1963-10-09 - In the Kitchen of Hel
Summary: Thor, Crystal and Sif take the walk to look around Hell's Kitchen. There, they come across a lady Tiger and a creature that could very well have taken up residence there.. Jillian.
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The last time they spoke, Crystal told Thor that she needed to be more than just a princess on a pedestal. So when he spoke of visiting Hells Kitchen to see just what was going on there, she volunteered to show him the way. Not that she's all that familiar with the neighborhood, but in the process of searching for her sister, she'd grown at least passingly familiar with most of the city. She knows where things are, at least.

For once, she isn't dressed in the mid-calf, full-skirt dresses she usually favors. Instead, she wears a close-fitting pair of dark pants, boots, a plain shirt, and what looks like a bomber jacket. She still doesn't quite blend in, but she doesn't stand out in the neighborhood nearly as much as she usually would.

Then again, the neighborhood is in even worse shape than it usually is itself. Dark and overcast, there's a pervasive mist that skulks through the streets and the alleys. Anyone walking along the street does so either with with head firmly down or searching the darkness frantically, but they all move as quickly as they can without drawing undo attention. "It…was not like this the last time I was here," Crystal says quietly to Thor as they move along the sidewalk, a frown furrowing her brow.


Sif has arrived.


Thor still stands out like a sore thumb regardless of what he wears now. He is taking Loki's advice to heart in terms of dress; while not in a suit, the Thunderer is casually layered, his hair down about his shoulders still, however. (He's not giving that up!) There had been discussions regarding Hell's Kitchen, and who else to ask about it (when available) than Crystal, who'd spent time on Midgard around the less than gentle aspects of the city?

He walks near the princess, his voice canted low as he takes in the views. Can't miss the pall over the area; like a veil passed through from the brighter to the less-than.. and there is indeed a heaviness to it all. Thor's heart isn't filled with dread or fear, if that is what is attempted, but more a wariness. An understanding that there may be battle before long, and so, he is guarded.

"I have heard that it has grown worse. That perhaps those who are able to depart do so, and we will find a place in which to house them until this passes." Or they make it pass!


Hell's Kitchen certainly isn't the sort of place that Greer Nelson would normally go. It's not the sort of place that Tigra usually goes, either, but things are different right now. There's stories and reports out of the area that are disturbing and worrying, and so the tigress is out to explore and patrol the area at the moment. She makes her way along a rough top ledge, perhaps visible at times through the mist, pausing now and then to listen and smell the air, on the alert for things that don't belong. There's many hints of such things, but as yet, nothing close by.


This land remains peculiar. Cold and wet, though the darkness is a familiar old friend. The mist only further aids those whom wish to lurk about in the gloom.

Like the Neyaphem named Jillian.

Despite some initial encounters she has mostly retained a low profile since appearing from the gateway into this realm, taking some time to study its peculiar ways and inhabitants. This section in particular, the 'Kitchen,' has a familiar feeling to it. As close to comfort as she has yet found. Around here there are more creatures of the night than her and the former residents scurry about in fear. Blending in..has been easy.

Perhaps somewhat less easy for those with a feline's eyes, however. Similarly, it's the cat lady's patrol which suddenly catches Jillian's notice. From another rooftop the indigo-hued mutant demon critter rises higher, almost sniffing at the air before glowing yellow eyes narrow to slits, drifting over to Tigra's location. It isn't the other creature she can detect…

It's the amulet which she wears.

Large bat-like wings expand and launch Jillian into the dark sky, fast and silent as she approaches Tigra.


"The people in this part of town don't have the resources to just move," Crystal shakes her head to Thor. "Or anywhere to go if they did. I suspect most of them are hunkered down in their homes. Which may keep them alive, but it means they aren't going to work, which means they aren't getting paid, and since I doubt their landlords live here, the rent will probably still be due at the end of the month." Jobs? Rent? Landlords? There are some things on Midgard that Crystal knows more about than she'd like.

"I'd heard things were happening, just like in the park. I didn't realize it was this bad," she says quietly. Jaw setting, she sets her sights on one of the banks of fog, summoning a wind to disperse it. It's a small act of defiance against the darkness, but it's at least a little bit satisfying.


"We can move them if all it takes is gold," Thor rumbles, looking everywhere, or at least trying to. He's walking, pausing, peering.. and shaking his head as he moves on past. Cars are seemingly abandoned upon the sides of the roads, the alleys darkened and virtually impossible to see down, even in what should be the daytime. "Rent?" He looks to Crystal; there are some things that, while he has a general concept, there are parts of Midgard that escapes his immediate understanding. He follows that up with a rocking back of his head slightly, "Ah.. yes. That's right. The payment of money for the right of a dwelling."

Thor gets back to the business of looking around, and catches Crystal's *whoosh* of magic to wipe away the fog. While it works for the moment, it only reforms later. "This is not natural, and even my ability could not confound the darkness for long. It must needs to be taken from its source." Ah.. Loki.. where are you? "I confess magic is not my strength.."

The flight of Jillian is noticed through the gloom; there, gone, reappearing again, and again gone. Thor's head cants, watching the path before he reaches to touch Crystal on the sleeve. "I do not recall winged beasts as being normal for Midgard…"


Well, that's one street clear, Tigra thinks to herself, pausing her patrol for another moment of listening, sniffing, looking. Her attention is drawn to a swirl of fog, her tail twitches as she watches it, and watches it fade back with the rest of the bank. Huh. Odd, that. No more odd than anything else, here really.

While she listens, she catches snippets of Crystal and Thor's conversation, and glances their way at the sound of the m-word. And then she hears the big guy speak of winged beasts. Winged beasts? What winged beasts? She starts to look up and about…


At least Sif's manner of dress is somewhat close to Crystal's. Nothing new or fancy that she wears, just a dress, a pair of low heels, a nice long jacket to fight off the slight chill that comes with the fog. Her approach was quiet, save for the clicking of heels that seem rushed against the ground. All while approaching the back of the two that she knows best, out of this torrid city of Hell. "I do not like this place."

Hello Sif! How are you? Fine? Good. Winged beasts aside, Sif lifts her gaze in the direction, peering through the fog.. though seeing nothing, she takes those few steps to stand in front of Crystal and Thor. She is a guard at heart, after all.


Something else pops up on Jillian's Magic Radar. There and gone. Down below. Something else is out there, but it is but a momentary disruption. There are others whom possess such gifts, however they are not what she seeks.

Leave it to a demon to hunt down artifacts of power.

Tigra will see exactly what Thor is talking about as soon as she looks up to the sky. Two narrowed slits of golden-hued light. Fog being displaced around a central figure, then further out along the path of its wings—


There's not a whole lot to the lanky winged creature which collides with the cat, yet a substantial amount of density lurks beneath its darkened blue shell. The patrolling feline is plucked clean off of the rooftop, though Jillian isn't interested in taking her for a grand bird's-eye tour of the Kitchen. She wants that amulet!

Very quickly she discovers that the Feline Woman isn't surrendering said amulet without a fight, causing the matter of flight to be overlooked as the two plummet like a bizarrely striped stone toward the street. Not far from the Asgardians. One cat. One bat. ..Thing.

At least one of them happens to be hissing along the way. Who knows which one of them is responsible for it!


"They are not," Crystal replies to Thor, following his gaze toward the sky. "In New York, at least. We do have some fliers in Attilan." As she explains, though, a ball of fire blossoms in the palm of her hand. There's no magic to it, nothing for the otherworldly denizens of the area to sense. But somehow, she makes the fire appear in her hand, striding around Sif toward the pair on the ground. "Back away!" she calls ahead of herself. "You have one chance!" She does know non-evil people with wings, after all.


"I did not think so.." Thor murmurs, and he's not the least bit concerned that Sif is setting point. With the three of them, it's more… a triangular approach and this gives him the opportunity to watch her back. *cough*

Discretion being the better part of valor, Thor holds his hand out and to the side, and waits for a three-count. In the distance, there is the sound of a sonic *boom*, and a heartbeat later, a streak of light appears. Incoming! As this meteor slows, the Thunderer holds his hand up just a little more, 'in time' to catch a rather large, rune covered hammer. "I like this not—"

And there, Crystal calls out as two bodies seem to fall gracelessly from the air. It's not so much that Crystal's issued the challenge, it's more that.. she's passed Sif in order to do such a thing! So, with a look to the left, to the right, and behind him, he slow-walks towards his Sword Maid, his voice low and half-amused, "Diplomacy?"


There's a grunt of surprise from Tigra at the first impact, and then a snarl of defiance as she grapples with the sudden attack. She wouldn't give up the amulet easily, even if she knew that's what the attacker was after, and feline instincts kick in with the tigress twisting and trying to get the upper hand, even as they start to fall. Instincts quickly try to change course as they realize she's falling, but they're not fast enough, or not she's able to get free enough from the demon to act on them, and for once this cat doesn't land on her feet.

Instead, Tigra hits the ground on her back, the impact solid but not damaging to her beyond driving the breath from her lungs. It also dislodges Jillian, and gives the feline a chance to flip herself backwards, landing on her feet in a crouch. Fortunately the woman takes over from the cat, and she doesn't immediately leap forward again. "One chance for what?" she snarls towards the flame-wielder, not knowing whose side she and her companions are on.


Sif was ready, preparing to defend the two at least until Mjolnir arrives. The tumbling of the bodies catches her attention, and both arms strike out in attempts to keep them behind her as she begins to stalk forward. There was a brief feeling of heat at her back, and as Crystal passes her, she openly gawks. Fire? She's wielding.. fire?

She had effectively judged Crystal by it's cover, and didn't bother to look at the contents.

Her arms drop as Crystal makes her decree, standing still, a finger lifting to point at Crystal's back not once, but twice, like she was picking. Picking and pointing at the air through the fog towards the flame in the woman's hand. "What in the fresh.." Thor's approach silences her, and soon she straightens herself with a slight tug of her jacket. "Diplomacy?"

She didn't know what to say. There was a.. bat creature, a large cat woman, Crystal is wielding fire and Thor is taking this all too lightly. "There is fire upon her finger-tips! I sense deceit!" T'was a joke, one that had her snickering ever so quietly, but then a clearing of her throat has her pushing on to join Crystal in her decree. "One chance to walk away from this fight." Nevermind the urge to grab Tigra and Jillian by the scruff. Nevermind that indeed.


'One chance..?' To back away from—


Now dislodged from the feline, Jillian remains a tangled mess of various blue limbs and two sections of the same polearm as she tumbles across the grimy street. She, too, returns upright but in a three-point stance with the bladed part of her glaive in her other hand and the weighted staff section held high and ready with her tail, similar to how a scorpion might pose. Wings are wide and low, looking ready to launch herself forward and impale the Tall Kitty if need be.

But..there's fire. Jillian has a hidden trick, fire isn't going to do a whole lot to her, but as a creature from the Abyss of -course- she's going to notice it. And the three bystanders by proxy.

"You think I have come for -you?-" she scoffs, watching the three with eyes still narrowed.

Something isn't right, here…

The point is absolutely driven home when a hammer comes flying in from Stage Left and drops neatly into the blond man's hand.

Slit yellow eyes widen a couple of degrees. Powerful energy is in play, here. Why did she not notice before..?

"You waste your breath threatening me, Outlanders. I have no quarrel with you."

Though they -have- distracted her for a fair amount of time. It's only now that Jillian turns to make another sweeping dive after Tigra, though Tigra's had a fair amount of time to work with prior to this next attack…


"As Lady Sif says," Crystal nods once, firmly, after the other woman. Thor's words about diplomacy can wait for later. There's trouble now. "I have no idea who you've come for, but this is no place for anyone or anything to be taken-"

And then Jillian is sweeping into the air again, attacking once more. The ball of fire in Crystal's hand launches into the air between Jillian and Tigra, blossoming into a blinding explosion.

It isn't the whole of her attack, though. Under the cover of the explosion, Crystal throws her other hand into the air. With a wrenching crack, the pavement of the street rears fifteen feet into the air in Jillian's path, a more solid barrier than the heat of the flames and veiled by that wall of fire.

"I have many talents, Lady Sif," she notes, eyes on the fight. "They just aren't magical in nature."


"I am not so stupid," Thor murmurs, but his tones hold that bit of amusement. "Fire, wind.. and you will discover more." He nudges Sif with an elbow before she stands forth to work in concert with Crystal. While the women are before him, the Thunderer keeps an eye to the back. The ladies have this under control, right? Right?

Well, it seems, however, that their target has been identified, and it's at the moment that the blue creature makes her(!) sweeping attack upon the other that Thor throws his hammer, but it yo-yos… clearly not needed! "That is new," is rumbled, and he has to turn his eyes away from the burst of light lest it blind him.

"What are those from Hel's domain doing upon Midgard?


"Hey, tell it to Marlene Dietrich here, not me," Tigra protests towards Sif, eyes not leaving the blue woman. "She's the one that attacked me!" Her tail flips back and forth rapidly as instincts urge her to go on the attack, and caution urges her to wait and see. When Jillian lunges at her, Tigra definitely is ready for it, leaping to the side, landing on her hands, tucking into a roll and coming up on her feet again, snarling as her vision is dazzled by the flash of the explosion. She turns to face the cracking of the pavement, and shuffles backwards away from it, eyes blinking rapidly, trying to clear her blindness. "Dammit!"


"You -will- have quarrel with us!" Sif hisses back; a long needed fight was due and Sif was ready to release some aggression. With Jillian's attack underway, Crystal counters. It was clear of who was attacking who and that which needed protection. Crystal's quip was noted, talented indeed. Her arm reaches up to shield herself from the burst of light that threatens to blind her, but with many anomalies in basic combat, recovery is quick enough for movement.

And it was all in a step, one heeled foot steps down upon the ground and a pop/succor of air could be felt as Sif re-routes herself through minor teleportation in attempts to arrive at Tigra's back. With a quick swoop of her arms and a lift of a woman, the air begins to collapse upon itself again as their position was re-routed to land behind the Thunderer with the ease of travel.

And Sif doesn't let go; keeping hold of Tigra until she regains her senses, and just in case they need to 'flee' while the threat is dealt with. The grasp wasn't tight, but it was light and.. exploratory? Odd, considering who Sif was. "You are very soft." She tells the cat woman. "I like it. Are there more like you on this torrid plane? I wish to keep you!" Pet. Pet. Pet.


Fire? No problem! Explosions? Somewhat more of a problem. Road turning into a cresting wave?

-Highly- unexpected.

The detonation causes a clumsy but immediate change of flight trajectory, right toward the awaiting barrier. To Jillian's credit she doesn't greet it with a faceplant but it does arrest her forward momentum in a hurry. Like a housefly landing upon the ceiling one hand strikes out first, quickly catching herself so she can safely crouch upon the vertical surface then use it to launch herself back into the air. This creature is really fast when using those wings!

There—NOW. Tigra's distracted by the flash of light! The Neyaphem once again lunges right for the stunned feline, solid golden eyes on the peculiar magical prize..until it's blocked by a black-haired woman. Then suddenly not there at all.

Now they're behind the man with the hammer.

Jillian already has the speed. It only requires a small correction to her course. She's taken on scarier looking creatures than the likes of this man and his obedient rock upon a stick! If she must first go through him in order to claim the amulet as her own then go through him, she shall!


"Oh, you will not." As Jillian bounces off of the pavement and changes course for Thor, Crystal spins around to look back toward him and where Sif has evacuated Tigra. Fire and earth have so far proven ineffective. But wings? Years ago in Attilan, Crystal learned how to use her gifts to fly. One of the most important parts of the lesson was how not to interfere with those who were flying using wings. Crosswinds can be harmful, after all.

As Jillian dives toward Thor, Crystal sends a pair of swift winds beneath her wings, wrenching into a hurricane gale.


Thor and Sif have fought together for many.. many.. many.. many years, but each move isn't repeated through history. There is always variation, but intent? Intent is always there, and that remains constant. Sif's push forward and the grabbing of a target means that Thor moves forward to interpose himself between Sif/Cat and the creature from Helheim, hammer at the ready.

As Jillian makes her course corrections, Thor keeps a close eye. It's when the flying creature makes her way towards him, towards his charges that he pulls back a heavily muscled arm and swings forward with a sweeping arc; very much like these mortals and their baseball games. "Crystal, with Sif to bring her to safety!" After all, who knows what else lurks in the shadows that may use this as opportunity? "I shall deal with this one and send it back—"


Tigra's back is a rapidly moving object, but when she came up on her feet, it wasn't nearly so rapid, and confused and dazzled as she was, she reacts with less alacrity than normal, as Sif hoists her up. "Yikes!" she says, further disoriented…but then actually starting to get a bit calmer with the touch of the other woman. "Uhm, thank you?" she says on being called soft. "I think? I'm not really a…kept woman, though." She surprises herself by not immediately trying to squirm free. Even as chaos continues to erupt. Picked the wrong day to give up drinking coffee.


In a whirlwind battle, the keenest eye wins out in the end. Sif keeps Tigra under wraps, protecting her as if she were a babe caught in the middle of an elemental fight. The infernal demon was quick, but Sif continually watches, losing sight as the gust of wind that Crystal summons is buffet'd towards Jillian. The quick adjustment of her stance puts her back to Thor to shield, her arms soon hoisting Tigra up as Thor gives the decree.

"'Tis a shame!" She cries out, "You would make a lovely battle companion!" Re-direction was the name of the game. As Thor moves into the attack, Sif keeps a firm hold upon the cat woman, the draw of the wind popping as she teleports behind Crystal. While Sif would reach out to grab the Princess, she does not. It wasn't out of fear, but sheer respect. And the fact that the streets of this Kitchen of Hell is torn and damaged by the royal's hand.

"My lady! We move to higher ground!" Her arm uncurls, reaching out her hand in offering.



Jillian understands thermals. She can read the sky well. There is -absolutely no reason- for there to suddenly be so much air shoving upward beneath her, and so close to the ground! All she can do is tuck her wings close, having to barrel-roll in order to help the more delicate limbs fight back against the painful jolt of wind against their leathery hide. It's a feeling not at all unlike nearly having both shoulders dislocated.

It disrupts her approach. Prevents her from having her own weapon ready to impale the masculine obstacle barring her from her prize. Prevents her from pulling out of a very rapid approach—


Jillian's trajectory is altered, alright. Now she's going backward..and upward..head over tail over heels..very quickly..out toward Greenwich somewhere. Just..gone. Completely engulfed within the shadowy fog. Probably clearing over the tops of several buildings.


Crystal doesn't even hesitate. While she may not have fought with the Asgardians, she's been taught a thing or two about battle. And she knows enough fighters to recognize one who knows what they're doing. She trusts Sif's read on the situation, reaching out to take her hand in a swift motion.


The street is a mess.. the wind whipped makes the papers on the street fly up in a tornado effect, and only now are things beginning to come down. The hit was a good one, and Thor watches the moments that send the creature spinning away from them, up and over buildings in an uncontrolled tumble. Now, he can turn around and survey that which is behind him, checking to be sure all is safe. Any mortals out to watch the pitched battle? Of course, there are always those nosey few.

"Maaan, dude.. you knocked him out like Babe!"

"Damn, no man.. more like my boy Mickey! Right outta da park!"

"I suggest you go back inside," comes a rumbled reply as Thor goes to meet up with the women.. "Is everyone alright—"


Tigra is still disoriented, despite the fact that her vision is starting to return, for while she can see more about where she is, where she actually -is- keeps changing as Sif teleports. "Well, when you put it -that- way…" she says of being a battle companion. And despite being the one initially attacked, and despite not being right -there- when Thor strikes Jillian, Tigra can't help but wince at the sound and pressure wave of the impact. "I'm alright, aside from having no idea what's going on or who any of you are. ANd before I forget my manners, thank you for the help." She looks towards Sif, in whose arms she resides. "I'm Tigra, by the way."


Perhaps Sif under-estimated the strength of the swing that Thor puts on, for once Jillian was knocked and.. possibly sent two states over, Sif keeps a clear grasp upon Crystal's hand in preparation to move in case more of them arrive. But.. nothing. Nothing at all, which was a clear relief. Both women were held for a time at the Thunderer's approach, and released soon after. "Thanks to Crystal, everyone appears fine." She gives a nod towards the women, even attempting to straighten up Tigra with another odd pet. To the hair.

As Tigra introduces herself, Sif was unsure if she should use her alias or not. "Honored." She finally murmurs, with a bow of her head. Let the Prince and Princess make the introductions, at least she could learn the proper greetings of Migard other than a slap upon the back and a force feeding of mead.


"Fine, I think," Crystal answers Thor, though she flushes when she realizes there were people watching. She holds out her hand as Sif releases it and the pavement creaks and groans as she smooths it back into place where it belongs. It's not a perfect repair, but it's better than most New York construction crews pull off. And it at least leaves the neighborhood intact.

"Tigra. I apologize for the chaos," she says with a small smile, turning back to the feline woman. "I wasn't certain just what the situation was from how it all happened. I'm Crystal, this is Thor and-" She pauses as she realizes Sif didn't introduce herself, quirking a brow at the other woman. "And we hope you're all right."


The Thunder God's question never has the chance to finish being asked.

Demons and darkness go hand in hand. It isn't until the last second that the ambush is played. A shadowy flash of blue and black, a soft whoosh of air, and then…

Thor is gone. All two hundred and twenty-odd pounds of him.

Lucky for him Jillian's blood doesn't burn. There's a fair bit of it dripping off of her! But..Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If said woman also happened to -originate- from Hell…

The amulet is a lost cause. The Neyaphem's anger is not. Altitude is gained, Thor and all, at an alarming rate. She understands now that her window is a very small one, and both stealth and surprise are her closest companions. She will leave this place with nothing gained and with some of her pride left behind. But, there's time here for one more parting shot.

"Consider the favor returned."

A change of direction and the two are suddenly plunging downward at one of the Kitchen's many brick buildings as swiftly as if they had both been shot out of a cannon. Then the mutant demon lets go, flicks herself away into the darkness, leaving a Thor-shaped bomb to land as it shall.


Thor is about to answer, though in the next second he is plucked from the street and pulled into the air by great leathery wings. The blood from the creature drips on him, coating parts of him. "I will send you back to H" but he doesn't have the best of leverage. He pulls up, kicks his feet into the air, though with the next few flaps of those wings, he is suddenly let go into the shadows of gloom, into a brick

—through a brick wall of a turn of the century building which crumbles under the assault. The prince tumbles on the drop, at first an uncontrolled landing, before one, two, three somersaults finally slows him enough to slam into a retaining wall instead of breaking through it, though it weakens it enough for it to begin to buckle.


I'm alright, I think, just—" And then Thor's gone in a flash. "Which one was Thor?" she can't help but quip as Thor's suddenly taken from them. And now she does try to get loose from Sif, needing to be on her feet as Thor suddenly slams into and through a building. If he wasn't Thor before, he will be now, she thinks as she tries to get loose to run and hold up the wall."


"My apologies, I am Sif." Following the lead on introductions, Sif was about to disengage to corral the people into leaving, until Thor was snatched from their sights with a quickness she hasn't seen. But she does see them coming back, it was hard to miss, along with the boom that follows through a brick wall, the tumbling of a body, her own shoes soon discarded with two quick kicks and flipped into the middle of the street.

Preparations were fast, no doubt. For she takes off into a run perpendicular to the way he tumbles, following Tigra's lead into the area in which the Thunderer falls. Sad for him, he's about to suffer another toss from a woman, this time Sif, who grips him by the collar and with a quick and hard heave-ho, chucks him into the middle of the street.

Here's to hoping there's no oncoming traffic.

Her hands strike out towards the air to catch the wall as it begins to tumble, her legs at a near bend as she gives Tigra the ol' toss of the head shoo. "Go help him. I promise. I have this." No she doesn't! By the way her skirt begins to tear by the placement of legs, she surely doesn't. But that was an inner calm. Inner calm and sheer confidence that could fool the eye.


"Thor!" When the creature pops back into the area and disappears with Thor, Crystal abandons introductions, taking half a running step toward them before they're gone again. And then he's tumbling through the sky, and before she can summon up a wind to break his fall, Sif has him. There's time for a scant breath of relief before she does try to use a buffet of wind to soften his skid to the street.

Much as she'd like to check on the prince, there is a building in the process of collapse, with only Sif to keep it in place. That, she can do more about. "I can help," she says as she joins the other woman, placing a hand to the wall. Earth is an element, much as any other. As a child, she helped to move the entire city of Attilan. This? This she can manage.

With Sif supporting the wall, Crystal lets her senses sink into the nature of the bricks, the mortar. "Just keep holding a little longer," she murmurs. It's hard to tell what she's doing at first. Manipulating the molecules is by necessity a small-scale operation. But slowly, the walls start to straighten from their buckle as she weaves the bonds between the elements together, rebuilding as she goes.


Thor, carriage-bane! No, no traffic, but it most definitely adds insult to, well, insult. The Thunderer isn't hurt, per se, but addled for a moment. When he's grabbed and thrown once again, and this time onto the street, his back makes something of a Thor-shaped indentation in the street, cuts and scuffs upon his person healing quickly.


Shaking his head to clear it, a hand grasps the ground to roll over and push himself up. Once acomplished, he blinks several times to focus before scanning the skies for the blue skinned, winged creature while.. what? "That building will fall!" People inside potentially?


"Sure you do," Tigra says, bracing herself as she helps to hold the wall up. She's not as strong as Sif, not even close, but she's no weakling. Toeclaws dig into the ground to help brace herself, and stripes dance over straining muscles as she fights the wall's weight. It's a fight that gets gradually easier as Crystal does her work, for which Tigra is extremely grateful. "Yeah," she grunts in Thor's general direction. "That's what we're trying to stop."


Well would you look at that? Women from all walks of life getting the job done; rescuing the damoiseau is distress, and holding up a building while the people inside move, bustle around, and panic. Sif could feel the weight just as much as Tigra could. Her shoulders were starting to buckle, bare feet pressed to the concrete as the ground slowly pits. But, something miraculous happens; that weight, all through Crystal's touch begins to lessen, and lessen by the very second her hand does it's mysterious work to the elements within the brick and stone.

It was a precarious balance as well; Sif could put her entire strength into it to send the building toppling upon the other side. She could lessen the need for the strength within her hands and keep her knees at a slight bend to fortify her stance that way.. but either way, the balance was tiresome.

And it was such a thrill! ADRENALINE! THIS WAS AWESOME!


"The building," Crystal says quietly, eyes closed in concentration, "Is not going to fall." Brick by brick she knits the walls back together, mends the cracks in the flooring, straightens the rebar where it's bent trying to hold up the weight of the building itself. There's more cracking sounds, no doubt terrifying to the people inside, but after a few minutes…The building is stable once more.

(Frankly, given the neighborhood, the construction has probably been improved.)

Crystal slides down to the sidewalk with a rush of breath, nodding as she looks up to the other women. "It should be all right now." She looks back toward Thor, concerned. "Are you all right?"


Yeah, no kidding.. and Thor is finally up and moving, albeit slowly, headed towards Sif to take the weight from her. "Check for anyone within," is murmured as he sets hands upon the building. It's a strange feeling; he doesn't know quite what is at work, but something is.. and it's only moments before his presence isn't needed anyway. Once Crystal makes her declaration and she slides down, he turns about, back against the wall, and he rests there a moment.

"I think we've taken the measure of this place." Which is all that they'd intended in the first place, yes?


Feeling the wall continue to steady and straighten out, Tigra's able to ease up a little, then a bit more, and finally the load is taken up by architecture once more. She turns around, leans back against the building and slides down to thump lightly on her backside. "Go team," she says with a weak fist-pump and small grin.


Architecture be damned; Crystal was taking the world by storm, well Hell's Kitchen by storm. First the sidewalk, and now the building? The people within are going to enjoy the sturdy foundations for eons to come. Sif finally relents once Thor takes her place, stepping away from the three with a hand placed upon her shoulder, her body at a slight hunch..

'Oh my god, that building almost fell!'
'Someone call the cops! That thing is still out here!'
'What the hell are the cops going to do, lady? You crazy!'
'Back off, jack ass!'
'Is that Sybil Ofasgard!?'

"Quiet your tongues and fetch my shoes!" Sif hollars out. Once her shoes were returned to her hands, she does as she was told, stepping up the steps of the building, her hand reaching out to give a solid shove and push to door effectively breaking it before she enters inside.


"Personally, I think I only have more questions," Crystal says ruefully, glancing after Sif before turning a small smile on Tigra. "I'm glad that you're all right. Both of you," she adds with a look to Thor. She stays seated, though, slowly drawing her consciousness out of the wall. The smile deepens just a little. "That was…satisfying."


Scrambling to his feet once more, Thor turns to do that which he'd instructed Sif as well, though not without giving Crystal a lingering look and a lopsided smile. "We'll be right back.. you did well." It's one of those things.. on Asgard, women are just as capable as men, and in some cases, moreso. The concern given is that of comrades in battle; most of the time. He can't help teasing, though, blue eyes mischievous, "You seek adventure, aye?"

When Sif disappears into the building, then, Thor simply raises his voice so it can carry and he can be heard, turning his head in that direction for that little extra, "If there are none within, let us back to the house. Warm wine and a good meal, and we can speak with Loki as to feelings on the matter!"

It's Tigra's presence, then, that does gain Thor's attention, and finally, "I am sorry that I did not catch your name. I am Thor Odinson.. how came you here to .. kitchen?"


"Damned impressive," is Tigra's answer to Crystal's 'satisfying. "And I'm very glad to be alright, myself," she adds with a grin. She offers Thor a friendly, if weary, smile and wave. "I'm Tigra, and I took the subway part of the way, and then walked. There's not a subway station on the rooftops, after all, and I like the view from up there. When it's not foggy like this."


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