1963-10-28 - Teacher (Parent) Teacher Conference
Summary: Erik returns Lorna to the Frost Institute and meets with Emma Frost
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It was a sense of duty that drove Magneto to drive Lorna Dane back to the Frost Institute. That, and the possibility that he might have something to do with the young woman's existence. It was a slim possibility, but the very thought of it pressed him to care for her, in a way he hasn't begun to even understand yet.

Not long after the powder blue Chevy rolled down Greymalkin Lane, the weather opened up, dumping loads of water upon the countryside. The impending fact that caused Erik to insist upon driving.

During the trip, they've made conversation. Mostly about magnetokinesis, Erik even going so far as to power the vehicle's wheels with sheer magnetic force. He'd have shut off the engine, had it not been dangerous to deprive the vehicle of its necessary power (headlamps, wipers, and the like).

The one point of conversation he deftly avoided was the war. Poland. Another time.

Its late in the evening when the car pulls up to the institute. Erik is the first out, and opens a large umbrella to ward off the rainfall. His eyes look uptown, where doom hovers over Central Park and westward, toward Hell's Kitchen. Then, he comes around the other side and opens the door for Lorna, ushering her under the umbrella's wide diameter.

"The Frost Institute?" he asks her casually.


Lorna had kept up the conversation with a decidedly more chipper tone, even as she pouted over the ice pack, she kept it on her forehead nonetheless. She talked about her car, how she'd gotten it from an uncle who ran a shop up in Upstate New York—and then promptly turned over the word about him being her uncle in the first place. But still, the love she had for the car was clear. And she even attempted to play with the dial on the radio with her powers, and was successful (twice). There was little fear that she'd mess up the car otherwise, as Erik had it well under his power. The lack of fear, the presence of another more skilled user of the same powers had her sinking into a more comfortable usage than she previously had. It showed in the ease of her conversation with him, and the lack of strain in the line of her shoulders.

Even the grin that spread of her lips followed as she looked to him for approval when she played with such a small use of her power, but it was there.

When the car pulled to a stop and he opened the door for her, she offered a nod, stepping under the offered shelter of the umbrella. "Yeah," Her chipper demeanor softened and she dropped her gaze, chewing her lower lip. A guilty dipping of her head followed a soft sigh.

"You know you don't /have/ to uhm.. she.. I mean she wanted to talk to you eventually.." She winced.


Oh yes, Emma Frost wanted to meet Mister Erik Lensherr. In point of fact, she had explained this in detail to young Miss Dane, her intent being to meet with Lensherr in person, one on one, and discuss all of these matters before young Miss Dane was back in contact with him, or the Xavier Institute.

We can all see how well that worked out, now can't we?

But having received the message that Lorna was coming back to the Frost Institute, and apparently being escorted by Mister Lensherr himself, Emma has made a point of getting to the Institute herself, in spite of the rain and while avoiding the dangers of Central Park and points southwest of it. Thankfully, the Frost Institute is substantially southeast of it, but still on Manhattan island. Emma doesn't like that. But it's not like anyone told her there would be a Hellmouth in Central Park before she had the school established here.

Damned real estate agents.

Emma is already seated in the conference room set aside for the use of the Meritorious Committee in the Administration Building of the Frost Institute. The best part of this is that with the covered walkways on the campus, one can get from the parking garage nearby to the admin building without fear of the rain, at least so long as it doesn't start flying sideways under high winds. Usually, the building would be closed and dark at this hour on a Sunday. But Emma has had the outer lights turned on, and the doors near the parking garage entrance unlocked.


"Perhaps she'll see fit to speak this evening," Erik answers. "It is quite late."

Once inside, Erik closes the umbrella, leaving it upon a coat rack to drip dry. He does not remove his outer coat; truth be told, he isn't anticipating anything more than a drop off. Plus, there is an item of utmost importance he's carrying within the trench coat, and he does not wish to be parted of it.

"Beautiful facility," he remarks to Lorna, after they have been intercepted by a staff member and led toward the conference room. "The infrastructure is smart. Modernized look, without compromising the original architecture…" He's impressed.


Lorna squirms faintly under the staff member's directive to go to the conference room and that Miss Frost was awaiting them. She chewed her lower lip, ducking her head as she rubbed the back of her neck and glanced around the hall before them with the lights still on. "Yeah.. it's a great place. The dining hall is my favorite though, it's always open and students can get anything they'd like. Also the library. That's pretty far out for individual and independent study."

As they approach the conference room she peels off her coat, it was always warm inside the buildings despite the chill of the October air. "I even have a wooden clock in my dorm ‘cause I kept setting off the time and was late to things.."


The staff member in question happens to be a white-liveried gentleman in a chauffeur's uniform, and he leads Erik and Lorna to the conference room and nods, gesturing to the doors. "I will wait here, Sir, to escort you back when you are done."

That said, the two magnetokinetics are left to open the doors themselves. Inside, as Lorna is well familiar, is a large and comfortably appointed conference room, the massive table dominating the space enough to seat 10, with four along each side and one each at the head and foot of the table. And at the head, the far side of the room, sits the resplendently white-clad platinum blonde Emma Frost, reclining slightly, hands clasped on her lap as she watches their entrance.

"Mister Lensherr, I presume, given the message I received? Welcome to the Frost Institute. Thank you, kindly, for bringing our wayward student back safely." Lorna takes a moment to glance at Lorna herself, first assessingly, and then with a brief moment of ice-hard intent. To the highly astute, it would be a clue that she is unhappy, but it is only there for a moment, and then it is gone as she is back to being the welcoming hostess.

"I had hoped to meet with you at your convenience, Mister Lensherr." Emma resumes. "Perhaps, as you are here now, we could have that discussion? Or do you have to be going?"


A small smirk forms when Lorna mentions using a wooden clock. Her journey to learning how to use her abilities is turning out to be much, much different than his own. "Tell me you haven't accidentally woken your classmates by setting off theirs?" Erik asides.

When left at the door, Erik leans forward to pull them open, and allows Lorna to enter first. He removes a trilby hat upon entry, then remains politely quiet while any introductions are made. When it becomes clear that he seems to be the center of attention (for now), he steps forward.

Many things are noted. Emma's demeanor, the look given to Lorna, her choice of words. Erik is quite the perceptive one; he watches, he doesn't speak unless necessary. Especially noteworthy is her choice of demeanor, that she does not stand or offer a hand in greeting.

"Miss Frost," he answers in kind, his tone diplomatic and even. A glance is given to Lorna when she is spoken of. "Considering Miss Dane's emotional state, I wouldn't have seen her driving back her alone, in spite of the weather."

Turning back to Emma, he raises an eyebrow. "The Xavier Institute has sent a car for me, but I do have the luxury of time. Assuming the hour is not too late?"


"I haven't noticed if I set off the other alarms in the dorm.." She mumbled, heat rising to her cheeks as they step inside and Emma's gaze settles on her. She ducks her head, guilt for having driven off to the Xaiver Institute without permission clear in the line of her shoulders as she visibly deflated. She averted her gaze, silently moving to a chair and hanging her coat off the back. She chewed her lower lip, as the two adults in the room speak.

If Emma checked over her thoughts there was a defensive sort of replaying of her reasonings, of rambling explanations for the impulse that she had taken in driving not to Upstate New York. Otherwise, she had fallen silent, knowing she had disappointed the mentor that had given her so much.


Emma too is a very perceptive and careful woman. She remained seated to take the measure of Erik, which is what she wanted to do in private. Now, as Lorna is seated and Erik affirms he has time to meet with her, Emma stands smoothly, gracefully, and approaches Erik, extending her right hand. "Well then, it is good to meet you. I am glad that you can make time to talk, for a bit. Please, have a seat." She gestures towards the chairs, and waits until Erik has chosen a seat before she takes the one beside him, turning it towards him and settling down just as primly as before.

« We need to talk about timing, dear. But that can wait for later. Do not slouch, please. » Emma sends to Lorna. Disappointed? Perhaps, a bit. But she knows why the girl did it. She merely worries, as she should, for her safety. She had a plan to see to that safety and get the young woman her answers. She did not bet on the impetuosity of youth. She will learn, just as her students shall.

"I suppose I should begin by thanking you for seeing so solicitously to Miss Dane's safety and well-being, since I was not there to see to it myself." Nor Emma's proxies. But that may change.


Once the invitation is properly made, Erik smiles in a polite manner and greets Emma's hand with his own. Not too strong, not limp. Practiced perfection. Only then does he remove his trench, revealing loafers, pressed trousers, and a collared shirt kept beneath a dark brown cardigan. Classic, timeless.

"The pleasure is mine," he answers, before draping the coat over a chair opposite Lorna's. He rests the hat upon the table, then claims his seat. His posture is angled at forty-five, so that he might split his attention between Emma and Lorna in turn.

"The safety of our students does not end with those who have enrolled in one school or the other," he answers Emma. Then, his attention swivels to Lorna. "These past few days have been difficult for you, have they not?" Back to Emma. "It would have been a disgrace to leave her to return alone. I understand Miss Dane has already spoken with you of what happened at the museum?"

A glance back to Lorna, as if suggesting that Erik fully intends to keep her involved in the discussion.


Lorna's figure sits up, either by Emma's chiding or Erik's efforts to keep her involved in the conversation and drag her out of the teenaged pouting. Green eyes lifted to dart between Emma and Erik and she chewed her lower lip and offered a small nod, her gaze falling back to her hands. She fidgeted slightly in her seat, and then reached up to push her hair back behind an ear.

"Yeah.." She offered softly, her shoulders rising and falling. "I told Miss Frost everything that happened.." Her gaze darted toward Emma briefly and back to Erik. But she didn't offer more, still quiet.


Emma nods. "I agree." Emma offers. It would have been a disgrace for the young woman to have been allowed to return home alone. Then again part of what is cheesing Emma off is that she feels it was a disgrace to allow the girl to run off alone in the first place. She's being made to feel like a failure, and Emma Grace Frost does not deal well with that feeling. "As Lorna says, we have talked about what happened at the museum in detail. Which is when I promised her that I would look into matters. And after I did so, and spoke with her, I promised her I would be reaching out to discuss matters with you." She glances at the green-eyed teen, and then back to Erik. "Apparently, I was not moving fast enough."


"One of the students at the Xavier Institute blurted out something," Erik explains, his voice carrying a slightly cheesed tone as well. "A suggestion that Lorna and I look… related." He casts a look Lorna's way. "An over exaggerated assumption made by a student, but, something which, I believe, has us both… thinking." Back to Emma. "Thinking in ways that are fantastic, but, worth investigating. I do confess, Miss Frost…" His posture changes, leaning slightly in the Queen's direction with a conspiratorial aire. "It is unique, for two individuals, both of Polish descent, to exhibit magnetokinetic abilities."

Erik then leans back, gesturing with his hand in a manner that is almost mock dismissive, and looking Lorna's way. "As far as the museum incident, I can at least assure you that it was not Miss Dane's doing." Back to Emma, he adds, "I've spent many years honing my abilities. To lose control is… unlike me. Beyond this, I know what it means to 'lose control'. This was different. There is initial suspicion that it may be a medical condition. Specialists in Westchester are running tests as we speak."


Lorna sat up even straighter as Emma spoke of not being fast enough, "Oh no Miss Frost! I'm so sorry. I-I just.. I was driving and I passed the exit.. and.. and .." She bit her lower lip, fidgeting with her hands on her lap. "It was an impulse.. I'm sorry.." She mumbled, her teeth sneaking out to chew on her lower lip again. Her gaze swinging back toward Erik as spoke and she shifted in her seat.

A sigh pulled from her lips, her shoulders slumping faintly. "Mister Lensherr is the only one that I've ever even /heard/ of having these powers besides me.. and I know Miss Frost that you're here to help, and that you try really really hard.. but it's just.. Having someone with that power around it's just.. it's really nice to know what I could do.. and I was upset and afraid." She added after a long moment of thought.

"Even if we're not related at all.. it's just really swell to be around Mister Lensherr cause he can buffer everything I do.."


Emma frowns as Erik mentions a medical condition leading to a lessened control over his powers; obviously, she would be concerned that could spread to her students, whether or not anyone has told Erik that Emma herself has powers. She makes a note to scrub thoroughly after this meeting. "As I am sure Miss Dane has informed you," Emma begins, making eye contact with the slightly babbling, excited and embarrassed teenager before continuing, "I have been able to confirm that she was in fact adopted from Poland. My next suggestion was going to be a blood test. Not conclusive, mind you, but it would at least have a chance of disproving."

"I must admit, Lorna, what you describe is something I know. I was very excited the first time I encountered another telepath. And I learned a great deal from her." Emma offers, trying to inject enough warmth into her voice that it doesn't come out at absolute zero or something. But there's a razor's edge to her tone, nonetheless. "However, I also recall what became of that relationship. And I want to spare you that, when I can." Which is why she wanted to be the one to control contact with Erik to begin with.


"My bloodwork is already being processed," Erik confirms. "There will be no trouble in sending our findings to you. I can even have a sample delivered via courier." He gestures toward Emma in an effort of bargaining. "It would be helpful to have a sample of Miss Dane's blood as well, for comparative reasons." He's not about to divulge the intricacies of Hank's lab. Most of them are beyond his level of comprehension, anyway.

Now, he turns back toward Lorna. "Lorna, I have certainly enjoyed meeting you. I must insist, however, that you adhere to your instructor's guidance." He gestures toward Emma. "Educating another is an art, no matter the age or experience of one's student. One thing I have learned is, where special abilities like ours are concerned, it is a much… finer process. Attention to detail is critical. Now…" He looks to Emma next. "I am willing to offer what assistance and tutelage I can. I'm sure there are things we could all learn from each other." Back to Lorna. "But it begins with the respect Miss Frost deserves. You are her student. Someone is paying for that relationship to happen. My advice? Make use of her wisdom and advice. Don't let yourself be blinded by questions. They will be answered. In time."


Lorna squirms in her seat as both turn their conversations to her and she ducks her gaze lower again to her hands on her lap. An awkward movement of her picking at the sleeve of her sweater as she keeps her gaze angled low as her cheeks flush faintly and she offered a weak nod of her head. "I'm sorry Miss Frost for having run off like that.." She mumbled faintly.

"It won't happen again.." She added after Erik's words settled and she finally processed them. "May I please be excused to go back to my dorm please?" Her voice was soft and she glanced toward Emma as she spoke. Clearly the young teen was trying to turn over in her mind all that had been considered, but also, that it was late and she had spent the better part of the afternoon in emotional turmoil and was quite exhausted.


"I do not think we will be much longer right now." Emma answers Lorna, taking in the young woman's exhaustion and mental state before turning to regard Erik once more. "I would appreciate another chance to meet, under less trying circumstances for all of us. Perhaps we can exchange blood samples at that time." Sending blood by courier? What are they, vampires? That's far too intimate, in Emma's opinion, and should be done face to face. Just like this meeting needed to be like this, not over the phone.

"Lorna and I will discuss her education, and her training, when she is clearer-headed and prepared to take it in. Then I can contact you to arrange another meeting. If you would permit, I should like to see your own Institute, so perhaps we should meet there? Emma offers. Then she stands, offering her hand once more to Erik. "I thank you for staying so that we could discuss this. I thank you for your understanding, and support, as we all strive to deal with these trying details."


Not by courier. A smile at that; Erik appreciates that Emma prefers to conduct such business in person. A nod of his head is given in agreement. "I think that would be a splendid idea," he agrees.

"Remember, Lorna," Erik advises the girl, before she can run off. "Magnetic forces are always around us. We all exist within them, largely, without incident. How they interact with your unique mind is under your control, not vice versa."

Rising, Erik shakes Emma's hand once more. "Of course," he answers. "These young ones are our most promising. We would be foolish not to invest in them." He takes a step back, collects his belongings, and bows his head after fixing the trilby hat perfectly. "Evening, Madame. Miss Dane."

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