1963-11-14 - Corny Lines and Violence
Summary: A planned hit against a mobster goes awry when Moon Knight comes to make Silencer, Terry Walker, pay for his past mistakes…
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Night-time New York.

Santino Petrelli leaves his Brooklyn casino late in the evening — actually after midnight — and climbs into his black Cadillac. It has been a profitable night for the mafia tycoon — more gamblers lost than won, the hookers in his employ have brought in plenty of 'playtime cash', and his 'other' business deals…

Well, he just brokered another to claim a piece of a rival's territory. He casts a glance over a city he has the audacity to consider 'his' — after all, it's only a matter of time before he is as big as the so-called Kingpin is supposed to be, isn't it? — and winds up the window.

The car pulls out into the street and starts to make its way through the city. Unfortunately for Petrelli, all is not as well as he assumes. Eyes are on him — eyes belonging to Terry Walker: A.K.A. 'Silencer'. Petrelli might be protected against issues with the police (bribes, threats etc) and the FBI (more of the same), he has managed to… attract the interest of others.

Like Walker.

This is not a case of 'good vs bad', but rather 'bad vs worse'… leaving it up to the bystander to decide which is which… Walker lounges in a chair outside a cafe as the car comes into view, stands up and starts walking toward the curb…

For a lot of the city, for a lot of the world really, 'bad vs. worse' is too often what it boils down to. But tonight there's more than two players on the board, and Moon Knight exists in a world he sees just as vividly black and white as his costume.

That's why for all the sins of Santino Petrelli, his sights are set in tunnel vision on the man known as Silencer. He'd finally got a lead on Walker asking after Petrelli, so when that Cadillac rounds the bend, there's a cowled figure gliding between rooftops tailing it not far behind, waiting for sign of his true prey.

Which he just got.

As Terry gets up and starts ambling towards the mobster's polished black car, Moon Knight crouches up on the roof, a curved blade drawn from his belt. He could make a throw from here with a decent shot of a clean hit… but that's not what his god demands. Walker has some things that don't belong to him, but more than that.. His god demands those he hunts see him coming.

"What's this joker want?" Petrelli demands of his driver, who has to slow down as this lone lunatic walks into the street. "Can't have this kinda heat on me or I'd run his ass down. Just — ."

It's not that Petrelli is interrupted by anything. He still finishes that sentence — and a couple of sentences afterward. What he doesn't do… is make any noise: not him, not the car, nothing.

Walker smiles.

He hasn't noticed Moon Knight yet.

Having partaken of the 'buffet of sound' in the area, Silencer stops in the path of the oncoming car and raises a finger in an 'uh-uh-uh…' gesture. It would appear Moon Knight is not the only one who likes to do the insane thing.

And then the car flips onto its side. Sparks fly as metal meets bitumen. The people inside the vehicle make yelling and shouting expressions with their faces, and gestures with their hands… all quiet. To the side, someone screams — without a peep. A man spills hot coffee on his groin, and takes it silently… despite having his mouth open like a cod-fish, and his Adam's-Apple bobbling up and down like he'd swallowed a vibrator.

And Walker… smirks.

"Bastard.." hard to say if it's out of range to be audible or not, but even if it isn't, it doesn't stop the cowled man from muttering angrily. "Finally found you, after — ."

"His time is up." Moon Knight comments, spinning the blade into a ready grip. "You can't hide from the moon."

Without another word Moon Knight leaps off the building across the street from Walker, the crescent of his glaringly white cloak snapped out, swooping down right at Walker as if the moon itself were falling from the sky.

He lands a second later right on top of the over turned car, glowing eyes narrowed under the shadow of his hood. But that curved blade keeps going with a snap of the wrist, aimed for Walker's dominant arm where it meets his shoulder. "Your reckoning is at hand, Terry Walker." he states coldly.


Yes, by now — thanks to the energy used to overturn the car — sound is returning to this little section of the street in Brooklyn. Walker, for the moment, is more confused than anything else — and… slightly impressed — by the entrance of the Knight of the Moon. One hand goes to his head, while he rests the other on his hip — deceptively far from the sidearm worn under his jacket — and he remarks:

"Aren't you a pretty galah," in that Australian accent of his. "Ballsy move lettin' me see you comin' like that," he goes on to say. "Ballsy, but bloody crazy."

Of course, if pedestrians had not run away screaming when the car had flipped… they do now. A strange car-accident is one thing — the arrival of a masked, caped… crusader? all in white… that's something else. Chances are, anyone of African descent in the area believes Moon Knight to be some racist white supremacist. In a cape.

Terry glowers.

"How the hell do you know my name?" he asks, whilst subtly taking sound from further away — footsteps, car engines, conversations and the like — so as to hopefully not tip off his opponent. That is when the thrown blade hits him in the shoulder, cutting into muscle tissue… but not before being mitigated by the teke-field generated by Walker's powers.

He gasps in pain.

Then sends the blade flying straight back at Moon Knight.

The blade flashes back towards its owner, only to be deflected on a silver bracer on the man's forearm. Moon Knight doesn't even stop to see where it flies, though any bystanders who were lingering near might reconsider and back off when it stabs into a nearby storefront.

No, what he does instead is leap forcefully off the car, looking to slam right into Silencer. Somewhere along the way a silver baton has replaced the blade, and this time it's swinging at Walker's head. "Khonshu knows you, and your transgressions!" he snarls in reply. "Tonight you pay for them."

"Easy, Princess," replies Walker as he robs a passing motorbike of its sound to send an invisible, telekinetic 'fist' toward Moon Knight's gut. Pity about the wound in his shoulder now, or he'd be drawing his gun. It is also a pity that he wants some clarification from this… lunatic in a cape — or he'd blanket everything in quiet and beat the crap out of him.

Or try to.

Silencer dives to the right to further avoid getting pounded, tucking and rolling despite the pain. On one knee, he retorts with a question: "Who the hell is Con Shoe? I haven't pissed off anyone called 'Con Shoe'!" As he prepares for another teke-attack, gunfire rips into the road, the sidewalk, the streetlights…

Coming from a car further up the road.

Santino Petrelli's men — and they are not happy.

"Aw, shit," says Terry.

"Tch!" a noise more of annoyance than alarm from the cowled man as the gunfire rips through the street. He charges across one lane of the road to another, and one could swear at least a few shots managed to hit that target, blaring white as it is under the light of a full moon.

If they do hit though, it doesn't seem to slow him down much.

The bike that Silencer stole the sound from skids out at the gunfire, it's passenger likely glad of their road leathers as they roll across the street swearing roundly. The cloaked man doesn't dive to protect the civilian though, instead he catches the skidding bike…and flings the whole thing up through the air, right at the car and it's firing occupants.

That should buy some time. Without so much as a word, the figure turns again on Walker, methodically raising that metal truncheon.

Walker watches the motorcycle go flying… and finds himself blinking. So this 'galah' is a bit worse than jus' some itch-rash, he thinks to himself. Alroight. Bloody hell — bastard nearly wrecked my shoulder. That was one hell of a throw.

Referring to the blade that had bloodied him.

The bike strikes the car full on, not causing an explosion but it does send both vehicles skidding down the street… with the bike's front wheel and handles embedded in the vehicle's windshield. It also makes a hell of a —

— nothing.

No sound at all.

Seeing the ivory-cloaked figure approach him again, Terry starts running toward him — left fist upraised as if to lay down a beating on the disciple of Khonshu…

Except that the 'fist' comes from the opposite direction (behind Moon Knight), is invisible, and strikes the vigilante full in the back with the force of a truck.

"Take that, Princess Peacock," the Australia mutters aloud.

Weirdly, that grapple wasn't being raised as if to strike, but pointed right at Walker, like some sort of challenge.

It's not a recrimination that ends up shooting towards Walker however. A second later a high velocity grapple hook fires from the truncheon's end. Maybe with some fancy wrist work a person could make a bid at entangling a person this way, but in this case it's fired straight and simple, right at Walker's stomach.

It would be a straight forward way to keep tabs on one's target and this crazed knight seems entirely focused on that goal— which is why that silent slam of force to his back is a direct hit. The figure crashes forward, and if that grapple landed on Walker, he might find that getting out of the way isn't quite as simple as he expected it to be.

As the Knight of the Moon goes stumbling/flying forward, Walker makes a break for it in the opposite direction — also forward but to go past Moon Knight and take cover behind the trashed car.

The grapple dictates otherwise.

Struck in the gut by the line — the blow barely absorbed by his teke-field — Walker finds himself quickly tangled up… and face-plants on the road. "Oh, blimey…" he groans, now sporting a large bump with torn skin on his head.

Walker quickly rolls over, and sets his mind to cutting away at the cord teke-style, all the while watching Moon Knight knowing the vigilante will be on him in moments — even after that hit. "Who the bloody hell are ya??" he demands.

Santino Petrelli is still alive.

Thanks to that bastard in white.

A bastard who knew who Terry Walker was.

That bothers him the most.

When Walker has most of the rope cut, he uses his mind to draw his sidearm… and floats the gun swiftly over to an innocent bystander. He uses the background noise to do it. "That's… ah, bloody headache — that's enough, ya wannabe-hero," he tells Moon Knight. "Now I'm gonna get out o' here… or that nice lady over there gets a bullet. Your choice, Captain Pasty."

Making matters worse there is something that was nigglingly familiar about the cowled man's voice. Maybe Silencer can't ever remember knowing anyone who talks like they think they're in a Greek chorus, let alone one who can throw around motorcycles, but there's something.

Whoever this man is, it's likely he knows more than just his name.

The figure falls hard to the street, but Walker's guess wasn't wrong. Though there's red showing now through the back of his cloak, the unnamed man pushes himself laboriously to hands and knees, those glowing eyes fixed on Walker. He yanks hard on that grapple cord tethered to Walker's gut, but he's managed to cut far enough through it that is snaps clear instead. It's good he has his own methods to sever it instead of a knife, the silvery fibers that adorn even the cable would have likely ruined the edge of any decent blade used to cut it. And then the gun floats over towards the huddled bystander, the woman giving a shocked cry and hiding behind her hands when she sees the floating gun pointed her way.

The cloaked figure, meanwhile, very slowly rises to his feet. "The more stains you add to your soul, the greater your reckoning will be before the end." he says, the sentiment offered with a simple and cold conviction. He takes a step closer.

"You remind me of another idiot who didn' know when to let somethin' go, mate," Terry warns the caped… vigilante — and the world around them grows even quieter. To demonstrate, Terry gestures minutely with a hand at the terrified woman with a gun to her head…

And she rises up off the ground… higher… higher… higher still. The former merc-now criminal turns back toward Moon Knight and glares. "Now, I can't hold 'er here forever, mate. At this height, the fall'd only break 'er legs — maybe. But I could just as well get cranky and pull the trigger."

Walker slowly gets to his feet and starts backing away. "What's it gonna be, Galah?" The woman rises higher into the sky, and very soon Moon Knight will find (like everyone else around here) that he'll not be able to hear… anything.

Even his own heartbeat.

"Of course you will, of course you'll maim and murder her. She's just a convenient pawn, isn't she? Another unimportant casualty on your quest for personal greed." Moon Knight says, walking slowly closer, a tension seeming to rise in him. "Just like the men who trusted their backs to you in Cairo." he spits with all the finality of a funeral gong.

And whatever effect those words might have on Walker, there's apparently still something going on with the man in the pale cloak.

He hesitates, caught frozen in place as if being pulled in two directions at once, hissing in a breath. "Walker!" he snaps, and now there's a palpable rage to his voice instead of the measured malice of before. He snarls, turning towards the woman and shouting, "Leave her out of this you basta — gah!" he snaps back around to face Silencer, those glowing eyes narrowed to slits. "Tonight I will — gnh!"

And right there, barely two yards from Walker, the mystery man stumbles to one knee in the street, hands held to his head. If Walker was looking for an opening, this may very well be the only one he gets.

Terry had thought he'd had this 'in the bag', so to speak.

He had thought, 'hey, this guy can't be THAT crazy to risk a civilian… can't 'e??', but then the guy in the cape had just kept on coming. It's not so much that Terry has issues with killing innocents — he's quite content being 'the bad guy'… for the most part.

But this little 'hit' of his (against Petrelli) has gone completely awry. Folks will be looking for him now — 'folks' as in cops, the FBI, and God-knows-who-else — especially if he murders a civilian right in front of everyone.

He had been about to let her down (slowly) when he'd heard the word… Cairo.

How the hell did this freak know about Cairo???

"What the — ??" Terry starts to say, accidentally letting the woman fall. She screams — and he catches her with more telekinetics… at the expense of all the noise in the area. Everything — every sound in every building, every automobile… all of it — goes silent.

And people start to freak out.

Terry takes one look at the clearly-pained vigilante, then tosses the woman practically into Moon Knight's lap…retrieves his gun… and makes a break for it. This is one mystery he'll have to resolve later on. Santino Petrelli will have to wait.

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