1963-10-27 - Drinking with a Purpose
Summary: Sean goes looking for information surrounding a mutant terrorist network and finds Domino, who he knows from her recent arrest and subsequent escape from police custody. The two talk and after a little knife play, Domino agrees to follow up on Sean's expressed interest in joining the cause.
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Theme Song: A Little Less Conversation
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It's been a strange couple of days getting settled into a new life. He's not exactly sure what to make of everything yet, so he finds himself gravitating towards what he knows and what he expected to do here. So he has made his way down to what gathers is called Mutant Town to start finding out more about these so called mutant terrorists that SHIELD knows nothing about except that they maybe exist?

Sean looks like garbage. Some of that is on purpose, he has on a tight plain white tee shirt and dirty jeans that are fraying over some beat up biker boots. It's a far cry from his normal suits, which look far too much like COP!! to even the dumbest criminal. Some is the result of a rough welcome from some vampires, he has a black eye, and lots of visible bandages on his arms and on his face. He currently is playing pool in the back with a glass of whiskey always near by. He currently is gamely losing to a terrible biker looking dude. People seem to get more chatty when they are winning.


There's something to be said about trying to get into a mutants-only establishment while looking like Domino does. The funny part is that she doesn't think she's a mutant, though the white skin and black tattoo seems to help with giving others such an impression. The big guy at the door just gives the smaller gal a lengthy stare before motioning onward with a tic of his head.

Thus begins her evening of drinking festivities. She's moving a little stiffly, if it's due to injury it's hiding somewhere beneath all of the black road leathers she's decked out in. They look like they've seen some abuse lately, though whether due to actual contact with the road or contact with the various critters that have been leaping out of the Hellmouth is anyone's guess.

Regardless, she just looks like bad news from every possible angle. She's also going straight for the rum, two shots ordered at the counter. She doesn't bother glancing about at everyone else until she's got a drink comfortably sitting in her hand. It's a mixed bunch alright, though it's the visible injuries of the guy by the pool table which gives her pause. And the biker-ish looking guy that's claiming the round.


Loudly proclaiming his bad luck as his opponent sinks the last ball, Sean grumbles as he reaches into his pocket to pull out a few bills and drop them on the table. With a friendly threat of "Tom'row night y'r ass in mine." Sean takes a friendly swat at the other man's shoulder before heading to the bar with his empty glass.

Setting his empty on the bar next to Domino, he starts to indicate to the bartender that he'd like another before he catches himself. "UHhm. Sorry, I'll switch t'Guiness." The bartender gives him a confused look and indicates the 3 domestic beers on tap. Sean winces and looks at them before asking "D'ye have anything darker than a dirty blond?" The bartender again shows him all three beer choices before Sean grumbles and picks Budweiser with more than a bit of disgust in his voice.

He hasn't "looked" at Domino yet, but he's been sizing her up subtly since she walked in. She looks dangerous, that's a really good sign.


Everything in due time. With the ginger now hanging around the bar as well it's only a matter of time before Domino looks his way with a smirk. "'Looking like shit' seems to be going around lately. You get run over by the Demon Express, too? If you're interested in drowning it out with something dark you're gonna have to keep looking, they seem to like keeping it simple around here."

Watching the game stalled her out a little back there, she only now seems to be reminded of the first shot in her hand. It's easily taken care of, the small glass flipped upside down and set back onto the counter with a dull clunk.

A slight grimace follows the progression of the liquid passing into her system. "Even the harder stuff seems kinda tame, but it's priced to move."


Feigning surprise as if he hadn't yet noticed her Sean says "Na, I always look like shite. Course the bitey hell things didn't help, but they can't be blamed f'r me ugly mug." He raises his glass of Bud to her as she downs a shot and with a "Slainte." takes a sip of his own. He doesn't wince, but does do a small head bob to the side as if to say it's okay.

"Normally I'm not very picky. But 've been cuttin' back recently so I'm tryin' to enjoy quality over quantity.. it's not going well." He smiles as he watches her downing shots "What 'bout you? You get roughed up by some of the nasty demons? Or just the regular kind?"


"Nasty enough to have discovered the wonderful world of creating tools for battle," Domino replies with an irritated eyeroll. "If it isn't the claws it's the fangs or the horns or the spines or the whatever the hell else they've got going that day of the week, cripes. A month ago if you told me all of this nonsense existed I'd say you were tripping something major. Now it's the damn norm around here. This city, I don't know… Sooner or later, somethin's gotta break. Hopefully not me," she adds with a return of the earlier smirk.

Turning to gently lean her elbows back onto the counter she then motions to the rest of the room with an upward bob of her head. "Just look at this lot. You'd think if people like this banded together they'd have the problem sorted out by week's end. Most are too afraid to leave this part of town, already cut off at the knees by the freaking authorities. It's a mess."


Smiling as she rants a bit about the current state of the city, Sean gently chides her with "I'm bettin' yer too tough t'break." Part of the smile is that he can't believe his luck in finding one of the few easily identifiable suspects that he's read about in his few short days. Now he just needs to sort out if mutant terrorist is really a thing, or if the cops just can't tell the difference between mutant and mutant terrorist.

As she asks him to look, he does in deed look around. "I dunno bout that. I'm one o' these lot and I still got me arse handed t'me by just two or three of those bloodsuckers. And somethin' tells me most of these poor souls lack the balls t'stand up to a normal bully, let alone a hellhound intent on rippin out their throat."


Sometimes..a lady just needs to rant. Even Domino. Besides, it's a good way to put some feelers out and see if there's anyone else in the area that might make good additions to the twisted little gang she's gone and signed up with.

She also really likes her booze. Hang out at a bar, sooner or later -someone- will likely be able to recognize ol' Spot.

"I like to think that I can hold my own," she suggests while taking and downing her second shot. That slight grimace returns, there and gone in a second's passing. "Not dead yet. Must be doing something right."

The pale gal sighs gently while looking back to the room at large, only half focused on what she sees. "An unfortunate setback..but the truth sucks. A lot of it comes from a lack of direction. It's hard to find your own voice against all of the opposition. Sometimes you need someone else to be that voice. Aaand sometimes..even -that's- not enough…" she adds with a heavy note of sarcasm.

Her next comment is said in a low-pitched voice, "Apparently mutation has left a lot of 'em without spines. Even before this 'Hellmouth' nonsense."

A deep breath fills her lungs as she looks back to the other guy. "How about you? You look pretty normal to be lurking around these parts. Is your special ability having bad judgement?" she teases.


"HA!" A good hearty laugh in response to the part about not being dead yet. "Boy do I know that song. Not dead yet, but not f'r lack of trying?" He chuckles to himself, sure it's not maybe what she was saying but he's also not afraid to look a little more tipsy than he actually is.

As she drops into a conspiratorial whisper Sean has to take a sip of beer to stop from smiling. He replies "I don't know if they lack the spine. I t'ink they might lack the voice, like ya said. Someone to tell them to quit their damn cryin' an' do somethin' about their life."

"Me? I got the special ability to blow yer damn mind in the sack…" cheeky grin "… but me powers involves breakin' stuff with me voice. 'n you? Ya got powers or just a permanent black eye?"


Domino hooks a brow upward with the sudden laugh, looking sidelong at the ginger. Just how many drinks did he have before she got here..? "Yeah, that's the damn truth," she agrees.

"Yeah, I'm just gonna take your word on that first part there, Tiger," she replies with smirk intact. "Destructive harmonics, huh? Well, someone musta vouched for you to have made it in this swell joint."

Commenting about the black eye actually causes a hand to subconsciously come up to brush fingertips along the bottom edge of the tattoo marring her face, just long enough to collect her thoughts and smile a thin, emotionally void smile. "I'm allergic to the sun," she deadpans.

She's also lying. Lying very convincingly. But, to someone trained as an Agent of the Division it isn't a flawless fib.

"One of the nice things about Central Park going to Hell. Looot of darkness," she says with a slow nodding of her head. "Then there's that whole 'winter' thing right around the corner."


Taking a decent sip of his beer, he swallows and smiles back. "Sure, if ya want to be fancy. I yell, stuff explodes. I'm a big fan of it."

Sean watches her reaction with a slight bit of consternation. He was certainly not expecting her to feel self-conscious, and especially not here. He tilts his head and asks, "Yer power is an allergy? Well tha' fuckin' sucks." Sean doesn't particularly care what the truth is, but the fact that she is lying tells him she's a bit better than he expected. She might have some training or experience here.

"As glad as I am t'have a place where I don't have to pretend otherwise.. I like the idea of there bein' more to this place. F'r people like us, t'do something about it. Stand up and be fuckin' seen, 'r in my case, heard." Let's bring this back and see if we can't get her ranting about taking action some more.


Domino 'huhs' softly, "That does sound rather handy. Do you get a lot of sore throats?" Then with a somewhat amused snort and dip of her head, "Not everyone lucks out with flying or super-strength or whatever the hell. Me, I have a vitamin D deficiency."

Sean's in luck. Not only does she not like to talk about herself, she -does- like to talk about fighting. She might have one helluva chip on her shoulder. Digging around in SHIELD's archives some might help explain why, too.

"Yeah?" she asks, turning to look his way again. "You gettin' all geared up to 'stick it to the man?' I'm sure you aren't the only one. Just look at this hole where they've shoved all of us off to, swept under the giant proverbial rug. That was their first mistake… Putting us all together rather than keeping us apart."

Leaning just a little bit closer and pitching her voice down a few decibles, she asks "You ever raise that voice of yours against someone?"


Sean just kind of smiles and takes another drink to the question about sore throats. As she adds the bit about Vitamin D deficiency he just nods and tries his best not to narrow his eyes or look suspicious as he would normally.

"I don't have to get geared up. I'm always ready for a fight, especially when people start tellin' ya where you do or don't belong, or what ye can or cannae do." As she asks about his experience "Well I didn' stop those vampires with me fists, an' I sure can't seem t'keep myself out of yer more normal scraps. Why? D'ye have somethin fun in mind?"

As he says it, Sean can feel himself leaning into it, smiling genuinely. This is the part that starts to get a little hazy. Is he itching for a fight because it would help cement his cover? Or does he really just want to beat the crap out of someone or something? Being in an openly mutant bar is a new experience, and he's finding it oddly more compelling than he thought he would.


Here Domino shakes her head, holding a hand up to put a halt to the current train of thought. "That's different. Vampires and demons and all that nonsense are a threat to -everyone.- You aren't standing up for anything when you kick their collective asses. C'mon, close your tab. Let's take a walk."

Granted, she had been looking forward to getting a -lot- further than two shots tonight, buuut… Sometimes a little extra discretion is a good thing. In a place like this she wouldn't be at all surprised if someone had super hearing. If they want to join 'the fight' then they can wait their own damn turn.

She puts a few bills on the counter to cover her own drinks then eases back onto her feet, more than content to lead the way back outside. So much the better if they don't walk out together, as well.

Outside she can wait, hands tucked into jacket pockets against the evening chill. There's plenty of alleys to tour around here. Lots of 'off the grid' niches for any manner of unpleasantness.


"Oh..kay?" Sean doesn't think it's the wrong thing to do from a field craft perspective, but in this role, he'll pretend to be confused by what's happening. He throws down a few bills and hurries after, the consummate picture of an inexperienced idiot.

Catching back up with her outside "Hey! What happened… I was drinkin' in there, we were talking..?" At least he can have a smoke outside now, something about a cigarette in the cool fall weather. He graciously offers one to her before he lights up.


It's when that cigarette is offered that the albino makes her move. She's quick and precise when bringing a knife out of a pocket and flicking it around in her hand. It's a simple attack, but a completely unexpected one. Her off-hand tries to shove the ginger back up against the side of the building while seeking the side of his neck with the honed steel.

That's as far as it would get. Domino isn't going for the kill. It's not even a full-on attack. She's testing his reaction time and, much more importantly, -how- he responds. It'll be real easy to turn her blade away, to block the approach. If he's really got his mind in it he can retaliate.

If there really is a fighting spirit in the guy, she's looking to find it for herself.


Oh? So we're doing this? Sean is momentarily taken off guard more in that he can't decide how to react 'in character'. That hesitation passes quickly as he lets his experience just take over. He raises his arm to block the knife attack and then tries to twist it away from her while slamming his head forward for a headbutt. The headbutt is more a diversion to stop his movements from looking too polished.

"What. The. Fuck!?" is said loudly, not super humanly loud yet, but nearby trashcans rattle.


The knife is surrendered, mostly because she's not looking to have her forehead bashed into this evening. In the same motion that Domino is disarmed she turns with it and -just- manages to avoid getting herself a killer headache.

Then she's hopping a quick step back (with a noticeable wince,) holding empty palms up toward the ginger.

She's also looking just a tad surprised with the rattling of trashcans nearby.

"There's the fire…" she teases the guy with another return of her smirk. "Easy, now. You wouldn't believe how many people talk a tough game but cave the instant there's trouble staring them in the face. I just needed to see what you'd do. I don't care about getting into a scrap with Hell's finest. But up against one of your own, or maybe a couple of thugs..rioters..cops..?" she trails off with an expectant look.


As the knife drops, Sean lets up the pressure on the hand quickly, and is actually thankful not to land the blow with his head. He kind of forgot just how messed up his face already is. As she starts talking Sean narrows his eyes and contemplates punching her anyway, just to set the tone but manages to not go that route.

"Yer lucky I didn't just grind you inta the fuckin' concrete. If'n ye ever try somethin' stupid like tha' again, I will hurt you." His blood is still pumping and well, she said she was looking for fire so might as well play that up a bit. "But yea, I've stomped plenty o' people in my day. Hell, I've even done much worse, back home. S'why 'm here… I'm persona non grata back in the good' ol' Emerald isle."


"Wouldn't be in your best interest, Red," Domino suggests in a voice which has gone awfully calm. "Here's the deal," she starts while letting her hands drop. She'll take the knife back as well, given the opportunity. And put it back in a pocket. "There are some of us around the area that really believe in looking out for our own, but not every mutant shares the same views that we do. Sometimes they try to push back. It's unfortunate. It sucks. Standing up for the little guy is all fine and good but family still comes first."

"So," she offers while holding her arms out to the sides. "You wanna finish what I started then I've got some pals that'll be happy to pay you a visit. Or..maybe we call things good here, and you just might get a chance to meet them on much better terms. You're itchin' to get your scrap on. We happen to know where the good fights are."

There just might be a little extra emphasis placed on her words when she says 'good fight,' too.


"Look, I don' know what whacko game y'r playin' but you were the one who pulled the knife. I'm tellin' you, I'm not lookin' f'r crazy." Crazy just flames out, it's not anything to really worry about. "But. If yer talkin' about knowin' how someone might use his fists t'make some changes.. well that's a different story."

He hands back the knife but watches her eyes carefully, genuinely not sure if she's going to come at him again.


She isn't. Domino learned what she wanted to learn out of the exercise, and she got his attention as well! She's also proven that he either isn't all that drunk or he's -really- good at sobering up in a hurry.

"Whacko game?" she challenges. "It's more of a test." One which she doesn't bother to say if he had just passed or not but she's still talking, that's probably a good sign. "Change takes two primary elements. Force, and time. Not all of us have the time to spare. Now if you're serious about taking a stand for your own kind then stick around. We'll come find you in a couple of days."


Sean knows exactly what it is, but she hadn't said that part yet, so he tries to play dumb. Yes, his reaction time does not line up with everything else in the bar, but maybe he's just really good? Maybe not. He looks thoughtful as she makes the small speech, but he nods towards the end.

"I'm around." He indicates the area, though he doesn't live here, he's made it a habit of showing his face to try and get some information. And with that he nods and heads back inside. Now he's at least earned another whiskey.


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