1963-11-20 - Interview with a Trickster
Summary: Eddie scores himself an exclusive with Loki
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It's almost twenty people now, standing watch outside of the manor house. A mix of reporters and protesters are all holding position behind some police barricades at various parts of the day. For the people who have taken up watch outside the Asgardian 'Embassy', the routine has been regular for them. The guards change at midday, sometimes an hour ahead or back give or take, never a full hour just seemingly at random in some ways. In the early morning the man known as Louis King, or Loki Odinson, steps out with a white poodle and proceeds to walk it to the nearby dog park. Sometimes the reporters follow with, sometimes a few of them shout questions. Rarely does it have any effect.

Another point of the routine is in the evening, when the dog gets its second walk. Fluffy, for the attentive may have heard to the beast referred to as such, is ever well-behaved and trotting out the door even as the tall man in the long coat steps outside. A step past the guards and he nods to them in turn even as they snap to attention and salute with their spears banging hard against their golden shields.

The only hesitation is as the man pauses, lifting a gloved hand to wave at the onlookers in a friendly manner even as he turns to start his path down the sidewalk and towards the dog park.


If there's anything at all that Eddie lacks, its not confidence, its not bravery: he doesn't mind jumping into things and pushing past people to get what he knows he deserves. And so while some reporters might be calling out questions, notebook in hand, Eddie shoves through and walks right up to the … whatever it is these people are. "Mr. Odinson! I'm Eddie Brock, with the Bugle. You told part of your story on TV, but people need to know more, and if you'll agree to answer a few questions, I can guarantee a front page story with the best paper in the country!" He trots right up beside the fellow as if he's quite sure he'll give in.


There are a few gasps as some of the other people there watch as Eddie seemingly commits suicide. None of the other reporters have even come that close to the guards, let alone the Trickster god. There's even the sound of a small shuffle of armor as the two sentinels seem to shift just enough to keep an eye on Eddie.

But then Loki rounds on him and it suddenly might become clear to Mr. Brock that Loki is in a lot of ways… larger than life. Not necessarily height-wise as they stand an eye to an eye, and that dog that immediately heels beside him isn't threatening at all. But there's something in the green eyes and that too friendly smile that's offered in turn.

"Eddie Brock, of Midgard." He seems to look the man up and down. He steps back, "You realize, young man, that you are the first of your ilk to approach me so. What makes you different than them?" He gestures with a nod towards the others behind the barricades. They most likely can't hear what's being said but the body language is clear.


Eddie blinks and for a moment he is hesitant, caught in that strange sense that this… whatever he is, is more then he simply appears to be. He wasn't super impressed seeing him on TV, but here and now? But, Eddie swallows, and forges ahead, "I'm a reporter, sir, it's my job to seek out the truth and keep the people informed. And I take that seriously." He glances sidelong at the guards, and then continues, "If they…" He points a thumb back at the other reporters, "…are cowards, so be it. I figure there's three things that might happen now. One, you might kill me, and I'm on the front page tomorrow. Two, you give me an interview, and I'm on the front page tomorrow. Three, you ignore me, and I write about that, and I'm on the front page tomorrow. Win-win-win. Well, one of the win's is posthumous which I admit is the least ideal option. The question is, Mr. Odinson, what do you want the story to be?"


"The world is fortunate and the fates are kind to you, Edward." The Asgardian's smile is just as calm, just as amiable as he lightly raps the man shoulder companionably, meeting the other man's gaze levelly. "The first time I had come out here and the reporters had set up camp, I had thought to myself that the first one of them that had the gumption to step forth and risk what they would for words with me, I would reward them."

He gestures back towards the door, and in turn to the white poodle beside him. A poodle that seems distinctively well-behaved. "If you would like, tell the men that I have given you permission to await me in my parlor. You will be shown inside and settled at your ease."

But then Loki's smile shifts a bit wry, "Unless you'd like to walk and talk with me as I grant my furry friend here his evening exercise."


Eddie tenses slightly at the shoulder rap, but when nothing is broken, he relaxes. He considers the offer for a moment, and shakes his head. If he goes inside and waits, the… whatever he is, might change his mind. No, Eddie: grab the bull by the horns and ride. "Oh, I can walk with you. I've no problem taking notes on the move." He hesitates a moment, flipping open his notebook and pulling out his pen. "My first question is… what *are* you? I did some research, and Asgard according to Norse mythology was one of nine realms and the one where the gods lived. Are you claiming to be a god? Or an alien? Or… I don't know, some sort of extradimensional being? If people are going to understand you we need to build a foundation so they have the *context* to include you in their worldview."


"Ah," Loki turns and starts to walk back down the sidewalk, "You do not shy away from the complex questions, do you Edward?" The trickster deity continues to walk along, swapping the hand he's holding Fluffy's leash with as he moves, letting the dog trot alongside them on the far side from Eddie.

"The telling of this will be elaborate. And best served over mulled cider." He scritches a fingertip along the curve of his chin, the beard scraping faintly. "But needs must when the devil drives." He pauses at the side street, looking both ways before stepping off the curb and over towards the dog park. Once they reach the small fence he'll let go of the leash and allow Fluffy the run of the area, to which he avails himself by taking off like a bat out of hell.

As Loki talks the dog proceeds to rush around, sniffing, exploring, and doing what it is that dogs do. It leaves them both there time enough to discuss matters. "Well let us begin as we can."

He nods towards one of the bench seats for the owners of the dogs. He takes a seat at the end of the bench and casually works at the gloves on the ends of his hands, working them off and sliding them into the pocket of his jacket. "I am roughly three thousand years old, Edward. Asgardians are long-lived, and in some ways very spiritual. We have aspects that some would consider us godlike, though some of the divinity ascribed to us by your legends and tales… well they rose from events that happened when we were here last, in the year 795 for the first war."


Notes are taken quickly, though it looks like complete jibberish— shorthand is ever so useful for a reporter. He can't help but grin briefly as the dog rushes away to play. Sitting down at the bench, he nods his head slowly, and then blinks. "Three thousand years old." he has to repeat, not sounding disbelieving, just… astonished. "The first war?" he prompts, wrinkling his brow a bit, "Though I know a lot of history, I admit I don't specifically recall a war in that time period."


"Only a handful of your people were involved in it, King Reginfrid of Norway fought alongside us. He was a good man. It was from around this time that the stories sprang forth of us. Myself, my father, my brother." Loki looks to the side, eyes distancing for a time as the memories are summoned. He looks back to Eddie and says, "The Svartalfar were seeking to take dominion of Midgard… Earth, to gain control so they could cut the other realms off from each other."

His brow furrows, "You see, Edward… there are 9 realms, indeed." Loki lightly extends a fingertip and a faint flame flickers to life at the end of it, a thin beam etching an image into the cement sidewalk before them. And as he speaks, the words are illustrated with an imagery that has a distinct Nordic flare to it.

"Midgard, your home, is in the center of the 9 realms." An image of Earth springs to life with a reddish glow, then eight other planets grow up around it. "All the other realms, to travel from one to another, must pass through Midgard. Your home is the crossroads for a galaxy. Thus it has ever been a place of potential conflict."

A frown touches his features, then he adds. "The Svartalfar sought to conquer Midgard, to exterminate your people. Asgard stood with you."


Man, Eddie needs to write a note to his journalism professor and thank him for suggesting he learn shorthand. Note taking quickly, he nods— then blinks in astonishment as Loki's fire or illusion or whatever it is appears. "Okay." There's ever so much to process, but he nods his head slowly, "Okay, so earth is strategically important due to its location. That explains why these… Svartaffer were after it, and why you'd want to stop them. Is that why you're here now, then? Because someone's trying to take the planet again, and you don't want to lose access to the other realms? Don't get me wrong, if you're here to help, great, but… Altruism is not something people believe easily."


"Well, as I have said… we are a long-lived people. Asgard honors its treaties." Loki lifts his head slightly and then a short sharp whistle comes from him to snare Fluffy's attention, even as the poodle seemed to be digging around near a trash can. At the whistle the dog's head snaps up and it comes bounding back towards them with a pleased with itself stride.

"We swore an oath of brotherhood with the people of Midgard. Since the time of that first war we have kept a presence here, but it has been small. Travellers, visitors, at times offering advice in trying times." He smiles faintly as he looks back towards Eddie, even as he leans forward to loop the leash back around Fluffy's neck. "Personally I have been here for the last 115 years, living as one of you. To gain insight, a feeling for the people of today."

He gains his feet and gives a nod towards the gate that leads back out of the dog park. "But the reason for our public reappearance…" He holds open the gate for the other man, "Your world's discovery of and intrusion by beings from another world. It's another phase of your existence. As I said when I addressed the nation, you have stepped out onto a larger stage now."


"Treaties? I don't think there's any nation that still exists from 795AD. There was the Ottoman Empire for awhile there, but after the war—" Eddie shakes his head slowly, "So I don't think anyone would reasonably hold you to any treatiest you had with defunct nations. And you probably know that, so it sounds like its more about what you think is right and less about what obligation you truly have." He hesitates and can't help but grin, "Okay, I should ask more questions and talk less." He steps through the gate and gives Loki a nod, "Do you see us as a protectorate, or a vassal, or just an alliance? Do you intend on approaching the United Nations?"


Reaching the fence he steps through and holds the gate for Eddie to come along as well. He turns and starts walking back down the street, footsteps light and easy upon the cement. "To the All-Father, the people he signed with he knew they would pass and that their kingdoms would fall. But our word holds." He lifts a hand to rub at the back of his neck thoughtfully for a moment, then he turns. A small smile touches the corner of his mouth, "We see you as brothers, in truth. We stand against the darkness that would enshroud all the realms. Along with those of Vanaheim, Alfheim, Nidaveliir."

The dog falls into step beside him as he walks, and he looks on towards the embassy where the reporters are understandably agitated, pictures being taken of Loki and Eddie on their stroll. "If your race had been older we would have brought you amongst us for full understanding. But your people were young yet. That has changed now. You must be aware of it?"

There's a pause in his words as he looks on towards the people ahead of them, but then he gets set to cross back across the street. "Now there are beings emerging from your ilk, the genetic changes affecting some of your people is a growth to a new phase of existence. Other beings are aware of this as well, 'tis why other worldly creatures are seeking you and yours to see what they can gain."

A small shake of his head is given, "Our appearance was as much for their awareness as yours. For them to know that if they seek to seize Midgard then they will have to face more than just a young race newly risen from the creche."


Eddie can't help but frown, and he nods his head slowly, "There's a lot of people who are not especially— happy— about the changes. The emergence of mutants creates a new balance of power that our society and government might not be especially able to handle. Not without changing— everything. And where does that leave the normal people?" He blinks a moment, "It's because of mutants that these… aliens are moving in now? Is it because they want to take advantage of them or stop the mutants before they're a threat? And… are you willing to commit military resources to helping… Midgard… or just advice?"


"You are thinking about this incorrectly," Loki pauses in mid-step to turn and look at Eddie. "You need to cut yourself free of these thoughts of us and them regarding your own kind. Mutants, these people are just gifted in other ways. They are still human. Still your own. Still call 'Earth' home. You are all of common cause. And you all will have your part to play in the coming years."

He shakes his head, "Survival will become what is important, hopefully we'll be able to grow together, prosper." He frowns, "The color of someone's skin, or the land from which he hails, or the religion they hold to their hearts, or how many abilities they have or mutations… all of that must fall by the way side for you to have a chance to survive when faced with beings who are antithetical to your very existence. Whose touch destroy everything that comes under it."

"As for committing of ourselves…" Lokis spreads his hands as he steps to the stairs, the two sentinels snapping to attention. "We are here, not many of us now as we do not wish to convey the impression of invaders. But the crown prince of Asgard is here, as are some of the court. We are here to stand with you, and we risk the very future of our kingdom, so strong is our feeling that you shall not fall."


"Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm all for civil rights for the negros and every other race: that nonsense that a negro is inferior to a white man is just that, nonsense." Eddie shakes his head slowly, "But the States and Russia working together on this new taskforce, that's going to take a lot for people to get used to. And mutants? People are afraid, Mr. Odinson." He pauses, then adds, "And they're afraid of you, too. What you being here will mean. What changes you bring. Besides telling us we need to, basically, grow up, is there any other changes you are going to try to bring?"


A shake of his head is given, "We have no aims on your society beyond making you ready to defend yourselves." He starts to walk up the step to the door and pushes it open. "I understand it will be a difficult transition, and it is best to tell you harsh truths and to allow you time to at least acclimate yourselves to them than to have you suffer by being thrust into the fire unawares."

There's a frown on his features as he murmurs, "There are people in your government, on your world, who feel the status quo is best held. To hide what is going on around you simply to maintain the illusion of control. They would prefer to run the risk of a catastrophic continental disaster if it meant they could keep their secrets close to themselves for another year… two."

There's a pause then he touches a fingertip to the center of Eddie's chest. "It is up to you, the members of the Fourth Estate who must be vigilant, and to hold the feet of your government to the fire. Yes it will be a trying time, but you must overcome it. Assuredly there are those out there uncomfortable with my message and will seek to silence me. If that happens…"

Loki smiles a bit faintly, "I trust you'll tell them what I said here today."


"Oh, you'll have as much front page coverage as you can handle, Mr. Odinson." Eddie nods his head fervently, "At least until something bigger comes up, and I can't quite imagine what shape the world would be if something bigger then Asgard shows up. It probably wouldn't look very good for us." He pauses, then adds, "Any final words for the people of earth, then?"


For a moment Loki ponders, standing there in the doorway with the well-behaved poodle at hand. He cocks his head to the side and then fixes the young reporter with his smile. "We come in peace."

At that, Loki seems entirely amused, perhaps with himself. "Another day, Edward. You are welcome in these hallowed halls. Call as you would." He steps into the manor, and then the door closes behind him.

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