1963-10-04 - Dream Team? (PT2)
Summary: Frank and Jean manage to narrowly escape the shootout in the diner.
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Jean was ever defiant until the end. So much so that her hands were upon her hips and she was already cocking them in mild annoyance towards Frank. "It wasn't a simple figuring out. I'm actually a.."

Maybe the world itself was going down in slow motion. He was running towards her, the urgency within his eyes told her that this was something that was about to go.. really, really bad. Thankfully, she understood that look. That get down quick. That.. —-OOF!

She was tackled easily to the ground. She moved like she was fifty years past being a spring chicken, and once she hits the floor her hand immediately draws up to form a shield of a telekinetic bubble that protects them both. She even clings to him in the worse way, one arm wrapped around his back and probably one leg trapping his, her face buried in his neck as the thunderous sounds make her head and ears ring. She doesn't know if it was over, but she knew that she was going to hold that shield as long as she was able.


Frank lands, trying to do it in such a way to take the brunt of the impact off of this extremely annoying red head. Doing so causes a grunt to leave his lips at the strike but almost immediately he's pushing her off of him, away from him. "Get your ass under a table and hide." He growls, snaps really in tone. As he does he starts to crawl over to his booth, but doesn't make it as a flurry of gunfire erupts again and sprays debris upwards from the bullets striking various tables, cutlery and plates.

A clanking of metal is heard by him and he looks over, seeing several folded up napkins with silverware inside. Opening it after reaching a hand to snake free, Frank pulls out the forks and butter knives; a devious grin starting to spread on his lips. "Try not to get yourself shot, Red."


"OW! MY LEG!" She wasn't shot, but he upset her soreness. Thankfully she was healed enough for her to actually get around.. especially now that her adrenaline was high and the Phoenix within was a raging bull, full of excitement and ready to..

No. She wasn't going to kill. But as he begins to roll away, Jean was already crawling upon the floor, that shield still held up as the bullets richocet from each and every point they try to enter. Thank you Charles, for that great idea!

Her path was towards the two young men that she put to sleep, one hand grasping at a jacket to begin to tug and pull them back. Nevermind what Frank was doing, it was clear that he could take care of himself. Not to mention, he did say to try to not get shot. Right? But the guy was heavy, and it takes her a clear minute to dislodge him from a spot upon the floor to continue to drag him back behind the counter. One down, one to go.


The gunfire begins to relent some as the initial spraying of the building finishes. Frank starts to creep his way towards the door just in time as the first of the outside shooters make their way in.

It is not terribly far from the table where Jean is trying to pull the sleeping men down and once again, Castle finds himself having to act to preserve that… person. Quick crouching steps are taken and he launches himself full speed at the first man to come through the door, moving to tackle him as the intense scuffling between the two begins. A few gunshots go off as Frank battles for control of the machine gun with him; followed quickly by the sound of what is almost slapping and hitting that begins to get squishier sounding each time. Red begins to fly around as the blood from the butterknife/fork stabbing tool makes its way home.


It wasn't as if Jean was trying to ignore the scuffle, she could barely hear it, but she could see the flurry of black from the corner of her eye as she tucks the man back into the safe spot. THe other was upon the ground, and unwisely, Jean stands with a full height and a quick rush around the counter to drag the second thug from the booth. But.. it was too late for that guy. As soon as she tugged she fell backwards, his brains obviously leaking through the bullet hole that was smacked onto his head as soon as the attackers first arrived. While Jean wanted to scream..

..no, she actually did it! A man was dead and Frank was swinging so much that it almost looked animated with the way that the blood flows. "FRANK! STOP!" She hollars out, tugging and dragging herself from beneath the weight of the dead man, her hands bloodied and dragged along the floor as she grips the bottom of the nearby stool. Jesus, what did she get herself into?!


Oh, right. Stop. It's not like this guy that Frank is stabbing up wasn't just trying to kill them, would still be trying to kill them if he weren't suddenly the proud owner of about 2 dozen stab wounds. Enough damage like that to this thug and he's given up his fight, probably his life soon after; not that Castle cares. He shoves the body away with one hand and grasps the machine gun with the other. Now the odds are evened up some and a series of sharp shots are fired at the entry way just as it was about to open.

Shouts come from outside, shouts of confusion and alarm since someone inside is now shooting back at them. Even as he fires a few rounds once in awhile to discourage more from entering, Frank starts to look around for the Redhead. "Dumbass! Get to the kitchen, we'll have to take the back door out."


You shut your inner monologue right up, Frank! But as Jean quickly gets to her feet with the help of the stool, she's forced to duck again as a few more shots were fired, though.. it wasn't towards them. Which was a good thing, but she was still confused. "But what about the guy?!" She shouts back, perhaps louder than normal. She could barely hear Frank, but she could tell that their main mode was to get away. But they had cars, she and Frank would be on foot..

"Wait!" Jean hobbles close towards the door, both of her hands outstretched as she focuses all of her energies upon the cars in front. They begin to shake, bouncing side to side as her fingers slowly begin to close into a tight fist. The groan of metal is heard, the roof caving in upon both of the vehicles, the car doors bending inward as the tires create a loud, popping sound which obviously would spook the men outside.

But that was all she could do, her head was pounding. She was close to growing cross eyed as she turns to stagger towards the counter. She even moves behind it to try to grab the jacket of the man to tug, but she falls right upon her ass as a wave of dizzyness overcomes her.


"The Guy situation is done now because of you." Frank snaps towards Jean as he pops off a couple more shots. The sounds of shouting outside growing louder as the car starts to collapse on itself. Castle doesn't know what's going on. What he sees is Jean acting, again, rather foolishly and then something rather beneficial happening; or sounding to happen. Either way he can put some things together.

The final few shots are sent towards the door as the gun runs out of ammo. He quickly grabs his shirt, wiping over it to remove prints then throws it down, all in the process of moving to leave. But then Jean collapses, falls down to the ground. The temptation to leave her is there for a moment but then, with a growl, Castle is moving towards her to try and grab the girl and fireman sling her over shoulder.

"Should just leave you here to deal with your consequences."


Hey! They were still alive.. somewhat.. kind of. At least a minimal amount of killing was done this night, Jean had seen the ugly side of man and came back haunted. And she could feel it, the heavy weight of guilt pinning her legs onto the floor as she tries to drag the sleeping thug out of the back but.. nothing. She could barely even hear Frank's scolding words, the world was starting to melt into itself as she stares up at the ceiling.

And then she's hoisted up, slung over his shoulders and left to hang. She was so close to throw up that she was sure she'd be shot in the head if she even gave it further thought. Thank goodness he wasn't going to leave her here, who knows what would have happened.


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