1963-10-27 - Surprise Adoption!
Summary: Emma tells Lorna she is adopted. Surprise!
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Several days after the earlier talk regarding Lorna's encounter with the people from Xavier's Institute, an invitation has been left for Miss Dance to meet with her again. This invitation was delivered to her dormitory room while she was in class: a small square envelope of the highest quality white paper, with hand-written elegant script and no postmark, addressed simply as 'Miss Dane'. Inside, an equally high-quality card with more graceful and sweeping, elegant script.

"I have information that I believe we should discuss. I will be in the conference room we used last time, at seven-thirty this evening. I do hope this will not be too inconvenient for you."

The note is signed simply: E.

At the appointed hour, Emma Grace Frost is seated in the exact same seat she was previously. Her attire is different, but it is still all pristine, radiant white, and the highest quality and best designers in the most flattering designs. Emma is perfectly coifed, hands crossed in her lap, legs crossed at the knee, waiting patiently.


Lorna had indeed put, well mostly, put the thoughts of what had happened at their last meeting from her mind. She had made friends with Jean, and they just clicked. The girl was fast becoming Lorna's best friend, and Lorna quite hoped that next semester they might end up roommates at some point. Decidedly having a mind reader as a roommate would have challenges, but it would save so much on roommate communication!

Still, Lorna arrived straight from the dinning hall, her cheeks flushed with the crisp fall air that had settled outside and she took her jacket off as she entered the conference room. A breathless sort of smile on her lips as she sat with a slight bounce to her form on the nearest seat available near Emma.

"Hello Miss Frost, I hope you weren't waiting long." She grinned, the perfect image of an All-American girl enjoying her time at college.


"Not too long, Miss Dane. Please, have a seat." Emma offers, waiting while the young woman settles, and warms up a bit. "Whether you realize it or not, you posed a question to me recently. I have gone to some effort to find an answer to that question. Though incomplete, the answer I have is something I feel I should share with you." And thus their meeting this evening. "I trust dinner was good?" What a nice non-sequitur that is.


A tilt of her head sent brown hair tumbling over Lorna's shoulders, she wore it free from her usual ponytail this time and she pushed it back behind her ears as she scooted the chair forward. "Huh? I made a question?" She blinked repeatedly trying and failing what question she had posed to the woman even if it hadn't been exactly said.

But then the question about dinner has her distracted and she nods, a smile pulling at her lips. "Oh yes! It was great, as always. I really love the food there, I can't imagine why anyone would bother eating off campus."


"That is rather the point of our investments into the dining hall." Emma offers with droll aplomb and gentle amusement. But it's true: that is why the school has invested so heavily in the dining hall. Keeping their students on campus as much as possible encourages a stronger community feeling amongst the students, greater dedication to their educational setting, and makes all the hard work worth it.

"Now, as to your question. You were concerned about the possibility - raised by those from the Xavier Institute - that you might be somehow related to Mister Lensherr." Emma offers. Yep. She rips the scab right off, addressing the point boldly and baldly.

"I have looked into this. I do not yet know whether you are in fact related to him. But I have discovered that you are in fact adopted. Well loved, even adored. But you are adopted, rather then genetically the child of Arnold and Suzanna." Emma continues the forthright, direct approach. She is polite. She is careful. But she is not, as stated, the warm and fuzzy sort.


The smile fades from Lorna's face as quickly as a switch being flicked at Emma's words as she spoke. Yet remained silent long after the beautiful blonde dropped the proverbial bomb on her.



Lorna blinked, her brows furrowing as she sat back in her seat. "No.. no.. that's impossible. I'm .. I couldn't possibly be adopted. My parents would've said something. You don't /lie/ about that to someone. No.." She exhaled a breath of a false laugh, shaking her head.

"It's not possible. There are baby pictures, a cradle.. everything.. no.."


Emma shakes her head. "Lorna. I invited you here. I would never lie to you. I may not always tell you everything I know. But what I tell you, I know or at least have every reason to believe is true."

« And you know I have ways of obtaining truth few can match. »

The platinum blonde smiles gently. "They love you as their own. They adopted you as a baby. Hence the cradle. The baby pictures. Everything. They simply never got around to telling you that you were adopted. It was hard enough, making sure you knew you were loved despite being different and needing to hide that from others. They avoided trying to tackle this, because they believed it did not matter, and that it would never come up. You were adopted from immediately post-war Poland, after all."


As Emma spoke, both mentally and verbally, Lorna exhaled a shaky breath. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Repeat. The girl was clearly trying to keep control, even as the truth of the blonde's words started to settle. She was clearly shaken, and clearly just holding control. But hold it she did.

"I-I'm.. I was… a-ad.. I was f-from Poland?" She breathed out.

She avoided the word, 'adopted'. Mentally shying from it as much as she had saying it. A shudder crawled up her back, and she wrapped her arms around her middle. Just as everything metal in the room shuddered with her.

"So what you're saying it.. t-that I don't.. I mean.. I might.. be.. be actually.. that what they had said is possibly true?"


"It might be. I cannot confirm your genetic relation to Lensherr. But yes, it might be true." Emma offers. Then she reaches out, resting a hand on the younger woman's hands. "And I will still help you to find the rest of your answers. But this much I could tell you. And so I have. As promised." Always the truth. "And for the record, I believe you should consider going home for a visit this weekend. I think Arnold and Suzanna would appreciate a visit from their daughter, whom they love very much."


At the gentle touch, Lorna's control of her emotions, at least loosened and she bowed her head. A soft sob choking her response as her head bobbed in a weak nod, and tears rolled down her cheeks. She sniffled, reaching up to rub at her eyes as she struggled with being able to breathe and calm the mixture of emotions that whirled within her.

What metal there was in the room rattled, and the lights flickered once, before Lorna squared her jaw and struggled to calm the magnetic reaction. At least the lights remained on this time, even if there was still a faint rattle to anything metallic.


"And, equally for the record, I am proud of you. Already you are learning greater control." Emma offers. "You have a long way to go. But you also have a long time to get there. If you need assistance with travel arrangements for this weekend, let me know." Emma withdraws her hand, and settles back to that calm, cold neutral stance that is her default.


Lorna seems to struggle with her emotions for a long time before being able to formulate a response. Even if the clock in the room is now hours off and every piece of metal has moved a good two or three inches toward Lorna, all in all, nothing had actually been damaged. Whether it was because of the girl's control, or a judgement on how emotionally exhausted she already was, it was impossible to be certain.

Her hands rubbed at her eyes, and nose, and she sniffled a few times before managing a response. "I can drive. I-I'll be okay." She mumbled tearfully, her voice higher in pitch than it likely should be.


Emma simply nods. "As you wish. I merely did not wish to deprive you of relevant assistance." Emma won't belabor the point. She understands how hard it is for Lorna to face this, and control her emotions in the face of it. But she is doing so, and with better control than before she started her training. In time, she'll face things like this with no power flare-ups at all.

In time, Lorna will compare favorably with the power of Erik Lensherr, if necessary.

Time will tell.

"I will initiate contact with these others. I will learn what I can from them. And when I believe it is safe, I will see to proper testing to confirm that you are, or are not, this man's biological daughter." It's a firm promise. Emma's relationship with her own family may be crap, but she recognizes the power it holds in the lives of others.


Another soft sniffle followed as Lorna struggled to hold in her tears and her powers, another soft shudder of all things metal in the room following. She exhaled, breathing hard, as her gaze lifting upwards toward Emma again. Her brows shoot upwards as the woman spoke of starting contact, and eventual testing. A lump formed in her throat and she shifted awkwardly in her seat. No longer was there excitement at the thought of meeting a 'relative' a long lost uncle or cousin.. no, now it was a much, much, more entangled relation. Her birth father.

/That/ thought sent her stomach plunging and she slowly nodded along to what Emma said, her mind distracted again on breathing. In. Hold. Out. Repeat.


Emma sits quietly, watching but saying nothing. She doesn't interrupt. She doesn't cajole. But she is there. She has heard it said - in the halls of minds as it is aloud - that mere human presence can be an enormous help and show of support. If so, that she can do. More? Not really. But that at least she can do. And will.

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