1963-11-08 - Apologies Necessary
Summary: Jean apologizes to Logan and cheats at fishing while discussing his love life.
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Logan sits out on the lake, his line cast, bobber floating in the still water as he enjoys a cheroot. He can hear Jean coming, of course, but isn't really sure what to call out or say. The last time he saw her, she'd been pretty harsh with him. Not that he didn't deserve it, but it was still a hard thing to hear from the one person you trust.


Jean really didn't want to come out there. She was hoping that he'd be in the cabin, but how in the world could she go into his cabin like nothing had ever happened? Despite the fact that she loves the place, she does what needs to be done. As if it were such an insufferable job to do.. Geez!

But she approaches, aztecian sweater upon her shoulders, the sleeves longer than need be but it was what works. She keeps it tight against her body, then draws up along his side to settle down upon a broken log, knees nearly bent to smother her chest as she dips her chin to rest upon those two rounded (slightly) caps. Kneecaps, that is.

"Sorry." She mumbles out, eyes staring into the water.


Logan looks out across the water for a long moment, not saying anything at first. After a few moments, though, he finally speaks, "I know," he says. "I dunno what's goin' on with you, darlin'. Seems like you're havin' a hard time. I dunno what I can do to help," he says.

He reaches over into the cooler next to him and cracks a fresh can, "You wanna beer?"


Jean really wanted to tell him, but that just makes her curl into herself more. Her eyes flutter closed, fingers pressing against her eyelids to rub briefly. "I.." She swallows hard, then holds out her hand to reach for the beer, studying it carefully. "There's.. I don't know. You can't do anything. It's fine."

Jean would rather suffer in silence; it wasn't that she didn't trust him. It's just that she cared about him -too- much. "So, what are we doing out here? Fishing?" Change of subject!


Logan blows some smoke up into the air, 'Yup, just fishin'. Bass, maybe a little muskie," he says. "You ain't gettin' off that easy, darlin'. Not this time. I ain't mad at ya. I was at first, but it ain't like I ain't lashed out at a body a time or two in my life. An' I can't much argue with the things you said."

"But it seems like you been wrestling wwith your demons as long as I've known ya. I thought Chuck was gonna help, but he doesn't seem to have done much for ya," he sighs. "Maybe this Emma chick would do a better job, I dunno. I just hate seein' you hurtin', kid. And I ain't even gonna start with ya about givin' out my phone number to strange women in the newspaper," he snorts."


Jean sighs a little, slipping down upon the ground which really wasn't that far away. The cracks open the can of beer, taking a small little sip with a wrinkle of her nose. "You know I have a job at a bar, right?"

With that said, she just shakes her head. "Charles.. he put the Phoenix.. that's her name by the way.. back into the cabin in my head. Remember the cabin?" She frowns.. "That's after the man with the red eyes.." She just shuts up. Mostly about the phone number. And the strange women. "Well, did you have sex?"

Jean was an adult.

"With the women that called."


Logan shakes his head, 'No, I didn't know. Well, if it's not her that's causing the trouble, what is it? What's goin' on with you? What man with red eyes? Dammit, girl, you're not getting out of this one," he says.

"And it ain't your business if I did or not. Much like it weren't your business to find me a woman in the first place," he says."


"It's not her because.. well.. I just put her away a day or two ago. It's just.. me. The problem is -always- me." She looks at her hands then, carefully setting the beer aside. The beer wasn't to her tastes. In fact, it was kinda gross.

"There was a man. I don't know what was going on in this house, but we tried to save everyone. And.. I just snapped. But, some man saved me. His face was white.. and his eyes were red. I.. I just.." Her fingers sink into her hair as she takes a breath, suffering another swig of the beer that was snatched from aside of her.

She just doesn't want to talk about it, so the gears were switched. "I was just worried about you. Everyone's all.. you know.. romancing the other. Why can't you have that joy too?"


Logan considers, "I've had that, though, darlin'. Don't have it right now, but I ain't no spring chicken. I've loved and lost and loved and lost. It's good, yeah. But it hurts, too," he sighs. "I dunno. We'll see. I been out a coupla times with one dame. An' no, nothin' happened yet, just…feelin' each other out, still," he says.

"White face and red eyes don't sound like nothin' good. Hell, I just want you to know I'm here for ya. Always am. Even if you feel like tearin' me a new one at restaurants on occasion," he smirks.


Jean, at least was happy at hearing that he was getting out. Her hands clasp together around the beer, and with a slight lean in, her shoulder touches his knee as she lets out a wistful sigh.

"I'm glad.. not that you've been hurt but, I'm glad that you and this new lady are seeing where this goes.."

She grins a little, then shrugs. "I want to know what you look like and feel when you're in love. You at least -owe- me that much." She does lean away, taking another sip of the beer and offering it towards him. She wasn't going to finish. It was horrible. "I don't want to do that again. I think most of my issue is that I'm tired of being weak and a damsel. I want to fight back. I want to save people too. I want to save the world and yet.. my world is sometimes saving me. Even.. even if it does sound bad.."

The dark man was curious.. but she was too afraid to even know if she wanted to try to find him.


Logan takes the beer, taking a sip from it and then his ownw can, just working on both of them. "I don't imagine it's that much different, but if you say so, darlin'," he says. "I think that'ss a good thing. The chick, she said I needed to get out more, too. Maybe that I need to accept who I am and just kick some asses for a bit. She's probably not wrong," he says. "She's kinda bossy, though."


"You don't smile much. Maybe she can make you smile." She leans away from Logan then, parting her legs to wrap her arms around them, her fingers laced together.

"So, after all of the times of me telling you to actually get out and do something, it takes someone else to tell you to do it." She makes a psh-like noise, then shakes her head. "But, at least you're doing it. So I'm not complaining."

"And.. pretty sure you like bossy chicks."


Logan snorts, "Nah, it wasn't that, it was just…I dunno, she said it different, I guess. And I was kinda reachin' that point anyway. Sometimes you gotta hibernate a bit to think about a thing. Can't have everything decided right away or on anyone else's time," he says.

He consider the lasst for a moment and shrugs, "Yeah, prob'ly. I like women who got spunk."


"So.. in other words, without me nagging you, you had to come out here to fish to actually figure that out." Jean looks out towards the water, the line itself idle. With a slight frown, she allows her mind to expand.. the tiny little lights that only she could see in the water prominent.

"So you two are going to have sex then. And you won't be so growly anymore.."

Her hand reaches out, using that TK lure to snatch the fish out of the water. She allows them to hang there, waiting until their last breaths were taken to float them towards the bucket that was placed there. And it sounded gross!


Logan raises an eyebrow, "That's cheating, y'know," he says, gesturing to the fish she snatched from the water.

He snorts at the suggestion, "I'm pretty growly even when I'm gettin' laid, darlin, hate to break it to you. Sometimes more so, cause then all the crap that I have to deal with is gettin' in the way o' me gettin' some."


Jean cracks up, shrugging her shoulders then stands. "I could put it back, but they're kind of dead now."

She shakes her head then, gripping the bucket to drag it close to Logan. At least there was one more bucket to fill, right? "What.. clothes? That's a little bit petty, Logan."


Logan snorts, "Nah, just means dealin' with asshole mutant haters is gonna make me even madder if they're takin' away time I could be usin' gettin' romantic," he says. "Not that I'm near that state with Domino yet. I ain't even sure she still likes me - I did kinda let her get blown up a wee bit last night. Although I did take her to the doc, so that's kinda breakin' even," he says.


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