1963-10-08 - Post battle revel
Summary: A day after killing that thing in the park, those stalwart warriors meet at the 'Asgardian Embassy' to talk. Loki joins them and the fate of Midgard is determined over food, drink, and a food fight.
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The missive went out, and the expectations of the Crown Prince is that those summoned.. er.. requested.. um.. asked to appear.. to show up.. to come by will actually do so in a timely fashion. And so, all manner of beast, drink, cheese and bread is laid out upon a back room, elegant in design and function. A long table is filled with food; some of which is prepared as it would be on Asgard, and some a very Midgardian fare. Regardless, it is a decided echo of home.

This residence, for the time being, is 'home', or at least as close to it as one can when one is more transient than not. So, Thor does make himself comfortable; silk, deep red tunic, breeches.. barefoot as he pads around the floor. He's clean at least, and with mead in hand, he slows down in front of the black and white cabinet television set as news pops up here and there to catch bits and pieces in an attempt to understand Midgard just a little better. News about Vietnam, news about what the president is doing, what France is doing.. entertainment.. and all of it, or rather, most of it simply makes no sense.


Timely fashion?

Sif arrives the minute decreed. There was nothing to what she wore really. A nice little petal collared shirt with a pencil skirt that covers her knees. A typical pair of black heels with her hair topped up into a bun and sunglasses to mark the supposed hoity-toity station she's chosen on Midgard. It was different, a change of pace, something that put her out of her comfort zone and into a more public fare. Thankfully, it wasn't enough to warrant followers, for her entry within the 'embassy' was quiet, save for a knock at the door and a quiet greeting.

Her aim was the food; glasses soon shorn from her face and hair unclipped with a pulling of the pins, top button of her collar removed and clutch that she carried upon the crook of her elbow discarded upon the couch. Formal greetings were in the form of a series of grunts and slight smiles as she partakes of the buffet table by prying a piece of cheese from its place to pop right into her mouth and chew.

"Odinson?" She calls out, an attempt at normalcy after weeks of anger, possibly hate, and 'I wish I never met you's' to 'I'll never speak to you again's'. "Who gathers these things for your kitchens? I require their services!"


The good news, perhaps, is that Liv actually does respond to the summons, as promised. But one does not give their word to the Crown Prince's face and then back out of it. Oh, she's still plenty worried about it, not at all certain of what to expect from the meeting. But she has come all the same.

She arrives a few short moments after Sif does, and she is dressed much the same way she had been in the Park the day before: jeans and motorcycle boots, though the t-shirt has been replaced by a cable-knit sweater. Nothing fancy at all. She gives a light knock and, once the door is open, makes her way inside.

It's easy to figure out where to go. Just follow the scent of home, of a feast. Hands clasped tightly behind her back, she keeps her mouth shut, and follows her nose.


Thor emerges from the sitting room, glass in hand, and as Sif is let in, he makes the observation, "This is also your residence, should you choose it, Sif. No need to ask for entry." The padding down the hall happens, falling into companionable silence until the back room is reached with the food set upon the table. Brows rise as he grabs a small gathering of grapes from a plate, "We took a couple of the kitchen staff from home. Sigrud Olafsdottir and Hilde Ivarsdottir." And a couple of personal guards that Sif may recognize, should they appear. "They were interested in attempting new dishes with the creatures here. It had been a long time since they've cooked some of their meals." He waits a moment as the news sinks in before, a ghost of a smile playing on his face as he watches her take what she wishes, "When we do not have need of them, they can cook for you." But then.. with the Warriors Three in and out of the house, three Princes? There is always food on the table.

Liv's arrival brings Thor's attention around; no need to call where they may be. The servant at the door does that for him, and the food, of course, is a lure. It's one thing the Norse always did, taking that page from the Asgardians: Fight and Feast. When not doing one, there was always found the other.

"Join us."


Lucy is surprisingly nervous for all that this place looks more like home than anywhere she's been in the last few months. She's wearing a pretty red dress that's a little too big on her and polished black mary jane shoes. Her hair is done up nicely as well. She doesn't look as homeless as she did before, now it's been replaced by looking waifish and underfed. It's easy to tell when she's not so dirty. The bracelet is firmly in prace today. So glitter.

She's right behind Liv like a little shadow, looking around her warily. She doesn't trust people who can afford a place this nice, not anymore. She's tempted to hold Liv's hand for security but she reminds herself that she's a grownup now.


Sif's brows raise, a minor look of merriment upon her features. "This place? It's filled with men. A woman needs a place to flourish and grow." Lately, she has been favoring water. For as the conversation, brief as it is, continues, she pours herself a nice glass with ice cubes to boot. "Besides, my residence is only in Westchester. I wasn't wise enough to request that the few hands from home to remain." At the mentioning of borrowing them, her nose wrinkles.. and a nice little bun of bread was picked up and tossed towards the Prince in brief play. At least before 'company' arrives.

There was a little smile at Liv's approach, not to mention the small shadow that carries Karolina right behind. The glass of water was soon pressed upon the table as she takes a step back to allow the women a chance to take in the sights of the feast. "It is good to see you both, in a much more.. cleaner situation." If that was meant to be a joke, it.. possibly would be funny. But that little tiny side hidden within Sif rears it's ugly head for she begins to giggle. Quietly giggle. Bobbed shoulders and all.


The smile Liv offers towards Thor is clearly a nervous one, but her nerves just mean that Sif's comment is funnier than it has a right to be. Once the brunette starts to giggle, her own smile widens into a far more genuine one and she bobs her head once. "It was not the first impression I'd have preferred to make, no," she admits with a laugh, running a self-conscious hand back over her braided hair.

Absently, Liv reaches back to rest a light, guiding hand against Lucy's shoulder. "I know it's easy to be nervous," she tells her quietly, and one definitely gets the sense that it isn't just Lucy she's saying this to. "But this is tradition. It's safe. Eat."


"And it needs a woman's touch," Thor retorts. "Look, there are no flowers here. No.. brocades." There's a moment before he quirks a lopsided smile, "We are hopeless and require your aid." A barked laugh sounds at the toss of the bread, and he catches it in hand, ready to hand it back when he notes the water. A single brow rises before he sets his glass down and pours a glass of mead, ready to catch the water and hand the honey wine over instead. "When did you find a taste for that?"

Thor turns about, his lowered, casual conversation with his sword maid and right hand ceasing for the moment. He glances at Sif again and actually laughs before he steps aside, "It was a proper impression. Fresh from battle." And the Prince actually means it! "Any other way would not have been as fitting a reunion."


Lucy does manage a very proper little curtsey to Thor and Sif before she's seated. She doesn't want to disappoint Mrs. Tuttle, her finishing school headmistress. She doesn't smile at the teasing, she's not easily amused right now.

"Thank you," she says to Thor, when he forgives the rather dirty, messy, clumsy first impression. "I apologize for running you both over. I'm afraid I'm not very good at this yet." Mrs. Tuttle did not cover being an alien or fighting Hellmouth slime blob things.


Sif openly, and falsely gawks! "Well isn't that what you have the Princess for?" Bitch! It screams it! Though really, she was just kidding. "Besides. I appreciate my place a lot more than yours. Though as a compromise. I'll spend time here. Two days out of the week. I have a busy schedule, as you know." Her fingers wriggle briefly, though once he pours the wine, she has to relent to take. Has to. It was a compulsion!

"It's impure." She states about the water. "It tastes different from home. It's almost like a delicacy. And it's strange." She slides the water closer to Thor so that he could take a sip if he so wishes, while she takes a sip of her own wine. "And I have horses at my home that need care of. I cannot spend too much time here."

Humble brag inserted, now it was onto the girls. For their laughter at her odd joke caused her to smile and relax, her own chair slid over towards where she currently stood, out of place with the attempt to become more relaxed in such an informal setting. "No apologies necessary, and yes. It's right. Meeting in such circumstances is favorable than a meeting upon the street by chance. Though.. I'd rather actual blood then.. whatever that mess was." And with that, Sif looks oddly uncomfortable.


"I'm trying not to identify whatever it was, honestly," Liv says as she moves to claim a seat next to Lucy, though she looks to Thor before she actually sits down. Sure, he already invited her to join him, but under the circumstances… better to seek permission than ask forgiveness.

At least Lucy provides a good distraction. Liv aims a smile at her, raising her eyebrows. "You're learning fast. How many times have you saved my life now?" she teases. "At least twice, if I don't miss my guess."


"I know not what I'm doing, and should have sought your guidance at the first.. and for that, I apologize." Thor keeps his voice down in the wine/water swap before he straightens again. "I seek to remedy that, given time." The water is lifted, and he takes first a sniff of it before he takes a swallow. Huh.. strange, and doesn't taste as water from home does. Still, he's not willing to give up his mead, and the glass is reset.

"Ah.. then bring groomsmen from home to work them?" As if anyone would say 'no' to Lady Sif's request for men to work?

As they all find their seats, it's Thor that settles himself last, pulling his chair out and around to sit backwards, casually. The glass of mead is emptied, set upon the table before the graped he'd pulled before are attended. "That creature.. a Lady Peggy from SHIELD had spoken to me about things emerging. I had mentioned such to Loki, and to my knowledge, our aid has not yet been requested, though it has been offered." Grape. Grape.

"Whatever that thing was, however.. I am glad that it's lifeblood had no ill effects on anyone. Nothing remaining from it."


"I'd be a kind of crappy person if I could and I didn't," Lucy murmurs to Liv. Her cheeks go very pink and she shrugs a little, as though the acknowledgment is an itchy sweater she'd like to shed. "I'm sure someone else would have helped if I wasn't there."

"That was the grossest thing to come out so far, if you ask me," she says to Thor. "There were the dog things and the tentacle things, but that thingie, with the people? I just hope their families are going to be okay. It's bad enough to lose someone, but like that?" Lucy shakes her head sadly, picking at a grape. "I bet some of those people had jobs and families and I don't know if insurance covers…well. I don't think if you can call it an act of God. I wish whatever adults were in charge around here would get on asking for help, if you can help." Lucy has some opinions about all of this. Being homeless has certainly made her compassion…sharper. Focused. "Maybe once that thing stops scooping up mostly the poor, it'll happen."


Sif's nose wrinkles, her head shaking at Liv's words. She didn't want to identify what it was either. But the entire experience was messy. Horrible. If there were more of those where ever it came from? She'll be there. She'll regret it, but she'll be there. "So we have two life savers in our presence." She states with a grand grin. "Tell us, Liv. How have you came to be on Midgard?"

Thor's quiet words give her a small surprise, her gaze softening, a silent promise to never bring up his faults again. In fact, it hurt to do so, and with a hand reaching out to lightly grasp his, she lets it go soon after to return it to her lap.

"There is a quiet joy in doing things on your own." She confesses, "To see the fruits of your labor before your eyes. A little touch of love that's shown when they run their corral." Her head nods. "But I understand. There will be a time that we may need to be away from Midgard, and I do not think we could take them with."

The .. thing.., did at least have an effect on someone. Sif had possibly scrubbed herself raw and puked a million times over. But she wasn't going to tell that much. It was Lucy who had caught her attention, and a little.. small frown draws upon her face..

"Perhaps we should help regardless of what this Lady Peggy states. To prevent less deaths." A glass is tilted towards Lucy in honor. "Or.. start with something small. Moving those lesser fortunate and caring for them until they are sustainable to take care of their own needs." There was a thought.


"Lucy is right. And it is spilling well beyond the Park's borders," Liv says to Thor, her lips twitching into a frown as she reaches for some mead of her own. Were the subject less dire, she might be more excited to be getting her first taste of actual Asgardian alcohol in several centuries, but as it is? She is, for the moment, distracted. "Hell's Kitchen is an absolute mess. An ancient vampire has set up shop there — he very nearly claimed one of my roommates as a thrall." Her eyes drop to the contents of her glass, another flash of guilt crossing her face. "We got lucky."

She still musters up a smile for Sif, though, nodding once. "The Hellmouth is… well, it needs to be closed, but that will take sorcery I certainly do not posess. And if things are coming out, there is the chance that people have been taken in as well, and they must be rescued before access to them is lost." Liv seems to realize the way present company is effecting the way she speaks, blinking once and developing an odd smile. Forge ahead, Sigrunsdottir. "But if the people caught in harm's way can be helped, they should be. I can't imagine anyone on Midgard taking issue with that."

Now, finally, Liv's eyes slide back to Thor. She wasn't ignoring his question. Just… procrastinating. She drums her fingers against her glass, anxious. "I… it has been a few centuries now," she admits, studiously not looking at Lucy. "There was a battle, and when the time came to return home, I… didn't. I thought I could do more good here."


Thor watches the ladies now in his presence, his hand going from grape to cheese.. that discarded bread that had been the projectile of opportunity not a few minutes ago. His gaze lingers on Sif for the moment, and the squeeze of hand is briefly offered before she retrieves it. There's something reflected on his face, behind those eyes as she uses the plural, then, 'we'.. 'we will be absent', 'we may need to be away', and there is a lessening even more of tension; this is how it should be! He looks at his Right Hand now, and his voice drops, even though his tones remain conversational.. with a tentative lightness about them. "I will be spending a great deal of time away from Midgard, thanks to the All-Father's command. Loki and Balder will remain. Fandral is torn as to whom to serve and where he would be best suited. Of course you have the same offer as to where you would wish to remain."

The table in the back room is set; food flows, of course, as does wine, ale.. breads and cheeses. Three of the four seated are of Asgard, speaking now freely before one who seems both to 'fit in' with the gathered and not at the same time.

Thor listens carefully, nodding slowly before, "That is for my brother, if you wish to petition him, I'm certain he will listen to your arguments. But to find those who have fallen in, how would one even begin to search much less find them? Wouldn't it be a darkened Realm if not as large as Midgard, almost the size? Magic knows no bounds, after all. And they may be hidden in plain sight as well and we would never know."

It is something, however, and Thor nods to Sif's idea. "If they cannot care for their own, it is a good thought and may suit our ideas for this place."

It's Liv's comments, however, regarding going AWOL, essentially, and Thor pauses before he starts slowly, "Was your battle on Midgard, or did you run?"


Lucy is listening to everything with such intensity that one could almost see her ears perking every time the conversation shifts. She's a sponge for information, especially where things like politics and social machinations are concerned. Hollywood makes for that kind of an education. She avoids the alcohol and meat but nibbles on grapes and cheese and bread — not much, since Liv keeps feeding her and she's not used to having a lot of food.

When Thor asks Liv if she ran, though, Lucy's expression hardens and a frown gathers between her brows, growing toward a proper glare. Lucy is nothing if not loyal. Liv would not run away, what a ridiculous and insulting question. Thor is in her black book now, for that — it's not a very big book. More like a slip of paper, with most names added and erased almost as soon as they're written down, as is the way of the young.


From back in the kitchen area a short squeak of laughter is heard, abrupt and surprised followed by a voice that's cheerful and teasing, "Hilde, you heart breaker, when are we going to leave this all behind and run off together to a little cottage in the Alps? Some day, I tell you. Some day."

The door to the serving area and kitchen opens and through it emerges none other than Loki, garbed as his alter-ego, Louis King. Just a grey suit and green tie that gives him an oh so mundane Midgardian look to him, though it is rather perfectly tailored and pressed neatly. He pauses there, as if not having expected quite a gathering, green eyes flitting around from person to person. His smile, while it was not entirely absent before, grows.

"Ah, good day." He offers. "Such an august assembly, I trust I do not intrude."


"I have heard of this command.." Sif murmurs lowly in return. "..to Fandral and Loki I pledged my blade to Balder. We will speak of this later." The wine was soon drained, and mead has taken it's place. Filled to the brim with a little spill across the hand that holds the glass. "This place? Here?" She looks around, it was large enough, that was for certain. But there were also other places that the helpless could reside.. yet this one fit the bill. "I like that."

The comment of her running gives her a little wince, the goblet soon lifted towards her lips as she sips and listens to the respective stories, from Liv.. yet nothing from Lucy. But she knows that look. And that look has Sif watching her very carefully. She remembers that loyalty. It ran deep.

Thankfully the gaze she puts upon Lucy was torn away by the sound of laughter. It was then that her shoulders slump and her eyes roll, immediately standing from her seat as an offering towards Loki so that she could take a stand against the wall. "You are not intruding, great Prince. Have my seat. I require it not."


Liv tries to mentally stomp down the urge to feel insulted by Thor's question. It's a fair one, and she is really in no position to indulge herself. "I did not run," she replies slowly, keeping her voice steady even as her expression flickers enough to betray the sentiment she's managing to mostly rein in. "It was on Midgard."

When Louis arrives, Liv falls quiet, her brow creasing in mild surprise. She hadn't expecting to run into someone who appeared so normal while here — and then Sif greets him and, for the second time in as many days, Liv briefly looks like she might swallow her tongue.

At least Liv manages to stand from her seat without looking like she's scrambling to do so. Composure. Maintain your composure. For the moment, she stays silent, but Loki does get a respectful bow of the blonde's head. Manners are important.


Thor inclines his head in acknowlegment of Sif's softly spoken words before he takes another swallow of his own mead. The look given him across the table from the one called 'Lucy' is returned evenly, though he's studying her as well. Loyalty is a word bandied about greatly upon Midgard and other places and only truly understood by a few. In the previous battle, it was shown, not spoken of.. and in this, Thor understands it.

As the others rise to greet Loki, Thor remains seated, though his smile is no less. "Brother! Come and partake, and perhaps dessert will be coming now that you're no longer taking Hilde's attention from her delicious tarts." Did anyone mention the Asgardians EAT? A lot. It's a pasttime. "There is some discussion here at the table regarding the creatures rising from the central of parks as well as some creatures within .." and he looks to the others again, brows rising, checking that he's gotten in correct, "The Kitchen of Hel?"


Lucy has no idea who this new guy is but it gets her off her "glaring at Thor" track. She stands up when Liv does and curtseys to Louis as she had to Sif and Thor. She's met princes and sheiks and such before. Even Kennedys, which was honestly more nerve wracking, though this is close. She most certainly does not ask Liv who the heckity-heck this new guy is and why didn't Liv tell her about all this royalty business.

On the other hand, she's not sold on this new guy yet. Sharp suit usually means a shark in the suit. And Sif's reaction makes her nervous for reasons she can't explain. Maybe just the idea that anyone should be ousted from their place just because of a title or rank doesn't sit well with her as an American.

Lucy's getting better at hiding her wariness by the minute, though, as her old training kicks in. Next thing you know, she'll be playing the piano or singing to entertain as she used to when her parents would call her down in the wee hours of the morning to perform for their guests.


Stepping into the room, it's first Sif's offer of a seat that grasps the younger prince's attention, even as he steps by to rest a hand upon her shoulder gently. Just a gesture enough to signal she should keep her seat even as he walks past. "No, Sif. Please you look rather well today. I would say stunning almost. Please, do remain."

It's once past that he looks upon Liv and Karolina, those eyes bright with curiousity even as Thor speaks to him, though Loki's words are in return for his brother. "It is a neighborhood in the city, brother. And indeed, I may very well join you."

It's then that he focuses fully upon the newcomers, gaze sliding between the two of them. "Please, do forgive Thor. He is a most earnest soul and a fine host. It's but that some of the finicky minutiae of the task that escape him. Such as introductions."

He advances and bows to the two women unknown to him, touching a hand to the center of his chest and his leg easing back as he does so. "I am Loki, of Asgard. A pleasure to meet you." He straightens up to meet their gaze.


"Can you fault her?" Sif asks Thor. And though she sought to vacate her seat, with a press upon her shoulder, she offers a smile towards the younger Odinson and a slight bow of her head. "You are too kind." He is. It's a trick. She just -knows- it. Part of her wanted to check every strand of her hair to make sure she was in tact, or glance upon her shoulder to make sure that nothing was missing. But it was not.

People really do change.

As she takes her seat once again, she turns slightly within her chair, a plate soon taken up which was laden with meats and cheese, the grapes soon plucked from their vines to rest atop of it as a leg struggles to cross over the other with the current attire she wears. Shoes, would have been kicked off. But departure would come soon enough. "Share with me.. Miss.." She gestures towards Karolina, her own chair bumping forward to come closer to Liv and Lucy. She's put enough upon the plate for the three women to eat. A comfort, at least she tries.

"I've not heard of this Hela's Kitchen. Perhaps it's time for us to travel. Though if you are to leave Midgard soon, Thor.." She wonders.. in fact, she was wondering a lot.


"Hell's Kitchen," Liv corrects Thor gently, with a small smile. But her focus returns to Loki quickly enough, her head remaining bowed. It's been long enough that as she introduces herself, the words feel almost awkward. They taste funny. "Liv, of Asgard. Daughter of Sigrun. And there's nothing to forgive, my prince." Ah. No wonder this one seems so anxious.

Liv seems willing to stay standing until Loki takes a seat of his own or at least gestures for her to sit. Either way, for the moment — standing. She does relax when Sif moves closer to her and Lucy, though, and offers her a wry smile. "I have an old friend who lives in the neighborhood. I could make introductions..?"


Now at the dig regarding introductions, Thor does indeed rise to the occasion, setting his items down, but not forgetting them! "This is — ." Does he even have to introduce Liv to one of her Princes? All of Asgard should know of him and has probably been raised knowing the Order of Precidence without ever being part of it. As for Lucy, however, he's only caught a given name. "—Lucy." The larger of the pair shrugs lightly and gives Loki a 'that's all I've got' look before he settles back to his chair.

"Hell's Kitchen," Thor repeats and looks to Sif as she moves away to sit with the ladies. A glance comes up to Loki before he returns his attention to Sif. "I must to Vanaheim soon to discover what they know about the battles within Muspelheim. Surtur is at odds and is protecting his position." That may or may not help what is occuring in Central Park or Hell's Kitchen.. or may be a completely different 'thing' all together!

"Come, brother.. sit and we'll let the ladies tell you of the battle within the park last evening. They fought valiantly, and it is even whispered that the fair Sif declared herself in debt." Thor's smile rises as he looks to the ladies and back to Loki. "I do not lie. I was indeed present for such a statement."


"Lucy, yes," she offers, both to Loki and to Sif. It's not her real name but it feels more real by the moment and she's sure people like this understand having more than one name to go by. "Thank you. Just Lucy is fine." She's not "Miss" or anything, it feels odd. Miss is for when she was Miss Dean.

Lucy doesn't know who any of these people are for sure, though she does put it together with the mythology. Still. There's no reason for her to be intimidated, even if she is picking up on Sif's anxiety…and Liv's. The little flicker of anxiety from Sif does spark Lucy's natural protectiveness and her mental umbrella of protection expands to the Lady Warrior.

"Thank you," she says quietly to Sif, and accepts the offer of sharing food. Now her mental pencil hovers over the paper again, ready to add Loki to the blacklist of People She's Going To Fight If She Has To. She will, too, even if it gets her squished. New York continues to make her into quite the combative little glitterbug.


Loki's smile seems to come alive as he straightens full, his gaze resting heavily upon Liv as he says, "Another lost daughter of Asgard. Ah, it is a pity we did not come across each other in our travels. There were times these last hundred years I would have liked to share a word or two with another traveller."

The tall man shakes his head as he looks back towards Thor, "Were you aware of this, brother?" Yet he does not wait for an answer before he turns back to Liv, "I, myself, have wandered Midgard since… oh the late 1800's. Ah fate. So fickle. But here we are, both brought back to the fold by the gravity of the Thunderer, eh?"

With that, however, he is given Lucy's introduction. It's to her that he smiles and offers a nod. "Lucy?" He asks, "You find fine company with which to make your stand, do you not?" A glance again to Liv…

And then he steps off to the side to liberate a plate as well as a chair that was resting against a wall and aside. He drags that chair over, feet scraping the ground as he moves until he pushes it into place at one end of the table so that Sif and Thor are on his right hand, and that Liv and Karolina are on his left. He drops down into the seat unceremoniously and leans forwards, grasping some of the foodstuffs and setting them on his plate. "I would ask Sif to help me with putting together a plate, but last time I did all she gave me were the pits, the vines, the bones, and a so dour look." He looks across the way and winks at her.


"Hell's Kitchen." Sif repeats after Thor, giving a nod of her head in confirmation. Hela's kitchen did sound pretty odd, but Liv's offer was taken up with a sharp nod of her head. "I would like to meet this friend of yours who lives there, Liv. Make the arrangements as you please." Which really meant, as soon as possible. Sif was bored already at staring into a camera. And it's only been -one- stinking session!

Look here.
Straighten your back.
To hell with you lot! Bring the meat!

"When will you depart to Vanaheim? If Balder does not need my assistance I am sure that you will. Perhaps, in doing this the All-Father will release me from service without question, no?" Snark. There she was again, and a joke that was ill placed has her giggling and laughing quietly as she eats with the girls. Dorkish, really.

Though a little sputter of Sif offering the girls a favor yester-night sends her coughing, her hand lifting to cup a fist against her lips as her cheeks burn red. "Yes. I miscalculated. And the young women saved me with -no- help from the Thunderer. He only stood back, and extended his Mjolnir to gaze at his reflection and preen."

There she was. All giggling again, which increased with Loki's joke of assisting with a plate. Cheeks were redder than the apples upon the table..
..eyes were getting watery..
..her hand cupped her mouth to hide that grape laden smile. It was a messy thing. Feasts.


That response from Loki has Liv blinking in genuine surprise, and a great deal of the tension she'd been carrying in her shoulders melts away. "Really? I had no idea you were here," she admits, and slowly, a more relaxed smile comes to her face. "It is… oddly reassuring, knowing that I wasn't the only one here. Even if our paths never crossed."

Once Loki sits, Liv reclaims her own seat next to Lucy and finally reaches for some actual food, no longer too nervous to eat. She does not share her friend's aversion to the meat. Like, at all. Food. Actual, proper food.

"I'll go and see him today, find out if he's up for guests. And… I don't know if I'd put it quite that way," Liv says to Sif with an odd smile, glancing sidelong at Lucy. "And I am fairly certain that all I did was make it angry. They did the bulk of the work," she notes, nodding between Lucy and Thor both. "But if you'd like to flatter me, I won't stop you."


Thor shakes his head at the question. He isn't currently tracking errant Asgardians, nor had it occurred to him to talk with Heimdall regarding that very thing. The chances are good that the ever vigilent watcher has known of her presence, her positions and what she has been doing, but as he was never asked? No word was ever given. "I knew not of her life here. Her Captain did not report her missing to our Guard, so there was no word. If the All-Father knew, again, there was no mention of it." But of course Odin knew, right? He knows everything! Not a thing can pass without the eye of either Hugin or Munin witnessing it and bringing it back.

"To be fair, brother.. when you last asked Sif to prepare you a plate, you had just taken a sword of hers and had carved it down to a stick."

Thor isn't above eating and drinking; in point of fact, he hasn't yet stopped. Grapes. Cheese. Bread.. the meat is next. "I should leave the end of the week, or sooner if Loki and Balder have their contacts together and are ready to move forward on their plans. If they need me, I am here.. and if they need me not, I am departed." He can't keep his eyes off Sif now; the giggling, the girlishness that he hasn't seen in a long time. The relaxation, and he tosses a grape at her. "No aid at all. All I did was be sure that the squirrels were safe from the foul beast." *toss*

The discussion regarding friends in Hell's Kitchen doesn't truly affect him; that is Loki's area now, as much as he's sorely wishing he had more to do there… and there is the briefest of scowls in the thought. Fleeting, however, he tears a piece of bread to sop in the meat juices.


Sif giggling and Liv being willing to eat seem to have softened Lucy up a little. That's better. She's nothing if not sensitive to her surroundings.

"Thor did most of the work, really. Don't believe him, he's being modest. I would like to say that my main accomplishment was not crashing, but…no." Lucy looks positively mournful. She sighs rather dramatically and without any artifice to it. She's quite perturbed.

"I've crashed every time." Granted, Lucy's only done it three times, but she's still wounded by her persistent failures. It's hard being the baby, she's not used to it. She's used to being good at things.


"Now, Lady Lucy." Loki tilts his head in her direction, "The first step to knowledge is recognizing that one knows not." A short nod is given as if that admission was such a key of insight into the world, but his smile offers the lilt of silent laughter to his words.

A glance back towards Thor is given, even as the younger prince holds up a bit of bread, "You spoke of matters ill in Central Park." Loki looks towards Liv and gives a nod. "I am not entirely ignorant of such. It is a place of power and focus that has seen trespassers in times before. It was some small time ago that it was used by minions of Surtur and yea even ourselves to seek passage to distant realms." Ah the patter of the Asgardians, so easy to fall back into.

He continues to tear his bread into smaller pieces even as he speaks, "I shored up the defenses there, but it is not entirely infeasible that in doing so to protect Midgard from the further realms, it weakened the defenses against the above and the below. Hence this new gateway." It's into some melted cheese that he dips a bit of bread, "Though troublesome it is no ultimate danger to the realm. Yet it should not go unanswered. I have given thoughts to a few resolutions."


"Think of it now and forever time. Even if you've run away from your home, Liv. You were never alone. And that thought still pertains to now." Sif's laughter all but died out, but the warm smile still remains. Even as she's soon pelted with a grape upon the shoulder. Perhaps it was a little bit much, but the half of the bread that she had not eaten was soon tossed back into Thor's direction, and soon a piece of meat there after, hoping to land it atop of his head in hilarious fashion. But it all was still good and fun.

"Well, the squirrels were in good company. Fleeing." Sif jokes, but soon that smile fades as she catches the ghost of a smile upon Thor's face. Possibly something to talk about another time. But then there's Lucy! Sif adjusts herself so that she could face the young woman properly, a hand reaching out to rest upon her shoulder to ease her troubled mind. If she lets her.

"Practice." She says confidently. "Confidence. Think of it as a mind over matter sort. And breathe. You will be successful in your landings. That is all that there is needed to be known." She grins then. "But.. I did find myself giggling about it there after. You are quite the little firefly. It's really lovely."

Though once Loki speaks, Sif remains quiet and thoughtful. Another bread taken from the banquet table and added onto the share plate so that she could fix herself a nice little sandwich of meat and cheeses. "As the ladies have mentioned before, Loki, there may or may not be people trapped within that insidious thing. Is there a way for you and.. that.. talkative man to divine such a way to find out?"


Liv's expression softens at Sif's words, but she doesn't argue with them, either. She did run away from home. Besides, it's hard to slip into melancholy while the beginnings of a food fight seem to be unfolding next to you. She's just going to inch her chair a little closer to Lucy's and hope she remains out of Thor's arc of fire.

"As they say, Lucy. I was not always good with a sword, you know," Liv notes, offering her a reassuring smile. Sif's already beaten her to the shoulder, so she keeps her hands to herself. "And if you were to compare me to those here? I'm still not. But you keep trying, and it will come. You've only been doing this for a short time, remember. You're doing very well. Some of us can't fly at all." She shrugs helplessly.

Her expression sobers again as she turns to Loki, lips pursing in thought. "The gateway itself is not the problem, but what comes out of it," Liv agrees, leaning forward to prop her chin up in her hands, elbows on the table. So much for manners. "They're a menace not only to non-powered Midgardians, but those with abilities. There are simply too many monsters coming through, we're — they're — overwhelmed."



Sif's aim is true; from thousands of year in the making. The arc was right, the feint done admirably, and Thor laughs as he reaches for the meat to eat immediately. "Thank you. I will have another, I think. And yes. The squirrels and I were in good company. The only thing missing was a translator for their incessant chattering. I think they were laying bets as to who would rule the day." And there goes a piece of cheese.. up and over! No hiding beside Lucy and using her as a human shield!

Thor adds his own advice in there, "Perhaps learning to land in good time without no pressures may aid your landing in less than peaceful moments. I do not wish any to tell the stories of my ill-fated trips." And the blond prince looks to his brother and raises a finger, "You can't fly."

Though the reports now, and the potential weaknesses is enough for Thor to know that it all is, indeed, in good hands. The right hands. "Which is why I am off to Vanaheim.. and it seems that I can depart sooner rather than later."


Grownups who have food fights? Lucy likes them for that. It's silly and her parents were not silly — their humour was more the cutting kind. The cheese goes up and over and Lucy gets out of the way so that Liv takes the cheesy blow.

"I'll keep practicing," she promises, biting her lip. "It's just hard to be bad at something I actually am, or am supposed to be. I wish I'd known earlier." Then she'd be good at it. Yes. "I'm eighteen, I should know how to do these things."

Lucy slouches down in her chair — to Mrs. Tuttle's dismay, somewhere off in California, because she knows Liv is probably going to fire back. She is too flimsy to get in the way when Asgardians are going at it.


As for Loki he lightly drums his fingertips upon the tabletop for a moment, looking so thoughtful… when really an invisible shield flickers to life around him, just in case this food fight thing gets out of hand. But he plays it off as he turns to the side and meets Liv's gaze thoughtfully, despite the comings and goings of cheesey thwappings. "I have given some thought as to what could be done." He eats a bit of the bread and considers putting together a model of his idea using foodstuffs, but realizes he's speaking to Liv and not so much Thor.

So instead he just uses words, "I'd recommend you put together what expedition or volunteers you wish to, get them through and launch your expedition. Agree on a time for when it will be completed, for if your expedition goes over that time… well we will know all is lost. Yet ideally allow you depart, having liberated whom you wish."

A moment passes as he tilt his head to the side thoughtfully, "To simply close the gate might do further damage to the structure of the wards in the area. Oh it's possible, but stress could become a problem down the line. I would propose a different solution. It is feasible we could simply create another gate, or perhaps… an extension if you will. The demonic forces show up and are forced through to another location of our choosing. Such as say… the bottom of the ocean?" He flares his hands as if serving up the next dish and awaiting opinion.


"Ha-HAA!" The meat lands upon Thor's head, and Liv and Lucy get a treat to Sif's gloating side! She claps her hands and points, and yet, as he eats the meat she serves him another dish of beef that bounces off of Loki's shield as soon as it was in place. Surely, no one saw that, right? Sif certainly hasn't. But.. with a glance at the time upon the wall, it has Sif near scrambling. Rising from her seat with the plate discarded where she once sat, her hands drawn up to fix her hair back into the bun, the two sticks that kept them there soon shaped and sheared off the tapered ends to keep her dark hair in place.

"I must depart."

The top most button of her horridly collard shirt is soon refastened, and her hands buff down her slightly professional wear, another glass of mead was soon poured, and drank.

Poured again. And drank.
Poured for the final time. And drank.

With a smack of her lips and fingers to dab at the corners, she makes her rounds with a bend and a kiss upon the cheek of Loki, and soon one delivered to Thor, she was practically stumbling her way towards the entrance. "That would seem oddly inappropriate, Loki. People eat from that. Unless you wish Midgardians to suddenly grow demonic fins and gills, I suggest a different route." A turn, and then a turn again.

"What about Idaho. I hear that the place needs color." Sunglasses were slid on as she asides to the mirror, checking herself out before she 'graces' the public with obscenities and wrath. "Or possibly Alfheim. I knew a few good men who would appreciate being a damsel for once." Preen, preen. Twist!

"Farewell ladies!" And she was out.


Liv's initial reply to Loki is cut short by a slice of cheese thwapping against her cheek. She blinks twice, surprised, and tries not to look too amused as she reaches up to delicately peel it from her face. Well, now this feels like home, doesn't it?

"I don't know that simply dumping them into the ocean would be as effective as we might like. From what I've seen, most of them would probably flourish down there," Liv finally says, her brow furrowing in thought as she reaches for some bread. Might as well put a sandwich together. She does have cheese. "But until it can be properly sealed, something like that could be an effective band-aid…" She looks Lucy's way, raising her eyebrows. She is, after all, the closest thing to a native Midgardian at the table. "What do you think?"

As for the expedition… Liv nods. "My friend in Hell's Kitchen, I believe he has a way that we could safely travel to and from the realm through the portal. I'll see what he thinks. Should be fine." She blinks when Sif hurries to her feet and immediately straightens up, offering a warm smile and raising a hand in a wave.


Thor grins at Sif as the meat bounces off of Loki's shield. Of course his brother cheats! If there's one thing one can always trust is that Loki will be Loki. He's content to let the planning go until the conversation moves to asking the others their opinion. "Could they perhaps be routed to Muspelheim? We closed that entrance, but couldn't it be reopened? Once I've spoken to the others, that is." Though, that might give the two factions a reason to unite; or it could put a third into play and further weaken the other two. "It shouldn't be that hard, should it?" See? Thor understood all of that without the pieces of bread!

As Sif scuffles to rise again, Thor watches her preparations, a complaint unspoken upon his lips. A kiss for Loki and one for… him.. and at the reception, he smiles lopsidedly. "Be well, Lady Sif."

And it's back to the matter at hand. "It sounds as if the best course of action may be to contact this person in .. Hell's Kitchen."


"I think they'd just be happy down there, if the pressure weren't enough to crush them." Lucy looks thoughtful and munches on a grape while she ponders the matter. "More than anything, I think it might really help to know when the thing is letting monsters through, so we could stop them. Tracking them down throughout the city would also be good. They have to have some kind of smell, right? Or you could, I don't know, make a thing that showed where they were hiding? I bet the sewers are full of them. That would let those of us who can fight them get ahead of them while the magic-y types work on understanding what's in there and how to close it."

Lucy realizes that she's rattling on and her cheeks go pink and then she is suddenly very busy with her glass of water. "I mean, not that I'm one of those people who's good at fighting anything, I'm just saying, if I knew where they were…I'd try. Maybe it's a bad idea."


Looking between them, Loki scrunches up one eye reflectively as he follows various trains of thought. His fingertips continue their light staccato rhythm upon the tabletop ending with him pointing slightly in Thor's direction. "That would require great power, or a great focal point, and also could be rather dangerous considering various scenarios that spring to mind." He leans back in his chair, the wood creaking faintly.

A glance is given to Liv, "It would be easiest to shift them somewhere else on Midgard, but that would not be a good long term solution. Next least power intensive would be perhaps… the moon, inside the sun? Yet there are arguments to be made that any foothold in this realm would be damaging, even if not actual entities were able to make it through. Weakness begets weakness."

To Lucy he cants his head, listening to her words. "In the role Odin granted me, my point of view must be for the larger picture, the integrity of the realm as a whole. If I am to step in… well I would have to take action that would not be perhaps the best for all those involved. However, there is another who may aid you. Have you spoken with your resident Sorcerer Supreme?"


"Magic is well beyond me in just about every sense," Liv admits, glancing from Loki to Lucy. "I just hit things, honestly. If there is a talented sorcerer here, though — that might be the most logical next step. Surely they'd have some ideas for a more proper solution."

Sandwich made, Liv holds it in both hands, though she doesn't eat yet. She offers Thor a thoughtful look, head tilting slightly to one side. "It's a shame your duties will be taking you elsewhere. You were very helpful in the Park," she notes with a small smile. "And that vampire I mentioned before, the one in Hell's Kitchen, it would be terribly satisfying to see him on the wrong end of your hammer."


"Well, if you can't do it.." Thor shrugs and reaches for his glass of mead once again, a smirk touching his features. "Perhaps this Sorcerer Supreme can." Now he's just being a jerk. "Loki is correct, however. Balance. He is responsible for all of Midgard, and not just a single area." And while he might have been a touch overwhelmed with the idea that he now is responsible for all NINE of the realms, the fact that Sif is not only talking to him again but speaking to him in kind, gentle terms? Makes things so much easier and his heart is lightened.

The mead in the glass is emptied in a single swallow, and he pushes the chair back slightly. "Before I go to Vanaheim, I'll be returning home," Loki. "I need to take stock as to who may accompany me. I dare say that it will end up being Hogan as Fandral has promised you or Balder his blade, and Sif has promised something of the same."

Liv's warming to the presence of her princes, however.. that gains a kind regard. "Then I will aid you in that vision, Liv. One day before I depart, we will walk this Hell's Kitchen and he and I will meet in battle." Thor looks to Lucy, adding, "And to have the support of another with a heart of a warrior would help win the day."


"You mean Dracula?" Lucy's attention is all on Liv for the moment. Her eyes are very wide and she looks half-terrified, half-eager. "You said his secretary lady was hard enough, but…" She glances over at Thor. "That would be awesome. And then he wouldn't be kidnapping people and turning them into vampires anymore. Not that it probably works on me, but, you know. Other people have to worry." She's not scared. No sir!

"I'll help, of course." She catches onto what Thor is saying. "If Liv is going, I'm going." She's not letting Liv go into Hell's Kitchen without her.


"I could 'handle' it, Thor. But I am assuming you'd prefer a method that would keep New York somewhat intact." Loki's smirk is wry as he tilts his head his brother's way, but then he looks back towards Liv and meets her gaze evenly. "There is a man known as Dr. Strange, he is this realm's sorcerer supreme and such problems are his bailiwick."

A hand slips into the folds of his jacket and from within he produces a small card that is apparently for a Professor King of Columbia university. But a brush of a fingertip also causes the opposite side to show the information needed for a Dr. Strange of Greenwich. He pushes the card towards her, "I am sure it has at the least already come to his attention, but speak with him and tell him of my proposed options and temporary solutions. Tell him if he resolves this matter then I shall consider his debt to me fulfilled."

A glance is given to Lucy, for some reason at the mention of Dracula the trickster tilts his head slightly, but he turns back to Liv with that palpably strong focus of his. "Between us we should be able to come up with a course of action. I trust this will serve."

He then leans back and tosses a bit of cheesy bread into the air to then catch it in his mouth. "There. The fate of the world is decided. Time to drink." And with that he reaches for the wine.

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