1963-10-02 - When called, as promised
Summary: Lynette tries to call Thor; after all, he'd told her that all she needed to do was to say his name…
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Lynette missed nature. She had been driven away from Central Park, and for all the trouble it caused her to begin with, something wonderful had happened as well. She sits on a beautiful island now, with bridges leading in and out. One of the lavish parks was where she waits, sitting by a pond, and here, there's no gate to hell itself.

She's cleaner, even smells fresher, and her clothing actually…fits. It's feminine; capri pants, a loose shirt that's more her size with bright woven patterns and belling sleeves, and her shoes are old sneakers. Some of what she's wearing are still second-hand, but the change is noticable. Dangling around her neck is a cord, and on its end is a golden coin, pressed with Norse runes. She grips to it and takes a deep, steadying breath.



Centuries ago, those who worshipped Thor had a hammer slung round their neck or tattooed upon their person in some way. Runes were cast, and sacrifices of goats were made to appease the God of Thunder, the bringer of the rains, the Warrior. Seemingly so much more accessible than the All-Father, it is the Prince that held the love of the Norse, the Vikings as he guided their ships to battle and aided their fights.

Today, it truly is no different other that those that wear that hammer 'round their neck are fewer; the shape only found in memorabilia shops next to the ankh on black leather cords. Thor does no less, however. Only when he brings the clouds and the rain, it usually means that he is angry as opposed to being helpful. When battles rage, the Warrior stands aside now, watching… as does his brothers. He did say, however, that should he ever be needed by one who 'believed in him' or somesuch, he would come.

All it takes is a whisper from the Watcher of Realms, Heimdall, "My Prince, you are being called."

In the next moment after the name is uttered, the skies begin to darken above Lynette, the rumbling sounding as if it rolls from a great distance, and a light show begins in those clouds.

In a burst of light, then, Thor appears. He's not dressed of Midgard, no.. but instead wears the base leather with flowing red cape. (One of the side effects of being transported by the All-seeing Heimdall.) It's something he's used to, however, and he steps out as if nothing is remarkable, the scorch in the ground quite real.

"You have need of me, my Lady Lynette?" His low tones sound concerned, but not overly so. He doesn't see anything that might pose as a threat, anyway. Not here.


Lynette sniffs as the air changes. Her tongue gently pokes out, allowing that smell to wash over her senses all the more. Rolling her eyes up, she watches the sky twist and turn, the deep rumble that shakes the very ground. And then there is a light. Her eyes shut, tight, turning into long-lashed slits, and once he speaks, she blinks quickly, and allows her gaze to settle on…the same figure that had shared his food with her almost a month prior.

"Everybody dat's important wear a red cape?" She muses to herself, her hand letting go of the coin. "Guess he wasn' lyin', neither. Y-you're really dat Thor? De god?"


Thor looks very much the same, only now he's in leather rather than a button down, collared shirt and slacks. His hair is the same; blond, braided in front so as not to get in the way, and, of course, the growth that would eventually be a beard. Maybe.

"Lying?" Thor cants his head to the side lightly, brows creasing. "Who.. what?" There is a pause before he offers a ghost of a smile, "Pray do not believe all the stories you might have heard about me. Tales told by drunken Norse."

Thor looks about once again, checking all directions before his gaze resettles, and where his brows had dropped, they now rise in mild surprise. "You are looking well. Something suits you."


"Guess I c'n jus' ask you t'clear dem up, den?" She inquires about the stories, giving the Thunder God a soft, tender smile. She looks at her self then once he makes a comment, and then twists, checking the back of her legs. "T'anks. Jus'…t'ings've been changin'. Dunno what it means, but, m'tryin'. Got a job n'stuff now. Workin' on gettin' a place t'stay." Staring forward, she swallows. "M'gonna stop runnin'."

Holding up her finger, she reaches for a paper bag and then holds it out to him. "Got y'a lil sweet bun. Dunno if dat's 'nough, t't'ank y'f'what y'did f'me when we first met. But…maybe it's a start?" She hopes, that smile returning. She looks him over, coming back up to his lighter eyes. "Y'lookin' well, too. Uh good…" She blushes.

"I guess maybe I come out n'tell y'why I called. Y'look like y'dressed f'god business. So, won' keep y' f'long. I…met y'brother. De trickster one."


"Over a cup of coffee, certainly," is smiled in return. "I am hardly dressed for such at the moment, however. Then, I would be most happy to explain some of our dealings of the past." A low laugh sounds, perhaps a touch self-deprecatingly. "As a dear friend once said, understand we were young at the time." Nearly 1500 years ago?

He brightens as he looks for a spot to settle if only for the moment, "Well, I like it. It suits you." Though Thor's voice lowers in response to her comment about no longer running, and it's an honest question, "Have you found safe haven then? Those who would surround you to keep you safe?" Being alone isn't his definition of 'safe'.

The sweet bun thus offered is taken with a soft chuckle and he opens the bag, "Share it with me, then. It's not right that I eat and you do not." Hand in, there is that sticky-goodness that is pulled free. "This is called a 'sweet bun'?" Brows rise again as he tears it, and hands a piece before rescuing a bit of pastry that threatens to fall. "This is more than enough. No thanks was needed.."

A first, tentative bite is taken, then a larger one.. and of course, there is the required licking of fingers for the honey-sugar goodness.. "Nay.. this is how I look when Heimdall is the one who sends for me. The.. uh.." and he swallows his piece before continuing, "He watches this Realm." In case she needed to know how he gets his information? There it is!

The half a piece is dispatched quickly and once it met his sweettooth, easily, and licking his thumb, his head cocks. "You met.. ah.. Loki. Yes. My younger brother." Once his fingers are somewhat clean, Thor is more curious, "Tell me, how did that transpire?"


"Safe 'nough. 've met a man named Luke. He's good man. Hired me, gave me a safe place t'sleep f'now. Said he got m'back, n' I believe him." She explains, moving to rest on one of the small hills that overlooks the pond. "Don' t'ink dey let people like me live in Asgard?" She inquires playfully, reaching out to accept her own half of the bun. She chews on it, still stuffing the whole thing in as if she might lose a chance to eat later. It's clear that this habit will take time for her to change.

Suckling her fingers clean, she clears her throat and brushes the saliva away on her thighs. "'eimdall. De gatekeeper?" She questions, trying to make some relations between deities. Her knees bend, and she pulls her legs up, loosing hugging around them and allowing her eyes to settle on the mirror like waters. "Dey somet'ing wrong wit Central Park. Hellmouth, dey say. I didn' know, n' I use t'sleep in de park. S'm times I get visions, n' hear voices. Couldn' sleep, n' dey wouldn' stop. S'chaos in m'mind, n'it hurt. Met a man in de park, n'when he came over t'me, it all went away."

Pausing, she allows him to take it all in before continuing. "Said de park was sick, n' dat I shouldn' be dere no more. Told m'bout t'ings dat most don' know, but…I know 'bout s'm a'dem t'ings already. He asked 'bout my coin. Said he knew you, n'I asked f'answers. His name, n' all dat? So, he told me. But, he told me dat I owe'd 'm, too."


"'Luke'," Thor repeats, keeping the name now, and he nods his head in the explanation there; the safety, the job.. and at the question, he settles down onto the grass beside her. "Like you? My Lady, there are none like you, in Asgard or in the Nine Realms. You are unique unto yourself." His smile turns lopsided, "And Midgard has the distinct honor of being your home."

A rock is thrown into the water as Lyn wolfs down her half of the pastry, and once she's done, he considers the question. A nod comes as prelude to his answer regarding Heimdall's 'job', as it were, and he continues, "Aye. He guards the Bifrost.. so, when you look into the sky after a rain, you will see a bridge that connects Midgard with Asgard.. and there, near the middle, stands Heimdall." A rainbow!

The information regarding Central Park, however, isn't new to him. Her take on the matter, however, is. "That is what they say. Foul creatures have been coming from there, but it pleases me that my brother has been investigating such occurrences." He takes that to heart.. though, now he looks beside him at the slight woman. "You owed him?" Thor chuckles and shakes his head, "Fear not the cost, my Lady. Loki is not seeking your soul, nor does he wish to press you to battle. He will probably just ask you about what… you see as he has been tasked to protect this Realm. If there are allies to be had, he must know what those he meets can do." He lets out another soft laugh and looks to the pond, "Mortals have been surprising us lately."


Lynette chuckles and smirks, looking side long at the handsome blonde. "You're smooth, y'know dat? Bet y'one hell of a lady's man." Turning her head, she watches the stone move, causing ripples before it sinks with a heavy 'slunk'. As they speak, and his warm laugh sounds, she lifts her brows and her eyes grow. "I don'? He won'?" Whatever fear she had about the ordeal washes away, instantly. "I-he seemed so…I dunno. I can' explain 'm. I t'ink I didn' wan' you mad wit 'm or anyt'ing. He helped me. Dat man, dough, Doctor Strange? He didn' seem too happy t'hear dat he was dere."


Thor laughs a little louder at the compliment, shaking his head soon after. "I am many things, but I do not hold that title. It is one of my dearest friends that is such. A Warrior so brave and a ladies' man so dashing." He leans to nudge the mocha-skinned lady beside him, "That means I speak the truth."

On to the next, however, and Thor drops his head and considers for a couple of heartbeats before he cants his head sideways. "No, you need not fear. What you need do, however, if you have met Dr. Strange, is to tell Loki when next you see him and speak to him of what you and Dr. Strange discussed. That may lift your debt to my brother." Or, more likely, make her a great deal more useful to the younger Prince. "Dr. Strange cares not for my brother. It would be good for you not to get in the middle of those two. I know not much of Strange, but I do know my brother." Fair warning.

"Did he ask you about your coin?"


Lynette sways to the nudge, her smile easy and warm. She giggles and nods, "Well…I t'ink y'look good." She murmurs, perhaps trying to hide such words under her breath. When speaking of Strange, she watches the blonde beside her, nodding, and nodding again. "Alright. I-well, he didn' tell me what he wanted. Jus' dat he'd call on de debt at s'm time. I don' mind dat, I made de deal after all."

A glance at the pond, she moves a bit, sweeping her legs under herself as she turns and faces the Norse god more directly. Glancing down at the gold item resting on her chest, she nods once more. "He did. I told'em who gave it t'me, but at dat time I didn't t'ink you was, well, you…"


A smile, genuine and warm, creases Thor's face and he inclines his head in thanks. He doesn't speak more on it, however; he's caught the deepening of colour upon her cheeks and so looks out onto the water. "Aye, you did. Though, do me this one boon?" He picks up some stones beside him, playing with them in hand before he continues, "Do not promise strangers such a thing in the future? Regardless of what they do to aid you."

Now, Thor looks to the young woman beside him and he nods to the coin, "Should you wish, exchange that for a hammer necklace that you may find in a store and then call for me. That should be more telling for those who know my sign that we hold you as our own." Under protection, then?

Thor looks to the water again, allowing dirt and such to escape his fingers, and he chuckles, "Oh, to see the look upon his face where upon he realizes who it was that gifted such a thing."


Lynette glances down once she notices his cheeks change color. "M' sorry, I didn'…know you were you. I jus'…I won'." Caressing the coin, she takes it and tucks it under her collar, hiding it closer to her heart. "I like it. Y'were m'first friend, n'I didn' wanna get rid of it. Gave one away, dough, t'a man in Hell's Kitchen. He was feedin' his people, so, t'ought I'd help'm." She confesses then, brushing the flat of her chest before letting her hand down.

"I see what I c'n find. 'bout de hammer. I keep dis in a safe place, den." Apparently, the girl seems content to keep it with her, regardless of its worth. Tensing, her breath hitches for a moment, and then she leans over, pressing her lips to his jaw. Perhaps she missed her mark, but the contact is brief, chaste, and once it's done, she pulls away and looks back to the pond.


"If we have any say in the matter, more will know that we are who we say we are," Thor offers softly. "We are returning; already there are a few of us, and we are watching, waiting, meeting people like yourself that could aid us in protecting this realm." He exhales in a barely audible sigh soon after, and smiles ruefully, "I will not be here as often as my brother, however. I have been tasked with more than Midgard by the All-Father. But, should my name be called, I will come."

News of her giving one of her two coins away, however, gains a warm smile, "When you get settled, I will be sure you have a feast the first week you are within your new dwelling. You may invite all you wish to your table, and there will be no end to the delights. Meat, fruit, bread, wine.. I may even appear to partake." The care and almost serene reverence she gives that coin brings an idea forth. Gesturing with a vague hand in its direction, Thor considers, "Loki should be able to enchant that with a way to keep those voices away, too." Of course, then Loki will have a way to track her, but that's not really a concern.

The hammer, however, seems all around a better idea, but before he can add to it, the kiss is pressed to scruffy cheek and a chuckle sounds deep in his chest. "You honor me, lady.." Thor rises, however, and he looks apologetic. "I must take my leave, though think not it was because of you. There are matters that lies before me.. and know I am glad you no longer walk the park that is called Central. When it is rid of its affliction, I will tell you."

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