1963-09-25 - The realms divided
Summary: Not in that way! Odin speaks with the Princes Three and assigns responsibilities.
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After the audience in the Great Hall of Asgard, the subjects adjourned and each moved to their tasks or their revelry. There was still a great crowd there, mingling, sharing in the revelry. There was much mead shared and the haunches of various creatures were devoured, all roasted on a blazing spit… albeit rather exquisitely crafted ones with golden inlay assuredly.

For the trickster, Loki, he stepped away from the dais once decisions had been finalized. He moved off, starting to slip through the crowd. A nod here, a smile there, lifting a hand in greeting to those who hadn't seen him in what… a century? Yet he remembered their names, commented so knowingly on their siblings and their children, a smile offered for all as if he had not spent the last month in solitary confinement.

During his movement he had intercepted Dr. Strange in his departure from Asgard. The guards would have reported he shared a few quiet words with the man before he departed, but then a messenger had come to bring the god of mischief back to his family.

It was a summons, simply stated that the All-Father would see him in the War Room. And so it was there that he went, within the chambers behind the great hall. The great wooden double doors with their glorious wood-working were partially open, voices already sounding from inside. Perhaps between the All-Father and his other sons, or perhaps merely from the advisors and generals that were on hand.

Loki entered with no hesitation save for a nod given to the two tall guards that stand sentinel. He moves past them, closing the door behind him as he looks between those in attendance. And should the All-Father's eyes fall upon him, he'll lower his gaze to the ground in a reminder of a bow.


The All-Father is most definitely within, and upon the wood and golden inlaid table sits a representation of the Great Tree with each world has its place, more from tradition and mythos than actual, though here, myth and reality do collide. He'd sent Frigga on with a few whispered words to allay any fears, to stifle any minor protestations. How could she say 'no' when the word was to meet with his sons to determine the course of Asgard, now that they are all once again under the same roof?

Loki's entrance gains a look from Odin, imperious, yet expectant. He called for the Trickster's presence as well as Thor's and Balder's, after all. The cast of eyes, the brief greeting is met with a soft grunt and a nod before he looks back to the table.

Thor is already there; minus one or two bits of finery from court, but still dressed accordingly. He'd walked Crystal back to chambers and left again, with apologies. It seems the thing he does the most these days.. and now that he returns, he finds others doing the leaving. The Crown Prince smiles to see Loki, and finally, he crosses the short distance to clasp his hand. "Brother.. it is good to see you."


Once the actual court was over and things became a little more informal, Balder wandered around and mingled once he spoke to - or perhaps of - Amora. Her actions aren't excusable but they are explainable and he has a certain sympathy for her. While they're still in the room, the mortals were given a fair amount of attention. Having them in Asgard is unusual though not unheard of. The rest of the time is spent talking to others he knows until his summons by Odin. He arrives just behind Loki, the messengers having reached them both at about the same time. "Father." he greets their father then smiles at the others. "Brothers. It's good to have you both here again."


Accepting the offered hand, Loki returns the clasp with a firm squeeze and then replies. "Forgive me? For trading upon the fact that I knew you would must to my aid?" He gives the elder brother a slap to the shoulder before he steps to the side and looks to Balder with that crooked smile of his. "Balder. It has been a time."

Loki steps up to stand at the edge of that large table, standing between his brothers and curiously as it's panned out the trio of them are standing on one side of the table all facing their father. He looks towards Odin and then furrows his brow. "All-Father. I will serve." Perhaps that statement carries a weight of context not entirely clear, but it might be enough for Odin.


"At first I thought Mother had taken you to task and that she was demanding her due," Thor chuckles. He puts his hand over his brother's before releasing, "And then I discovered, much to my dismay. I will admit some anger as the information had been kept from me at first." Thus is what the Thunderer has been dealing with.. lack of information such that he thinks he requires. A glance is given to the All-Father before it's back to his brother, "It is truly good to see you." Read: it probably could have been much worse.

Thor leans to give Balder a nudge as they stand, "You should visit Midgard." How does he say that without breaking into a laugh? Okay, he can't. "It's an amazing realm. Full of…"

"That is enough, Thor," Odin interjects, and his tone is such that he will not be argued with on it. "I have brought you here so that we may make plans as to what to do about the Muspell." No word of the Jotun. There's that single-eyed look to Loki and Thor; they'd recently fought and closed a weakness in Midgard's 'wall', but who knows how long that will last? "Last I heard, they were quite unhappy with the fact that their small force was able to be repelled so easily." He looks at each in turn, his gaze laying heavily. "I do not wish it to be war, but if it is to be, I have need of all of you."


"A time." Balder agrees. "But not all that long, really. The lifespan of a mortal is all." That little reminder couldn't possibly be meant for Thor, who he grins at when he's nudged. "Perhaps one day, if only to keep you out of trouble." He might be about to say more when Odin makes it clear that it's back to business. "Of course, Father. We live to serve. Do you have instructions for us?"


For his part, Loki smiles wryly as the other brothers jibe each other. But then when Odin speaks he turns to face their father. He again places his hands behind his back, one hand grasping the wrist of the other. Green eyes level on the sovereign deity as he listens, then when there is a moment to respond he will offer some information.

"In our conflict with Muspelheim we learned that there is at least one faction aligned against Surtur. It bodes ill that he is no longer the sole ruler. Though when Thor rescued his daughter, it may have mollified him to some extent."


Thor leans over and stage-whispers at Baldur, "I accept your challenge," before he's face front once again. (Get three brothers in the same room for any period of time and there will be some messing around!) Clearing his throat, his hands are hanging at his side loosely, and he's back to paying attention. "If there are two factions at play, could we not use this to our gain?"

Odin looks to his boys again, his Princes and he begins to pace near the end of the table. "Surtur's eye has always been upon Asgard." Read: Thor. "If he is not the sole ruler, there are questions as to why. Is it the failings as a ruler? Is it in a quest to find allies elsewhere that Surtur may not wish? The kidnapping of the Enchantress speaks to a need, perhaps." All speculation, and it is easy to tell that it frustrates him.

The All-Father does pause in his step, however, and he looks at Loki now. That commonality is shared with Amora, even tenuous. "Loki, you have a burden to bear now." His voice is low and measured. "You have not only that which as given to you, but now I name you Protector of the Realm of Midgard against such incursions that Muspell could bring to bear."

Thor's eyes widen, and he takes a step as if to argue, and Odin stares the Thunderer down in a brief moment before he returns to the Trickster. "You said you would serve."


That… causes Loki's brow to furrow. He for a moment looks down and it's clear that on some level this is really not what he was expecting. His jaw tenses for a moment, but then he lifts his eyes to the All-Father and begins to martial his counter-arguments with the initial acceptance. "An honor, All-Father." Though there is the silent 'but' as he seems to hold onto the moment.

"Yet," That word hangs there for a time and he can rather well feel the weight of the regard of his family, all focused upon him. He swallows for a moment, and then uncurls a hand towards the tall one-eyed god opposite them across the table. "I had thought, perhaps, to pursue the matter with Muspelheim… perhaps to infiltrate one faction or the other. If I am to embrace this new role…"

As that last word is offered there he looks over towards Thor to perhaps get a read on his brother's reception of this news. It's clear that Loki is not entirely at ease with the moment.


Balder's brows rise as Odin issues his edict and he looks first to Thor and then over to Loki. "Congratulations, brother. I'm certain you'll do a good job. Your time living among them will have given you insight into how to best serve the Realm in this." No bad deed goes unrewarded. Though speaking to one brother, he's turned just enough to be able to keep Thor in sight so he can see how the other brother is reacting to this.


"Thor," and the word sounds almost a command, everything summed in one word, mostly 'be silent!'. That single-eye remains set upon Loki now, and he doesn't shift from his position, "Yes, Loki. You. This does not mean that you cannot continue to plan to do such a thing. Defense of Midgard does not have to take place on her soil. Ideally they will never know what peril they were in. Let them on Midgard believe it is a title, however this Strange has been instructed that he is to give you aid in your research and only you." Has he made himself clear?

Now, for Baldur, the son that has not left Asgard's sight, and his expression softens, "And you. I wish you to Jotunheim." Now he mentions it. "There was word that one of theirs made it to Midgard, and I would know if it was an exile or a planned attempt. You will then work with your brother," he nods in Loki's direction, "To be sure it does not happen again." If that means little armed forays, well…

Now, Odin looks to Thor. "You have said you have returned. Now, we will see."

Thor stands there, staring, watching as the others get their orders, and he is left… well… left! "What is it that I am to do then? What would you have me do?"


Loki seems as if he were about to protest, or try another avenue of discussion, but then the All-Father presses on robbing him of the opportunity. The plans are made, roles are assigned, and when Balder is tasked with the Jotunheim situation, Loki looks across the way towards him. The trickster's features are drawn, and again he holds his tongue for the moment.

It's only when Thor addresses Odin that Loki steps to stand a touch closer to the Thunderer. A hand lifts to hover near his brother's shoulder, but not quite touching as he murmurs. "Come, Brother. There is much we can…" But those words are cut off as he sees the look in Odin's gaze. He once again falls quiet and steps back.


"Of course, All-Father." Balder agrees instantly. Not father but All-Father now that orders are being issued. At the addition of working with his brother, he looks over to Loki and nods once. "We will find out the circumstances and take steps to see that it doesn't happen again." He can't help but smile at the possibility that making certain of that could include some controlled violence. But… the orders end there. And without the other brother. After a moment, he asks "All-Father, may I call upon other warriors as needed in order to fulfill your task?"


The All-Father looks to his sons again, the young Princes of Asgard, each one in turn from youngest to eldest, and his gaze lingers upon Thor even while Loki finds his place once again. "You have Asgard at your disposal to do as asked, Baldur." He knows Loki's got his marching orders, and in a way, he's interested to see how the Trickster plays his hand. It's never the same twice, and often in ways that one never, ever expects. But finally, to Thor.

"You are to gain your experience in diplomacy, something you are deficient in. Whether it is from here, or Midgard, you are to be my voice in these dealings."

Now, Odin exhales, and there's a slight shift in his manner and mien. He's getting tired, and in the next moment, he looks as a father to his sons. "I will remember this moment."

Turning now, the All-Father of the Nine Realms, a tired father of difficult and sometimes wayward sons, is ready to depart the war room, allowing those remaining to make their plans. This is just as much their room now, with access to their advisors.

Thor appreciates the added support of Loki, but when he falls back at the stern gaze of Odin, he stands alone. And … diplomacy? Him? Really? "Father.. wouldn't Loki be far better suited—" but it will fall on deaf ears. Everything is in its place, and as far as Odin is concerned, all should be working towards those ends.


When Odin makes ready to depart, Loki again lowers his eyes in that form of a bow. It's only when the King is from the room that Loki straightens and then once again steps forward to stand beside Thor and a touch behind, as he has so often in the past. He looks after the door, holding his tongue until perhaps sure that his father is away… though it is very likely that their father will miss naught of this discussion.

"Brothers, with what is set before us I feel it may be wise for us to pool our efforts." He turns then to look between Balder and Thor, his brow furrowed as he steps back, resting a hand upon the edge of the table as if holding himself up partially. "Our father has seen fit to split our responsibilities, I would argue that the greater task is to see Asgard through this crisis with the giant-kin."

He looks to Thor, "Brother, our father is wise. Trust in this at the least. Balder…" He turns to The Brave and tilts his head, "You are tasked with matters in Midgard and the Jotun, Thor and I have established contacts with individuals who hold sway there that will assuredly aid in your endeavours, and in truth the chances that they will dovetail with my own efforts against Muspelheim… it seems likely."

Turning to Thor, Loki smiles then, "Brother. You would make an exceptional diplomat. Indeed, I am known for perhaps that being my arena. But your reputation is strong. For sincerity. For truth. When you make a statement, those you speak with will know that you seek not to dissemble. And if you fear for those taking advantage of such sincerity, then Balder and I will be there to help you separate wheat from chaff."

"And I, Midgard to be mine in name if naught else. If I have the aid of my brothers to draw upon, what can stand against us?"


"Fear not, brother." Balder assured Thor. "If there's any fighting to be done, you'll be the first I call upon to lend his hammer." And with the blessing of Odin. "And if instead it calls for diplomacy, why that is exactly what our father wishes you to learn." So it's win-win. He nods at Loki's words. "I am certain this is what our father has planned, that we all work together to solve this. And whatever else may arise in the future for Asgard is surely strongest when its princes stand side by side."


Thor inclines his head at the retreating back of Odin, and when the great doors close again, he is right back with his brothers, his expression concerned. "The nuances are lost upon me at times," he murmurs. "I am not ashamed to admit such a thing. Perhaps the lesson to be learned is to speak with others for the best course of action." Which may help remedy the impulsiveness of the Thunderer.


He grins soon after at Balder, and Thor makes to push his younger brother, "You had better call on me. It would be a grave insult if I discover there was battle and others shared and I was left out because you thought I was dining with some emissary from Alfheim." Pinkies up! Finery all around!

It's begrudging, but Thor bobs his head at Loki's words and makes to sling an arm around his brother's shoulder. "I wish you luck with Strange. He will try many things." Gesturing towards Balder, he will do the same if allowed. "I say this calls for a .. minor celebration. A discussion over mead as to our first steps. I, for one, must needs bring the Princess home once again to Midgard, and your Lady Scarlett, unless that is a job you wish to do, brother?" Loki?


Taking the role of the younger brother, Loki seems a bit grouchy about it as he rolls his eyes even as Thor throws his arm around him. But he smirks and shakes his head. "I had planned to return to Midgard and set matters apace." He looks over towards Balder plaintively as if asking the other sibling to intervene on his behalf if only to save him this embrace of indignation. Yet he laughs and then pushes Thor away, pointedly adjusting the hang of his coat as if he was terribly rumpled by such a display of familial affection.

"But I imagine a night of celebration is worth the delay. If only to see to matters here before we make our transition to Midgard."

There's a pause as he looks between them. "Though, if we are going to be sharing efforts, we should perhaps choose a place to gather and coordinate."


Balder clasps Thor's shoulder. "Celebration, discussion, battle plans, there is little difference." he points out. "There will be food, drink and talk. The specifics of each might differ but overall it is the same. We should include those who have knowledge of our various tasks or who might prove helpful. I, for one, will need to know all the details of the what happened in Midgard with this giant before making plans."


Thor laughs, the sound genuinely happy in the moment. He moves to slap both siblings on the back, and he's more than ready to depart for that drinking and eating.. and talking, discussing and telling tales wildly. "Then let us at it." As was stated so succinctly before, with the Princes working together, who could stand against them?

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