1963-11-11 - Something Nice, like.. Federal Reserve Nice!
Summary: Raven gives Cain a mission: Federal Reserve! Give us all your gold!
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Cain's been keeping to himself more lately. The debacle at the bank robbery made him angry and he has a hard time being around anyone when he's angry. Anger makes him want to break things, break people, even people he normally likes. Cytorrak is a god of wrath and he is its incarnation.

He's in the safehouse now, though, guzzling some beer and sitting with his back against the wall, his semi-sized shoulders a bit slumped. He hadn't seen any of the others since the job. He wasn't sure if he was avoiding them or they were avoiding him. Guess it didn't matter m uch.


He could have probably heard it since he came in. The sound of running water. Raven had taken to having at least two hour long showers since she's been back. Hour long showers that make her skin prune and shrivel even though she knows that it's an easy fix. The water soon cuts off and Raven dries herself, though leaving her long, red hair a wet mess as she walks out of the bathroom. As she was, there were no need for clothing, though with a shift of molecules within her body could have her dressed within a blink of an eye.

Brush in hand, she makes her way into the main room of the safehouse, her yellow eyes staring blankly towards Cain.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes." Her voice, slightly rasped, manages to find its way to the air as she regards him. "I do hope that you haven't blown through your share of the cache already."


Cain shakes his head, "Nah, I ain't spent any of it yet. I put that shit away for when I actually need money," he says. "In case I ever lose my special extras, it's nice to have a nest egg."

"Just…ain't felt much like seein' folks lately. Figured you probably didn't have much use fer me either, since I fucked up yer plan. Just lost my temper, seein' 'em try and kill ya at all. My fault for givin' a damn," he says.


Raven sniffs once, the brush tossed aside towards the floor as she approaches the rather large man, the chair gripped by the handle as she drags it right along with her. With a lift of it, she stamps it down upon the ground right in between his legs, twisting it so that she could straddle the chair like such, both arms draping along the tops of it as she rests her chin upon her forearms.

"Well, it's clear that I was upset about the entire ordeal, but.. there is just one thing that needs to be made known."

"I'm older than you. And if we are to do this.." She gestures around. "..I need you to /not/ worry about me. I have a plan. I always have a plan. And while it may not be clear to you or any of the others, know and trust that I will -always- take care of myself first and foremost." She strikes her foot out to give his own a nudge. "You can care. But not too much, little brother." Or big, compared to the perspective. "And you're a right plum idiot, you know this. Yes?"


Cain raises an eyebrow, "Yeah, yeah, I know," he says. "But they were shootin' right at ya. An' I don't give a damn if Fred or Moonpie get themselves shot up. You ain't them," he says.

He nudges his bit boot back at her, "But yeah, you usually got a plan. Guessin' you probably got a couple. Plans within plans and all that. I'm more of a 'just do whatever comes to mind' kinda guy," he says.


"And that.. my friend, just may get you killed." Raven taps her fingers lightly against her forehead. "You know what our father used to say.. There is always someone bigger, someone badder." The nudge has her grinning, and rising from the chair to move clean across the room. There was no more ratty sofa, and holes in the wall, but none of that was Raven's doing. It was clear that she didn't care much. Outwardly.

She moves to the table, a folder soon taken out as she presses it against her chest, strolling across the room to take up her former perch. "I've also realized that.. I cannot watch you -all-. I know that I shouldn't. So I've deemed it fit to fortify you against the likes of our own brother and those like him. So, I'm going to need you to study something. Study it well. Commit it to memory. And if you feel your mind compromised, and it -can- be. It just -may- be. Think of it. Alright?"


Cain nods and reaches out, "Fair enough," he says, making sure he doesn't look too long at the way she walks. He's pissed her off enough without checking her out like a common street thug. "Ain't nobody bigger and badder'n me, though, sis. I ain't seen 'em and I ain't gonna. And if they think they are, I'll knock 'em down until they realize they're out o' their league. I'm the god damn Juggernaut," he says, giving a bullish snort as punctuation before he starts to read.


Sure, the first page was nothing but pure reading. But the second? It was pure horror. In fact, it was disgusting. The most vilest of the vile picture that she's ever managed to snap a picture of. Something even worse than watching Fred shower, or Fred eat, or Fred do anything.. naked. Yes. It was worse than -that-. The epitome of psychic defenses rest upon that picture alone. And Raven watches him without expression.

"But wary, little brother. I have faith in you, yes. But now there are aliens that walk this world. You need to be careful. And that is all I'm going to say on this subject."


Cain snorts, "Yeah, I heard something about that. I don't give a fuck, I'll squash their little green martian asses," he says. "But I'll be careful, just fer you, don't worry," he says.

He shakes his head as he gets those images burned into his brain, "I ain't gonna think about that shit more'n I have to, but I remember it. Gotta try and think o' somethin' nice now."


"Good. Stop being arrogant." She reaches out to smack the top of his head, then rises again. She knew what would actually get him going. She makes her way to the fridge to take out at least two beers, cracking out a little whistle to get his attention as she motions towards the table of where she walks. "Come over here. I have a small job for us."

She waits until he was close to the table, gesturing towards her bottle of beer for him to open. "I think you need to do a solo smash and grab. Bank. Everyone has their own funds, and I was considering allocating or asking for all of us to contribute. By why should I, when we could just take?" She presses her finger to the map. "The Federal Reserve."


Cain makes his way over, taking the beer and nodding, "Yeah, straight bank robbery, you don't need anybody but me. And the arrogant…girl, I got a god inside me an' some o' that's straight him," he admits, "He tells me he can't be beaten. Maybe he's wrong, but, fuck, I ain't gonna argue. He's been right so far," he says.

"Taking sounds awful sweet to me."


Raven raises her brows at that. A god? No wonder he was so huge. At least she didn't have to ask about it; half of her mind wanted to take him to Charles to see what the hell gives. But since the cat was out the bag? No need! "I.. guess." Stumped.

"Isn't that something nice to look at?"

She flips the page of the map to show the blueprint of the building. "The main floor is all office. In a couple of days time I'm going to secure a passage so that I could be granted a tour of the Federal Reserve building under an alias in which I will not tell you." She grins up towards him. "You are going to need a little bit more finesse than just walking in and taking what is ours. I am going to figure out a way to get you as close as I possibly can without you being seen to the vault. And you're going to need a little bit more than just duffle bags to siphon the goods. Gold bars. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how you're going to pull that off." With that said..

"I want you to take Fred with you. This -could- be a one man job but we need the arms. Unless you think you can handle it yourself." She grins then. "Besides, I like seeing my big, robust, beautiful boys working together. It shouldn't be so bad, no?"


Cain grins, "Fred doesn't like that I use him as a pack mule, but that big ass is good for loadin' up with shit. Besides, I'm better at knockin' things down than he is. He's just good at takin' hits - I'm the one whwo can dish it out," he says.

"Maybe find a cart or somethin' we can all. Or steal a semi. I betcha Fred's driven one a time or two in his day."


Raven grins a little, then looks down towards the plans. "Mmgh.." She says quietly. "I'll get Domino on finding us one. I just may also put another member in on this little heist, to keep the noise levels down." She thinks about this for a moment, her fingers lifting to scratch away at her chin.

"The main goal in this, is you DO not get identified. This is the Federal Reserve. Any of us get identified, we're back on the radar. Luckily, with this new mutant blasting bugs every where, and the aliens fallen from the sky, they've forgotten about me entirely. And this is where we're going to use this to our advantage. If this all goes well? We'll hit the rest."

She flips the page to show the map of the US now, her fingers pointing. "New Jersey and Conneticut. We'll leave Puerto Rico alone for now." She glances up towards Cain now, then gestures. "Your mercenary days will come in handy. But remember. Stealth when you plan this. Understood?"


Cain nods, 'Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I can wear a mask, but how you gonna disguise Fred? Even if you put somethin' on him, it ain't like there's a lot of lard-ass bank robbers out there," he says.

"I ain't scared o' the federales either, but you don't want the heat, I'll try to avoid the heat."


"Your designated op. You figure it out, Merc." Raven takes a swig of her beer, dropping it clean upon the surface of the maps. It makes a O'ring around Wisconsin, which admittedly is the most sorriest state that was ever created, but.. who was she to judge?

"Yeah, no heat. Not yet. I need to figure out a way to get that at least a few key mutants under my thumb while you secure us money. Domino, I suppose I'll have her follow behind to set up safe houses in Midtown and have her acquisition more armory. We're going to need something bigger than this apartment."


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