1963-09-26 - A Word in Passing
Summary: Loki catches Dr. Strange for a brief conversation before the Sorcerer Supreme's return to Midgard.
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The visit to Asgard could, perhaps, have gone better for Dr. Strange. He was heard, and the reaction was not wholly negative. Terms were set, and a resolution made. A task assigned that perhaps left the sorcerer in doubt as to the exact details of the matter. But he had little time to contemplate before the guards were rushing him off back outside of the great hall, through the amazing views of Asgard and then upon the great rainbow bridge, the Bifrost.

Yet somehow when they set foot upon the wonder of that world, the Prince of Asgard was awaiting them. Loki stood there with his hand upon the pommel of his blade, The Wounding Wand, Laevateinn. No guards bracketed him, and when they approached the two guards bowed their heads for a moment then saluted. "Prince Loki,"

"Bide a moment, blades of Asgard. I am to have words with the mortal afore he departs our great realm." He holds up a hand to signal the guards to keep their distance then he turns and starts walking down the bridge. The guardsman wait until they're a good ten paces behind then follow up. "Doctor, I assume you know why I am here?"


It wasn't that the appearance of the youngest Prince was especially surprising - more that Strange was taking in every bit of detail that he could from his surroundings. The spectral sea that flowed beneath this…ephemeral rainbow bridge was unbelievable. Niagara Falls held no comparison, especially considering how the edge of Asgard proper dropped into vast space itself. He's glancing over his shoulder, back towards the city proper, in mid-wonder about just where the star-water comes from, when he hears the guards address someone.

Halting quickly enough that his Cloak momentarily wraps about his shins, he sees that it's Professor Louis - no, Loki, who bears the title that just left the guards' lips. Silently, full of quiet apprehension and musings as to what precisely the Prince wishes to speak of, he follows beside the man until they're distant enough from prying ears.

"Given that your father named you my sole point of communication in regards to my apprentice, you've come to figure out precisely how our…relationship will pan out," he replies to the question posed. His offered smile is bland, polite, though his eyes are harder, glittering with rapt attention. "I look forwards to hearing your thoughts."


A hand lifts slightly and then comes down with a measure of what one could consider authority as he walks with Dr. Strange, Loki's voice calm as he replies. "I can tell you now how such shall pan out, I assure you." The prince's smile is wry as he continues along that gleaming silver-lined rainbow construct, energy seeming to flicker back and forth over each section in time with the steps of the people upon its gleaming span. "I shall hear no more of your apprentice. There will be no chance for such a matter to repeat."

He rests his hand upon his hip as he moves, looking away from the good Doctor and towards the world's end where the star-sea empties out into the void. "I have faith in you, Sorcerer Supreme, to affect such a change and failing to do so to then recuse yourself from a place of authority over her and allow what will befall her to do so."

He pauses and turns to face Strange, "For you must understand the severity of the situation, if you fail to impress the import upon her, it is not her failing to act upon it."


Strange lets out a slow sigh and turns from Loki dismissively to walk a few steps away to the edge of the Bifrost bridge. His gaze follows the ragged edge of the star-fall to its most distant point and lingers there as he thinks.

A tsk of his tongue escapes before he speaks, turning back to face the Prince as he does so. "If I may be so blunt, I would rather you not hear from her ever again - in any Realm, dimension, or universe. Your faith, however, is noted and appreciated. I do not take such a thing lightly," he adds, granting the man a nod of begrudging respect. "I do not disagree with your father's stance on the consequences of a second trespass into this Realm. I have explained to her once and I shall do so again, since I have now formally communicated with him in regards to the issue." His goatee's lines curve in a smile that doesn't quite seem to match the distant not-quite-grief in his eyes. "Willpower is something that we share and though Illyana and I may clash at times, it grants us our power. Surely you would recognize its potential for both good and bad?" A shake of his head, as if sending away the off-handed question. "Regardless, rest assured that there shall not be a repeat of the event."


"I am glad you did not interpret my words as a threat." Loki continues along, giving a small solemn nod. "For me it would be a momentary embarrassment, which… to be fair, I am loathe to have occur. But I would recover from such. Your apprentice…" He splays his fingertips on both hands as if going hands off on whatever might pass from such an incident.

His lips then curl into a wry smile as he touches a hand to Strange's back companionably, starting them walking again along the bridge. "But now that that unpleasantness is behind us." He takes a deep breath and furrows his brow as he walks along. "I have received word of what changes are in the offing. Our paths are more likely to cross in the near future I am afraid."

The trickster's smile falters slightly as he looks askance towards Strange, "My brother Thor, these centuries past has been titled as the Protector of Midgard, charged with overseeing its safety from threats beyond." A small golden coin is drawn from his pocket as he glances to the side, flicking his thumb to send the coin flying over the side of the bridge and sending it hurtling off into the abyss.

"The title is to be stripped from him, and Odin will give it to me."


Strange lets out a thoughtful hum as he watches the small golden coin disappear into the depths; his stomach faintly quivers at the acknowledgement of the sheer expanse and potential for its travels. What remains behind his lips is the tart response to Loki's feelings about threats. If there is deviation from Odin's pronouncement or an increase in interference within the Midgardian Realm, especially one that chances a change of its fate, he will have to intervene. He wishes against it. However, this new change in overseer…this is of great interest to the good doctor.

"This is…something that has not happened before, I take it - the passing of a title from one brother to another?" he asks, glancing over at the Prince's profile. Any information he can glean from this conversation will be stored away, ready to access in the case of their inevitable run-ins.


Curiously, Loki does not seem exultant at the news, or even pleased. There's a certain pensive look to him as he frowns after the path of the coin. Shaking his head once he seems to forget about it as soon as it's away from view. He turns towards the Sorcerer even as they continue along their way. "It has not happened for… a millennium?" He looks distracted for a moment as his thoughts drift. But then he returns to the here and now, turning to watch Strange as they move.

"If I have my druthers, then my father's wroth with Thor will be short-lived and he will be free to take the reins again. But in this I am not comfortable in offering a prediction." He waves his hand to the side and then slips into his easier smile. "But enough of this. I regret your visit to our realm had to be under such a condition."


The Sorcerer Supreme offers a forgiving shrug by way of unspoken reply as he travels beside the youngest Prince. He voices, "When a scion of one Realm offers trespass against another, diplomacy must occur in order to avoid hard feelings. It was inevitable, I suppose, in some way…though I regret having to offer an apology," and he laughs ruefully. "I had hoped to speak with your mother, the Queen, while here, but…perhaps another time. No doubt that I'm missed in some capacity back in Midgard." Strange could mean as simply as shopkeeper to his little store or that the very reality was quivering with concern in his absence. Such was the weight of his mantle.

He turns to face Loki and offers a stilted bow, clearly still not entirely comfortable in the presence of the Trickster God despite his protected neutrality as Midgardian diplomat. "I hope that our crossings in the future allow us to remain in good standing with one another as well as our Realms. Should you discover means to keeping my apprentice's Soulsword from splitting the wall between worlds, I ask that you share this news with me. I will do the same," and he means it, truly.


"Well," Loki rests a hand upon his own blade at his side as he offers a too casual smile back to Strange. "I currently only know of one way, Dr. Strange."

And with that he turns away from the sorcerer, giving a small wave to the guardsmen as he walks towards them and then past, murmuring over his shoulder. "Until next time, Doctor." Just a few words given as he walks back along the rainbow bridge and away.


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