1963-10-19 - Nothing Against You
Summary: Fandral chooses to drink with Amora, the two chat about her current state. Both seem worse for it.
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Theme Song: Last Thing You'll Do
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Amora had been busy to say the least. She had played at being secretary to various CEO's in the Big City, taking snatches of funds from companies and spinning it around to her benefit. She had learned the system well enough to play it without arousing suspicion for her, even if several of said CEO's were now under investigation for various frauds.

The Goddess of desire had coldly continued with whatever plans it was that she had set in motion, and had avoided the Princes' abode almost entirely since the last run in with Loki. Even as Thor and Sif departed, she had taken note.

Still, for the moment she seemed to be relaxing, or as much as she could. She sat at a table sipping a martini of some pink concoction and nibbling at a piece of strawberry. The bar was street level, with open windows that left the bar open to the rather upscale street. And she was of course, not alone. Various men kept attempting to gain her attention, flirting shamelessly with the busty blonde as she promptly ignored them.


Fandral arrives at the bar, dressed in his Midgardian clothes and looking thoughtful as he comes and plops down next to the Goddess of Desire. He doesn't seem to care if she wants his company or not, he just orders a drink and then looks over at Amora, "Are we a fine pair?" He gives her a wry smile, "So how are you not feeling today? I myself am well enough…considering."

Considering that Thor finally woke up and noticed Sif right after he told the woman how he felt. If that's not enough to make Fandral drinks, sitting next to the cold icy emptiness in beautiful form does. She once shined so bright and now…nothing. And the empty shell does absolutely nothing for Fandral so he isn't flirting today, he's just being honest.


A slow blink followed Fandral's entrance and Amora flickered a disinterested glance over him; away from the mortal man that still struggled to gain her attention. She shifted, crossing her legs as she glance over him, a golden brow lifting upwards. "I suppose this is the part of the conversation where I am supposed to be interested in what provoked this mood?" She tilted her head to the side.

"As far as not feeling? Well, Sif threatened to go throw a sword at Karnilla. So, unless Loki intervened and calmed her, as I asked.. well.." She shrugged again and returned to her drink.

"Who can say? Mortal drinks aren't cutting it for me. Certainly the taste is refined, but I was wondering if feelings and intoxication were entwined at all. After all, I can't exactly be different behavior wise.. but sensationally it could be interesting…"


"Oh I don't expect any interest in my well-being or mood, which is why I'm drinking with you tonight," Fandral tells her truthfully, giving a glare at the other man that clearly is enough to send him packing, "If you want to be unfeeling and be a hollow void, that is totally your choice." See Fandral is totally accepting of the new Amora.

"And considering your current state, I figure now is as good of a time as any to apologize for sleeping with your sister when I was sleeping with you. She was lovely, nothing like you of course, but I did it to keep her from pursuing Thor," Fandral gives her an even smile, "So thank you ahead of time for not feeling anything about that and letting me unload my guilt. I appreciate your calm, centered manner."


There was a faint arc of a brow, a delay in the expression, as if Amora had to work to remember that she was supposed to act in a certain manner. "I find it more useful to be unfeeling, Fandral. Or would you prefer that I be driven mad with vengeance and rage at my status? To roar at the realms for the unfairness of my lot in life? A goddess of desire, love and beauty.. who will never have what she desires?"

Then she shrugged, and swirled the contents of her drink around, downing it. "I care not about what you did or did not do with my sister.. I only slept with you because Loki was imprisoned. I simply wanted to forget the fact that Thor broke my heart again that night. He even apologized for bemoaning how Princess Crystal didn't love him. To me. Of all people… so.." She shrugged. Again. A toss of golden hair over her shoulder following.


"I cared for you Amora…I didn't sleep with you because of Thor but because I found you a desirable woman. The anger, the passion. It was what drew me to you. So much emotion…it was electrifying." He looks her over now, "Now…I feel nothing as well because you are not what you were, you are less in my eyes. Not because you lost what you desired, but because you stopped trying, feeling and raging against the universe."

"To what you were and I hope what you will be gives you comfort. You will always be a beautiful goddess and I hope someday you circle again and find a reason to love, rage and feel…when you are ready to do so," Fandral tells with a bittersweet smile, "If you ever need me Amora…call for me. I will come. But only if you ask."


Amora released what passed for an amused breath of air, her eyes going distant as she stared out across the bar and sipped at her drink. "I didn't choose what I am, Fandral.." Her voice was barely a whisper. "I am merely making the most of it. The clarity of thought? The ability to not care?" She looked down at the table and dragged a nail against the wooden top.

"If I do not linger on those things.. then I think it might be possible for me to go mad. The longer that I remain this way? I can't say that 'tis a worry. For I cannot worry.. Merely.. that such things: the body, soul and mind. They work best together. I can remove a person's soul. Their mind… but to separate those down to smaller parts? I cannot do such a thing. I don't—" She broke off, coughing and grimacing as she leaned forward and rubbed at her chest.

Then she reached for her drink and downed it. "If such things return to me, I don't know what will happen. Perhaps I shall go mad."


"Or perhaps you would rage, release and find closure," Fandral tells her softly and then touches her chest, using his abilities to reach out and see if he finds anything left of her on the inside, "And maybe a good friend who specializes in helping keep the peace could show you how to channel and disperse the rage rather than let it eat you alive." He closes his eyes and listens, not to her words but to the heart within if it's still there.


Amora froze as he reached out, her eyes alighting on him with the same blank, empty expression that had been in them from before. Only partially hidden behind tinted half moon glasses. At first he would find the illusion that Karnilla had placed there, the steady pulse beneath his fingers that beat beneath her rib cage in a hollow echo of what should have been there as expected.

Yet with his ability, his probing search, he'd find nothing beyond it. No emotions hidden or locked away. There was nothing there but stone cold and empty and space. There wasn't anything hidden away at all, there was a vast, icy void.

And that coldness spread the further he probed, spreading outwards and Amora gasped at the sensation, pulling away from his touch with a pale grimace.

"I don't have friends." She whispered, "I've no one."


"That would be a lie Amora, because I have always been your friend and would come to your aid if you asked me," Fandral tells her, grimacing as he feels nothing like he suspected he would, "It must be a good illusion…what she cast, but my gift tells me the truth Amora." He gives her a leveling look, "If you prefer this state…I will do nothing. If you do not…I will help you seek what was taken. It is in your hands, not mine."


Amora stood, pushing away from the table, her breath escaping her in short exhales as she stared at him. Her manicured fingers curled hard enough to leave indentations on the wooden table top as she caught herself there. Her gaze lingering on him as she seemed to struggle physically with something. Her lips parting and closing before she closed her eyes and looked away from him.

"No, you are /Thor/'s friend. You are his loyal friend. You and all the rest of the court love him. You will do your duty as commanded by your prince," Her lips purse together as she kept that same, blank and empty tone as before. The effect chilling.

"This is my punishment because he thought I lied to him, after I did everything he asked of me.. And no one can do anything about it. Do not—" She seemed to grimace and broke off, and shook her head.

"Do not test it further." She turned and pressed some cash to the table after digging into her purse. "Tis the All-father's command that I be punished. ‘Tis not to be questioned nor ignored. There's nothing /you/ could do." She muttered.

"Take your prattle about such things else where. It does me no good, Fandral. I am better off as I am, accepting what it is that I am now." She turned to go then, casting another glance over him in her departure. The sound of her heels clicking softly on the pavement as she left him without another word.


"No Amora…I'm a man, a very flawed man who against his better judgement chose to listen to his duty to his prince than rescue the damsel in distress," Fandral murmurs to no one in particular,

"And it is one of many regrets. I am sorry, sweet goddess, that I failed you. That I failed myself. I do hope you find that reason to feel again even if I am not the one to do it." He then finishes his drink and heads out, his heart a little heavier after confirming what he already thought.

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