1963-10-09 - Mr. King and the White Queen
Summary: Louis King drops by the Hellfire Club and checks in with Emma Frost. Idle and confounding, befuddling pronouncements ensue.
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It being rather early in the evening, the Hellfire Club's entertainments are not quite going in full swing at the moment. There are members present, but in relatively small numbers and in more intimate gatherings. Meanwhile, the larger spaces are being prepared for the evening's more involved entertainments. Smoothly guiding the preparations, Emma Grace Frost moves from room to room, addressing this or that senior staffer, chivvying them as necessary to then deliver their own encouragements to those beneath them, all to assure that everything will be properly ready on time.

"Marcus, Senator Blanding is sure to be here this evening. Could you make sure to bring up another case of the Crown Reserve? His bill just passed, and I am sure he will be trying to treat everyone to a round."

"Sarah, please make sure everyone is ready early, tonight. It being a Sunday, I am sure there will be an abundance of interest."

After getting everything moving as she feels it should be, the White Queen finds the right spot to alight in a back room, watching the monitors. It would not due to be seen by other members of the Club arriving anything other than 'fashionably late', after all.
It is with little fanfare that the man known as Louis King returns to the Hellfire Club. At first a few words are shared with the door man, offering his name and assuredly having it checked against the master list of members. He's shown in, and has his coat checked, smiling to the young woman as she tends to him. It's then on into the main area. A sweeping glance over the assemblage and he gets a wry if faint smile, a smile that's offered politely to those nearby, a small wave given even to those whose acquaintance he had made in the past. It's only after a few moments that he gains the attention of a server and speaks to her.

"Pardon," His smile grows as he speaks to the young lady, "Would you be so terribly kind as to inform Ms. Frost or Mr. Shaw that a Louis King is here and would love a moment or two of their time?" His voice is so kind, that accent is English… Cambridge most likely. Upper crust, definitely.

The young woman assuredly heads off to her task, leaving the college professor in his grey suit to stand amongst the hustle and the bustle, though eventually he'll move in the direction of the bar. A whiskey sour is ordered and then enjoyed.
It is not immediate that the message is passed, but it does get passed, and Emma is already aware of Louis' arrival before the message comes. "Thank you, Jennifer. I'll take care of it. Just make sure the others know that Mister King is to be afforded every courtesy." As if it could be any different, given Louis' name is on the roster of members. But Emma wants to be sure, and it never hurts to reiterate.

Ten or perhaps fifteen minutes after Louis sent off his message, a familiar platinum blonde figure arrayed in white emerges from wherever she may have been, and makes her way through to the smaller lounge where Louis has been circulating. She arrives with a crystal flute of white wine in hand, sipping daintily. She is, as always a woman of grace and regal poise.

"Good evening, Mister King. Welcome, once more, to the club. I hope you are finding everything to your liking?" Emma offers.
"Indeed, Ms. Frost." Louis' smile brightens as he espies the young woman. He turns to face her, the mental silence of his mind that same curious void amongst the crowd that she recognized when they first met. His green eyes meet hers and he gives her ensemble a glance, then back to her eyes again as he offers in that polite tone of his, "You are lovely as ever," A small bow is offered from the eyes then he steps back and gestures to the festivities, "I am always so impressed when I find the time to visit, you and yours truly know how to entertain."

Turning back to her he takes a sip of his drink and asks, "I don't suppose Mr. Shaw is about? I had been hoping to catch him at some point, but it always seems as if something comes up whenever I wish to set foot out the door."
"Thank you kindly, Mister King." Emma offers, appreciating his warmth and comfortable, easy flattery; they are all part of the expected social niceties which are her native tongue. "I am pleased to know that we manage to meet your expectations and provide for your entertainments."

In answer to the inquiry, Emma gives a tiny shake of her head. "No. I am sorry, but Mister Shaw is not here this evening. Not yet, at the least. He has been rather involved with his overseas holdings of late. Is there anything I can do to assist you in his place?" Emma inquires solicitously. She suspects not, or he'd have mentioned it. But it is beholden upon her to offer, and so she has.
Lifting his chin as he meets her gaze, Louis holds up a hand to wave off her offer of assistance. "I'm afraid I'm not here to indulge the darkness in mankind's soul and all that," He cants his head to the side, green eyes level with her own. "I thought it would be the right neighborly thing to do." He gestures with the glass of liquor and settles back against the bar a touch. "I wanted to let you know that myself and a few member of my family have moved into the area."

There's a pause as he sets his drink down and taps lightly to get the attention of the tender for a refill. He looks back to Emma, "I'm sure there will be a house warming thing soon, and it would be lovely…" He lets the other words trail off.
Emma considers Louis attentively, despite making sure she stays aware of her surroundings and everyone there, including their interactions. These are the things that fuel the power she wields, after all. But she focuses much of her intent upon the man whose mind she cannot read, as she must use every finely honed instinct she has to ferret out hidden meanings and hints from King. It's rather exhilarating, in a way.

"Your family, you say?" Emma offers, curiously. Her research into King's background didn't turn up anything exceptional about his family. Certainly no reason their presence would merit mention in these halls. "Would your family be of a similarly … exceptional nature … to your own?" Emma inquires, carefully circumspect in her affect. That would be a good reason to make sure she and others were aware.

"If there is such a welcome soiree, I am sure that as your friendly acquaintances, we would be only too happy to accept invitations, should they be extended." Emma offers. She would never be so gouche as to simply assume they would be forthcoming. Naturally, King's nearly empty glass is replaced promptly. It could never be any other way in a properly run Hellfire Club.
"Ah, yes." Louis' response seems not entirely enthused, more like the fellow who is putting up out of town distant family, as opposed to someone offering shelter to those so close to his heart. He taps a fingertip lightly upon the bar's surface while he looks sidelong towards some of the other members. Assuredly they're getting some envious glances, for Ms. Frost's time is rather well-valued. "They are a unique sort. Exuberant, loud, demonstrative. Not like me much at all, I'm afraid. Yet one cannot choose their family, can they?"

He takes up his refilled glass and pushes off from the bar, moving to those oh so secretive alcoves and side rooms where such clandestine deals are conducted. So many fates decided in this very place, only fitting they wander off to find a place of seclusion considering the content of their discussion. "If they are staying long, then indeed we may have a gathering ad it would enjoyable to have yourself and Mr. Shaw in attendance."

A pause, then he looks to her. "But I am rude. Please, Ms. Frost. How have you been? What passes for you and does all fare well?"
Of course, Emma knows all about having issues with family. Hers are as unwelcome in her life as she is in theirs, and despite how proper and polite Emma always strives to be, she'll never tolerate a violation of that compact under any circumstances. She is free of them, and she shall remain so by any means necessary. But that is far from common knowledge. Still, Emma makes an understanding face at Louis' apparent discomfort with his family.

"No, none of us are given to choose the family into which we are raised. But we are each given the power to choose the family amongst which we will live when grown and under our own power." Emma follows Louis into other rooms, and into one of those quiet alcoves companionably, as if she does not notice at all the envious glances led Louis' way at her company. "I am well, Mister King. Thank you kindly for inquiring. Business and other efforts are continuing apace, as intended. I am quite pleased."
"Exactly," Louis says as he steps into that alcove and his demeanor changes to a touch less gregarious. He sits down in one of the over-cushioned seats near the wall and rests his hands upon the arms of the chair. Looking across the way to her he murmurs calmly, "I also come bearing a warning. There are forces arraying to exert pressure upon the city, and one of the focal points is nearby. If there are precautions you take against such thing, then enact them."

His brow furrows as he looks to the side. Making sure they're obscured from casual glances, then turns back to her. "Also, I know not exactly what Amora has told Shaw, but it is best known that her stock has fallen amongst her own. If he seeks her aid or backs her it might go ill for him." That is all offered entirely easily, then he dismisses the words with a wave of his hand. "If there is aught else, I will depart. But please continue the illusion that I'm here for perhaps five, ten minutes, if you will?"
The White Queen makes sure to arrange matters so that they are unobserved in the alcove, as that is best for them all. "Mmm. I will keep your words in careful mind, Mister King. I thank you for that." Of course, she cannot be sure to which he refers, but she will be careful and cautious nonetheless. It is important, indeed vital that it be done that way; too much depends upon them and the power of those in this place.

"Ah. Ms. Amora. I will keep that in mind." Emma offers Louis, without saying more. Whatever her feelings for or about the woman, business is business; power and influence must never be expended foolishly or wastefully. She is quite sure Shaw would and does agree.

"Certainly, Mister King. If that would suit you, it shall be as you ask." Indeed, Emma can make very sure everyone who passes anywhere near this alcove will be be convinced Louis is still there for some time yet to come. And later, others will be convinced that they saw him take his leave and depart, quite normally. "I can also make sure none will take notice of your passing now, if you wish?" Why not, after all?
A nod is given to her, "I believe that will serve. In the future I may aim an individual here or there to you, such a connection will be of benefit to your club, and your connections in turn will benefit me." Louis taps a fingertip upon the tabletop, then sets his drink down and pushes it away. He rises and offers her a small nod. "The residence is at 121 W 78th Street, please do feel free to drop by if a wild notion takes you."

There's a moment as he adjusts the hang of his coat, one hand sweeping over it. "I bid you good day," And with that there's a brief flare of light that illuminates that out of the way conversation nook. Once the light fades, she's left there alone to her own devices.

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