1963-11-16 - A really big show
Summary: Louis King shows up live on the Ed Sullivan show and Loki makes an appearance with warning and promise. (NOTE: Kitty graciously spoofs Ed Sullivan!)
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The black and white opening to the Ed Sullivan Show plays that familiar music through the television as the picture comes into focus on the screen. The title screen follows, and then, a voice over the music, deep and booming, declares: "Live from New York, it's the Ed Sullivan Show! And here's your host: Ed Sullivan!"

To keep the energy of the show, Sullivan takes two energetic hops through the silver curtain that separates the frontstagen from the back one. His slate coloured, perfectly tailored suit, is offset by the pink tie that peeks out beneath. It's a bold fashion move, but it works for Sullivan as he takes his signature pose, crossing his arms over his chest and shooting the audience a bright smile. "Good evening ladies and gentleman! It's a delight and pleasure to have you here tonight!" His hands clap together emphatically. "So much to see, and so little time." His eyes turn about the audience, "The president claims aliens are among us, New York has been reduced to strange division, and the world is in a strange state of upheaval."

His eyebrows lift and he emits a long breath followed by a large smile, "But! We come to your homes tonight to give you some reprieve! And believe me ladies and gent we have an incredible show tonight." He treads over towards his seat. "Our acts for tonight include the very talented Kirk Douglas, the very fabulous Nancy Sinatra, and," his eyebrows draw together, "Professor Louis King from Columbia University."

He glances towards his producer and then back to the camera. "And, bear with me ladies and gents," he holds up a hand apologetically, "but despite the previously declared schedule, I'd like to invite Professor King first!" His eyebrows draw together with near confusion at the declaration. "So," he pauses almost uncomfortably, "will you please join me in welcoming, Professor Louis King!"


"Thor!" Sif calls out from the couch, dressed down into a flowing skirt and a simple shirt. Nothing fancy. T'was truly the 60's. Tray of food in front of her which.. possibly consists of the actual tray, filled with a lot of food. A lot. Meats. Cheeses. Bread pieces here and there. Was that fruit? Veg? Perhaps the most insane thing was the tankard of mead with a spigot dug into the top, right next to the couch.

"It's time!"


The band plays through the introduction even as the camera pans off of Ed Sullivan to catch the entrance of the good Professor from the side of the screen, stepping past the curtains and taking the small step up onto the raised stage. He smiles to the confused audience, offering a wave even as his smile broadens.

At a glance he could be another Hollywood star, what with his perfectly tailored dark suit and his tie as the only touch of colour. But it's more than the ensemble, it's the smile, the radiant eyes, and the jovial expression as he strides towards Ed and takes the man's hand in his.

The shake is a short sharp thing, Louis' other hand reaching to clasp Ed's forearm in greeting as a few words are offered between them silently. Perhaps the host still looks a bit puzzled at this change in the schedule, but once they're taking their seats to the side their voices are heard. "Thank you so much for having me, Mr. Sullivan. So good of you," His accent is light and so British, but then again he's not the first Brit they've had on.


The very talented, the very fabulous, and the very… Louis King? A comment is uttered in murmured Old Norse under Scarlett's breath, and she holds a notebook across her lap. Eternal student, she cannot escape that nor the march of runes and Roman letters. Fingers stilled upon a pen, her verdant gaze rests sharply upon the screen projecting the image of a capering Sullivan and his trio of guests, at least as they deign to appear. Certain statues capture that thoughtful, reflective look worn upon her pretty face. She isn't the one smiling upon the couch, but then she probably has coursework and semester-end papers due perilously soon. Work not being done. A piece of cheese will eventually be sought, nibbled on. "The suit works for him."


Ed Sullivan's cheeks puff out as he tries to contain his own confusion, and bottle it as best he can before his guest can see it, but it's fruitless in its own way. His smile turns sheepish, and Sullivan accepts the hand. The murmured exchange between the pair is punctuated by a much more practiced and performed smile. "Well, you are, of course, welcome, Professor King." He hasn't exactly recovered fully.

He beckons to a sitting area for the two of them to perch, retreating behind his desk as he does so. "I have to say, I don't often have academics from Columbia in my studio. I'm guessing you must be the smartest man in most rooms, Professor. Tell us something fantastic about Columbia and its students. We're always impressed by you Ivy Leaguers."


Thor is settled in on the couch, his arm set across the back of the couch. It's when he catches the entrance of his brother that he leans forward, pulling his arm down. "There he is.. I certainly hope he knows what he is doing." Of course he has total faith in his brother, right? "Shhh.."


Sif nods, quiet in agreement with Scarlett. "One would think that he may be.. what do they call them? Of the rainbows.." She gestures towards the television. "Though, he cleans up well. One could appreciate that much." She pops a squared cheese within her mouth, nodding towards Thor, though that nod is also a half lean to press a light kiss to his jawline. "I'm sure he tho-.." And then shushed. Drats!


The guest on the show casually waves his hand to the side, as if dismissing the very notion of such a compliment as he smiles back and settles into his chair. He leans forwards, "I appreciate your seeing me in such a timely manner, again very kind." He looks then out towards the crowd and for a moment… seems to take it all in.

And while the Professor does so, inside the control room (most likely unnoticed) a few lights key active, signalling the first step of engagement for the Early Warning System that had been installed in all of the broadcast systems in 1958. Clearly nothing of interest, however.

But back down upon the stage, Louis turns back to Ed and smiles with an almost bashful look, as if terribly out of place and so humble. "With the august company you keep, Mr. Sullivan I doubt that's entirely true. But I believe your producers thought it would be important considering the discovery we made, and what's passed this last week and several days."

It's then that the professor looks around with a quirked eyebrow and lifts a hand as if searching for something…

Only for a stage hand to rush briefly into shot and place a glass display case in the guest's hand. It's set down upon the desk before Ed and they both turn their attention to it.

"I don't know if you're aware but with the introduction of X-rays and their various uses, people have been doing all sorts of marvelous things with them. Tracking flights, traffic, internal medicine. But we archaeologists… we've used it to take a closer look at artifacts. It was in the remains of a fossilized long ship from the Stavanger Museum that we discovered this."

The top pops open, and within the camera focuses upon a rather golden looking gleaming dagger with a greenish inlay and a jeweled hilt. "Now, what is remarkable of this find is that it apparently is composed of material that is an unknown element to Earth. Amazing isn't it?"


The redheaded bohemian barely blinks from the screen, but she nods to Sif. Silenced does not mean she cannot print, however, and the neat line is tilted towards the goddess so she might see. Scarlett's body stills, right down to breathing. Pupils fade at the concentrated focus upon the transmission from the television. Fingers coiling around the pen are twisting its shaft out of true, bending the metal slightly. Those fingerprints won't come out.


Sullivan leans forward to inspect the glass display case. With vague amusement, his eyebrows turn upwards and his lips curve easily as he eyes the case and then allows his gaze to turn back to Louis. "It seems incredible, truly, Professor King. I mean, even the logic of the find seems unbelievable." He looks towards the audience and shoots them a smile before turning back to look at his guest.

"Tell me, Professor King," his hands lift purposefully, trying to push the conversation onwards, "how would such a remarkable object find its way to the sight in the first place?"


Now it's Thor's turn to actually speak during all of this, and he tilts his head, brow creasing. "What is he doing?" He recognizes the ship! It was a toy, a child's toy. "Why did he bring..?" Cheese! Reaching over, he nabs a piece of cheese that Sif's grabs and pops a cube into his mouth. "Ooooh. Why did he not bring a ball?"


Sif murmurs quietly, "Rainbows." She looks to the paper that Scarlett scrawled upon, immediately reaching for a piece of meat to pop into her mouth to stifle her giggles.


Louis straightens up and makes a mirroring gesture, as if offering for Ed Sullivan to take hold of the small blade himself. "It's curious, this and several other artifacts from the same period are composed of a similar material. Advanced metallurgical techniques unknown to people of the time."

The scholar turns to look to the audience and it's clear that he's in his element. He enjoys the attention and that small half-smile at the corner of his mouth makes him seem like he's eating it all up. "Combine this with what we've learned, and the President's address, and it would be a logical conclusion to think that perhaps earth has been visited in the past."

But then he looks back towards Ed as the host asks how the object was found and adds, "Ah, Mr. Sullivan. That is the easiest to answer, for you see. I put it there in the first place in 795 I believe."


Ed Sullivan's lips part wordlessly only to close seconds later. His brain attempts to process the information that Louis King has spouted, and the logic of his seems to fail. And so, like the entertainer he is, Sullivan begins to chuckle. And slowly, across the crowd, the audience follows suit. It's a joke. Clearly it's a joke.

"Bob is clearly pranking us again — " he lifts his hands and begins to chuckle more. " — for those viewers who have not been paying attention, one of our producers, the very hilarious, and, at times, tricky Bob Precht has given us some unusual guests in the past — " The audience seems relieved.


The sound of Sif possibly choking on an Asgardian-sized lump of meat momentarily warrants a worried look from Scarlett. Visual confirmation is needed to assure that something hasn't become lodged in her throat. Assured that the goddess can handle it, her attention flicks back to the television, her own cheese thoroughly forgotten until Thor reminds her to eat. Mostly. "To demonstrate you were here long before history says? It proves you are a first contact of another race with humanity."


"Rainbows?" Thor looks at the ladies, brows rising before he settles back. "Oh.. didn't he give that to Runar?" Back in, yes, 795. "I swear, Loki, if you give up the mead stashes, I am disowning you," is murmured next by the Thunderer. He reaches over to grab another piece of cheese, waiting for the rest to fully grasp the information his brother is trying to give them…


"Oh I assure you, it's no prank." And for some reason those words have a timbre to them that resonates, not only with the crowd and the host… but with those that hear his words through the speaker of their television set.

The tall professor stands up and gestures almost absently, "Walk with me, Edward. Do." Those words seem so terribly compelling. And it's then that those lights in the control rooms flicker over from their ready green to a burning red as suddenly the transmission is locked, and then the Emergency Broadcast System is engaged to beam the message to the entirety of the American watching public. The steady angry BRAAAACH-BRAAAACH-BRAAAACH alarm might even be heard nearby from whatever other television sets might be on up and down the street and really across the nation.

All of the cameras, all of the angles are aimed at him, and Louis walks out onto the hard shiny stone floor where the musical acts normally perform. When suddenly there is a momentary blaze of light, a brightness of being that shines past the cameras and seems to reach out, and when it returns there stands not Louis King. But a man in green and silvered plate armor, a wickedly curved blade along his hip and a gleaming golden staff held in his hand.


While Sif was inclined to explain to Thor her meaning of the Rainbows and all that entails, her eyes were positively glued to the television. She was so distracted to the point to where the next item of food was held, right close to her lips, her breath held as she finally casts a glance towards Thor. "He toys with them." She murmurs softly, then glances towards Scarlett. "Aye. However.. much is to be said about the others who were hear before us. There is a story I must tell you one day." She smiles towards the young woman. "Perhaps, doing weaponry training."

And yet, when Loki finally makes his reveal, Sif is silent. There are no more words that draw from her lips.


The silence that follows Loki's words draws over Ed, and his expression turns somber. The comedy drains from his face, and his shoulders slump with the weight of the assertion. He inhales a sharp breath as he's beckoned to rise to his feet. He presses to his feet and shifts from behind the desk to follow Louis to the music stage.

Wordlessly, he stares at his producers, not entirely sure whether to interrupt or try to rein in this particular guest. But a subtle shift in his gaze sees it turn to awe when Louis transforms into a very different figure. Sullivan's mind has turned to a blank slate as his mouth gapes.


That sharp noise emitted from the television frankly hurts sensitive ears, and Scarlett winces at the insistent claxon wails the doom facing them. What the couple on the couch may not know, she clearly does. "That program is restricted for national emergencies, and imminent danger. War. Deadly storms. Nuclear strikes," she murmurs, her usual lilt slightly brittle. History is in the making and, sure as a mushroom cloud first rose over Hiroshima and its sister in Nagasaki followed, she witnesses it with a growing, certain knowing. "He called them. They will come as they have been trained. So it begins."


"Make sure you have my attention while we're sparring." Weaponry training. Uh huh.

There… and Thor sits up a little straighter. There's pride there, though now he's watching the others that the studio may focus on. The Thunderer is protective, too. Of everyone, but he trusts Loki. No reason not to. "Very impressive, brother," is murmured.

"They will come?"


"Audiences to the televisions and radios. It's a system used to notify us, after all," Scarlett explains softly.


Still, after all, Sif remains silent. Her hand reaches out to grasp upon Thor's wrist, and since she couldn't afford the same luxury to Scarlett, a foot is nudged towards the woman with a little tap. There was something there.. she finally gets it, and with a glance towards Thor. "We need to talk." But still, her words were quietly directed to Scarlett as well. "Worry not. Be still your heart."


"I am Loki, of Asgard. And I am burdened with a great duty."

The man is still that Louis King in some ways, features, stance… yet somehow so much more. He stands tall with that staff held before him, his eyes sweeping the crowd who is just as silent as the host. "I had not intended to do this in such a manner, yet I find my hand forced. Pity."

A glance is given towards Ed, "Please forgive me, Edward. But I must convey my message to your audience."

Turning back towards the cameras, Loki looks sternly at the people around him, at the faces that stare back at him some with terror, all with trepidation. His jaw tenses as he seems to gather himself, then he presses on. "Most of you are still grappling with the notion that there exists others beyond your ken. Others who have been here, living amongst you, learning of you. I am here to tell you that you barely grasp the extent of the peril that threatens you."

"I have lived amongst you and yours for this last century. I have been here in the past, when beings from another world threatened your home."

He looks around, his lip curling unkindly. "I know that you mortals are short of years as well as of memory, and so I shall remind you."

He gestures sharply with his staff and suddenly there is another similar flash of light, a flash that blooms into being on either side of him, two glowing growing spheres…

That when they reach the height of the ceiling suddenly crackle and dissipate leaving two large creatures, each bound with what looks like iron chains to a great crimson stone set before them.

A giant seemingly composed of ice, with limbs crackling and snow swirling roars against its ignominy, reaching and lashing out with an arm straight at Ed Sullivan yet the chains tighten and bring it low abruptly.

On Loki's other side is a roiling raging creature of fire that is similarly bound, reaching out and trying to tear apart its chains, but failing as it surges back and forth against its bindings as if seeking to know its range of motion.


A single step backwards had Sullivan collapsing on the stage as the snow giant with its crackling limbs nearly attacks him. He slides backwards along the stage, crab-crawling away from the all-too-pronounced Loki of Asgard. His body strains, but cannot slide fast enough away from the beasts that are now occupying his stage. The danger of the studio and those in it isn't lost on Sullivan, and so, despite the compulsion to give respect to Loki, he calls, "Security — we need security!"


Thor looks to Scarlett, brows rising. "He knows what he's doing." There's the mantra. Loki is his brother. Prince of Asgard. Protector of Midgard. While Odin might not be really happy with this, there is nothing to be done. They're not killing anyone; Loki is fulfilling his role in the only way Loki does best. So completely out of the box one is forced to ask 'what box?'.

It's when the jotun and the muspell are brought out that Thor stares at the screen. "Careful, brother…" is whispered.


Foods done. Sif puts the tray aside to better manuever herself upon the couch. She sits upright, completely enthralled. If one knew her well, they would notice that she was ready. Her back straight, her toes pressed to the ground in preparation to leap from the couch. If need be, she'd teleport there to get him out..

..if need be..


The redhead arches her eyebrow slightly. A faint curve of a smile alights and vanishes, "I am not worried. Only know it will set a tone that might stir the populace. People are uneasy, and hearing the alarms…" And two eldritch species, things creep towards the balance. She can scarce afford to look away for a moment. "I am sure he knows exactly what he does." At present she can do absolutely nothing but nibble on her cheese. And eye the window promisingly.


"I am here to tell you that your kind no longer has the luxury to indulge in hating your fellow man simply because they come from another country, or they have a different colour of skin than yours." His lip curls a touch smugly, perhaps amused or perhaps even dismissive. "You have set foot upon a stage that you are not ready for, against beings that have no consideration for you beyond how long it would take in eliminating everything you have ever known in flames, in ice, in chaos."

He pauses and sets his staff down with a resonant clank, even as Ed turns and calls for security. The Asgardian pays him no mind, at least not for now. "But." He looks around calmly, enjoying the limelight entirely too much. "You are not alone. Asgard stands with you. Asgard shall protect you. And my kind has sworn an oath to fall before allowing your world to be harmed. Our embassy shall make itself known."

At that he seems to smile all the more, twirling his staff around in a whorl of movement that ends with it slamming down with a /whoompf!/ of sound that seems to cause those two giants to hit the ground and lose consciousness without so much as a fare thee well.

It's then that Loki is walking towards Ed and when those green eyes affix the man, perhaps aiding in snaring his attention and perhaps arresting any flight… the last thing that the home audience might well see would be Loki leaning down somewhat to whisper into the host's ear. The words are unheard to the home audience, even as their channel snaps back to that loud garish BRAAAAACH-BRAAAAACH-BRAAAACH warning before their televisions are once again under their control.

It's then, now alone save for the audience that Loki smiles and whispers into Ed Sullivan's ear gently, "When you speak with your president, and you shall. Tell him this."

There's a pause even as Loki begins to fade out.

"Tell him to get his shit together."


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