1963-10-07 - Attention getter
Summary: At a showing of a Hitchcock film during a film festival at the MoMA, Tony Stark can't help but notice a rather large Thor acting as a +1 for a diminutive young woman who dreams of becoming a famous director in her own right. (NPC)
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With the opening of the Hitchcock exhibit at MOMA, there was a formal, charity-dinner which was to include the appearance of the director himself. Or so it was advertised. It's probably why a few more hitters made the obligatory donation (and then some) in order to attend — it was a chance to meet the man himself!

A usual donor to the museum, Tony Stark felt well enough to actually attend, even though it meant putting on the monkey suit and hobnobbing with people he usually despised. No one was expecting Stark to be particularly mannerly, so there was at least that, and he could always beg off by saying he didn't feel well or something. But as a major donor, it was something to do and he was getting bored of being cooped up in his massive penthouse apartment.

So, replendent in his designer monkey suit and, oddly enough, carrying a metal briefcase, he made his way to the opening Gala. The briefcase was checked into the coatroom, the coat-girl flirted with, and some hors d'oeuvres consumed before he's back flirting with the coat-check girl who is apparently far more interesting than the stuffed shirts and gowns in the main gala event.


Thor has actually made some random acquaintances here and there during his time on Midgard before everything he's been dealing with now has 'gone down'. A talk here, a visit there, and suddenly the Thunderer is a +1 for one of the 'up and coming film director' in the City, a waif not unlike what Twiggy will eventually be; Cosette Lafferty. He's not quite in tux, but rather a suit that looks like the tailor had something of a difficult time getting all the measurements correct. (Back and arms are still a little tight, but who'd notice? Only the socially elite, that is!)

As the pair wander into the coat room, the spot where all final checks are done with makeup, clothing and last minute instructions, Cosette is doing just that. "Thor.. remember. Your name is Robert Jorgenson.. This is only this evening… I know you're familiar with television. This is only bigger," is given in a sotto voice. She smiles at the large blonde, brushes off a bit of non-existant dust before she turns about when she sees Tony. "Mr. Stark.. hello.." The words of a hungry, up and coming.


Tony somehow manages not to roll his eyes as he's greeted…people know him even if he doesn't know them back. Ahh, the price of fame. Turning from the coat-check girl (who's name is Esther), he puts on that fake smile reserved for said social elite, but it becomes a little more genuine when he sees it's yet another attractive young woman. "Hi…uhm…" he holds up a hand as if he can guess her name. "We've met, right?" That needs to be the first question.

Brown eyes then go to her very blonde, very tall and broad escort. "Holy Hell, is this your boyfriend or your bodyguard. You're huge." Because apparently Starks were not born with brain filters.


Cosette knows the price; it's in every face as she walks in a door looking for a patron. It's a rough place, the City, and even harder when one is a female without the name recognition of a rich or affluential family behind them. She's a young-looking 25, attractive in that mod/waif thing, and she puts a hand out, "No, not yet." I've put more than a few requests in for grants, patronages.. "Cosette Lafferty. I'm in films.. I mean, behind them. Director.. kind of." Oh, good going!

Cosette looks beside her, and brows rise for only a moment before she laughs. "Yes.."

Anything that Cosette might have said to complete the thought is interrupted by 'the date', and he chuckles, "A friend. It is my understanding that one does not attend such things such as a film," and the way he says the word 'film' makes it sound as if it is a new word if not a new concept for him, "alone. And, as I had no obligations elsewhere this evening.." He holds a hand out, "Th—"

"Mr. Stark, this is Robert. Robert, Mr. Tony Stark."


"Cosette. Interesting name. French…" he takes the offered hand and maybe holds it a little longer than he should, even with her very large 'friend' right there. He feigns interest when she says she's a Director, "Oh, you should meet Esther then," he gestures to the coat-check girl. "She's in Theatre. Hoping to get on Broadway." Both require acting! He eventually lets go, not even noticing Esther's pout, and turns to take Thor's hand. "Friend, huh?" He doesn't believe it. "Sure people attend things alone. But I can see why she'd bring you," to ward off men who might hit on the waif. Tony Stark, however, isn't deterred by large, blonde Viking-like men. Although he does look between the two and takes on a very pensive expression, 'How does this work? Because…I feel like you'd just break in half."

Tony Stark, Ladies and Gentlemen. Ever the classy one."


Esther can not only see her ship sailing away, but that ship is captained by a wisp of a girl who has no right steering ship much less being on it! Dammit!

Cosette nods, her lips in a fine, tight smile, though it's one that does hold humor, and she lifts a single shoulder, "Mom didn't like any of the names dad came up with. Too Irish." And, well.. everyone knows that signs still hang in Boston ships 'No Irish need apply'. "She figured that if they heard 'Cosette' they wouldn't hear the 'Lafferty' after it." Ouch. Two strikes against the girl!

The hand taken in greeting isn't so much a hand-shake, but more.. a grasp at the wrist before Cosette elbows the great man. "What— oh.." He looks back at Tony and offers, "A pleasure." That's what it was, right?

"When she asked, I thought it a good chance to see more of what Mi—" *elbow* Thor looks back at Cosette now, questionningly before she chimes in, "He hasn't seen any Hitchcock films yet."

The off-color joke, of course, sends red streaking up the young woman's neck, resting easily on those cheeks. "No.. no.. it's not.."

Which in turn confuses Thor, and brows rise, looking from one to the other now. "We are friends." As if that'd help!


There's another look at Thor when Cosette denies that they're having conjugal relations. His eyes narrow some and take in the long hair, "Ah. Got it." He reaches out to give a clap of a hand to Thor's bicep, "Into the muscles, huh? Hey, to each their own." Ow. He shakes off that clap before looking back to Cosette, "Well, it's a striking name. Good for a Director or an Actress. Or a model. Have you thought about that? My secretary wears outfits like that…I guess they're sort of the thing now, right?" He then steps over to Cosette's other side and offers an arm, "They should be bringing out the second round of champagne if you two fancy a glass."


Thor looks down at the arm as Tony claps him companionably and smiles lopsidedly. "We are just friends." Cosette looks up at her companion for a long moment and sighs, "Every girl dreams to find her prince charming.." before she looks to Tony as he comes around to the otherside, ready now to escort her? "Thank you," Cosette breathes. The pinkening of her cheeks hasn't yet subsided, but she's gathering her wits about her a little more. Reaching to steady herself with a hand on Thor's arm, of course fingers meet muscle and sinew under that suit.

"I haven't thought about modeling, actually.." and it's almost a surprise that THE Tony Stark offers an arm. Who wouldn't accept that? Cosette isn't stupid, and she tentatively takes his elbow, allowing Thor to trail (which seems pretty okay by him!). "I was hoping I didn't miss it. I haven't been able to catch the other showings; too busy trying to beat the drums for a project I was working on." Was. "And here I'd gotten a few names to sign on, and then.." her voice drops away before she picks up elsewhere, "Do you think I could?" Model, that is.

Thor doesn't have any problem following, and as he does, he occasionally has to rumble a murmured 'pardon' as they are jostled by a brick … outhouse. "Champaigne? I don't think I have had such as of yet."


"Project," Tony asks. "Directing project? Are you actually trying to pitch it to Hitchcock himself? I mean, that's pretty brash of you if you are. I like it." Girls with spunk? Bring 'em on…even if they do look like they might topple over from a stiff breeze. "Hey, you wear that look well, so why not? I mean, I could probably toss a name or two your way and you can tell them I sent you." Because Tony's nice like that.

Of course, he grabs three champagne glasses and hands one first to Cosette and then one to Thor.

"Champagne…and you really haven't had it before?" that's interesting. "Careful, it has bubbles."


Cosette smiles a little more, the expression genuine, and dark eyes glitter. "He can say yes or no.. but if I don't try? I'm the one saying 'no', not him." She squeaks softly as the tray goes by and before she can reach for a glass, Mr. Magic Stark has three in hand. One for him, one for her and one for Thor. The pink in her face deepens a little with the flush and 'thank you' seems to cover both the compliment and the champagne.

"Richard, it's strong, but it tastes like.." Okay, not at all fruity and nothing like mead. "It's bubbly wine." Ish. Kinda. No, not really…

Thor takes a glass and stares at it before, "Wine I have had." He looks to Tony next and he quirks a smile as he raises his glass, "Bubbles concern me little," before he drinks the stemware'd liquid in a single swallow..

Cosette, of course, goes from happy to aghast in .8 seconds, her own glass was raised, and she was about to take a sip before, "Thor!" …


"Richard.. you sip.. small sips."


Now, will he remember that he made the promise to send her to some agencies bearing his stamp of approval? Maybe, and it's not because he might get drunk. After all, Tony can hold his liquor rather well. He -does- actually sip at the champagne, nursing it, but his eyes widen as Thor just downs it. "Remind me not to challenge you to a drinking contest," is muttered before he looks between the two at the name that escapes.

Somehow that just makes so much sense. Why wouldn't a long-haired, braided, god-like man who likes other men be named 'Thor'? It all fits.

"You know, 'Richard', if you want something stronger, they probably have some pretty smooth scotch at the bar. Bet you could handle that, big guy. I mean, these champagne flutes are pretty puny." He then leans in to Cosette to murmur, "Where did you -find- this guy?"


Thor, for his part… at least he has the empty glass in his hand? He hasn't noticed anyone else throwing it to the ground, and after having been scolded numerous times for such a gesture, keeps it in hand. But only just. This is some sort of gathering, yes? A feast of sorts to celebrate a story teller? "Apologies.." is murmured, "I am still—"

"Yes, I know.." and Cosette's voice takes on the tone of no doubt all "mortals" that try giving the Thunderer a lesson or three about social niceties. The nuance is simply lost.

"Hmm?" The waif is trying to check to be sure no undue attention is being given, other than the stares; but those were happening anyway. Large, blond man? Long hair? "Believe it or not, he hailed a cab for me. They were all passing me by, and he caught one." She pauses, and her voice takes a wry, amused tone as she lowers it even more, "Literally."

"Scotch? I have heard of this." Thor looks at Tony for a long moment before, "You will keep guard over Cosette while I get it?"

"I'll be fine.." Cosette assures. "Really."


"Tell them you want a double," Tony advises Thor before he turns back to Cosette and her explanation. "And because he caught you a cab," he can see how the many could have actually -caught- a cab, "You invited him to a swanky event? Nice." Yeah, this girl definitely has spunk. "Are you using him as arm-candy then? Or just to keep unpleasant suitors away? Because either way I'm a little impressed."


An arm rises in acknowledgment as Thor makes his way easily through the crowded room.

Cosette watches him walk through, a sigh exiting her lips. "I did. I figured, 'what could happen?'. It's safe, quiet, and once the movie starts, the room is dark. And it teaches him a little more." Oh.. and she takes an inhaled breath, "Probably shouldn't have said that." She grins at the suggestion of arm candy, that glimmer reaching her eyes of mirth. "He is an attention-getter, too. I figure I'll be remembered one way or another before the night is out. Because really.. now that you've seen him, next time you see him in the city, you'll remember him, right? And then you might remember where, when.. and with whom."


Teaches him. Interesting. Tony glances off towards Thor for a moment before he looks back to Cosette, "Smart -and- good looking." He tilts his glass towards Cosette's to give a little toast to that. He then takes a sip and offers a shrug, "I probably won't. I mean, no offense, but he's not really my type. You, on the other hand…"

Granted, he will probably remember the big guy even if he doesn't remember his name or where they may have met. Right now, his interest is with Cosette…not the tall, blonde drink of water in the too-tight suit.


Cosette chirps a soft laugh before she raises her -sipped- glass of champagne, and she tries not to laugh again, swallowing hard. "No, not mine either, at the end of the day. He's already kind of seeing a princess. So he's told me. Crystal, her name is." She turns to look over her shoulder at the blond then back again, and she murmurs, "A little too big." But he's a prince!

Another sip is taken, and she looks up at Tony and chuckles a little self-deprecatingly, "This would be about the time I'd try and sell you on a project.. but I don't want to. Instead, I kinda want to know if you know Mr. Hitchcock." She puts a hand out to wave between them in gesture, "Not for introductions or anything. Just.. curious."


"A princess? Really? Are you sure?" Maybe that's Thor's pet name for the guy he's seeing? But Tony sort of doesnt'


"A princess? Really? Are you sure?" Maybe that's Thor's pet name for the guy he's seeing? But Tony sort of doesn't want to know. Some things are really better left unknown. Besides, he's never heard of 'Princess Crystal'. Maybe that's a burlesque name? Sounds it.

Tony looks to Cosette for a moment, catching her gaze even as she looks to him. "So, you're using me to get close to Mr. Hitchcock?" There's a pause before he shrugs, "Fair enough. Naah, I don't know him personally, but let's go find him and introduce ourselves." And if they happen to find an empty room and more champagne on the way, maybe they'll see what happens.


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