1963-10-14 - A Problem Like You
Summary: Amora stops by and tells Loki about Sif's determined efforts to save her.
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Theme Song: A Little Taste
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The mansion that the Agardians have taken as their own stands four stories tall amongst the fine residences and dwellings of the Upper West Side in Manhattan. It is a neighborhood where one does not meet their neighbors, where one steps inside the building and consider it their own world. Oh certainly with the revelries that have passed, the people in the area know of the new people who dwell in that turn of the century building… yet these are the same people who host the Hellfire Club and their many soirees. Yet the neighborhood has taken a turn. Tall broad-shouldered men coming and going, people speaking foreign languages, it might be enough to sets some of the local off, it just might!

But inside, for now, Loki is at ease. Oh the security measures are set, at least of the mystical sort. Very few magic-users could find themselves easily accessing the grounds without permission, let alone even registering the place as magical. Invisible elementals, spirits, and bound souls all call this place their home now and stand silent sentinel, watching the comings and goings.

So one must forgive Loki a touch for relaxing in his study, slouched in his chair and perusing a manila folder that had come into his hands only a day ago. Occasionally he'll lift a fingertip, lick the end, and turn the page.


Thanks to Balder, Amora had been formally invited into the mansion on a standing, open door policy. It greatly aided in her various comings and goings. She had intended to steer clear of the abode of the sons of Odin, particularly after Karnilla's last, ahem, visit during her dreams. Still, after running into Sif, Amora felt honor bound, felt wasn't exactly the right word. It behooved her to act on Sif's temper before the warrior maiden did something foolish and made her plight worse than it already was in regards to the Norn Queen.

So Amora waltz into the mansion, avoiding the servants and other assorted coming and goings with practiced ease. Certainly the wards would register her presence, but it was likely so low on the scale, considering how bound her powers were. Still, she didn't bother much with knocking on the study door, merely opening it as if she had every right to it and walked in.

She stood there in a mortal guise, blond hair wrapped high in a high bun, glasses perched on her nose, a button up white shirt and green blazer fitted tightly around her chest and an equally form fitting black pencil skirt and heels completed the look. Over her shoulder was a black leather purse and it bumped her hip as she entered without so much as a click of her heels.

"I'll make this quick, as I have very little interest in remaining here." Her voice shockingly flat, devoid of any of her usual flirtation. "Sif is about to do something exceedingly stupid and won't listen to me. I don't trust your brother to do anything, so I've come to you. Darling, you are rotten at keeping promises about visiting."


Looking up over the edge of the folder, cyrillic letters are visible upon the folder, clearly something of some form of official capacity as he holds it between his hands and lightly pulls it towards his chest so she can see his face fully at the least. Right now, he's just slouched in a really over-stuffed chair, a throw pillow is settled over his lap, and he just holds the missive as if it were the Sunday edition.

At first he doesn't answer with words. Instead he just cocks an eyebrow as his gaze follows her, watching her stroll in and most assuredly noticing the differences in her manner as well as her tone. He turns his head to the side, as if espying her more directly just from his left eyeball, but then he gives her a nod. "Trust, then, that I await you with entirely bated breath." Then he perhaps waits for her to start speaking before he adds, "I am enraptured." Talking over her probably, then waits… silence. Until she starts speaking again and he lifts his voice to cut her off. "Entirely intrigued and interested."

Then silence reigns again… he waits. Perhaps a little longer, then she starts speaking again and ok that time he'll actually listen.


Not even a flicker of annoyance passes over her features as he interrupts her, she moves to stand before him, her arms crossing over her middle as she waited in turn after the second time of him interrupting her. She held her tongue for an exceedingly long time after that, and cocked a golden brow upwards. This close to her, he likely could /smell/ the scent of Karnilla's magic around her. It wafted over her person and encased her entirely, smothering what little trickle of magic she still had access to. He'd doubtlessly sense the illusions that wrapped around her body, even if he couldn't yet tell what it was that Karnilla had cast exactly yet.

"Right, well." She offered unruffled, "Sif seems to think I need saving. She swore her blade to me, I bid her to not to. She instead thinks that swinging it at Karnilla will somehow help matters. Even after I told her that it would not. Please tell her to stop. I told her to go chase after some Jotun if she absolutely had to swing it around and get herself under control, but she smashed a table rather than listen to me."


Eyebrows climbing, Loki look to the side away from Amora as he ponders the words she offers him. A low and lightly given 'hmmmm' escapes him as he looks off that direction, then those green eyes return back towards her. "That… is unfortunate. And is it not your just punishment that you have been turned over to Queen Karnilla for her to do with as she would, short of killing you… of course." The trickster lifts his chin a bit to watch her, "So if she moves against Karnilla that would by extend be a treasonous action against Asgard. No?"

As he asks this of her he seems curious, but there's also an element to him as if he were more curious if his hypothesis truly fits, and perhaps seeking her to correct his perceptions… or perhaps even for him to perceive how she understands what her punishment truly may well be.


A shrug follows and Amora shifts her weight upon her feet. "It would be if she stormed Nornheim and attempted to shake or level a blade at Karnilla. Then yes, that could be seen as an act of aggression on the part of Asgard, especially considering that she is of rank and known to be close to the royal family. My punishment is as it is. I have accepted it. It's time she do the same. There's nothing she can do that would improve my situation, in fact I fear she may worsen it by this foolishness. Please talk to her, and halt her before she does something stupid." She muttered dryly.

Her own green eyes remained empty of anything as she met his gaze and tilted her head to the side. "You're protector of Midgard now, I know this is hardly your duty. Pardon me, but I don't trust your brother to get the job done, since not too long ago they were at odds enough that she swore her service to me of all people."


Fingertips tap lightly upon the edges of that manila folder. Then he folds it up with a small flurry of motion and tosses it aside onto an end table. He then turns back to Amora, watching her with that casual serpent-like gaze, fingertips coming together as his hands steeple ever so thoughtfully. His smile is wry as he murmurs, "But Amora, you pretend to care what happens to Lady Sif? When did this happen? Or is there some form of backlash you're afraid of coming to you?"

He leans forward a touch, hands falling to rest flat upon the arm of the chair. "Or have you embraced some flavor of patriotism? You wish no ill to befall Asgard despite your attempt to hex it so rudely?" A hand uncurls towards her, fingertips open as he murmurs. "Feel free to not answer, however. In truth it matters little. What does matter is if I take on this service for you… why would I do such a thing?"


A sigh escaped her lips, and Amora tilted her head to the side. "Very well, Loki. I care not. I thought you might care about Lady Sif or Asgard. I frankly care not what happens to Asgard, to Lady Sif, or anyone else for that matter. I came as a courtesy and of some concern that it might end up worse for me. I have said my piece." She shrugged and waved a hand.

"I have nothing to offer you, nor do I feel the need to try. Thank you for your time." Her words, her voice, was that same emotionless tone that it had been since she walked in. As if she was bored about the whole of the conversation.


"Pity," Loki's words chase after her as he leans to the side, even as she steps towards the door. "I was just thinking that it might be more fun to bed you again with you acting this way." Those words are hurled her way oh so calmly, like a dagger flipped through the air and sent to saunter straight into the spine of the target. Yet even as he finishes saying those too too harsh words, he leans to the side to make sure he can observe her manner even as she reaches the door. One eyebrow lifts, measuring, gauging…

Perhaps he has some ulterior motive for attempting to spur her to reaction. Then again… perhaps he's just an asshole.


There was no reaction, merely a pause as she turned to eye him again. Her lips turned upwards, a memory of a smile playing on her lips that did not reach her eyes nor light up her features. It was an empty, hollow thing devoid of any life whatsoever. "Huh, how interesting. I feel no emotions, Loki. However I do feel sensations. I am not numb to feeling physical pain. Simply.."

She raised her hands in front of her, hooking a brow upwards. "Your brother seems to think something is amiss, though I told him I prefer to be this way. You see it as a chance to try to goad me? To try to measure how much your words might gain a reaction? I tell you this, I won't feel anything from your words, they mean nothing to me."


A slightly sour expression touches Loki's features as the corner of his mouth twists up into a scowl, his lips then squidging to the side as if he had tasted something bad. A breath is taken, then he grumbles and lifts a hand to usher her off and away with a splay of fingertips. "Very well, then off with you. I'll see what is what."

He turns away and looks askance towards the manila folder, for some reason having lost interest in it. "Shoo," He adds, as he motions her away. "You have done your bit for king and country if such is your reasoning."


A dry look follows his dismissal of her, a brow lurching upwards at his expression. "My reasoning had nothing to do with king and country, the whole lot can burn for all I care. I just want Sif to leave me alone, Crystal and Scarlett too if you can manage. All of them seem so horrified that I can't feel anything." She tilted her head, her hand upon the door.

"You wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole now, not with being a 'protector of Midgard' and so high in your family esteem once more. Let us be honest, I am rather low company for a Prince in grace these days." Her lips curved into that mockery of a smile once more as she watched him from over her shoulder.

"Worry not, I won't tarnish your reputation. Besides, I doubt it'd be any good to bed you if your tongue has lost any sting." She drawled, opening the door to leave.


After her last few words, Loki lets her depart without a parting gambit. Instead he just sits there watching the door for a time and drumming his fingertips upon the arm of the chair. He continues to chew on the inside of his cheek thoughtfully, his gaze distant and unseeing even though his thoughts linger on the woman who just departed.

"Well," He says to himself. "That settles it." He spreads his hands open as a wry smirk touches his features. "Spankings all around then." Though the comment to himself makes him smile, his brow furrows again as he considers what exactly to do with a problem like Amora.


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