1963-10-29 - Sensible Women Meet
Summary: Emma calls Crystalia to meet with her over the situation concerning Lorna.
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After discussing matters with Lorna, Emma has decided that she cannot bide her time any longer; she must reach out to those at Xavier's. She would prefer not to expose herself, but her feeling is that eventually that will have to happen. It is entirely too important at this juncture to hand any of this off to anyone else.

A phone call led to an arrangement for an in-person meeting. Emma has arranged to meet the other school's representative, a Miss Crystal Amaquelin, in the conference room reserved for the use of her committee in the Administration building. Emma has decided to follow up on this by also inviting an intermediary of sorts to the meeting, in the person of Miss Grey. With Jean involved, Emma's hope is that she will have an advocate present which will obviate her from any need to prevaricate while trying to make a good impression.

Yes. Emma is a paranoiac of a sort. She thinks of things like this.

As such, when the young woman in question arrives at the school, she'll find a parking slip prepared for her and waiting, granting her access to a space in the visitor's section of the small parking deck near the administration building. From there it won't be a long walk at all, and once inside, she will be greeted by Charlotte, the secretary on duty for the committee's operations. She can then show the young woman to the conference room, inquiring along the way about any refreshments that might be desired.

Inside the posh and very comfortable large conference room, Emma sits at one end, resplendent in vibrant white women's business attire, an unusual blend of styles these days, but one she is forging ahead like the pioneer she is. She stands as the other woman enters. "Good afternoon, Miss Amaquelin. Welcome to the Frost Institute. I am Emma Frost, CEO of Frost Industries, and the Chairwoman of the Meritorious Scholarship Committee and one of the Trustees of the Institute."


Normally, Crystal would travel into the city without a car. Flight is handy like that. So is Lockjaw. But when it comes to a public meeting with an unknown quantity, she always prefers something a little less noteworthy. So she borrowed Erik's car, driving into the city with the windows down.

She's composed when she arrives, apparently relaxed. Although her sense of fashion is conservative to say the least - a green silk dress with a full, mid-calf skirt and elbow-length sleeves, white gloves on her hands - she's comfortably self-possessed. "Ms. Frost, a pleasure to meet you," she greets the other woman with a warm smile. "Please, call me Crystal."


Twenty-four hour protection of the school halted; it's a wonder why. Once Jean received the message, more like a quiet call, she packed it all in, sent Wags packing (to Logan's cabin), showered, blowdryed and banded her crinkled hair up into a nice little bun to prepare to leave to her other housing all without a nap. Though she was smart, she drank a lot of water first.

It was a quiet fall in line with Crystal, though with the windows open Jean constantly sputtered and spitted out her hair, which was soon tucked back and away out of her face. But once they arrived at the school, Jean stood studiously behind Crystal, and as the greetings were made, Jean herself.. clad in one of those flower pin-up shirts (horrible looking) and a nice beige skirt (equally horrible), she takes a seat at the table with a little clearing of her throat, immediately reaching for the pitcher of water to pour herself a nice glass, quiet as kept! See!

Good student! Sorta!


"Please, have a seat, … Crystal." There's a delay there; Emma's rigid adherence to proper protocol almost compels her to still call Crystal by her surname, but she manages to overcome that at the last moment. "Good to see you, Jean." Emma offers. Good to see Jean. Not good to see her wardrobe. Heavens forfend!

"One of our students, Miss Dane, met with representatives connected with your institution recently." Emma begins. "She brought back with her cards and a message, encouraging contact and discussion. I had, admittedly, hoped to speak with a Mister Lensherr, whom Miss Dane mentioned to me specifically. But I am given to understand you are also staff at this Institute, and were present during Lorna's meeting?" Emma inquires, nailing down specifics as best she can. She is clearly not thrilled or comfortable, but she is infallibly - rigidly - polite and exacting with her words. There is an icy, unyielding precision about her.


Crystal settles smoothly into a chair, smile curving ruefully when Emma opens the topic. "Yes. I do apologize for the awkwardness of the meeting. I'll confess, I'm still not entirely certain just why it happened that way, and I'm certain it was most irregular for Miss Dane to come back with us. Erik was…not in a position to discuss things when we left the museum." There's something in the way she says his name, a familiarity that goes beyond just coworkers.

"Still. I can assure you that I'm quite familiar with the trials and triumphs of young people coming into their powers. And yes, I am employed at the Institute." She smiles faintly, hands folded neatly in her lap. "I do hope you haven't taken offense? We were quite relieved to hear that Miss Dane had found a tutor, after all."


"Good to see you too, Miss Frost." Or was it Professor. There was an odd wonder of her actually using that on her one day, but Emma's rigidity possibly shyed her away from that fact.

But the fact that Jean did hear about briefly meeting Erik and the others from the institute causes her brows to raise, and from there, she remained a silent guard. Or.. proxy. Which ever. But it was good to actually see two civilized women meeting. So she tries to mimic them both, straightening herself up, pulling her shoulders back. Clearing her throat a little then taking a sip of water. Professional. And proper.


Emma cannot help the slight twitch, almost a tick, as Crystal calls her a 'tutor'. But she maintains control and listens without interrupting. She needs to hear all of this, after all, which is why she is doing this herself, in person, to make sure she misses no nuance of thought, feeling, word or expression which may help foreworn and forearm her and her program and the safety of those she has recruited.

"I consider myself a … counsellor to these students." Emma offers, inclining her head towards Jean. "I know what it is to grow into a power no one around understood, and I have seen what can happen in even the best supposed families when they are confronted with such an issue. Miss Grey can likely explain to you some of the horrors of that experience." Emma doesn't go into details, but she has with Jean, during their counseling sessions. But the aura she radiates does not play lightly with 'horror'. Not in the slightest.

"I have also seen the difficulties many gifted students face when so dispossessed, lacking in the power and status to build a life for themselves, or a future for others like them." Emma explains. "That is why I am using my position and influence to help as many as I can to achieve higher education, and training. To build a cadre of those with gifts and the temporal power, influence and position to help secure society from … other influences." Emma shouldn't need to explain what those are, or how much she and others like her would loathe them.


"An admirable, and lofty goal." As tense as Emma is, Crystal remains relaxed, certain. Amiable. There's nothing in her of fear, at least nowhere near the surface. "One I think we share, as a matter of fact. Where I come from, the issue of being rejected for gifts is…a non-issue. The state of such affairs here is something that pains me greatly. It's why I've settled at the Institute, in fact. So if you're concerned that we may seek to harm Miss Dane, then I can assure you, you have nothing to fear."

"Quite honestly, having heard she was already under someone's wing, our main concern was that she might have been taken in my someone…unscrupulous," she adds, looking around the conference room with a small smile. "I understand there is more than one intelligence agency seeking to exploit the gifts and talents of our students. Imagine my relief to find such an upstanding institution here."


Crystal was lucky to miss the bad parts of Jean's transition into the institute. Though there is something to be said about the other witnesses that Crystal had seen and also helped with. With that thought alone, she gives Emma a little smile, and a nod gone into Crystal's direction in agreement.

"I think what also makes this place wonderful is the integration. And how everyone, with gifts or not, are made to feel special and just as important as the next." She explains to Crystal. It was almost as if no one was left behind here, people were plucked for their potential and excellence alone!

"I met Lorna the other day. She seems nice."


Emma almost twitches again at Crystal's mention of unscrupulous; there are those who might consider her and her program to be that, if they knew everything about who she is and what she wants. But Emma doesn't consider herself such, and she has the poker face to keep her control and aplomb. "Sadly, Crystal, there is nowhere on Earth that is so free of prejudice and fear as the idyllic place of which you speak. Nor, I am afraid, is that likely to come to pass any time soon, even with programs like this one, or the one you represent. The best we can hope is to keep these young people safe, and see them to an adulthood where they can help protect and guide others like themselves, and force this world to treat with them fairly." Or suffer the consequences, so help Emma Grace Frost.

Emma nods to Jean, appreciating the younger woman's words. "We do not reveal our students' status. But all students here are treated fairly, equally. And the entire purpose of the Meritorious Committee is to find deserving students who would not otherwise get an opportunity at top-flight higher education and and make that a reality for them, and for the world around them." Cue the sound bite. "Hence the invitations to Miss Grey, Miss Rasputina, and others."


Crystal's smile quirks at the 'nowhere on earth' comment. "Well, we did have a bit of a head start," she replies cryptically. "But I assure you, we are on earth. Still, our ability to maintain such status has been predicated on our ability to remain isolated from the world at large, so I think you are not entirely incorrect."

She looks to Jean when Emma mentions invitations, arching a brow slightly. Surprise, yes. But she seems proud of the girl as well, in a decidedly sisterly fashion. "It's wonderful that you're able to offer such opportunities, Miss Frost," she says, turning back to the other woman. "Though, if you'll forgive me. 'Force' this world?"


Jean reaches out to pour herself another glass of water, bypassing the ice cubes that were upon the tray as well. The water was almost downed quickly, the words of Emma caught, her eyes darting back and forth and 'hoping' it'd be glossed over and yet..


Big smiles. "I'm hoping to study Psychology. I want to get my Masters." Jean sheepishly tells Crystal. Though her eyes close, and fingers lift to press at the bridge of her nose, she was rubbing there for quite some time until Crystal's inquiries were made. And that sheepish grin turns wolfishly wide. There was even a slight glint in her eye, where the greenish parts burn a slightly dull red, as if embers were placed there, and burning dully.

"Oh you know. Subjugation of the mortal kind if our own attempts to follow the man made laws that are beneath us harms us in any way. Or it could be weeding out the weak. Survival of the fittest. Only the strong will survive. Though I did suggest once to burn away the world with a cleansing fire and start anew but some people are not kindly to such a violent rebirth."

With a slow and deliberate movement, more water was poured into the glass, not rushed, but a slow trickling stream that allows her to focus and watched with a passionate interest. "Pretty."


Emma is preparing to respond to Crystal when Jean's other friend makes an appearance. Emma pauses, looking to Crystal meaningfully, and then turns to look directly at the redhead. "You should announce yourself, when you borrow Jean's voice like that. Take pride and credit in your words." she comments, wryly, to the entity. She has heard the thoughts before, though she has never heard them expressed aloud. Interestingly for Crystal, Emma makes no effort to chastise the firebird persona any further than that. She gives no sign at all that she objects to the content, only to speaking up as if Jean when clearly it is not.

"As to your question, sa the entity mentions, I mean what I say. If this world will allow us our due and equal opportunities and protections under social contract and law, then I see no need to take further action." Emma explains. "But if not? Then we must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to compel those who would subjugate our kind. Or destroy them, if they will not allow themselves to be compeled. I find it distasteful, wasteful and messy. But I find enslavement and forced experimentation far less acceptable."


Crystal has an inkling that there are times when all is not right with Jean. What makes it happen, why, where it comes from…That she doesn't know. But it seems safe to assume that it has something to do with her powers, and as a result, Crystal simply accepts it.

So while she does half turn to look at Jean when she waxes destructive, arching a brow, once Jean's attention is caught by the fall of water, she spins a finger slightly, twisting the falling water into a corkscrew. It's an action she maintains without looking when she turns back to Emma, including cycling water back into the pitcher before the glass can overflow.

Apparently she isn't without her own abilities.

"It's an appealing thought in some senses, though one I'm more accustomed to hearing from young men than women who've made their way in the world. Humanity is legion, Ms. Frost. And driven by fear to exactly the sort of things you're trying to avoid. If you're going to stage a world-wide coup, please do the rest of us a favor and at least keep it quiet enough to succeed," she smiles sharply. "Personally, I prefer a more…measured approach. As I said, people fear change. Fear is the root of these aggressions. Fear and envy. I'd like to believe that if we can address those feelings, then there should be no need for…revolution. I'm pleased to hear your campus is integrated, for exactly that reason."


Jean's eyes widen as she focuses upon the slow stream of water. So much, that the water slowly begins to overrun the cup and begins to spill upon the tray. Such a childish notion for such an entity, though the entity itself is but a child of the universe, newborn in all it's forms. Yet, as Emma addresses her, her gaze shifts towards the woman, her words matter-of-factly.

"But I -am- Jean Grey." Odd association.

Just as Emma's attention falls onto Crystal, so does Jean's with the water. And as it begins to spiral, Jean's hand moves from the pitcher, the water drained and now spiraling as it does. It was such a pretty thing, so much that Jean adds to Crystal's demonstration by attempting to mimic the spiral with the spilled water, forming a series of helixes and leaving the table itself dry.

"Utopia." The thing says. "We can blanket the world with a sense of peace and calm. And quietly break those who are not willing to submit." The god-child was almost serious about this. But even they both (Jean and the thing) knows that such is a bit impossible at this state. But it's a quiet consideration.

"I like you two. Jean says that it's a rose colored idealiation." But with that said. The entity lets it go. She'd rather play with the water!


The powerful platinum blonde smirks, just slightly and only momentarily, as Crystal responds to her. She seems to rather appreciate some element of humor in Crystal's words. "You are of course correct. Humanity is legion. But, as you say, I am a woman who has managed the sort of success that simply does not happen for a woman in this man's world. I know how to stage a coup properly, so that by the time those who oppose me realize what is happening, it is already entirely too late and they've already welcomed me with open arms."

« Subtlety is key. »

"I would also prefer a more measured approach. I intend nothing more than that, unless it becomes clear nothing less than such extremism can correct matters." Emma explains, continuing aloud as if that telepathic blip never happened.

Emma watches the firebird entity present itself through Jean, and does not interrupt. She has no desire to see a flare in its ire. She can only hope that with counseling and support, she can eventually help Jean to integrate her schismed mind and incorporate all of this into a healthier whole. "I am sure you both know that Crystal and I like you both as well." she offers, quietly, turning to meet Crystal's eyes once more.


Crystal has some reservations about Jean's other personality. There's no doubt that she recognizes the potential danger. But she grew up in a family that included a man whose bare whisper could kill. To her, power is not inherently evil. She has full faith in Jean's ability to come to terms with her powers, even if they include this…other personality.

She keeps her part of the water spinning, adding in a leap at the apex of the pattern like a fountain. "Like a sister," she agrees with Emma, smile faint. And Jean knows what she was willing to do for her sister.

"Regardless of any philosophical differences we may have, Ms. Frost," she continues, "I hope you can rest easy knowing that we also have the best interests of our people in mind. No one is held against their will, no one is made to feel less than what they are. It's a very nice thing to find a place that isn't seeking to use these young people."


A tiniest of nods is given towards Emma without even looking. Jean was so transfixed by the water to the point she claps just a little as the trick that creates a fountain spout is performed and she claps. T'was a quiet clap, nothing loud and obnoxious, though she was clearly enjoying herself and the conversation.


Emma nods to Crystal. "It is very nice, and I do trust that your school is doing well by its children, Miss Amaquelin. I hope you and the rest of the staff will consider recommending your students to the program here as they metriculate for higher education. I would be happy to continue to assist them."

Emma pauses, watching Jean for a few moments, and then turns back to Crystal once more. "I do wish to speak directly with Mister Lensherr. It has come to my attention that his connection with Miss Dane may very well be … what he feared it could be. The possibility, at least, exists. And as her safety and well-being is my responsibility, I need to speak with the man. And I imagine he will want to speak with me. I trust you can deliver that message?"


"I will, yes," Crystal nods to Emma, though she pauses afterwards, considering. "I'm…not entirely certain how he'll react. But I'll make certain that he knows what reaction he should show before he meets with Miss Dane." In other words, whether he likes the idea or not, she's going to make sure he knows not to hurt the girl's feelings. Men can't be trusted to figure these things out on their own, after all.


Jean does the sensible thing; redirecting the water back into the pitcher, making sure that there was not a drop left. Though, she does rise from the table, wordlessly taking the pitcher to cradle it against her bosom, her fiery eyes darting from one person to the next as she steps aside from her chair.

With a deliberate turn, she slowly begins to stalk her way out of the room, no goodbyes or farewells, no see you soons or asking for cake. She just.. left.


Emma nods firmly. "Very well. I thank you kindly for your visit. If there is anything I can do to assist you, your school or your children, I hope you will do me the honor of reaching out to contact me in turn." The platinum blonde glances after Jean's departure, and then nods to Crystal again. "I'm sure you need to go. Have a good day."


"Jean?" Crystal twists to watch the girl depart, smile a little bit tight as she turns back to Emma and rises. "It's never boring, is it?" she murmurs ruefully. "It's been a pleasure, Ms. Frost," she nods. "And I look forward to speaking with you again." At that, she turns to stride quickly out of the room, following after Jean. Probably best not to leave her unsupervised at the moment.


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