1963-09-29 - Loki and the Lady
Summary: Louis King (Loki) decides to pop into Director Carter's office and see what all the fuss is about this woman Thor and Fandral met.
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The youngest prince of Asgard leaned upon his desk, hands curled around the edge as he casually focused his attention upon the silvered platter there on the desktop. A small film of water had been poured into it, giving just a shimmer of light and seeming to shift that silver almost molten. Yet with the barest moments of concentration, Loki is able to bring up the image of the lone woman that he sought. His brow furrowed, a glimmer of annoyance lighting his features as he turns his head to the side.

Whomever this woman was, she had gained a positive response from not only Fandral but Thor as well. What was it about her? At a glance she was just another mortal woman. Moderately attractive, certainly, with a strength to her. But nothing beyond what he had seen in the past. A slight scowl touched his features, fingertips tapping light upon the desk, causing faint ripples to dilute the image in the platter. One brush of a touch causes a gash to appear in the liquid, drawing the focus of the image closer.

"Hm," He says quietly. He could drop his defenses and try to touch mind to mind, to dig for the secrets there. But that would leave him open, vulnerable to scrying himself. Yet what is more important, however… is that would be much less fun.

So a razor's gash of a smile flickered over his lips and then with no preamble nor warning for her… he appears.

"Lady Carter, I presume?"


It's really past going home hour, but when did Peggy Carter ever go home at 5 pm? Almost never, much to husband and child's chagrin. Of course, Daniel must be working late today also, or he'd have drug her out of her office. So, minutes past six, Peggy is still behind her desk, hand pouring over some reports, looking for a blip in data as she does analytics herself. The reports, also, are all in Russian. It's a pretty impressive sight for anyone who knows anything about intelligence work, and she does it naturally as breathing. Her suit jacket is off, leaving her in a cream silk blouse and her slacks which have one button undone, but neatly hidden behind her desk because no one needs to notice that she's not her perfectly put together self. Or that her clothes don't *quite* fit the way she should. For a human, she's probably pressing middle age, a few grays peppering through her deep brunette curls.

When he appears like that, Peggy's reaction is nigh unto completely automatic. Folders dropped, gun drawn before she can even breathe, the muzzle levelled firmly at him without firing but she could press the trigger in the split of a heartbeat. Her eyes are wide with adrenaline and fight or flight instinct. She is, apparently, a woman prepared to fight. "Explain yourself." She commands in her strong, clipped accent.


Straightening up to his fairly decent height, the man some know as Loki smiles to her pleasantly as he touches splayed fingertips to the center of his chest and lowers his eyes mildly in the way of introduction. "My name is Louis King, here on Midgard. You had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of my brother and his retainer. Thor Odinson spoke highly of you, and I daresay you did charm the dashing Fandral entirely."

He keeps his hands at his sides, though he eases them behind his back with one hand grasping the wrist of the opposing hand. Relaxed, he cants his head to the side as if considering her entirely anew as some sort of subspecies. "They told me you wished to be the primary point of contact for the Asgardians during their time here on earth. And thus, I would have words with thee."


The moment he says the word 'Midgard' and begins on about the two others she previously met, Peggy's gun sinks down to her side. She carefully releases the tight grip she had, ready to fire, and slips it back into the holster beneath her arm. Though without her suit jacket and as close to relaxing in her office as she gets, Peggy Carter is still paranoid enough a woman to not ever go totally unarmed. She takes in and exhales a forcibly slow breath, trying to calm the sudden thudding of her pulse as she now resets into a more diplomatic frame of mind.

"…I was… expecting a call from Fandral, not… well… Normally appointments are arranged, is all. But… Mr. King, it's good to meet you also. I…" She takes in another breath resetting her smile to something more business like and calm, even if she's still rather ruffled. "I took great honor in meeting your companions. If you wish to sit… I can spare a few minutes to speak. Would you like tea?"


"I would love some," His smile is so terribly open and those green eyes glitter with utter engagement. He touches a hand to the back of one of those chairs before her desk, casually turning it just so he can face her. Then Louis settles down into it, feet crossing at the ankles and his hands resting light on the arms. "I was not entirely sure of the proper channels one should go through to contact such a clandestine individual of such responsibility. Forgive me for intruding, but I felt it best to find you when you were without other eyes around."

He settles back into the chair and gives the room a once over, quirking an eyebrow curiously. "So to speak with the others, they seemed to feel you were of the mind that we should conceal our presence on Midgard. I would ask you your reasoning for such." When he speaks, he has a rather lovely accent that she can almost immediately place. Cambridge, upper class, English… terribly familiar to her assuredly. Different than the other Asgardians.


A slightly tilt of her head comes in affirmation as he agrees to tea, and she steps back to the little side table behind her desk. A set up is all there — pitcher of water, a weird kettle-like thing with a long chord that is plugged into the wall and has 'Stark International' stamped on it, a prototype maybe, several different jars of tea and two little of the netted balls for straining the tea. She pours the water into the big kettle thing and clicks it on to boil before preparing them some of her preferred Earl Grey blend. A taste of home, for both of them, maybe?

"…You wish to protect this place, or so it seems from Mr. Odinson's commentary. Right now, humanity is… scared. It is overreacting to much around it — mutants, colored people, super heroes… even the rise of women. As things change, the more people and the established system bites back. If you reveal yourselves… well, I do not think you will be worshipped as gods, as you once were. You are more likely to be firebombed or cause more riots. Not because they truly hate but… because humanity is scared, overwhelmed, and doesn't really understand what is going on…"


His attention is fully upon her, those eyes seemingly unblinking as he watches. His lip lifts turning upwards in not quite a smile, perhaps acknowledgement. Loki tip-taps a fingertip light upon the arm of the chair and then says lightly, "Midgard is to be protected, that much is true. I have been declared the Lord Protector of the realm, as it were. I intend to do what is best for this lovely dimensional crossroads."

He pauses and furrows his brow a touch as he looks upon her. "Yet, there are different avenues of thought we must consider. One is that the introduction of ourselves could in part serve as foil to the other issues occupying mankind's global consciousness. The dilution of them. Mankind could find it more difficult to discriminate mutant from empowered from Asgardian." He lifts a hand, fingers flaring subtly, "Another could be that by holding our tongues now it could possibly do greater damage down the line. An embassy established is looked better upon than a secretive force hiding within your borders. Did my brother speak to you of the war? Inform you of the raiding parties that have been sent to menace Midgard?"


Louis has disconnected.


It's when Peggy is turned around she remembers that top button on her slacks and mentally curses to herself. She drops one hand down, trying to subtly secure it without him noticing, but she's probably not ALL that hidden since he's a guy who can just teleport into her office as he pleases. Still, Once the cups are ready with their strainers, Peggy turns back around and leans against the wall, watching him as he speaks and she waits for the kettle to whistle behind her.

"…If, right now, they have issues distinguishing between you and mutants, they are more likely to just point a gun at both of you. Not that… that I didn't just do that. Pardon." Peggy states with a slight clearing of her throat and half wry smile. But her expression turns serious again a heartbeat later. "…No, he did not tell me of the raiding parties. Are you speaking of this.. Jotun? Or does it get bigger than that? This… this is where I come in. My entire organization is dedicated to protecting this place from… super-human things, or extra-terrestrial threats… We can't call ourselves experts because who is an expert in any of this who is human, but we are the most equiped and experience to handle it."


Louis has connected.


"It could, reasonably, make things better for your other disenfranchised individuals." Louis might have noticed something, might have noticed nothing. Whatever it is, he's too polite to mention. He simply watches her with those green eyes like some reptile considering its next meal from afar. "Perhaps serve as some unifying factor. Mutants may be different, but at least they're human… after all."

But the Asgardian waves off her request for his pardon as he listens to the flow of her words. A nod is given as he takes in her thoughts but then he murmurs. "If you will allow me." He rises from his feet and leans over her desk. A paper… a blank piece of paper, something he can write on. And a pen, if he can find such he'll take them and put them to use. If she doesn't have such then he might well conjure it. Yet the end result is the same. He draws nine circles, three rows of three and proceeds to label the first one in the middle.

"This is your home, what we call Midgard." Then he writes in the top middle circle, "And this is Asgard."


"Perhaps… Right now, all we're trying to do is keep everyone as calm and collected as possible. Throwing more shocks at them does… does not seem like the wisest idea." SHIELD, for all it's protectiveness and strength, is still a government organization. There is a certain interest in the Status Quo in a way others might not think about. But the tone in Peggy's voice is all protective, earnest and guarding. She doesn't do it out of control, she does it in defense and love of the people here.

"Of course." She motions to the paper just as the kettle goes off. Then her back is turned, elegant and smooth, no fear of his predator eyes. She is a woman who does not seem to have fear of much, but carrying herself strong and forward. SHe has the bearing of an Amazon, without being one, actually. She steeps the tea for both of them with smooth, thoughtless habitual motions. A cup is brought his direction a moment later.

"…Ah, yes…Thor was attempting to draw this in the dirt. A pen is far more… capable of such descriptions. So… this is in the… Universe? Or in realities?" Peggy asks with the tone of a woman who believes in all such things.


Accepting the cup he gives a nod and holds it in hand as he proceed to fill in each of the other circles with their designated names, lightly making note and tapping his pen against them in turn. "Vanaheim, home to the Vanir, other Asgardians or a lost colony perhaps." Another movement, "Alfheim, Nidavellir. Home of the elves and the dwarves, allies of Asgard." Another touch to the paper, "Muspelheim, Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, enemies of Asgard." Then the last at the bottom he touches it and says oh so reasonably, "Niflheim, home of the dead."

He sets the paper down before her, "There are more civilizations, but these are the ones I have come into contact the most, and the ones that all have one particular aspect in common." Loki turns to her, "Each of these other realms, in order to get to another must pass through Midgard in some manner. It is a great crossroads, which has led to your realm coming into contact with each of these civilizations. So naturally, when great state meet under such duress conflict will ensue."

He moves back to hi chair and take a seat, now with his tea that he sips. "Ages ago Asgard went to war to protect Midgard from the predations of these other realms. We won, and so the other are bound by treaty. Currently, however, Muspelheim and Jotunheim have made inroads into your realm. They are restless and may wish to stand against Asgard. It is why we are here, and why I was given this job to do."


The woman listens astutely, leaning forward a bit at her desk to watch him as he draws and writes notes. Her dark eyes narrow, the look of someone memorizing every detail in front of her just in case the paper would burn or otherwise. She may be a normal mortal, but she clearly has skills and wisdom that would be rare among the others of this planet. She ignores her tea as it steeps — this is more important.

"…I see. And do you consider those… Creatures coming out of the thing in the, well, what we've been calling a Hellmouth, to be from that realm? Both in Central Park and in Hell's Kitchen…Both areas have become quite active with dangerous… demonic sorts." Peggy explains gently, the tone of her voice a touch too personal about it all. But then, her arm is still stiff with bandages beneath her blouse from the rather recent attack.


"Oh no," Louis gets a smile on his face that so few see, it's one of when something truly pleases him… amuses him. It's when he's shown something he hadn't entirely expected or had learned of a new piece of information without deducing it first himself. "That is something else entire…"

He casually leans forward, and seems entirely too pleased to explain the facts of reality to poor Peggy, "Imagine now that that piece of paper is in a stack of countless other pieces of paper. In one direction things, all of the papers above that one are more aligned with order, unity, benevolence if you will. And in the other direction below your particular piece of paper, all the other pages below it are aligned with chaos, disharmony, evil… if you will."

He spreads his hands. "That is, of course, a gross over-simplification of the matter. But you see my point, perhaps? The Asgardians and their ilk are of the same plane of existence… breaches in reality tend to be primarily related to distance, albeit… immense immense distances. Breaches from other dimensions such as the ills in Central Park, they are another thing entirely."


That amused look from his features draws an arched brow from Peggy, both skeptical and curious. She tilts her head to the side, dark curls spilling carelessly across her shoulder, not in the way of a woman who poses for men, but of a woman who entirely doesn't care WHAT people think about her or her looks. "…And just what is that look about? You almost seem… Amused, Mr. King." If Peggy Carter has one 'super' power, it's reading people. And she can read that smile like a book.

"…Ah, so yo uare of our… dimension. THese creatures are not. Interesting. Not helpful to the ultimate issue of them, but interesting." She seems more intrigued by figuring out what piece he put together in the puzzle than pressing about demons which aren't, apparently, of the same nature as his people


"Ah, Ms. Carter. I have an appreciation for the wild card thrown into the deck and causing the entire sequence of play to tumble askew." He takes a sip of his tea and then leans back, leisurely crossing his leg over his knee and looking at her with that open appraisal that tinges his smile. "In part these intruders from a 'hell' mouth, it's quaint in a way and interesting because well…" He pushes a hand through his hair and looks to the side, brow furrowing before he looks back to her. "When one reaches a certain age, they find it so terribly thrilling to find something that does not meet their expectations. It is a delight to be surprised."

He pauses, nose crinkling slightly. "In this case it is a surprise that such a breach exists. And another it is a surprise to consider you as a being reaching beyond what has traditionally been your place to comprehend what is beyond."


A slightly tired, amused laugh escapes her lips as he comments about her reaching beyond her comprehension. Peggy just shakes her head slowly and finally leans back in her desk, crossing her legs right over leg, though she's still a bit ginger with the right one, bandages wrapped tightly there as well. She looks up to him, "Mr. King… as completely wild as it is that… the old nordic gods of legend are actually just Aliens and I've met three of them this week alone… I've spent my entire career staring down the impossible. Super men, mutants, anti aging serums… 084s — aliens, technically — and then some. A mouth of seeming hell that is spewing out vampires, demon dogs and red eyed women is just… well… another Thursday. It's simply Thursday." Peggy offers, amused, tired and just utterly accepting at this point in her career.

"…However, though these are not of your realm, do you *know* anything more about this 'Hellmouth'? And why it's not supposed to be able to exist as a breach? I'll take whatever information I can get. Better if you know tricks to close it. I might even buy you dinner for that." SHe states with a teasing wink.


For a moment Loki's lips part as if to correct her, perhaps at that moment about aliens and Asgardians, but then he simply smiles and perhaps leaves that adjustment of facts for another time. He gives a small nod and waves a hand to the side as he murmurs, "Well, this would broach the topic of mystical connections, and truly I had not the intention to divulge the entirety of reality's secrets to you in lovely bite-sized format." His amusement is still there, still evident, despite his denial.

"In any case, yes I most likely could do something. And I can tell you that it is highly likely someone or another of our embassage will partake in closing down this situation. It is simply not as much my… purview." A hand lifts, "Have you spoken to your realm's resident Sorcerer Supreme?" He asks that idly, as if he were inquiring if she'd been to the doctor to take care of that cough.


"…Resident…Sorcerer… Supreme? You will have to forgive me, Mr. King. I seem to have lost his card the last time I saw him at the deli." Peggy's voice is just dripping with deadpan sarcasm as she says that, though who knows if he's quite up on Midgardian emotional habits to quite pick that up. She does arch a brow, quite curious about it all right now. "And if it just takes inviting you for tea, I shall invite you routinely and get *many* bite-sized format divulgences." Peggy smiles sweet as pie as she says that. Maybe he'll even play along.


Oh Loki has had experience, considering he's been in Midgard the last 115 years, but at times one does enjoy playing a role for someone who expects it. It's a role he's had much experience with and falls into naturally, of course. "Ah yes, each realm has such an animal." Loki offers her with that small smile of his, so entirely charmed and enjoying this moment.

He lifts a fingertip to lightly scritch at the curve of his chin, "Hmm. If I am to go on, however, Ms. Carter…" The good Professor King looks back to her almost lazily as he adds. "I should perhaps correct some of your perceptions, and if we are to be dealing with each other for an extended basis… warn you."

He takes another sip of that tea, lips parting after swallowing as if trying to choose a particular word or phrase for what he was about to embark upon. "I understand that on some level you must quantify matters, classify, then store them into your mind's eye in a way that will make sense for the way you perceive reality. That would be a mistake for you to do here. We Asgardians are… alien, to a certain degree. Yes. For we do live and dwell and flourish elsewhere. But…" He seems almost pained as he tries to come up with a way to offer this insight in such a brief explanation. "But we are also bound by certain mystical strictures, rules of law and right of place established before this universe existed or would exist."

"My brother, Thor. He is the Thunderer. He is the God of Thunder. He is the storm. He has been known by other names. Myself, I am Louis King. Loki Odinson. Coyote. Anansi, the trickster." He spreads his hands, opening them towards her as if offering these words as gifts, "We are all these things and we are none of them. We are bound by these names and by our 'words'. We are not merely aliens. We are gods in the truest sense of the word. Yet…"

He pauses, "As I am who I am… you petition me for answers. And I have given them to you as well…" His eyes glimmer, "It has amused me. But if you press for more there would be a price. For there is always a price. Not set by me, nor its extraction a task I would inflict upon you or another. Yet it is simply the way of such things. Do you understand?"


As he states his name, Peggy's eyes just *slightly* widen in recognition. It's the split of a heartbeat as she takes in the 'dangerous' god that is across from her. Even if he seems perfectly calm and helpful now. She has heard those myths. She knows this can change. Still, she is not prey, she does not show fear or cower. She simply smiles at him, her ever confident, cool expression well in place.

"I…do understand. There is always a price, even in my work… you sacrfice time with family for work… you risk life for others… It's always a balance, one that is hard to keep in check but something we struggle through. So.. I understand. Such prices have never scared me away from getting the knowledge I need to protect others, or doing my job."


She can see a slight narrowing of his eyes, not so much in a negative way, but in a manner akin to a fellow who can see someone says they understand… but might not fully understand. Yet it will have to serve, at least for now. He gestures with the now empty tea cup. "Good tea, this." That accent is so unassuming, so familiar to her assuredly yet so strange coming from the mouth of such a being. He gains his feet and sets the empty now upon the top of her desk.

"I believe I will tell my brother that you will be acceptable to work with. For now we will hold ourselves somewhat out of the limelight as it were. Though that may change should a large enough conflict break out. Then we may have no choice but to go public. If we do so, however, I assure you that you will have enough time to perhaps ready what preparations you may feel you need."

He lowers his eyes slightly, returns them to hers. "I've always wanted to go on a talk show." He says this as if admitting a terribly dark secret, then he smiles again. "Til next time, Ms. Carter?" The tone lilting upwards as he asks her that, as if giving her one last chance to ask what she will before he goes.


Peggy can feel the slight judgment in his eyes, that narrowing there. She arches a brow and simply stares back, unfrightened, uncowed. She just tilts her head a bit and waits for him to finish his estimation. "You know where to find more. The tea, that is. I always have it…" Peg murmurs gently, a touch of pride behind her voice. SHe's British too, she does love tea as well. "And I'm so glad I met your worthiness." That is just a bit sarcastic, she couldn't resist.

"…I would like to know who this… Sorcerer is, if he can help us. There are people being kidnapped and dying out there. The sooner I can stop it, the better. THat's all I care about right now, Mr. King. If you can give me even a hint in that direction…it'll save a lot of lives."


"Ah, Dr. Strange." Loki's eyes gleam with that rampant amusement. "Find him if you can, or I shall put in a good word with him for you." The deity spreads his hands wide as if he had just granted her such a boon. Those green eyes are so entirely alive in this moment, "For you see, he owes me."

There's a beat, then he adds with that devillish smile. "Much as you do now. Farewell, Ms. Carter." And with a flare of light he disappears.


Peggy sighs as he disappears as quickly as he came. She shakes her head slowly, "…Damn… stuckup… dieties… Popping in and out as they please… " She mutters to herself, sinking back down in her seat and moving back for her work.

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