the entire police station goes dark.


Fred's lips curl in disgust, the sharp, pungent aroma of fear-piss hitting his nose. "Fucking turkey." he groused and loosed the man. He did not put him down or toss him away, he just let gravity have him…

Still, he had been useful. Pointed out a door that just happened to have someone pounding on the other side of it, screaming. Was that The Boss? Must be rattled from being cooped up. He gave a grunt and strode over, approaching the door… The handle stuck as he tried to open it, locked of course. He groused again, his ire further stoked by the sound of heavier gunfire. .. and Cain.

"Fifty goddamned dollars…" he snarled to himself before he raised his voice in a bellowing reply-

"SHADDAP! I FOUND THE G'DAMNED BOSS!" he roared before he turned back through the door… and then promply reached his hand through the wall beside the door nob. This was not a effort of intangability, his hand plowed through the cinder block or cement wall and he scooped out the bit of the door jamb that anchored the lock.

When the door swung open to reveal not a blue woman but a white one-

"The hell-?" he began… only to be plunged into the bitterest of darkness. There was only one answer for this. He knew it in his bones.



It was clearly obvious that the cops weren't listening to Cain. There were click-click booms aimed in his general direction, even a scatter spray of pellets smacking against his chest as one cop in the back decides that his wife and children needed him in that very moment and this job was not worth the hassle.

For when it came to saving lives? He was all for it. Saving his own ass? Even more.

Gun tossed aside and abandoned, he takes the path less traveled, and being on the first floor? Launching himself out the open window with a tuck and a roll, a brief run down the alleyway is the smartest way to go.

The sound of a mechanical whirring is heard loudly throughout the building, followed by a crackling snap of electricity, and then everything goes dark. That signals a cease fire, with no backup generators to aid and assist in their current plight, the sound of bullets stop almost instantly coupled with an intense set of whispers. What the hell happened? Did someone kill the power?

They would all be dead men and women, especially Susan who continued to scream and wail as if someone had stolen her good pair of payless shoes.

(Fun fact! Payless ShoeSource was founded in 1956!)


It was like kismet, the call to Raven was soon answered by a swing open of the door. That swing open of the door was met with the back of a cop who stood there as a makeshift sentry to guard the prisoner. That makeshift sentry was soon gripped by the back of the head and slammed right into the door rim with a sickening crack as his body slumps to the ground.

Sadly, Raven could not see in the dark, wisely, Raven crouches to the ground and shuffles forward, back against the wall as the secondary door is reached and tugged open with a slam as a distraction in case bullets come flying in her direction.

"SITREP!" Hopefully, they would know her voice. With the exception of Domino, who would be most familiar with her soon.



The door's gonna open, Domino just -knows- the door's gonna open, the—


It's a good thing she's standing behind the door. It's the safest place to be at the moment as a giant blubbery fist suddenly punches clear through the wall right beside her. She spins about on her heel, fists already raised and ready to go to work, but the -stare- that she gives the guy once the door swings open…

Well, neither can see it for long. There go the lights.

"Just about," she snarls as she dives past Fred, out of the cell, into the pitch-dark fray that's suddenly gone eerily quiet on top of dark. She keeps low while entering the warzone, both to keep herself from getting shot in the dark and because it makes battlefield pickups that much easier to locate.

Find a body. Find a gun. Take the gun. It's like she has a sixth sense for ballistic ordnance! Within seconds she's joined the fight proper, a police-issued .380 Colt in each hand.

Then there's a voice bellowing out from the shadows. Suddenly she's not sure whether to answer that call or not.

..No. She doesn't know these people. These mutants. She doesn't owe them anything. Her top priority is getting the hell -out- of this place, which is exactly what she's going to try and do.


Cain mutters as the lights go out, "FRED WHAT'D YOU DO TO THE DAMN LIGHTS?" he yells, then hears Raven calling out for a sitrep. And while he may not be quite at the point of calling anybody boss, he was a soldier long enough to know how to respond to that sort of command.

"The situation is that Sydney Greenstreet an' I just busted this place wide open. Easy as fucking pie, just had to find the right shell to crack an' get you nuts outta here. Sounds like he might've found Whitey up there. She one o' yours, too, or she just along for the ride?" he says.

He snags a cop by the scruff, lifting his half-conscious body from the floor after kickign around for a moment to find him, "Hey, cop. Bet you could find yer way outta here with yer eyes closed. Try it an' take us with ya. Or I'll squish ya, ya dig?"


In the darkness, it would be difficult to determine Daredevil's footfalls from those of scattering cops. Nigh impossible for normal ears, for while he possesses the skill to sneak, he does not exercise it. He doesn't want his footfalls to be discernible from those of the officers simply by being quieter.

Fortunately, the place is so banged up that finding a swift entrance isn't difficult.

As he draws closer to the shouting from Fred and Cain, the cops footfalls also go silent. Daredevil is suddenly creeping on his feet, all quiet like, until a .380 Colt is snatched from the belt of an unsuspecting officer.


In the dark, there is a scramble of quick footfalls, which come remarkably close to Cain, before-


Right in the poor motherfucker's ear. The bullets, of course, pelt harmlessly into a wall, but the resounding bangs are designed to go considerable damage to the fellow's ear. Not more than a heartbeat later, there's a rush of air as the Devil rushes away from Cain.



"fifty-" he begins again, a muttered litany as he swings his attention through the dark towards-

Movement, fast, agile. He had almost filled that doorway but she got by him never the less! A arm swings through empty air, he finds nothing but can faintly hear movment. "Ah screw it." he grunts.

There's a demand for a 'SITREP' and Fred's seen enough war movies to know that this ain't a order for him to drop down and take a rest. He can hear Cain below and then gunfire. Whatever that asshole had done and then tried to blame on him… "Tall-ass pile'a-!" he muttered once more as he turned away towards, were the stairs this way? That way? Can't see a god-damned! Hup, that was a person… and bones by the sound of it. Nope, that was a desk, water cooler, wall, that was a wall. Gotta be around here somewhere-

His foot swung forward and came down on… nothing. Air. stAirs.

His fall was a avalanche of profanity as he rolled, bounced and tumbled down to the ground floor at last!


Nothing, for those few seconds Raven considered keeping herself in hiding long enough for someone to reveal themselves, but a quick scurry backwards and a swing into her previous room allowed her the time to grab the cuffs that she slipped out of and a colt of her own to arm herself. The hammer was cocked as she continued to keep herself low, strafing across the floor to the second door as her eyes squint through the darkness.

Something was not right.

"She's not one of mine!" Raven calls out into the darkness. "But get her out of here all the same!" Raven remembers her, she was at the restaurant right along with her and Cain, and a few other unmentionables whom she possibly would be tracking down soon. "DO not harm her!" If that order came too late, so be it. Domino was a grown woman and it was clearly obvious that she could take care of herself.

The cop that was snatched by the scruff wordlessly nods. Whatever sound that did try to scrape from his mouth came out as whimpers. But he definitely wasn't going to say no to Cain, he had a brother and a mother to feed, there was no way those people were worth all of the hassle. Everything was starting to get a little bit clearer, each in their individual way.

A few cops keep to the desks, their guns clutched to their chest as they listen. Whatever sound that they heard that came in the series of bangs (from the Devil) had them lifting up with their own pistols pointed to fire wildly in the darkness. Right in Domino's direction.

Fred takes a nasty tumble; and Raven carefully rolls out into the openness of the precinct, shuffling towards an upturned and bullet riddled desk to listen into the darkness once the hail of bullets stop.


The response yelled back gives Domino a moment of hesitation. Depending on what the other woman announces to the question it could be that the albino has some allies here, after all… If even just temporary. The other woman's response suggests as much. These guys can still be useful!

The consideration is set aside the moment one of the cops yells out in surprise, sparking another round of frantic motion. There's too much debris, too many obstacles, too many unknown—

—That's an M-16.

Like..an honest to God militarized Armalite. Someone at the precinct must have had some damn good connections to get their hands on this kind of hardware…

It's hers now!

Just like that people start shooting into the darkness. Just like that she has several targets. Muzzle flashes pinpoint the targets. Do the math, and—


Three more officers down, Dom already on the move before they've finished hitting the floor.

As far as finding an exit goes, just listen to the dulcet sounds of Fred falling down a flight of stairs! There's an increased chance of survival with him. ..Probably. She's willing to run with the odds on this one.

Of course, she also has no idea just how huge said 'big guy' is. It's entirely possible that she'll wind up tripping over him on the way down. Would make her easier to catch, at least.


Cain swears as the gun goes off in his ear, "GOD DAM SON OF A BITCH!" he snarls, lashing out and actually crashing through a nearby wall, blasting through it and shattering the blackboard on the other side, the wooden frame draped around him like a beauty queen's sash as he shakes his head, trying to get the ringing out of his ears.

"FUCK…ME…THAT…HURT…" he snarls, unable to hear much of anything except the never-ending tinnitis drowning out one side of his head. In his fit of pique, he stumbles into a desk and then smashes it to splinters, shattering months worth of investigative work.

Finally, his breath heaving, he reaches into his pocket and fumbles out his zippo, "Friggin' dark ass motherfuckin' power outage havin' shitbag truckin' piece o'," he mutters, then hears Fred hit the bottom with the undeniable thump that can only mean the Blobble has landed.

"FRED I'M BURNIN' IT DOWN, GET 'EM OUT!" he says, grabbing a clump full of papers in his hand from the files scattered on the floor and flicking his zippo to light them.


Its truly amazing what a few unsuspecting gunshots can reveal. One huge monstrosity tumbling down the stairs, but behind it, something else. Daredevil quickly pieced together that the person, whomever she may be, is the one at the center of all this; thanks in part to Raven's words.

There's something voice that is distantly familiar.

Daredevil waits until some of the initial cacophony dies away, before vaulting himself into the air. He springs off the wall above where Fred has tumbled, landing upon the stairway behind him and putting himself between the blob and Domino. The flick of a zippo catches his ear, so he whings the gun in hand with hairpin accuracy toward Cain's zippo.

"It's a ruse," he tells the albino behind him. "A trick of the Gambino's."


Light, goddamned light. Fred worked himself up and to his feet feeling a mild breeze sweep passed. He wrote it off as air coming in from Cain's entry, the fall hadn't so much hurt as it had made him a bit dizzy, disoriented. If he hadn't fallen, he wouldn't know which way was up! Luckily, gravity let him know which way was down so he kinda just extrapolated from there. Not that he know what extrapolate means but the word fits. "Think she's up-!" Fred begins, rubbing tenderly at the side of his head where he had caught and left a bit of a dent in a step. However gunfire from above rattled off. Smaller arms, the clap of pistols. Then something a bit heavier add it's voice to the chorus. "Well, guess she wus up there." he bet on the wrong horse in the matter. Now he imagined not only was she up there, but in several bits and likely a little smeared.

Another breeze of motion, something whistled as it cut through the air. "The hell?!" he barked whirling around in the dark with a wide sweep as he turned, possibly hurtling towards the side of a blind man's head!


More gunfire, it rattled her ears as one hand lifts to instinctively cover but drop again to set her on the move. She dashes past, rolls.. tumbling upon her knees with a lift of her hand and.. nothing. Nothing at all. The cops were dropped and a ghost of a woman dashes towards the stairs where the loud thumps were heard. Hearing that Cain was going to set the entire building on fire had her getting her ass into gear. With a hand lifted to shield herself through the darkness, she followed the sound with heavy footfalls that leave a trail of a single pop within her wake.

A cop shot at her.
And missed.

Lucky for him, fire was the one thing she didn't want to be in the middle of.

The slight light from the outside illuminated her descent down the stairs, but it was only slight, for she was stopping directly behind Domino, who was behind Daredevil, who was behind the now swinging Fred. It was a moment of instinct, the blue skin shifts to that of the one that she carries all time with blonde locks and skin that Fred himself would recognize. But would she tell him to back off? Nope. She didn't even hear the warning that the man gave to Domino. She was ready to get the hell out of dodge.

"Clear the fucking way, Fred!" Do not dally, in other words.


Maybe Domino can't see for shit right now, but when somebody lands in front of her and warns her of a ruse she can get a pretty good idea of where he's now standing. (And that must have been some trick getting past her like that…) She stops short of falling all over Fred and snaps the rifle up to her shoulder, taking aim on the invisible target that is the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

"Yeah? And—"

Fred's outcry halts the rest of her words, still going by sound and feel. There's a whole lot of air being displaced, sweeping in her direction. Just how big WAS that guy?! And more importantly, how badly is he blocking her exit??

Ruse or not, she knows who broke her out of the box. He comes with fire support, too! Maybe..it's time she started being more of a team player in all of this.

"Unknown operator on the field, we've got company!"

Then she nearly jumps out of her skin when the other woman's voice calls out -right behind her.- Whowherehow?! And the stairs are blocked! In an instant any caution is thrown to the wayside, Dom ducks low and hunches her shoulders with the M-16 held out like a spear in front of herself as she goes -charging down the stairs.- She's with the mystery woman on this one. Fire = Get the hell out!


Cain finds the zippo knocked out of his hand and swears under his breath. This shit is starting to really bug him. With everything else going nuts, he just says, "Okay, that's it. I'm leaving. Anything that gets in my way won't be there for long," he says.

And he does just what he says, turning to his right and just plowing ahead, knocking aside anything that gets in his way, desks, cabinets, unconscious cops. Walls.

The wall's probably the worst thing, as he busts a hole in yet another. This time, everyone can probably feel the whole place starting to quiver. At least one of those walls he's smashed had a load-bearing beam and the general destruction and havoc done on the interior is starting to weigh on the rest of the building, quite literally. There's a less-than-promising groan and a creak promising much worse to come shortly, especially if Cain hits the outside wall for which he's heading and finishes the job of destabilizing the place. Luckily for everyone, he's strolling instead of running.


And? That's it. Daredevil has little more to say to Domino; his seed is planted. He may not be able to see them, but his heightened senses have painted a fairly clear picture of the gargantuan thugs he's dealing with. His martial talents cannot be properly gauged against such unknown monstrosities.

One of whom is swinging at him.

Fred's fist comes less than an inch from Daredevil's face as he dives low, rolling against the wall. The movement gives Domino and Raven a chance to pass by, along with a chance to attack.

"Unwise," he murmurs, timing the word so that his quiet voice bounces off the wall and into Domino's ear opposite of where he's crouched against the wall. Let her wonder just where he is; deceit is one tenant of ninjutsu, after all.

… well, that's an unsettling sound.


And in very short order it is being made clear that they are leaving.

For one, Raven flat out says it! For another, Cain books it without worrying about such paltry things as doors. Lastly, somebody just jabbed him in the side! His bulk having proven a momentary blockade against Domino's egress! It dids not hurt, it could not hurt.

Fred has not known physical pain since he was 15.

But getting jabbed, rifle or no, is annoying!

"Agh, gahdamnit, layyoff! Fine!" he barks in reply.

He ain't no juggernaut but he's a man that's hard to stop none the less and Cain just made a tunnel through which a bit of light shined from outside, streetlights that had not suffered from the antics of a devil.

He hustles! Sprinting with surprising speed to make good his own withdrawl from what might just prove to be the future sight of a memorial.


Domino had the right idea. In the dark Raven couldn't see, but she could hear the footsteps descend while Raven herself remains at the top of the stairs. Same boots. Same pants she always wears. Gun tucked back behind and hidden beneath the peacoat and hair flipped right out. Granted, her face was still beat to all hell but she wears it well, yet there was a picture of calm as she hears that voice.. one that she recognizes as clear as day. It was hard as hell to forget.

For he came from the skies like a flying devil and took one of her intended victims as such.

"You." She nearly growls out, though now wasn't the time. The rocking and loud groan of the building calls for shrieks and shouts behind her, cops taking the -other- way out while they occupy the front.

Should Raven stay to confront the devil in the darkness or follow the rest of the crew out? Why was he there? She had questions about the girl.. but now wasn't the time.

With a step down one stair and a re-withdraw of her own colt, she aims and fires towards the ceiling to allow the muzzle flash to illuminate the stairwell just to get a single glimpse of the man..

..one that she'd be aiming for next.

Just out of spite.

And she's being a dick.


Part of Domino really did want to attack that mysterious voice… She wanted to paint the ruins of this place red. She had been planning out her revenge for one truly agonizing week and barely got to cash in on any of it! But this guy… He isn't one of them. He isn't standing in her way. And she wants out. -Right now.-

These other three -might- be forgiven on taking all of the violence from her. They did break her out, after all. She'll have to give it some thought.

Just like she's going to have to mull over what the Devil whispered into her ear. 'A trick of the Gambino's.'

Raven's first shot causes the albino's arms to leap upward, holding the rifle partway over her head. "Goddammit!" At least she's starting to talk more!

The outside air comes as a surprisingly refreshing experience, and it's easy to find with the massive new express exit left by Cain. Though once she is able to see, and is able to see the two big guys that had done all of the grunt work tonight, she just..stands there. Wide in the eyes. Jaw slightly agape. Looking from one…to the other…

"Oh Holy Shit you guys are huge."


Cain finally hammers his way properly outdoors, headbutting his way through plaster and concrete until he's right out int eh open air, the streetlights shining down on him, "Finally, I can see…gah, and I'm starting to be able to hear again. Where's the smart-ass fucker who put a gun in my ear and how many pieces does he wanna be torn into?" he says, looking around and cracking his knuckles.


After the giant, comes the heap! Fred trots along, bleeding momentum as he comes to a halt with shorter steps. mutant-powered muscles let him carry all of himself with some ease… but when you get a quarter ton going along in a sprint, you gotta put the breaks on slow. Out in the clear, out in the open, Fred takes a moment to take stock He loops a thumb underneath the breast of his overalls, wiggling it through one of the multitude of bullet holes that riddle his get up. He groused, out fifty and a pair of clothes… Gahdamnit it was a annoyin' night! He chewed the thought bitterly when Domino came up from behind… and bless her heart but she just said the wrong goddamned word.

Fred was farily tall, at five-ten, he was a bit taller than average.. but y'see, he'se got a bit of a raw nerve.

His beady, little eues narrowed, his lips twisting around in a snarl as he wheeled around to face Domino… the woman from behind Door Number 1!

"The hell you just call me?" he quized her heatedly.


Behind the mask, Daredevil winks in Raven's direction. Then, he turns and bolts back up the stairway… into a building that's on the verge of collapse.

Put it to you this way; he's confident in his ability to get out alive. Maybe he can take a couple of these cops with him.

Also? Odds are these chuckleheads won't follow him back into a collapsing building.

There's a general shuddering and groaning that follows the others outside. Brick and mortar begin to shake loose while the building begins to lean, but it's just as well; even as the precinct begins its painful collapse in on itself, a figure in red comes rising from the din, a pair of police officers under each arm.

"Sorry, guys," he quips, "but this is what you call-"

He bodily throws the officers at a window in the adjacent building. They crash through the glass and land on an unoccupied bed just inside the apartment proper.

"- pig in a blanket."

That terrible line now expunged from his mind, he pulls on the grappler and continues his skyward journey. Time to become invisible… time to track these clowns.


"Asshole." Raven remarks beneath her breath. She wasn't going to give chase, but she was at least waiting until the last of her crew, no matter how rotund or how tall, (or how impossibly white) were out of the building. Then, it wasn't time for her to dally, gun was reholstered even though the sting of it burns the small of her back. It wasn't a close call, not at all. Raven cleared the building approximately the same time that Daredevil cleared it on his with a run to end all runs and to annoy her once she woken up from a long nights sleep from being sore..

With a skid to a stop near the gathered three, Raven turns towards the building just to watch the facade of the building begin to crack down the middle with a loud 'tsks' and a shake of her head. "She called you beautiful." Raven murmurs.

"You big boisterous bountiful boxom babe you.." Raven turns, her fingers reaching out to lightly chuff Fred upon the arm, the same affection gone towards Cain as she begins to walk. "I don't know who you are, woman.." She says. "..but you have yourself a new friend. Call on me if you need us." Yes, she was still walking, even though the precinct looked like scorched earth, tumbling to the ground in some piss poor Michael Bay movie that would surely reach the news outlets soon. "I think it's time to let everyone know that the Brotherhood stakes claim on Hell's Kitchen. This place is ours."

(Editors note: We're only doing this to piss off Daredevil! For like two seconds.)


"Trouble-makers!" Domino suddenly adds in to correct her previous statement. "Huge trouble-makers. Like..a damn wrecking crew," she declares, pauses, then rather nervously swallows as she keeps staring. Now at Fred, directly. Because she can see those bullet holes, and right now a glorified .22 rifle does NOT strike her as being a sufficient amount of firepower for dealing with the two individuals she is now seeing.

She's too damn young for this shit.

Next she gives a quick motion onward with her head. "We should really be going now." Then to Raven, really without thinking about it beforehand, she says "Yeah. How about somewhere to lie low for a while?"


Cain nods at Raven's declaration, even beating his chest once with a hard slap that echoes around the streets, "Come try'n arrest me, see how far ya get," he mutters, "Yeah, we need to find a dive that's practically underwater. Me and Fatty Arbuckle there ain't exactly inconspicuous," he says.


Beady eyes weigh on Domino, a heavy brow looming over them and.. probably casting them in shadow so that hair-trigger look might get lost. Either way, rankled egos get smoothed over. First by Raven as she passes and then by Domino herself as she dances right quick.

Fred gives a venting snort, seeming to expell what ire he had left before he turned to lumber after Raven and Cain… "Yeah, yeah." he grunts, odly not about to try and plow the street with Cains Face.

Because noone had ever moved Frederick J Dukes when he didn't want to move before today… and while the chaos of those last few moments had put that thought on the back burner for a moment, he had no fucking idea how to deal with it that he wasn't pulling a job! Soon, he figured drinking would be a good, first choice.


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