1963-10-26 - Study Buddies
Summary: Lorna and Jean make friends in the library
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Lorna sat in the library after having met with Emma Frost over meeting people at the Xavier Institute. She set a stack of books down with a heavy sigh, pushing her bangs back from her eyes as she eyed the stack of science textbooks before her. A grimace pulled at her lips as she settled down in her seat, scratching the back of her neck before she opened a book at random and started to flip through it idly.

But her thoughts were a torrent. She kept replaying over and over the scene in the museum where her powers and Erik's had resonated and set the lights flickering. Then it was sitting in the Xavier institute's parlour and the conversation moving to her possible relation to Erik.

It was all too strange to her. And even worse that Emma told her to not contact anyone from there until she had sorted things out. A sigh pulled from her lips again, and she flipped the page then realized she hadn't even read the previous one.


She had been away from both schools for some time now. And it seems as if she were just now trying her best to fit in and make it work. It was an odd change, really. In some ways she didn't really need to study but Jean would have at least liked to make it all organic. But it seems as if her mind was in a rut as well. So many things happening, so much unwillingness to do anything about it, it pretty much itched at the back of her head but she needed to focus to get into college for next year.

Not a table away, Jean finally leans back into her chair, pencil tossed into the air and caught, tossed yet again and caught.. tossed again and..

"I think you should slow down." She calls out to Lorna. Even though there was a tiny 'shh' in the background, she continues on. "You're pretty loud over there. And.. rushed. All over the place. Driving me nuts." As if she wasn't already.


Lorna paused, her brows shooting upwards and she blinked repeatedly as it took a minute to figure out who was talking to her. She glanced around her once, twice and a third time with an expression of 'who me?'. Then she gestured at herself to clarify, and leaned away from her book. "Uhm, me? Sorry?"

Her confusion deepened, and Jean would be able to pick up a string of thoughts of along the lines of, 'What did I do?' 'I certainly wasn't talking', 'Was someone talking?'


There wasn't any need to focus on her studies anymore. Jean vacates her table, leaving open books, a bookbag, maybe even a piece of sandwich upon a plate by the wayside. There wasn't even a question of if she could join, the chair was pulled out and she flops right down upon it, her back turned slightly so that she could look along the room before she decides to speak. "Yes you."

And then the cadence of answers come.. "Nothing. You were thinking. No one was talking." This time, she lowers her voice, her head dipping as she tries to draw out a smile from the other girl. "I'm Jean. Jean Grey." She holds out her hand in her slightly messy introduction, but Jean was not good with people, or making friends for that matter. Sad.


If Jean had approached Lorna a few weeks ago, she'd likely have freaked out at such an introduction, but now? Now she beamed excitedly and leaned forward to shake hands with the telepath. "You're like Miss Frost!" She whispered in a hush tone. "Sorry I was loud, I didn't mean to be. I had a /really/ busy day. Like it was so far out!"

The brunette practically bounced in her seat as she shook Jean's hand. "I'm Lorna Dane, it's so totally cool to meet another student besides my roommate that's here like me. I mean, my roommate is cool, but she's my roommate, you know?" She grinned again.


What?! Jean wasn't about to freak out, but.. holy crap! What a greeting! There was an -immediate- like for Lorna. So much so that she couldn't help but break out into a joyous laughter that she hadn't felt in such a long time! And here she was attempting to be all cool and all knowing! Lorna broke that wall down with the quickness as she quickly nodded head. "Yes yes! I'm like her and it's -so- okay. Really, I mean.. I should have just stopped mentally wandering and focused on.. Health. Really disgusting subject."

"Lorna! Calm down! Like.. okay. You -say- your day was far out but what really happened? I don't know if you're troubled or not but I don't.. well.. huh. How can I say this? It didn't feel swell.. in here." Jean points at her chest, but finally releases Lorna's hands there after. "And who's your roomie? I don't have one. In fact.. I don't even live here yet.."


Lorna sagged in her chair slightly, a twist of her lips following as she fidgeted. "Okay, so it wasn't all totally far out and cool. But it wasn't dull as Health at least." She smiled again, and pushed her hair back from her face.

"Don't get me wrong, I love science but health is so dry to me." She squirmed then and groaned, dragging a hand over her eyes.

"I had just had a really, well a looot happened today." She mumbled, lifting up her hands and turning them this way and that. "I sometime wish what I could do wasn't so obvious.." Mental images of wires snapping free, of metal bending and flying this way and that in the museum. While Erik Lensherr might claim to have better control most days, the fact that he hadn't and had done what he had done..? That /she/ might have that much power too? It was jarring to say the least to the young girl that was still trying to make paperclips stop sticking to her.


"I kind of like it, though certain subjects pertaining to the brain. Reproductive systems? Shut. Up!" Jean tries to laugh, at least to aid some lightness to the conversation, though.. her hand lifts to rub slightly at her temple as she focuses upon Lorna. Not mentally at first, t'was her posture. It almost seems like her new friend was down in the dumps. Jean wanted to fix that, but she doesn't.

The image of the wires snapping and a face in the fray is what has her wincing completely. "Professor Lensherr was there?" Erik. She calls him that for some ungodly reason. "I think that's why Miss Frost has us here. To learn control. And also to be comfortable with ourselves. I mean, I'd kill to be just like her, even if it was for a day."


A gusty sigh follows and Loran smiles faintly at Jean at the 'reproductive systems'. "Oooh, so you're one of thooose girls." She waggled her brows up and down, her lips pulling into a wide grin as she ribbed Jean lightly.

But then her smile faded slightly and she blinked, "Oh? So he /is/ a Professor? How cool! We have the same powers.." She whispered, leaning forward.

"There was a resonance in the museum and it was terrifying, but I got things under control." The young teenager, not that Lorna knew the girl's name, who had helped calm her somewhat. But otherwise Lorna had totally done it on her own.

"Someone brought up that we might be related or something, I think maybe he might be a cousin or maybe a long lost uncle. Wouldn't that be cool?"


"Huh." Jean totally didn't get it. Like, she was way out there when it came to the personal jokes.

Though back to the matter at hand! "Oh no no, well I don't know. I call him Professor because I call Professor Xavier Professor. I mean.. it sounds confusing right? Plus, he's at the school and he's well beyond needing a diploma. Not that he's old. I mean, it's okay being old, but not okay.." Her hand lifts to smack against her face, inhaling then slowly exhaling. "Nevermind.."

Though, there was a thought. A thought in so much that Jean was actually studying Lorna's features. Quite obviously too. Even squinting her nose completely. "Sure. It would be.." But Jean doesn't sound convinced, maybe because often times she's scared shitless of Erik.


Lorna arched a brow, her head tilting to the side as Jean fumbled for words for a long while but she paused well enough as the woman glanced over her features. "I have never met anyone with powers even remotely similar to mine. And he was really nice! I hope that he'll want to help me out at some point. Even if we're not related, but it would be totally cool to have a surprise relative to practice with. Wouldn't it?"

Clearly, she had a vastly different mental image of the man smiling and introducing himself than Jean had of a scary metal manipulator. But then again, just knowing someone else out there was /like her/ clearly meant the world to the young woman.


"Yes. I guess you could say that was nice.." Jean was still looking, but she really didn't see any outwards similarities, though she could be focusing the thought of Erik's face, and not Lorna's. There was an odd wonder of who'd the mother would be.. and if she was actually pretty. And why didn't they stick together? A question for the ethers!

"Well, I am glad that we at least have someone in common, or something at least. I mean.. being here is kind of a shock. I didn't know anyone else from the Institute here and it was starting to get a little bit lonely. Not that I mind being alone but.. you get me, right?"


Lorna shrugged away the previous conversation about her day, and then nodded with a smile. "Yeah, I get that. I'm used to being on my own mostly.. but having friends is really nice. Hey, we should take a break from studying and get some food!"

She practically jumped out of her seat, bundled with energy as she beamed at Jean. "The dinning hall is free for all students, and they have the best stuff ever. And it's always open!" She flashed her teeth in a wide grin.

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