1963-11-04 - Choices And Chances
Summary: Medusa and Black Bolt discuss the nature of their relationship
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The X-Mansion has served as a temporary home to the two Inhuman sisters, but for her part, Medusa doesn't want to impose on them anymore than they have to, and besides, as more Inhumans make themselves known, they'll need their own space. With access to their store of funds and technology, it's just a matter of finding the right facility.

That's why Medusa has somehow managed to convince Blackagar to explore a building for sale in Manhattan. The real estate agent has left them with the keys and requested that they simply drop them off at the office before they leave, and so the pair have the freedom to explore at their leisure. Medusa turns to him, her hair undulating with unseen currents. "What do you think?"

New York City. It certainly wasn't the village in Nepal, and there was a reason Blackagar had chosen that isolated location rather than this more vibrant one for where he'd left to. Regardless, he had agreed to accompany and evaluate in as neutral a way as he could manage. Which is why his body posture alone of folded arms and stern expression would speak volumes. The glance towards Medusa seems to echo the sentiments. «It is New York. You know what I think of this City.»

"I know." Medusa acknowledges with an incline of her head. "But hear me out." She walks around the room, considering the floors, the windows, him. "You spoke to me about wanting to be something more than what our castes and roles have prepared us to be. And the old ways, the isolation, led us to this. Even the most fundamental knowledge of science can show that to maintain a constant environment doesn't promote growth, it promotes stagnation." She turns to look out the window. "We need a place where those of us who have scattered throughout the world can come to and know they are safe. That we can use as a stronghold, and even if we win back Attilan solely ourselves, the allies we've made, we could make - we need someplace we can be secure, and stake our place amongst the powerful without compromising our kingdom."

An etching of Blackagar's forehead occurs and he shakes his head slowly towards Medusa, «Come here.» He beckons to her, to the window he is at looking out of it and towards the park beyond. «We are far from perfect. But you seem to believe that these people will accept us. They will not. Have you learned nothing from being amongst them?» His eyes look to her, questioning and pleading. «They will come for our power, for our strength. And when we do not hand it over to them, then what?»

She hesitates a moment, and then obeys, moving to stand next to him. Her hair coils and curves around both of them, as she too stares out the window. "I've learned many things from being amongst them." She turns her head to look at him, studying his profile. "I have learned that we are far from perfect. That the best of us can make mistakes. There are things I did in those ten years that were foolish and terrible because I was angry and frightened. But I also learned that for those who will hate us, there are those in equal measure who will help us. The X-Men allowed myself and Crystal into their home, knowing that we might bring danger to them. Thor of Asgard promised his assistance regardless or whether or not we gained something for it. I understand the appeal of isolation." Her gaze remains direct. "It's what we know, and what we know feels safe. But it robs us of so much that could make us powerful. That could make us better. We can protect ourselves from many things, but it means denying ourselves so much that could make us stronger. Whether we like it or not, we are part of this world, and we should do our part in living in

«We are not perfect, and we can, we will make mistakes.» Blackagar agrees with Medusa before he nods his head towards the city beyond, «And if I make a mistake, it is all gone.» His fingers snap. «My mistakes are not the same as others mistakes. A single slip up, a single moment of doubt, of weakness and this entire world is forfeit. Isolation is not just appealing to me Medusa. I carry the weight, not of just our people but of them as well. They are young, foolish. Our people are ancient to them and they do not know it. And yet…» His shoulders slump in a sigh. «This is why I did not want this. Why I do not want to be this.»

Medusa shifts so she's between him and the window, lifting her hands and gently cupping her face with them. "I know. But you are not alone any longer, and you can draw strength from those around you who love you and support you. Lockjaw, and Crystal, and me. And soon, more. As much as isolation appeals, I know part of your heart longs for others."

«And how do you know that?» The expression is not one that is harsh, it is almost amused, the first time since coming from his isolation, the look is playful. A look he has not worn amongst Inhumans since he was in his chamber locked away from all. «Are you reading minds now?»

She laughs at that, delighted for her part to see even the faintest hint of smile on his face. His smiles are so rare, they're like gifts. "We may have spent ten years apart - and maybe we don't know each other as entirely as we once did, but since we were children, I've had a way of knowing your heart. It's why you need to do so little for me to know the words you would say." Her brow furrows. "I know we are not who we were, not entirely. But I believe that connection is still there, waiting to be found. And I believe, in earnest, that we must evolve as a people, and be part of the world that we live in if we are to become greater than we have been."

Thought is over Blackagar's face before he responds, «I always resented it you know. That things were decided. That we were told what was to be. It was never fair to you.» He doesn't look sad exactly, more of profoundly contemplative. «You deserved your own choices, your own chances to decide what to do. So do I.»

Medusa's fingers retreat from his face, her expression becoming almost afeared. "I was angry at you that day on the beach because I thought it meant you did not love me. Rejecting your role and your people meant you were rejecting me too, and what I did in the years after were all in anger and mourning at the loss of you. And now you are making me afraid in thinking that even if that was not true then, it may not be true now."

Blackagar shakes his head, reaching out for her hands. «What I am saying, is that I want to discover it. Not be told it. I want US to decide, not them to decide.» The them includes a glance off to the sky, the proverbial spirits, guidances, genetics, whatever they were told had predetermined their lives. «Is that so wrong? Is it wrong to want to fall in love? Not told to love?»

"Are you saying you don't?" Medusa lets him capture her hands, her expression uncertain, almost bordering on incredulous. There's a sudden lift of her chin, a schooling of her features. "Tell me what you want, Blackagar. Tell me what you want from me, and what we are to do."

«I want us to discover who we are. Together. Not be told who we are by others.» The expression is firm but it is there, it is what he truly believes, what he wants. «I am sorry if that is not what you want to hear, but I want to love you by my choice, not by my obligation.»

Medusa looks down at their joined hands, mouth thinning a little. "And how would you want to go about doing that?" she says, looking up at him through her lashes. It's like she's not entirely sure if he's breaking her heart or not.

«A date?» It seems to be the simplest answer, it comes rather quickly in fact from him as he shrugs his shoulders, looking out at the city. «If we are to establish a foothold with these people, we should at least see if they have decent enough food.»

Those lashes flutter suddenly in confusion. "A date?" she echoes in surprise. "That's a very…human proposal." An uncertain smile, but a smile still, begins to form on her lips. "Yes. I will go on a date with you. I understand the food in Chinatown is quite good. But Lockjaw could take us anywhere we wish to go." She looks out over the city, her hands still in his.

Blackagar chuckles and shakes his head. «If we are to be among them, we must carry on like them. Act as they do, travel as they do. Even… court, as they do.» There's a pause and he actually almost laughs, no sound of course. His eyes look over Medusa and he tilts his head. «Do not tell me you didn't at least go on a date over the past ten years.»

Medusa looks askance. "I was a bit busy." she hedges. "I uh…was living a life that was somewhat," she looks around like, anywhere but at him. "Criminal?" She winces, actually looking sheepish. "I'm not terribly proud of it. Why?" She peers at him. "Did you?"

That makes him grin further and he shakes his head, «I may have… tried. As it turns out, I am a terrible failure when it comes to women. It is terribly difficult to express oneself, when you cannot speak.»

She makes an mmmmm sound, clearly skeptical. "I don't know. Some women would find that intriguing and mysterious, and dare I say, sexy." Her lips purse, and a lock of her hair briefly brushes his cheek. "How much should we tell each other of what life was like in those ten years? Do I want to know?"

His shoulders lift, «It is not that interesting. I travelled the world trying to understand myself better. To understand our people better. Where we came from, where we are going. I avoided attacks from Maximus, defended ancient sites where our traditions were being exploited and learned from the ancients of this world to better control myself.» Blackagar pauses and looks at Medusa then, tapping his chest. «There were some who believed my power can be turned inwards.»

"I think when we find him, Karnak most of all will wish to hear of your travels." Medusa tells him, and cocks her head curiously. "Inwards? In what way?"

He smiles, it is a sly smile. «The power of my voice, becoming my power. Rather than projecting it outwards, turning it inwards.» Blackagar's shoulders shake. «What that means, I do not know. Flight? Strength? It was why I was in those mountains. To learn, to train where none could be hurt.»

Medusa looks thoughtful at that. "Perhaps. It is after all, energy, and energy can be converted and directed." One of her hands frees itself to gently touch the energy harness pendant at his throat. "What if I told you that our allies the X-Men had a facility where you could explore such possibilities? Or use it as a possible blueprint for a facility we could develop ourselves." She looks around. "We really should have our own, though. We need someplace secure for ourselves. They have been so kind to us, and they did not have to be."

Blackagar ponders a moment then looks back to the window. «This place will suffice for now I believe. We will have to have it modified to protect us better against the pollution outside, but that is something for after we have retaken Attilan. Until then, there should be no other priorities.» He pauses, looks at Medusa and manages a small smile. «Few other priorities.»

Medusa looks around. "We need a base of operations as it is. We may as well make sure it can keep us healthy. Crystal and I will see to it, with your permission?" She looks back up at him and smiles faintly. "As it happens, the queen of Wakanda has invited me to a musical perfomance at her embassy. She does not know who I am, but if you would like to accompany me…that could be one of our 'dates', if you'd like. And you'd be able to see a little of how the international stage is set amongst nations."

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