1963-10-14 - The Clever Brother
Summary: Louis calls on Sif and Thor to give them counsel.
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Meeting led to meeting upon meeting in the last twenty four hours for the youngest Prince of Asgard. Loki Odinson had been feeling a bit like a circus performer who kept a dozen plates spinning on the ends of various sticks, having to keep each one whirling and rotating in the air with a casual nudge here or a push there. There had been a few issues with the safety of Midgard, volleyed off into other courts to handle. Some of the curious politics of the city and the mortal sphere had reared their ugly heads. And now, tonight, the problem of Amora and her recent sojourn to Karnilla's sphere of influence.

Always best for a light touch with these sorts of things, especially true moreso now conidering that diplomacy was no longer his direct point of interest. He'd dispatched a trio of messengers mundane, and should they have failed to complete their task it's only then that Loki would have turned to a magical sending to request an audience with a trio of people. Two of them being Asgardians themeslves, the Lady Sif would have requested a chance for words at her earliest convenience… and Thor as well would have received a request along those same lines.

When they arrive he's there in that study that while it is technically for the use of anyone in the manor… has really gained a reputation as being Loki's dwelling beside his quarters. The liquor cart is always re-stocked, and the lights are often on at all hours of the night. Even when he's not there usually someone has but to enter there and utter his name… and somehow he answers rather quickly.

But tonight, he's thumbing through a few old tomes, standing on the small sliding wheeled ladder as he pushes himself along one of the walls. Apparently he's looking for something in particular though he hold a glass of wine while he peruses. At least he seems terribly relaxed in this search.


Time itself was a funny thing. The long days that she spent on Midgard was met with an avoidance of actually settling into home. The bedroom was a mess, the kitchen somewhat better, thanks to the assistance of Hilda and her own right hand. The main parts of the house still had boxes that did no longer line the wall, but were looked through and pushed aside in search of something small. One could not speak it's name; that small insidious thing; until such a bit was found and hung around her neck, and tucked away in secret. The only notation of this was a brief hint of a gold chain that hangs there; yet covered soon after by a curtain of dark hair.

Messengers. Ignored. Sif was possibly busy out back.
Or maybe at one of the many photo-shoots in preparation to some random movie that she'd briefly guest star in, as a little blurb on the credits. Straight back, chin up, recite those lines.. do not roll those eyes!
Or maybe she found the delicious treasure in the form of a donut. Glazed and fried to perfection. Yum!

Though the use of magic was soon there after answered to. Answered to with a lift of a brow and a fist clasped in front of the chest. Granted, she may have looked odd to an outsider, but whatever her attendance was, was cut short soon after, and departed hastily.

The arrival itself was swift; typical garb that Sif wears consist of a pair of battle slacks from home. Corset with hints of metal and a burgandy that lines it, vambraces worn and weaponry left behind. Covering this outfit itself was a jacket. It was starting to get relatively chilly.

While there are so many ways one can write sauntering into the study in which Loki keeps himself housed, Sif just does it. No need to knock, she walks right in as if she were to hassle a little brother about the mess he made in the kitch. But she does cross that fist over her heart again to bear a quick bow.

"You've called, I came. At my earliest conveniance."


Thor has chisled out a spot on the second floor while sprawling on the first… mostly. He's been more absent of late from the residence but not of the Realm. Hither and yon, dealing with smaller matters that have no real repurcussions for the greater concern. (Mostly.)

His own request for his presence comes when he is returning to the residence already. Thor takes the message at its face, and after the proper exchages of obeissance and begging of indulgences, the Thunderer continues on his way.

His own entrance is a touch louder than Sif's, his basso tones calling out from the entryway once the door is opened to him, "Loki! I had wondered where you'd gotten to these days!"

How's that for a greeting?

He's dressed in Midgard casual, a leather jacket pulled across, ill-fitting in its tightness. He finds first himself into the back for food; bread, cheese and a glass of mead before he locates his brother. "And what has guided your hand of this evening?" A glance is first spared for Sif before a smile quirks onto his face and he inclines his head in a half-bow, "Lady Sif."


"Lady Sif," Loki hops off the ladder and then when Thor make his entrance Loki smiles wryly, "Brother." He closes the old leatherbound book in his hand with a lovely whumpf and tosses it onto an end table near his previously claimed overstuffed chair. He looks between the two of them and cocks an eyebrow. "I may be exceeding my purview, as diplomacy and such is your responsibility, Thor." Loki spreads his hands to indicate the nearby seats close to the liquor tray even as he walks over and chooses a particular whiskey that he's developed a fondness for.

"But it has come to my attention that matters proceed apace with Karnilla and what occurred with Amora. The Enchantress asked me to speak with you before you depart on a diplomatic mission."

His lip curls wry as he begins to pour out three glasses of whiskey. "And so, here I am." With that aid he then furrows his brow. "Is it not strange how when Asgardians peak we so often do so with food and drink in close proximity? We are clearly a hedonistic people." His smile shifts pleasantly.


The racket that Thor creates has Sif's head upon a swivel; looking to and fro until he emerges with food and his own drink, her head soon turning away to stare towards Loki as if she were waiting for an order. Though, once Thor addresses her, she gives him a cold eye. A cold eye in a sense that one was attempting to hold a poker face until he gives a smile that causes her to break and crack in turn. "Prince Thor." She says, her tone cool.. for now. "You are looking, well." She manages out, her head nodding repeatedly, dark curls dancing along her shoulders as she clears her throat.

"Prince Loki." Sif addresses formally, and it seems that his new station does him well. The gesturing of seats has her moving to take one upon the right, flopping down and taking a slight interest of the drink that he pours. In a sense, she could smell it. And it was different. "Did she, now?" Sif asks, gesturing for a glass of this new drink. She wants one, no doubt.

"And is there such a thing wrong with indulgence, Prince Loki?" She asks, brows upraised. "And.. pardon my curt. May we drop the formalities? Tis official or no?"


Thor breaks his bread and pops some of it into his mouth, followed by sliced apples and grapes, chewing slowly as he does. A chuckle escapes the man as he finds his seat, but not without giving consideration to that whiskey. The mead is set aside in preference, but only just.

"Please. There is no call to battle, so we eat and drink and find pleasure even in our duties. Now, brother.. stepping beyond your measure?"

And there, Loki gives explanation of his words, bringing a scowl to Thor's face. "I have yet to decide how to take this so-called mission, brother. I am in agreement in that she should be punished for her attempt, even though it was grounded in ill-conceived emotion. To have cast her in the dungeon would have done little, and to send her to Midgard in exile with nothing, not even her name or worth would have also been counter-productive." Thor has his hand ready for the whiskey, and finishes, "So.. I do believe Queen Karnilla's advance to be to our advantage."

Sif's smile brings that easy quirked smile that gives him that boyish expression and his voice rumbles, "Looking lovely as ever." He nods his head, though, in prelude to his response to Sif, though he looks to his brother for the final, "Let us drop the formalities for the evening for the benefit of plain speech."


"Good, the forms have been observed." Loki pushes back his whiskey… some sort of brand from Kentucky it seems. He casually tosses the glass back down onto the tray and gets to refilling. "What are you two thinking?" He lifts a finger to point at them and says, "You realize this situation is dangerous. A misstep here and matters could worsen rather terribly."

He casually lifts a foot to nudge a seat over out of its normal spot away from the pair that are for them. He pulls it closer and drops into it, leaning forwards as his green eyes flit between them. "I am only peripherally aware of what has passed for Amora. And it does seem harsh. I baited her a touch and she rose not to it at all. Yet from what you have told me she attempted…" He cocks a look at Thor, "It does not seem too ill a punishment. So long as it is not forever."


Does she blush? Does she dare? Nope! Poker face, through and through, even though there was a smile.

And yet, down to the matters at hand. In which Sif remains silent, save for a smack of the lips as she leans forward to prepare two glasses of the whiskey, sparing no thought to being minimalist but filling the glasses full. It was there to drink, so drink she shall, one offered to Thor and the other for her own keeping with a little sip and a wrinkle of her nose.

"I realize this, yes. And I made an oath to Amora under the impression that I was to leave the cadre and operate of my own free will." She clears her throat. "Tempers were high, t'was an emotional.. day." Sif chose her words carefully then. "However, I do.. somewhat see the advantages of having Amora as she is so far, but it is still jarring. Damaging even. In which I disagree with it whole heartedly. Surely there was some other punishment that could have been given."

At least she was honest, no?


"To be honest, brother, I go because the ladies have wished answers. I do not disagree with the punishment." Though it does disquiet the Thunderer; anyone who knows him can see that quite plainly in his manner and tones. Inclining his head, there's a tightening to his smile and he swallows the deep amber liquid in a single swallow upon getting it from Sif, setting the glass to the side once he sees Loki do the same. "They wish for leniency to see her such, forgetting there was threat to Asgard from one of her own. I did not recognize the runes, but Fandral did." Thor shrugs lightly and looks to his brother, "You were always better at that than I, brother."

Thor casts a glance aside at Sif, watching her as she speaks, and exhales in a sigh before he looks back to Loki. "I agree brother, it is a difficult position and one I've explained. It is the wish of the All-Father for this to happen, and should we arrive and declare our dislike for it, we risk creating issue against our Father. It would be far better to petition him than Queen Karnilla, but it comes back to the fact that she could have caused famine. Our harvests were in, prayers to the All-Father given for a good hunt this winter.."

Finally, Thor shakes his head, seated now and slouching, his glass emptied and to the side. "I like it not. But I won't say ill against Father to another. Not without speaking to him first."


Loki takes a few moments while holding his glass as he looks between them. His eyes narrow as he lean forwards, opening his hand towards them as he seeks answers. "Then tell me this. What is your ideal result from this visit? What is the best possible outcome you would have? Within the bounds of feasibility." He turns towards Sif. "I can understand your wish to move in support of some better measure of justice. But do you hold place of position to affect such change? Are there any other motives you have for rushing forth on such an errand?"

Then Loki turns towards Thor, "And yourself. A diplomatic trip is not unwise. I in part wish I could go as if this is truly your goal… there are a few approaches that could be fruitful. So forgive me if I am…" He straighten up.

"If I am coming across as overly interrogative."


"You do not disagree? What if it were you? Me? Do you not see how equally dangerous such a punishment could be, Thor?" Sif didn't raise her voice, she was not combatative, but there was a hint of a quiet plea, even enforced as she leans a little in his direction.

But as he explains her and Scarlett's motives, she leans back, allowing him the chance to speak and recant the incident at hand. Brief as it was. Sif's drink was taken a sip of again, thoughtful, and then down in a fell drink as if it were the precious mead that came from their stores. Her hand reaches out to grasp the other half of the eaten bread, taking a bite for herself as she shifts a little within her seat.

"I do not." Sif expresses. "Perhaps.." She thinks quietly, taking another bite of her bread, her gaze lowered just a touch. "..perhaps I think that if I were ever present that night, it would not have happened as it did. Regret.. possibly. Hint of anger. But also as well, I understood her so wholly and deeply that a small kinship, I believed was formed. And stripped away henceforth."

She clears her throat a little, the rest of the bread, tiny as it were, left upon the platter that Thor carries. The hand that remained within his vicinity grasps his forearm, squeezing, and with a slow push upright she stands. She was to set herself to a pace as she listens.


Thor sits quietly before he leans forward in his chair, from ungraceful slouch to a little less ungraceful straightening. The chair is set for a man of his size, thankfully. "You know you are far better suited for such endeavors, brother. I know that Father means that I continue to have you and Balder at my side, as counsel, each in your own strengths." It's an easy thing to admit, and he chuckles, "I confess I am learning, and seek words that can help us navigate these deep waters." And he does so in front of Sif!

"One of the things I would have Queen Karnilla understand is that we do not give Amora wholly to her. She is still a citizen of Asgard. She is not in exile. She is in apprenticeship, and once that term is concluded, she is to be returned to us." Brows rise as he falls silent as Sif does speak, watching her carefully, his gaze lingering upon her face, hearing the quiet passion in those tones. Is there a touch of guilt there in his blue eyes? Maaaaybe.. and as she rises and touches his forearm, his own hand reaches to lay upon hers for that moment before he looks back to Loki.

"As I said, brother.. I go to assuage the concerns of the ladies."


"Very well…" Loki looks between them and he drums fingertips lightly upon the side of his glass. He then looks between them and he says quietly. "If I understand this correctly this is what you would wish. For Amora to be not so ill-used, and punished yes to endure what passes but not for her to be harmed so that she is lost as the being she once was. Or at the least perhaps that after her apprenticeship is over she be returned to herself as she was."

He looks between them, awaiting some agreement or acknowledgement, but then he presses on. "If that is a sufficient statement, then allow me to offer what advice I can. However, please trust that in so doing I intend no insult nor disparagement. Is that acceptable?"


Sif does not say a word. Though her pacing was slow. With a turn upon her heels, she stops and stands behind the chair where Thor sits, glancing down towards the top of his head, then towards Loki. It was then that she leans upon the back of it, hip pressed and empty glass hung over the shoulder of Thor so that he could refill. It takes a moment, to get used to the taste. But she finds herself actually liking it.

"We're practically family here, Loki. At best you'd get a slab of beast to the face." She grins then, light-hearted, but waiting.


"Brother, she professes to prefer such a state, when last I spoke to her. Which was fleeting." Even Thor noticed something was decidedly amiss. "What do we do to work against that end? Do we gain her thanks or her ire and unbending hatred once she feels once more?" Though, what is being learned now? Is this not a boon to the Enchantress, other than the fact she's been stripped of such a title?

"I wish to know when her term is complete, and that we can only learn from Father. The purpose of why such a punishment is being meted? That requires care as Karnilla is Queen in her own right." Granted, of Nornheim, but!

As Sif wanders and finds her way to the back of Thor's seat, he reaches for the whiskey, lifting up and near his shoulder to refill the glass as requested by Sif, silently though it may be before he refills his own, and is ready to top off Loki's. "Speak plainly, brother. I would not have you gagged at this early stage." He too is teasing, poking at his little brother.


"Then allow me to start by saying this," Loki looks levelly to Sif and then to Thor. "As she is now, without emotion, withing the tinge of the wild to her, she is _more_ dangerous to us and to Asgard. She is not a fickle creature driven by fits of pique. She is a powerful sorceress in cold control and with the wit to make changes she should wish. Of course her malice due to emotion is gone, yet she is still a being who possesses self-interest. She could very easily do more harm now with such precision than at her worst flight of fancy in her pursuit of you brother."

With that said he spreads his hands. "From a purely practical poition, I feel it would be best for her to gain her emotions back. This incident has perhaps already served to temper the blade of her mind and it could bode ill for us in the future." 'Us' assuredly being Asgard and the house of Odin. "So personally I would see her returned."

A shake of his head is given, "Yet we cannot be seen to step against what Odin hath wrought. There can be no public misstep beyond the official position of the King." He turns to look at Sif. "Your sentiment to forswear your oaths and approach it as an independent would matter for aught. It would be seen as a task given you by Thor most likely or Fandral to give the veneer of freedom from intent, but would still carry the same political impact. If you do go with Thor, then you must take a back seat from the discussion. You and Thor are a great pair on the battlefield, both strong and powerful. Yet there is a reason Frigga rules beside Odin. Having two of such individuals of such a similar mindset… you accentuate each other's strengths yet, but also your flaws. You need to temper each other."

But then he pause and spreads his hands as he looks back to Thor. "So if you speak to Karnilla, Thor. Your reason is not Amora. You are there to make sure that the relations with Asgard in this trying time are strong. That we have each other's backs againts the Jotun, against Surtur. That we are pleased with all that she has done especially with Amora. That will assuredly teach the Enchantress. Yet then you can also make mention then, later… perhaps a day after the initial meeting and greeting. Oh yes, Amora. She is so interesting as she is now, almost a pity that she must return to herself once her apprenticeship is over. Her valuable role in the court, as an envoy. If only he wasn't of such a noble house, how splendid it would be to leave her emotionless. Alas, I heave such a sigh but what can we do?"

He looks between them. "Let her come upon it as if it were her own idea. Perhaps even allow her to view her brush with greatness as such a good thing… and then take it away from her on the cusp of accomplishment."

He pauses then and frowns. "Do you understand?"


The refilled drink was taken, but she took care to keep herself at a lean so that if a drop was spilled? It would not fall atop of Thor's head nor shoulder. She drinks, the bitterness of the whiskey allowing her cheeks to suck into, a little smile playing upon her lips, coy.

"Speak for your self, my .. Thor." She clears her words. Then listens.

Whatever grin that remained upon her face fell flat as she disengages from the back of the chair. This time the arm was taken, settling upon it, studiously watching Loki with as much seriousness as she could muster. And it was such a situation that called for it. Nary a word was taken lightly, everything was considered. Where he gave advice, she glanced down towards Thor with a slight warmth for a breath of a second that was soon hidden with the gaze that she puts upon the younger.

One would assume that she was left speechless. But no. She was deep in thought. Contemplative.. and if no one else dare show it?



Thor listens, and as Loki continues, what he says makes sense, or rather, how it is presented. (His brother has always such a gift of words!) His head is canted, not unlike a shaggy dog of Midgard that listens in an attempt to understand, the concepts processed with a slow deliberateness to them. Coming out on the other side, however, the Thunderer nods at his base conception of the potential ills that could befall Asgard.

"If left in such a state, there would be nothing that could stay her hand," he abbreviates. "But isn't this easier to predict than quick emotion? Tell me, brother, have you learned to predict what Amora would do in a moment of passion? Because I never could."

Which … probably isn't saying much.

It doesn't escape Thor's note that he refers to their parents by their names, rather than 'Father' and even 'Mother', but he doesn't say anything there. Not to it directly. Instead, "Do you think Mother had any say on Father's decree, Loki? Do you think she kept her from the dungeons? Or from being cast out? At the look of it, it appears to be a kinder sentence." He says nothing about 'Sif's role' in terms of temperance. He does look at the sword maid, his head rocking back to watch her, brows rising even as she came around to rest her hand now full upon his arm. Sif? Like Frigga? Could she ever be?

Thor returns his attention to his brother, and there is more. "I am not there to question the punishment, aye." In that, he's in full agreement. "But what you say makes sense. Speak of alliances because at some point, Father will sleep and it will fall on me, on us.. and should anyone move against Asgard, it would be then in the perception of weakness." The glass is emptied in a swallow and replaced upon the side table once more, and he inclines his head. "Asgard will need the allies, too, should things go poorly in Muspelheim."


A short precise nod is given to Thor, though Loki first glimpses towards Sif. He opens his hand towards his brother and replies, "Mother is the invisible hand that often guides Odin's wroth." The younger brother looks sidelong to the side, a faint smile touching his features before he shakes his head and he looks back. "Were it someone else, some jumped up inter-dimensional dictator, I would advocate that Sif take the strong role of the negative advocate, to threaten while you mollify. But that will not work with Karnilla for she is assured of her position and knows what position we are in. So you must embrace the role brother, the role of the flighty crown prince moved to live in naught save the moment. Let this all seem…" He spreads his hands, "As something that is not entirely interesting to you, and that you are there at the most because you should be there as you were told to be there. But offer no insult, for it is always, always a pleasure to be with Karnilla and in her land."

With that said he takes a deep breath. "I think that is what I can offer as advice. To offer more would be to burden you with minutiae."


Sif, took that as a compliment. She was good with the threatening, invoking ire. Her own sharp reactions and quick to anger.. (even though sometimes, it was meant as a joke and a very, very efficient intimidation tactic) would definitely cause a battle fit for the gods. But there was also that keen eye. Ever watchful. Separation before the berserkers rage comes forth. Nevermind that.

"If you intend to speak with the All-Father first.." Sif murmurs. "..then I shall speak to Frigga. No?" Division is a grand tactic, but if they were going to speak to the Queen of the Norns directly, she would remain silent. A sentry. Allow Thor to speak as he will and say nothing at all. As is her duty.

"Either option is grand. Smart. You are a sly man, Loki Odinson.." Sif rises from the arm of Thor's chair to take her own again, settling with a slunch and a kicked up leg over the other. Which dangle and sways, her gaze staring forward.


The role of the flighty crown prince? Thor's brows rise and he rumbles a laugh before, "Such a thing may be difficult to convince, though I might be able to have her believe that my goal is nothing but good relation." 'Simple', after all? While it does bother him that there are those that consider him thusly, there is little to do for it. He isn't likely to change as his approach suits him. "So, if I do not call attention to it, it will not be held higher that it should."

Thor looks to Sif, and his hand briefly covers her own. "You do not need to attend me when I go, Sif. If it proves difficult to hold your tongue and stay your words, I would rather you remain behind in the knowledge that such an action still benefits me and Asgard?" There that idea goes out the window, however, at her question, and he nods his head. "I shall not question his action so that he suspects not when we venture to Nornheim. And you would be well-placed to speak with the Queen. I'm certain she shall not be offended if you speak with her in quiet regarding Amora's fate. As a favored Lady, you may hold some sway."

Watching now as Sif leaves his side to retake her own seat, Thor pushes up and off his seat, and inclines his head. "I think I have enough, brother. When I leave for Asgard, then Nornheim, I shall inform you, but I would think you have your time taken in keeping Midgard from destroying itself at a single revelation, much less all that occurs within her borders."


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