1963-10-21 - One Heart for Two
Summary: Fandral does something unexpected to give the Enchantress back some modicum of her emotions back.
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Amora left the Asgardian mansion behind and sauntered down the street, drawing eyes as usual. The smell of wet pavement and concrete lifting upwards in the street and sidewalk where Amora strolled along. Umbrellas has been put away some time ago, but the puddles still rushed along the drains and gutters of the city. The blonde goddess seemed to walk with a purpose, pausing at seemingly random intervals, holding up a charm bracelet and cocking her head to the side before continuing onwards.

In this manner Amora passed by various upscale residences and into the comical districts where high end businesses catered to a niche market of well to do New Yorkers that didn't particularly care to go too far from their beautiful homes.

Even as the sun started to dip below scattered clouds, Amora continued onwards, drawing eyes of mortals as she went. The click of her heels on the sidewalk drew attention and her figure snared the eyes, and more than one man had tried to tail her progress. At least two of those mortals would doubtlessly be taking trips to the hospital for broken bones. One might now be lacking a hand in the future.

But for the moment, she had paused at a bench, sinking down and shaking the charms on her bracelet from time to time; muttering darkly to herself.


Fandral had been at the antique store, it's coming along nicely. He's dressed as a respectable business man, walking down the street and headed towards the Asgardian mansion. Of course he also gets the attention of the mortals. Only his attention is mostly of the female persuasion. He doesn't break hearts or other body parts at the attention, instead he gives solicitous looks and flirts with the ladies that choose to approach him. Of course, he doesn't encourage anything past light banter and then gently sends them on his way.

When Fandral notices Amora sitting on the bench by her lonesome, muttering darkly, he grins and takes a seat next to her, "There….there, it certainly can't be as bad as all that." His arrival disburses any males that might have been considering approaching the fair maiden.


A sharp glance followed as Fandral settled down beside her, and she shifted to lean back against the bench. Her shoulders thrown back as she tossed golden hair back behind her with a twist of her wrist. She wore a fitted dress of her usual green, a black coat ribbed with white edges in contrast. Still, those half-moon glasses sat perched on her nose.

"Well considering there are three Jotnar that have made their way to Midgard, and that Scarlett secured one. Another is dead.. and a third is loose.. how bad would you have it, my darling? Even Loki did not notice their appearance in this realm. My wards are constantly losing the creature as it travels through the earth and it could very well pop up anywhere.."

She held up her wrist, where tiny charms of various runes glowed with what one could assume looked to be moonshine trapped within.. or perhaps something far darker, given Amora's tendencies.


"Well one Jotnar lose is better than three Jotnar lose so I'd say you're two thirds done to solving your problem. That's certainly something to celebrate," Fandral tells her with a smile, turning slightly so he can face her, "And I'm surprised that Loki didn't notice the arrive." That does make him frown, "Did you connect with the Midgardian guardians to see if they noticed the arrival? If they are able to skirt the our wards, they may not have thought to skirt the ones the Midgards use." Because from what he could see Dr. Strange's abilities seem to be different than Loki or Amora. "It is better for us to work together anyhow."


A roll of her eyes follows, "Doctor Strange is ill from the bite of a draugr from what I could tell. I left the poor man with a warding stone, but he would not heed me. He does not even know if he destroyed the creature or not. When I last saw him, he was attempting to stand straight without collapsing. He will be of no help here." She muttered, letting her hand fall back to her lap as she turned her gaze forward toward the street before her.

"Stupid, foolish man. As if I know not the tricks such return walkers use on magically enhanced victims."


"Maybe you called him a stupid, foolish man and he rejected your help out of pride," Fandral offers an explanation on the man's behavior, because Amora is one of the premier enchantresses in Asgard, "Or he is unfamiliar with your skills. Or does not want to owe others boon. There are several reasons why someone would reject your help and not all of them include him being feeble minded." He's content to lean back and let Amora do the hunting because Fandral is much better of dealing with the foe once they find him rather than seeking one out.


Amora shot him another look, hooking a golden brow upwards. "I did not. I am perfectly capable of being charming if I care to be." She paused for a long moment, the sound of traffic and the chatter of mortals around them filling the space.

"For some reason he has rejected my charms though. On.." She thought for a moment, "Three occasions. I know not why. He's clearly interested. And capable. He has the passion for it." She mused out loud.

"Mmm, I haven't done anything untrustworthy to the man."


"It's your lack of heart," Fandral advises her with a sigh, "You're still one of the most beautiful women that I've ever known but I don't find myself attracted to you like I did before because you are missing the essential spark that would draw me to you. Perhaps he's also intuitive and finds your lack of emotions not to his liking." Fandral motions to a few men that are still glancing at them on the bench, trying to gauge if the Fandral is having success with Amora, "It's a possibility to consider."


Amora shook her head, a hand propping up her chin. "Oh no, I tried when I still was able to feel. We ran across each other in the Nile River valley. He was physically quite interested, but was able to deny me.. And then again here in New York. I can't quite figure it out." She sighed and tapped her chin, her green eyes narrowed in thought.

"Maybe Loki told him that I sometimes break my toys. That might be it. Since the two met previously. Loki might have warned him off me." Another brief pause.

"Oh, that bastard. He must have, that's why he told me go find him." She muttered, a leg bouncing as she glanced toward Fandral and hooked a golden brow upwards.

"You're not attracted to me at all now, or just less than before? I'm honestly curious. Well, as curious as I can be given my state."


"Not at all," Fandral admits after a moment, taking a moment to test his own internal workings to see if the beautiful creature draws anything from him but sadly that hollowness distracts from any physical beauty the woman has in front of him, "I haven't since you entered this state which is why I've stopped flirting with you and just speaking plainly." It's true. His manner towards her has changed since she examined it. Before he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame but lately he hasn't try to touch her intimately or flirt with her mercilessly.


A tilt of her golden head followed Fandral's statements and she made a small 'huh'. "Interesting. You're repulsed and Loki was offering. My how the world has changed." She drawled lightly, drumming her fingers against her leg.

"So is it the feelings of the woman that you bed that draw you? Is it that you get some feedback magically from that? A bit tantric for you I'd assume, but it certainly would explain things." She recrossed her legs, a furrow of her brow following as she eyed him up and down.

"I no longer seem to be able to draw magic from my lovers, so I guess that it is connected to my own feelings. I've had to work on finding other sources."


"Yes, part of what gives me power is my ability to draw emotions from others and it is a rather tantric experience when I have sex with someone that has a lot of passion because the feedback is amazing," Fandral gives a wicked grin, "It's one of the reasons why I could never say no to you." He then stops smiling as he explains the drawbacks, "But…when I am with someone that feels nothing…hollow…it actually is like having sex with dead wood. Completely without any merit and my warm hand would do a better job." He knows he's being crude but he's struggling with how to explain that in this state he's rather turned off because her void is far more unattractive than the shell on the outside.


A quirk of her lips follows as she tilted her head back after glancing at him side long once more. "And here I thought you weren't well schooled in magic." She murmured, "I apologize for not giving you enough credit."

Then she was settling back against the bench, her expression returning to the blankness it had been moments before. "Well, that certainly answers the question on whether or not it was my enchantments that were driving you. I can never be fully sure save with the Princes really.." She shrugged again, a roll of her shoulders as she sighed.

"Also, luckily for you, you're in a realm filled with the feelings of mortals. If Loki is to be believed they feel quite deeply for their short lives. I would argue that a long life burns a desire hotter, longer and more intently.. but I could be wrong."


"Loki's right in his assessment," Fandral tells her after a long pause, "It is very easy for me to lose myself in one of these mortals because of how brightly their fires burn." He gives a wry smile, "Although, now that I know their fire, I am able to shield things a little better but when I first came to Midgard, the emotions were sometimes…overwhelming."

He does make a point of telling her, "But…there is a thing to be said about a fire that burns through the ages. While their is wild and free, your fire is deepened with color and there are many facets to what your desire held for me." He makes a motion with his hand that shows he mourns the loss, "And no…it was never your enchantments. My drive is more instinctual."


A chuckle, too flat to be real, merely a memory of a laugh followed as she twisted to look him over again. "They die far too quickly, and are too fragile for me to invest much interest in their little candles. A breath.. and they're gone." She waved a hand, eyeing the charms on her wrist and finding nothing new there. She frowned, a faint downturn of her lips.

"I will admit that their's is a more forgiving burst. A flare and gone. Easier to burn all the brighter for they know their end is quick." A shake of her head follows and she shifts on the bench, recrossing her legs.

"I look out at the yawning expanse of the days to come before me and I question what more I possibly can do with myself. I have lost my chance, as I knew would occur eventually. Given my status I am very nearly at a loss as to what to do next.. For what point is there beyond the simple struggle for the day to day now?"


"I'm not sure Amora. Your life is now a hollow existence and I would imagine each day melds into the next providing very little color," Fandral tells her softly, "I do not know if I would wish to exist if I was in your shoes." He then amends the statement by saying, "Not that I'm suggesting you do anything dire but it would be an empty life for me, not one worth continuing." He does pause and carefully asks, "Can you fix what was done? Or is this new state permanent?"


A simple lift of her shoulders follows as Amora pulls her gaze from him, a hand reaching up to press against the quartz that hung from a golden wire wrapped round her neck. "I know not. I have no idea how it was even done. I have searched, asked and consulted libraries.. the magic was old. Older than anything I have ever seen nor heard in my entire life." She glanced toward him from behind a curtain of golden hair.

"I know not why I was sent here either, why she took me, I know nothing. Tis a hard thing, when I am left to my own devices here and blocked from the other realms."


"I would think that such magicks would be reversible. If not…" Fandral shakes his head, "What was done would be crueler than a death sentence." And by the look on his face, he thinks that punishment does not match the potential crime that she didn't even commit, "Have you talked to Loki about it? Out of all of us, he would be the one most likely to figure out how to fix this."


A scoff follows and Amora turned her gaze back to him, dropping her hand back to her lap. "No, I would not speak of this to Loki. He is 'Protector of Midgard' and much vaunted in his family's eyes once more. I am politically unhelpful to him, and now that I am in the Queen's care.. such a feat would be diplomatically dangerous. To be seen going against the All-father's various commands."

"Besides, I don't ask for help." She lied, she had in the past, but it was such a rare thing indeed that she did.

"And I don't need it either. As I said, it's just better to accept things as they are."


Fandral nods carefully, not arguing with her because in the end, it is not his heart or feelings that were stolen, "He is fond of you…and yes, might not openly help you but Loki always has other means." He shakes his head, "But…this is your burden, not mine. I can not offer aid for my abilities will not help. Nor do I have the power to force your Queen in changing things. I am only a concerned observer."


"So far the only one to be so determined to hound me over the lack of my feelings not once, or even twice but on multiple occasions. Are you certain that you don't simply wish them returned so you can once more find some manner of pleasure in my company? For one so off put by the fact that I am a void, you've managed to linger near me longer than others."

A pause as followed as she eyed him again, green eyes lingering on his person, studying his features. "And I can't seem to figure out why you try." Her voice was soft, "I'm not a nice person by any standard, you know."


"Because I care for you Amora," Fandral admits, looking into her eyes without any of his usual bravado that often hides his emotions, "You were a lovely, vibrant woman who could send me into a tailspin. There's something very heady about knowing someone like that. And since you have changed, my life is a little more…empty."

He reaches out and lightly touches her, "So…while you are not always nice, you lived in full color and I could only admire the strength of your will and sheer power of personality. I was never dulled in your presence."


A memory of a smile pulled at her lips as he reached out toward her, her own hand lifting to trace against his jawline briefly. "I suppose I can understand that." Her hand fell away and she drew back from him and his touch. Her own skin cooler to the touch than it had been even before when he had seen her in the bar. As if she were physically impacted by the spell the longer it held.

"Why you care for me is beyond me, but I can accept the idea that your abilities were the better around my presence when I had my feelings." She averted her gaze from him then, her green eyes drawn to some distant point across the street from them.

"I should go and continue tracking the jotun…" The pause it took for her to draw herself to stand after those words was telling in and of itself, as if she were hesitant.


"Amora…let me…" Fandral stands up and then kisses her, takes her into his arms and kisses her deeply, giving her a scorching kiss that would have burned many a mortal to a cinder. Luckily she is Asgardian and not so frail.

Then he does something odd, he empties himself, lets his emotions, his feelings, his well, dump into the hollow place that the Queen has left. He does not hold back, he does not stop even if she pulls away until he transfers every piece of himself to her. He does not know if it will help her but perhaps for a moment she will feel something.


The movement catches her unawares, and his arms wound around her before she can register that his lips are on hers. The sorching heat behind the kiss sears her and burns the languid chill that had settled into her bones. The outpouring of emotions staggered her against him, her hands moving to clutch at him as her knees buckled and she gasped against him.

The stone heart that replaced her own beating one burned in her chest, spreading outwards with borrowed emotions. Tears stung her eyes, and she trembled in his grasp. Her eyes went wide as she felt the magic seep into her as he pushed everything he had into the empty void that was her heart.

But she didn't pull away from him.

Rather she clutched at him, a choked sob escaping her lips as the borrowed emotions welled up inside her and overwhelmed her utterly. Manicured hands gripped his clothes tightly, ripping fabric and white knuckle in their grip as she came completely undone. Tears and sobs wracking her frame.


Fandral holds her in his arms, empty, cold and void of everything. His lips are a slight shade of blue, his skin deadly white. The golden hair upon his head is now stark white as the god of spring enters winter, welcoming the void within himself so she could feel again. His eyes are glassed over, the blue so light it almost fades away.

His cold hand reaches out to lightly stroke her hair and in a deeply pained voice that is almost a whisper, "It's going to be alright Amora…it's going to fine. You have what I am inside of you now. Do not waste it if you wish to be whole again. I do not know but I think this will not last. Use your borrowed time wisely." A cold shudder runs through his system, parts of him are trying to shut down by he does not want to leave the shattered woman alone in her pain. He forces himself to stay standing by sheer force of will.


A goddess of desire that had been blocked of feeling all desire, had little magic. Even less than the All-father had bound her to. Yet the return of such a burst of emotion, of such desire for /her/ and her feelings was like bringing a frozen man in from a deadly blizzard. Her head swam, light with overwhelming sensations that buzzed there with magic floating in every pore of her skin. Watery eyes overfilled with tears as she clutched at him, struggling to suck in air at the sight of him.

"W-why would you do that?" She choked out, her arms still wrapped around him as she tried to not only catch herself against him up hold him up too. "You idiot." She whimpered, still shaking uncontrollably as she cast her eyes around frantically. The mortals that had noticed what occurred had quickly departed, and were hardly of her concern. She had to get him back to the mansion.


"Because you are too rare and beautiful to be left in that state," Fandral wheezes as the full shudders of pain are upon him, "And if I could make it better…even for a moment…I would my damsel in distress." And that foolish swashbuckler has always been a sucker to a woman in distress, even if in her cold state she didn't recognize that she was in distress, "I'm serious though my dear. This won't last. I do not know what you need to do to help yourself but…if you desire more than the void, now would be the time to seek the cure before your coldness seeps back in."

The pain is getting worse, it's evident by the shudders going down his body, "I'm going to collapse and enter a slumber. I do not think this will kill me but my body can not thrive while I am so empty." His knees shake, strength of will can only keep him upright for so long, "Please make sure my body is taken someone safe." And then it happens, the merciful blackness, the void; has completely overtaken his body and it responds by shutting everything but the most basic of life down so his body can repair the life-threatening damage he's done to himself.

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