1963-10-20 - Acceptance
Summary: Jean answers the call to attend an interview at the Frost University under scholarship.
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The letter, when it arrives, is very properly addressed. The full and formal name is used. It's written on highest-quality stock with detailed Frost Institute envelope and stationary, purporting to be from something called the Meritorious Scholarship Committee.

"Dear Ms. Jean Elaine Grey,
Your name has been brought to our attention as a young woman of exceptional talent and potential. We make a point of reaching out to those brought to our attention, in hopes of encouraging the goals of higher education and striving for a better future. The resources of the Institute are considerable, and we have the capability of being highly flexible, to adapt to the differing needs and strengths of our students.

This letter is by way of an invitation to you, to take advantage of an opportunity. The Meritorious Scholarship Committee of Frost University is interested in meeting with you, to discuss the possibility of helping you to achieve your future goals, including higher education. Please use the information below to arrange for a tour.

We look forward to seeing you,
Meritorious Scholarship Committee
Frost Institute"


The letter couldn't have come at a better time. Since her.. sabbatical from the school for a few nights, Jean was down in the dumps. And once a student slipped the letter underneath the door, there was a little smile that curls her lips. At least something in her life was looking up. Perhaps that little spot of happiness was widespread, and perhaps Jean herself couldn't outright drive just yet, she summoned Logan as her personal escort and bodyguard to attend the all too, well eagerly awaited tour of the new school/college that she'd soon attend coming the new year.

"I can't believe it." Jean says to Logan as they reach the front of the doors. "I don't know how many people wish for something like this to happen, you know.. going to school, but it's really happening. I'm.. I may be able to go to college soon!"

She was all smiles. All giggles. Singing along on the radio on the way there, and that all too happy demeanor showed as she waits for Logan to do the necessary introductions.

(Like knocking.)


Logan does do the knocking, wearing a bomber jacket over his usual flannel as the weather's started to turn a bit. His hair, of course, is its usual tousled mess - no one's going to mistake Logan for having gotten cleaned up for the occasion.

"I'm proud of ya, kid. Ain't no surprise t'me," he says. "Still, can't be too careful," he says, nostrils flaring as he tries to drink in the atmosphere of the place, "Stuff falls outta the sky, I tend to get a little suspicious by nature. Not to dampen yer spirits, I'm sure it's fine, just the ol' canucklehead tryin' to watch yer back," he says.


The school dominates two city blocks in the East Village, having taken over and completely refurbished what was at one time a collection of a large cathedral church, a monastery, abbey, and other structures. What has resulted is a college campus that is somewhat uniquely homogenous, and largely contiguous, with covered walkways connecting most of the buildings, surrounding a courtyard quadrangle that includes a college garden and a statue garden. The administration building fronts on the city street, the other buildings back behind it, other than one wing of the cathedral, which also reaches out to the city street.

At that firm knock upon the door, a voice calls out, "One moment, please." There's a brief delay, and then the door opens to reveal a well-dressed middle class young woman with the air of a secretary. "Good afternoon, Sir." Thsn she spots Jean behind Logan, and nods. "Miss." That changes an unwelcoming air into a curious one. "Welcome to Frost Institute. My name is Margaret. Would you be Miss Grey, Ma'am?"

That confirmed, Margaret opens the door more fully, and invites Jean in, and her apparently scruffy guardian. She doesn't look thrilled with Logan's presence, but she doesn't try to exclude him, either.

"Well, Miss Grey. Aaron and Jericha are here to take you on your tour of the facilities of the Institute. They will answer any questions they can. Just let me hand you this literature, so that you can peruse that later at your leisure. And here's a notebook, so that you can take notes as you like along the way. When you're finished with your tour, Aaron and Jericha will bring you back here. The Committee should be ready for your interview at that time. Will that suit, Miss Grey?"

Aaron and Jericha are relatively unexceptional elder teens, perhaps in their earliest twenties. Both wear ubiqyitous navy blazers with school patches emblazoned. Aaron wears khaki trousers, while Jericha is wearing a three-quarter length a-line medium gray skirt. Relatively typical private school attire, but with a more relaxed air, like those who are very comfortable with it, and an environment that is perhaps less strait-laced, where the students are adults, not children to be whipped into shape.


"I know.." Jean says quietly. It was impossible for him to dampen her spirits. She was doing that enough herself. Her bottom lip curled up into a tight little frown, but as he knocks upon the door, she willfully erases that frown and turns it into a look of pure curiousity.

And then the door opens.

It was something out of a movie. Something that she's sure she's seen Elizabeth Taylor in. Even as the woman before them carried a secretaries aura.. Jean still finds herself reaching out to grasp Logan's arm to repeatedly tug. If he could hear her thoughts.. and goodness, does she broadcast.. he'd hear 'Oh wow! Oh gee wow! Holy -cow-!' (Quite possibly the same thing he's heard at the institute.)

She was wordless, only subjecting the secretary with occasional nods, her hand stretched out to retrieve the literature, the other grasping the notebook which was carefully assembled in front of her by stuffing the pamphlets in between the notebook and the pen snatched from the bind.

She was -ready-.

As the two, Aaron and Jericha approach, she offers up a little smile. Her mouth attempting to work, opening.. closing.. her cheeks burning red as her hair as she glances back towards Logan with glazed eyes.

"He's my dad." Beat. "Sorta." Awkward. "Guh.." Her elbow reaches out to nudge against Logan repeatedly. Incessantly. Repeatedly.


Logan doesn't seem perturbed or intimidated, but then he never does, really. He stands there with his hands in his pockets, looking over the sample kids, as he thinks of 'em. They don't look too Stepford.

"Step," he says, by way of explanation, "Don't worry about it, I'm just here to look out for Jeannie. Y'know, a familiar face around an' all that," he says, taking a look around, "This place is pretty fancy. The insurance gotta be puttin' somebody out."


The secretary takes Logan in turn without really allowing herself to be perturbed. And the man has an aura of permanent perturbation going on. "The Institute is very well funded with the endowments of our supporters and Trustees." In short: don't worry about the Benjamins, scruffy!

Aaron and Jericha reach out in turn to clasp Jean's empty hand, once she's done juggling pamphlets and notebook and looks ready for that. "It's nice to meet you." each offers. Then Jericha takes the lead, by some cue that is not at all obvious. "If your stepfather would like to join us on the tour, he's welcome. Or he can wait here. There's a comfortable lounge right around the corner, there." It's all Logan's choice. No one makes any attempt to separate them.

Once all of that is settled, Jericha gathers Jean by the simple expedient of walking up beside her and leading the way back the hallway, through the admin building and out the back. Aaron naturally falls in beside Logan as they follow the ladies as they make their way out the doors, down the stairs and along the short covered walkway into the heart of the close-fitted campus.

"Up ahead on our right you'll see the Men's dormitories, and on the left the Humanities building and the History building. Directly through you can see the quadrangle. It's a really wonderful piece of green space just for the students. There are quite a few carefully positioned benches and tables that are great outdoor study locales when the weather cooperates." And so the tour begins.


Handshakes were taken in turn, Jean kept her gifts in check in that moment. She didn't allow her mind to reach out to scan their surface thoughts. For once, she wanted to pretend that she was as normal as anyone could be. "It's nice to meet you two too!" She pipes up. These kids/young adults were too cool for school. They held confidence like she's seen and always wanted, and she tries her best to mimick that as they begin their tour. "He's coming, it's fine!" A look back towards Logan to be sure, and they were off.

She keeps the notebook pressed to her chest as she walks, her head whipping this way and that, her eyes widening as the buildings and areas were pointed out. It looked like a utopia to her, or some sort of dream. First Xavier's, and now this. She was truly being shown -the life-.

"This is really something.." Is all she could manage to say. In fact, she really couldn't think of anything smart at all, but she willingly follows.


Since Jean is a female potential, they don't bother taking her inside the men's dorms, but she does get a tour of the classrooms in the humanities building, and the history building. Then they stroll through the quadrangle, getting a chance to look over the gardens and see the students going about their afternoon. Then the tour continues. "You can see here the cathedral, which is also home to the philosophy and religion departments. Over here, the science building, mathematics, and the women's dorms."

Jean's tour continues with a pass through each of those, concentrating then on the women's dormitories. Each student gets a room to herself, sharing a bathroom with another female student on the other side. Each has her own little balcony. The rooms are not huge, but are definitely generous, twelve-by-twelve with all of the modern amenities.

The buildings all have a very gothic feel that carries over from that past as a religious community. The larger buildings all have sizable stained glass windows, and they truly seem to shine beneath the sunlight of the calm fall day.

"And here, on the far side, you cen see the athletics department and the laboratory buildings, and the library." The library looks almost like another cathedral, this one dedicated to learning, to the cherishing of knowledge to feed the souls saved by the cathedral's halls of faith.


Women's dorms, that answers her question. She would be allowed to live on campus, have full use of the dorms and maybe a friend too! This.. it was surreal. The gardens, the cathedral like buildings, buildings that were mostly dedicated to certain subjects and the vast amount of space and privacy that she could have.

She was mostly quiet throughout, and very, very impressed. "Is it mandatory to stay on campus? I mean.. it's gorgeous here but I'm not too sure I could afford something like this.."

Her mom was a housewife, and her father a professor as well.

But the library is what holds her attention the most. The wide arrange of books that could be at her disposal. Something called to her inside, but it was something that would be passed over for now, and visited later!


"Before you try to psych yourself out of anything, make sure you look over the offer from the Meritorious committee. They are usually very generous. Almost half of the merit scholarship students I know are getting a full ride." Jericha offers supportively. "It is gorgeous here, and part of the whole point of the committee is to see to it that students who would not normally have the opportunities of an education like this, but who have the potential to excel, are given those opportunities anyway. But students are also welcome to leave school grounds, if they choose. Most don't, except for weekends."

Sound too good to be true? Well, there's probably a catch in there somewhere. Right? Damned place is named after a Frost, after all.

The tour continues unabated, and they spend a good deal of time in the library, before visiting the cafeteria. It is an exceptional one, with a wide array of the best food available. No institutional barely-flavored wet cardboard meals in this place. Like everything else in this school, it's top shelf. And as guests, they get a chance to pick up anything they like, gratis, while also seeing that every student has a student ID that has an early-generation magnetic strip backing. They swipe the card for their meals, and Aaron is happy to explain that this only tracks to be sure that students are eating, and assess their health and nutrition. All food is free to students and faculty, assumed as part of standard tuition.


"Oh.. okay." Great, Jean! She's so full of words, priceless! All of that wisdom! Even that little niggling feeling within the back of her head was a small sort of a giggle. That inner bird laughing at the speechlessness that poor Jean has. It really, really was all too good to be true.

Though as the tour continues, that niggling feeling increases, she doesn't speak upon it much. She wasn't alarmed, but just a little bothered at how easy this all had become. So she begins to pry. Not outwardly at first. A passing student here who's mind was scanned briefly, surface thoughts only.. and then she turns upon the two in her presence.

"So, how were you two picked for this school? How is anyone picked and nominated?" She smiles towards Jericha, then gestures towards an apple that sits with the rest. It was red, ripe, and possibly sweet. That gesture itself indicates that she was -definitely- peeking.


Reading passing students really won't get Jean a great deal, although she will pick up the hints that she and Logan are not the only mutants around. Not everyone, not even necessarily a third of those she sees. But there are more than just one or two during her tour, though to leave an impression. All of them look perfectly normal, just like Jean. No telepaths amongst them, either. One of them, when seeing Jean obviously on a tour, has a passing thought about a rather familiar tall, thin young blonde with an accent, also on a tour, and not too long ago.

When asked, Jericha smiles and shrugs. Aaron speaks first. "I actually graduated from the Massachusetts Academy in Snow Valley, and then metriculated here. The Frost Institute has been put together as a next stage of the Academy standards, so it was a natural fit for me."

Jericha then explains, "I am actually here because I was contacted after my attempt to gain admission to Brown's school of science was blocked. I don't know which member of our Board of Trustees it was, but one of them became aware that I was dropped rather than being accepted because I was 'one woman too many' in the sciences. The day after my rejection letter was sent from Brown, I received my invitation to Frost Institute. The Institute believes very strongly in providing opportunities for higher education to women."


It was strange. Really. Seeing these students so calm and in the presence of those that weren't unlike them was fantastic. It almost seemed to be integrated. Integrated with no issues, hand holding, laughing, just a simple walking together. Everyone was different but they were the same. And everything makes all the more sense.

This somewhat eases Jean of her suspicions. Hearing their stories. How they were indoctrinated because it was their path and because someone cared and saw their worth. It was another treasured spot in New York city that needed to be protected, covetted. She didn't even bite into the apple, instead she takes a step back to shove it into Logan's pocket for a later date. She was extremely moved.

"I.. really like this place." But knowing Jean, she had some things to wrap up before she even thinks to attend. Most notably? Her high school diploma. If she even told Jericha and Aaron about it, would they make fun of her?

'Why would they?' The inner voice asks.
Jean visibly shrugs. "Is there anything else that we need to see?"


"I think that's probably it. Obviously, if you decide you want to see something else, you can always come back and take a look." Aaron offers. Jericha rolls her eyes at Aaron. "It's her tour. Jean, if there's anything else you'd like to see, say so. We'll show it to you. Otherwise, we can take you back to Administration, so that you can meet with the Committee. After all, it sounds like you have questions for them, and we know they have questions for you."

That settled, the pair does lead the whole passel back to the admin building, and Margaret. She welcomes them back, offers further refreshments and a chance at the lavatories, and promises that the Committee is ready to meet with Jean when she is ready to meet with them. And once Jean says she's ready, Margaret will lead her to the double doors to a conference room.

Inside is a sizable conference room, dominated by a large table with ten large, plush and comfortable office chairs around it: one on each end, and four down each side. Nine of those chairs are filled with four men and five women; that alone should be a striking visual, and proof of the ongoing mission af Frost Institute and the dedication to that mission.

The fact that a particular platinum blonde bombshell in white is seated at the far-end head of the table, clearly the seat of power and import, should do the rest.

"Ms. Grey. Please, come in, and have a seat." Emma Frost offers, smiling. "Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Ms. Jean Elaine Grey. I trust everyone has reviewed their materials. Ms. Grey, we are here to learn a bit more about you, your goals and hopes, and hopefully to help you learn a bit more about us and our school in the process, so both of us can decide if we will be a good fit for the future. Thank you for accepting our invitation today." She doesn't even address Logan, but a chair behind Jean's has been set aside for him in advance.


It was a first of many interviews that Jean Grey would have to go through. This was the very, very first, and the very and possibly only time that she would ever see Emma Frost smile. Perhaps if she wins an award she'll smile? Or maybe does something endearing for the gesture? It would be unknown, but she captures this moment and keeps it fixed within her memory as if she were a fabled creature never to be seen again.

Even as those gathered remain, she takes a slight glance back towards Logan as he offers up a nod in approval. He would not be staying for the interview, but he does take a step outside to follow one of the students to the front to smoke his cigar and perhaps take an ol' man nap.

"Um.. thank you for having me.." Jean murmurs quietly, a little nervous smile drawn upon her face. Each one was looked at, in the eyes in turn, hoping to add a little respect towards such a timid, young mutant. She was careful in her steps as she takes the path, not wanting to trip nor fall, settling into the seat that was designated for her with a few shifts and shuffle to become comfortable.

She felt like throwing up.


Emma's voice sounds, softly and gently, in Jean's mind, though her lips do not move. « Relax, Jean. You look like you are expecting a firing squad, dear. This is just a scholarship interview. »

Aloud, an older brunette with grey silvering in her hair speaks up. "You are quite welcome, Miss Grey. Miss Frost has spoken highly of you, and given us a glowing recommendation. We are just here to get to know you better, to evaluate how good a fit you would be to the mission of the Frost Institute."

A gentleman across the table from her speaks, after a brief pause. "Perhaps we could begin with this. Obviously, being here, you have an interest in a higher education for yourself. So, tell us: assuming we can make that opportunity a reality, what is it you hope to do with your higher education? What will you do with that opportunity in your life? Tell us your dreams and ambitions, if you will."


« I have never done this before.. »

It was her silent confession, quietly spoken to Emma Frost as a slow look of worry appears upon her features. She wanted to say something else, but she forces herself into it. Her mind going to the happiest place she knows, her Father's study. It was quiet. Filled with books and the old smell of cigars, as Mr. John Grey sits within his large chair, she was there with her friend, playing dollies..

"Okay.." She finally murmurs towards the woman, and once the gentleman speaks, her brows lift and lower, her leg attempting to bounce but her hand rests upon it to keep it still. "I hope to use it to help people." She answers honestly. "I want to be a doctor of psychology. I know that it's not a budding field at the moment but I believe that great strides are going to be made in that regard later on.." She clears her throat, drawing her eyes away to shift her hair behind her ear.

'Tell them the truth.' - The bird murmurs. 'I want to..'
"I want to save the world." She says with a hint of finality. "But with one person at a time, just by listening." She quickly cleans up.


For just a moment, the sensation will cross Jean's mind of a warm hand closed around hers on the tabletop, a reassuring squeeze of support. Then the sensation fades away. Within her mind, her friend smiles at Jean, holding up one of their dollies together.

« You can do it. »

"Well, I think we can all agree that's a good and high-minded ideal, Miss Grey." The man offers. Other heads nod around the table.

The brunette woman takes a few moments' pause, and then she speaks once more. "Obviously, your time under some psychiatric care of your own is part of your inspiration, there. And I think that is a very solid reason to head in that direction. Clearly, given your situation, we will need to assist you with completing a GED program and testing, prior to the start of classes next semester. Are you prepared to undertake the rather rigorous study program required to help you through that process?"


Confidence. The relation to the bird felt like it wasn't there; this was something tangible. A warm hand across hers which has it twitching in reply. She feels it, and she was glad.

"I am more than prepared." Jean finally answers, her back straightening. "I'm currently enrolled at Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning for my GED studies, and if the trajectory is true, I'll be able to complete my diploma. The tests fall on the second to the last week of December, I'm confident that I'll pass." She puts on a smile. "Though.. if not.. I'll try again. And again. I won't give up on this."


"Then you do not wish our assistance with tutors and test preparations?" the woman inquires, as if only to confirm her impression of the matter. They're obviously very set on trying to find a way to help and make this a reality.

The other adults seem to be looking amongst each other, not saying anything but potentially yelling and screaming at each other with their eyes. For a room of people who don't believe in or at least experience telepathy, they're all trying to send thoughts to one another for sure.

"Alright, then. Do you have any questions for us?"


"Oh! I.. thought you meant an actual classroom.. yes! Yes I'd like the help!" Jean looks rather silly. She felt rather silly. So much that her cheeks flush a little bit red, her head lowering as a hand lifts to rub at the back of her neck. She was getting tense.. even as they begin to shoot eyes and look amongst one another, she was tempted to put them to sleep and leave. Emma had done it, right? She's done it.. a few times.. this could be a reality!

"Um.. questions.." Jean looks up, searching her mind for the right thing to ask. She'll go with the obvious. "..what were the looks between you all for?"


"As we said, we intend to provide tutors, study guides, structured programs to prepare you, pre-tests, and the exam until you have passed." the brunette offers, clarifying.

Yep. Humiliation is a mutant power all its own.

"I cannot speak for everyone," the prior male speaker offers, "But my look was confusion. Given what we knew about you, I could not imagine why you would turn down our assistance in preparing for and passing the GED."

A redheaded woman responds, "I was just wondering about this Xavier Institute. I am afraid I haven't heard of the school, and know nothing of its capabilities or reputation." And clearly, that wouldn't bode well for these people in evaluating Jean's preparations for their own school.

Emma slips in, here. "The Xavier Institute is a rather small and exclusive private school operating in Westchester. Overall, its mission is similar to our own mandate on the Meritorious Committee, but for a school focused on secondary education."


Yup. Humiliated. Embarrased. Her cheeks flush with no intent on letting up anytime soon.

As the man speaks, she gives a slight nod in understanding. "I was mistaken. I thought.. well.. I said what I thought. I apologize for that. I would love the opportunity.."

And for the redhead, Jean smiles. As she was about to open her mouth to speak, Emma pipes in, which has her head nodding quickly. "Yes. There are a lot of children that attend the private school, as well as having their own domitories. I arrived at the school under the hand of the Professor Xavier himself, under counseling and a safe place to recover after my time in.. the hospital." She frowns a little at that.

"There, I've read books. I've studied and attended classes with the children to refresh myself. It's a slow and steady progress that I believe that would help me in the long run. But with the opportunities that are offered here, it's.. frankly amazing."


The others look amongst one another, clearly pondering the information provided. But the brunette finally speaks again. "I think you may benefit from a more structured study plan to prepare for the test. Obviously, you have a strong desire for a broad, self-directed study. But that can be indulged after completing the examination successfully, allowing you to achieve your goals and begin your college experience."

Miss Frost nods in agreement with this. "We will also provide available counseling options going forward. Obviously, with your background, you will have things that you need to work through. As we are investing in your future, it behooves us to provide the means for your continued growth in that area as well." Emma never says 'you will be my padawan', but there is a clear sense that she is taking Jena on as a sort of personal project, whatever her reasons.

"Do you have any further questions for us, Miss Grey?"


She was holding her breath as they watch each other, her eyes widening just a little until they finally begin to speak. Her heart was racing a mile a minute, her lips pursing tightly until the final.. no. The initial decisions come through. And then she was positively beaming. Beaming so much that she could barely sit in her seat, she was wiggling, and odd look, but wiggling none the less, both hands lifting to explode in a little bit of energy with clapped hands and a quiet 'yay'.

Her fingers curl into a fist, pumping briefly into the air, then back down again with a quick shake of her head that has the red whipping back and forth. "No! Absolutely nothing!" She resembled a child eager to go outside, and she was. This was good news! Good news indeed!

'I knew you could do it.' The bird murmurs quietly. Fused within her, the cosmic entity was pleased.


« So did I. »

The adults all nods, agreeing. "Very well, then. We will draw up the papers and have them forwarded to you as soon as they are complete. And then you can begin." the brunette offers, as they all push back their chairs and stand, each one coming forward to meet and shake the hand of the lovely, excitable redhead. Each is warm, gentle and accepting, delivering tiny personal comments of encouragement and support and welcome, before each then departs the conference room.

Last in line is Emma. She holds Jean's hands with her own, another of those all-too-brief ephemeral smiles of hers appearing and disappearing. "Well done, Miss Grey. Well done. And as I promised, I will do all I can to help you with your own unique challenges. I have faced some aspect of those myself. I hope to be able to assist you in a way others might not." She hasn't quite explained that one. But Jean's instincts might lead her to the conclusion in spite of that.


Jean smiles. So she -did- hear it. Her. Whatever it chose to call herself. While she wasn't on daily speaking terms with the thing, it was comforting to know that someone else understood. As the meeting was concluded, Jean went through the motions, her smile wide, leaning in to listen to the whispers of the man and woman as she takes their hands, being careful to not upset the balance of their pride in their decision.

She watches after them as they depart, and no soon after, Emma Grace Frost approaches and speaks, causing Jean's shoulders to finally slump, and her bottom lip to tremble. "You're.. you're doing an awful lot for me, and we appreciate it. We really do." We? Jean nods her head completely, finally leaning in to attempt to give the woman a tight, lingering hug if she allows her. "Thank you.. thank you so much. I promise I won't disappoint."


Emma cannot help but stiffen at the hug, even though she felt or saw the impulse building inside the other woman; it's still not something she's comfortable with. Emma is not an emotionally demonstrative person. Hence the there/not there smiles of hers.

"I am investing in your future, Jean." Emma admits, giving the young woman the truth even though Jean may never fully understand what Emma means by it. It's just that sort of thing.

"Still, there is another reason. I reason I chose you. And so long as you continue to strive, and don't give up, you could never disappoint me."

Emma purses her lips only momentarily, and then she tilts her head down, meeting emerald eyes with ice blue, as she finally lets herself unveil a tiny bit of the secret. "I know some of what it felt like, to be trapped in that place. Years ago, when my gifts first began to manifest, I was put into a place like it." Emma never says what place she means, but Jean surely can understand why. Just saying the name of such a place gives it power. "I managed to win my freedom, and take my life back. I managed to make something of myself, despite it all. And I want to see you have the same sorts of opportunities."


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