1963-11-20 - Preparations
Summary: Loki does Loki things while being Loki.
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Another morning, out and about with the canine has Loki wandering around the dog park at this time of day. It's become a bit of a routine of sorts, only a handful of days old. But from the Embassy emerges the trickster god, a light sweatshirt and jeans upon him. His alma mater of Columbia University displayed prominently on the grey top even as he lifts a hand to the reporters… and even a few protesters now that are outside the Asgardian home away from home.

Naturally none return the gesture, though a few questions are shouted to which the Asgardian prince feigns an inability to hear by touching a hand to his ear and then spreading his hands as if to say 'what?' But civilians or the like have learned to avoid the dog park this time of day.

It's just a casual stroll, Fluffy doing the business of what all dogs do, and yes Loki even goes so far to carry a bag to deal with the more mundane matters. Clearly a good photo op. He does pause however and looks up for a moment. There's a flutter of wings, a caw of a raven… just enough of one to cause the Asgardian to grimace to himself.

He pauses and looks to the side, even as he tosses the bag of fluffy's last dinner into a nearby waste bin, then pats the dog on the head. A pat that ends with the creature disappearing in a flicker of light. But then the next moment he disappears as well.

Only to reappear at the front door of the Bellator House. He adjusts his sweatshirt, looks up and then raps his knuckles on the door once again.


Thor's in and out of Bellator; there are always things to attend, and emerging from the Master Chambers in a tunic and blue jeans, barefooted, blond hair set up in a pony-tail, Thor bellows, "Enter!" No servants, after all. Helge hasn't yet arrived to make their breakfasts. "There is none to bar your entrance."

In that wander, then, towards the kitchen, Thor calls out once again, "Is there yet coffee?"


The arrival was expected. Though the life that fills the House of Bellator moves as it would. A table was set out for food and drink in the main room; the tankard of mead still a present apparatus that still holds its spigot. Though, there was a question as to how much was left, and who had occasionally passed by for a refreshing taste of home. And yet, it was one of the times that Sif did not eat. Lingering there upon the large sofa, feet dangling and idly bouncing as if there were a nervous tic and the action itself made it better. A book was held within her hands, A Fine and Private place, was read, pages slowly flipped and halted once the knock at the door comes. With a lift of her brow, her lips part to speak, but Thor handles introductions well, her eyes dropping down to the page to read a single line that she was particularly stuck on.

"Fascinating.." She murmurs to herself, her head tilted towards the call for coffee. "Nay! There is mead!" And while it looks as if she would actually remain in her spot, she lets out a faint grunt and calls, "Do you wish for coffee?" One would easily say, 'Make it your damn self', but this was a job Sif was happy to do.


Up all night doing some task, unpleasant in the extreme, no doubt, Alex is still abed. The sounds of shouting throughout the house rouse him, and he grumbles quietly to himself, pulling the pillow of his head in an effort to avoid the onslaught of noise, but to no avail. Reluctantly, he pulls himself from bed, dresses just enough to provide some small amount of modesty, and emerges bleary-eyed from his room. Coffee. Coffee. Someone said something about coffee. The youth moves from his room to the kitchen in a bit of shambling, haphazard manner, his sleep-deprived state sapping him of the usual precision and fluidity of his motion. He bumps into one or two boxes on the way, thankfully without breaking anything. In due course, he stumbles into the kitchen, and instinctively seeks out the coffee maker. There's no guarantee of correct proportions or even proper operation of the device, but he sets it to brew, and leans against the counter, head hidden in his arms. If Sif, Thor, or anyone else for that matter is planning to come make the coffee, they'll find it already going, and a very sleep God of Fear half-attending to its creation.


Through the door emerges Loki, looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to meet the day. He closes it behind him then stands there in the way, casting his attention around the room like a chaotic tennis volley. First to Sif, then Thor, then towards Alexander. His eyebrows lift, another cycle of glances. His lips part as if to say something, then he hesitates. Only a moment before he lifts his voice, "Very domestic."

It's a possible observation, mayhaps a judgement. Whatever it is will have to wait for he steps further into the room, shooting a half-smirk towards his brother, before rounding on Sif. "What did you want?"


The ghostly presence of the apprentice of Sif gains nothing more than a glance; the boy is making coffee, which is more than acceptable. Though, the consideration of mead begins to find its way deeper into the Thunderer's mind. "Mead." Thor changes his path to take a glass of the honey wine, complete with a handful of cheese and bread.

"Brother! Welcome.. a place of quiet. Domestic, hardly. We have not half the servants that would be proper for such a household." Thor tosses a piece of cheese into his mouth. "Come.. some mead and we will have our chance to speak."


Unlocked doors. It didn't bother Sif too much, those who lay within these walls are more than capable of handling an intruder. Though, in Sif's mind, if they were so bold to walk into the house of warriors, then they shall have access to whatever they wish to acquire. After a beating, of course.

And yet, as Loki enters and Alex rouses himself from his slumber, Sif remains unmoving. Her focus nearly swayed by his entry, even the mention of the house being domestic does not gain a quirk of her brow. There was a little smile that touches her lip as the book snaps shut, a glance to check for Thor as he re-emerges from the kitchen given, which draws her to sit right up only to be faced with the younger, her gaze sizing him up for the briefest of moments.

What did she want?


It was a sudden jerking of a movement, book tossed aside in favor of a fist. A fist that lands right upon the thickest parts of Loki's thigh, a movement so swift that follows by her darting upright to her feet to try to catch the God by the arm to -pinch-.

"She was -pregnant-, you buffoon! You did not relay this important piece of information to me!"


Hopping back on one leg and clearly wincing, the words that slip from Loki's mouth are harsh as he fends her off with a shove that really looks almost like their days back as teenagers rough-housing on the training field. "Surtur's teats, get away from me you lumbering clod of a woman!"

But his face is rather pained as he rubs at his charlie horsed leg and that pinch, who pinches people this day and age? Really. But he waves a hand quickly, still rubbing at his thigh as he scowls. "Well yes she was pregnant, that's why she's still alive." His eyes flare, but then he adds. "Fool of a woman might as well have leapt belly-first into traffic for all the sense of preservation she has for that parasitic creature in her belly. A creature gained so through deception, I am sure. For what being would lay with that harridan, I have no idea."


Okay, all this is passing right over Thor's head. The movement of Sif in an 'attack' of Loki is met with surprise, and before either of them can get into a fuss, Thor calls out, "Hold.. what is this?" He looks to Sif, brows rising, "With child?" Next, he looks to Loki, trying to understand the rsponse, that it was the only reason the lady still breathes.

The cheese is set onto a counter, and the mead in his glass is drained, the glass ignored soon after before he looks between the pair. "Tell me why there is discontent between you."


"You squeamish whelp of a man!" Sif shouts back. She was ready to give him a good what for, one that consists of her drawing the poor man into a headlock while he hops along upon his good leg. Yes, it was a sight. One could even hear the squeals and thrashings that they've created as children long ago. A complete throwback. Why, there was even food to mush into the others faces, to tangle into one anothers hair..

And yet, Thor's call for 'peace' in the form of 'HOLD'! Stays her hand. For if this fight would have progressed, it would have dissolved into snot filled ranting with someone still pinching the other and the use of magic within the Bellator. And something like that wouldn't be had. And yet? Loki's explanation, rushed and angered as it was, made a lot of sense. But Sif still couldn't help feel small from the Thunderer's question. So much so, that she actually points out towards Loki.

"He choked a woman that was withchild!" A ghost of young Sif, blaming Loki for smashing wares..

But there was no disconnect, for Sif reaches out to give Loki's perfectly groomed hair a little mess with her fingers as she moves off towards the table. And for a moment, she still seemed to seeth, though if anyone were to actually study Sif's movements, her shoulders were bouncing erratically to keep the laughter of the -entire- situation silenced. (Note: She's failing.)


Spreading his hands and with his eyes going wide as if trying to show Thor that Sif is clearly mad, he looks back towards her. Then when she makes her shouted reply he audibly chuffs against the premise, even going so far as to push away at her hand whens he tries to toy with his hair. Of course his sour expression only enhances the rise of nostalgia to the times when they grew up together, so often their rough play ended with a pouting Loki looking sulky.

"Bah. My words wounded her more than me holding her at bay long enough to deliver them." He looks to Thor and then levels, "The director of SHIELD, you have met her. The Carter woman. She sought to chastise me, I made light of her. Her anger rose and she sought to take me by the ear."

There's a pause as he looks to Sif, "And truly, not the wisest thing for a future mother to do, considering."

Yet he looks back to Thor and waves the incident off. "She lived, and she may have learned a lesson." He scritches a fingertip along his chin, "Perhaps she may take maternity leave, that could be wise."


Thor looks between the pair, and suddenly, why does he feel like … Mother? He exhales in a long sigh and shakes his head before turning to pad into the living room. "Come and take your comfort. Then tell me why Lady Peggy decided that risking the well-being of her child seemed to be an acceptable risk when speaking with you." Because.. that's one of the dumber things he's heard.

"Sif.." Thor pauses before he gives her a long look and actually starts laughing when he catches the look on her face. "You are as bad as you were when we were children. Picking fights. One day, I should allow my brother to exact his revenge upon you." As if he stays Loki's hand ever? Ever?

Not likely.

"I take it they cared not for your presence upon their television, Loki?"


It is a wonder as to how Frigga still remained lively and beautiful after dealing with the lot of them. Odin carried gray hairs for each transgression against the other and there was a time Sif thought he'd become hoarse with yelling. But alas, it was all in jest. Nostalgia, for the true reason to call him to the Bellator was not to beat upon, pinch nor tickle. There is a serious discussion in the works with the Brothers Two. A serious discussion that has a small banquet and mead.

Always mead.

As Loki recants the story, Sif manages to porcure two goblets for her and the younger, both filled to the brim with the delicious drink, her pace taking her to Loki first to offer the wine in good tidings. She was not mad, truly, though a little scolding never hurt anyone. "Here."

With that said. A light stroll and a kiss was placed upon the Thunderer's cheek, before she takes a sip of her own wine. "I'm afraid that punishment has already been wrought. Nay, they did not care for it so much that I was 'proached by Liv. Sigrunsdottir. She asked upon me to have the delight to speak with the SHIELD of Directors, but not before I 'beg'.." And she used her quote fingers well.. "..permission from you both."


Loki, still looking a bit ruffled, waves his hand to the side as he murmurs. "Do as you like, I trust you not to ill step our intentions." The younger prince looks at Thor and gives a small exasperated shrug with his hands spreading out to the sides. "I returned to the university to discharge my final obligations to the mortals there."

He follows after Sif, though he does not imbibe for the moment, nor seek food stuffs. Instead he finds a convenient chair and drags it along to take up a suitable place nearby. "And indeed, they objected to the matter. I stated my arguments, though my language was not conciliatory."

For a moment he gets a half-smile, as if some turn of the word in his memory amuses him, but then he drops into the chair and crosses a leg over his knee. "After I released her she declared a desire for revenge. Another strike against her judgement I imagine." Then he leans back and offers a small shrug. "I did speak with Sif about this as we are considering some security changes to address possible attacks. But I did not trouble you with it, brother."


Alex rouses enough to silently witness the rather amusing altercation between Sif and Loki, with Thor acting the part of peacemaker. He stifles his laughter with almost total success, a testament to his will even in his half-asleep state. Coffee makes its way into a mug, and then down his throat. As has been proven in previous attempts, Alex is /not/ good at making coffee, but he manages to swallow enough for it to take effect, and within moments he is perked, slightly. The youth keeps his distance from the discussion, however, choosing simply to remain on the sidelines, watching and listening. No doubt he and his tutor will discuss these matters another time, for now it is not his place to interject.


As long as nothing spills over from this realm to the next, as much as Thor wants to be part of it all, there really isn't anything to be done. He trusts his brother, and he's actually more dealing with some of the fallout in terms of the Muspell and Jotun.

Thor looks to Sif, "'Beg'?" Brows rise and he leans forward in his seat now. "She believes you must 'beg' in order to have a word? How long has she been absent? Midgard is not agreeing with her. While she forgets her place, she forgets a lady's place." Which is beside a gentleman's side, accorded due equality.

Thor looks at Loki and nods, dropping his head. "That is as it should be. You have my faith, Loki. And as the All-Father is silent, his as well."

Alex' presence doesn't escape his notice, and Thor cants his head, blue eyes falling upon the lad. He says nothing, though, before he looks back to Sif and his brother. "We cannot be divided in this. And if there is question, it must not be aired where mortals may hear."


"Very well." She murmurs towards Loki, watching as he takes a seat nearby. With his glass not taken, she places it upon the table nearest to him for when he was ready, her perch designated at Thor's side with a dainty cross of her leg. (Disgusting!) "Her desire for revenge is why I seek to return to Asgard to retrieve our finest warriors. Though warriors that operate out of stealth at guarding Loki. Tested and chosen by me. Gifted upon the wiles of the unseen by Frigga. And a final approval from the All-Father." For nothing less than, for his Sons.

Sif takes a glance back towards Alexander, her gaze considering, and yet again she focuses upon the conversation as Thor addresses her. "Be calm, dear Heart. I only use that word in jest. T'was my own saying and not Liv's." She places a hand upon his knee, not a comforting gesture, but one of support. "Though I do fear that Liv's alliances have been blurred. She errs on the side of peace and quiet, and not with her bretheren nor Midgard. While I do not have worry for Liv, she has worry for her two 'homes' as she puts it, going to war."

"Well shall not be divided. When I speak to this Peggy I shall direct her attention to her concerns and not the two of you. But as it stands, they shall find no chink in our allegiances. We stand as one." She draws in a breath. "In light of that, I approached Loki with a means to hide the eyes of those who see. Aye.. that includes Heimdall and the All-Father." She holds up her hand to stay Thor's words for the moment as she explains, her tones lowering so that the two could be heard.

"Originally, I requested such a thing to seek out my parentage. But now, I care not." Which was the truth. "You and Loki are my main concern, which is why I am still willing to go through with the act should this Peggy woman declare war. Whilst she knows of me, she'll know not where I am. A hidden agent for the safety of Asgard and her Princes take precedence."


For Loki's part, he seems inclined… for once, to allow Sif take point especially as she advances the thoughts of future plans. She makes a succinct case and his eyebrows lift marginally as she advances into the idea of shielding her from mystical eyes.

It's then that Loki turns towards Thor and says, "It would be feasible to recreate the enchantment that I used when I took my time away from court." He does look at Sif and then curiously towards Alexander for a moment. A glance back is given towards the god couple and he goes on with a touch of trepidation. "However, such a spell-weaving is not a small undertaking. There is an element of danger to it, as well as possible complications for a woman seeking to build a home."


"There are none on Midgard that could divine where you are, are there?" Thor is actually curious to this. "Though, the point of all this would be to unite Midgard and her forces against the common enemy, not against Asgard. As you said, our kind are willing to spill blood in defense of Midgard, not against it. There is no war between Asgard and Midgard, nor will there be." He nods his head, and rises from his seat to nab Loki's mead if his brother isn't going to drink it. (Okay, childish gestures not quite done yet!)

"Then we are in agreement, and if there are any preparations that need a push through, I will see to it that you have what it is you require to be successful." Thor stands there near Loki, and he looks down at the pair, still keeping an eye on the as of yet unproven young apprentice.

"Sigrunsdottir needs to understand that it is better if she not hold sword at all rather than attempt a stand against Asgard. That is treason against the All-Father." And everyone (except maybe one) knows how much Odin loves that…


"A selfish thought.." Sif murmurs lowly, reclining within her own space, her fingers capturing her chin as one of them idly strokes upon her cheekbone. Her gaze grows distant, then focuses upon Loki once more. "Tell me of the complications later."

An aside to Thor, however, she gives a bright grin as he rises. "Do you not remember the field of reindeer, my love? The field in which you were summoned to that struck down enough meat that could barely fill the belly of Volstagg." Though, she does nod, joking aside. "These mortals are dangerous, a point I made towards Liv. Their ingenuity knows no bounds; if they truly wish it, if they truly mean to and -work- for it, they could summon us from battle. They could turn the tides of any war with just that trick alone at their belt. They do have a Sorcerer Supreme after all."

She frowns slightly. "I suppose this means that our envoy to Vanaheim for the Winter Solstice is off the table for now. But I -must- venture into Hel, there is a gift for my brother that I wish for him to have. I will not be swayed from this venture." She grins then, an almost sinister one. "Though, I am afraid that Sigrunsdottir is already upon the path to treason. While in Asgard, shall I break bread and have word with the All-Father on his thoughts? Or leave him be to ponder other proclivities.."


Alex straightens up after a moment, having noticed the looks given him. "If this woman is a problem, or a potential problem, then she should be removed from the playing field," he says matter-of-factly, looking to Sif for a reaction first, then to the others. It might be his place to speak, but holding his tongue has never been his strong suit. In what manner he means to remove her can be left up to interpretation, but in his mind, he prefers the practical approach, which is rather permanent.


Thor rumbles a chuckle at the memory of the reindeer. While he'd been summoned… "They summoned us, and when we arrived, it was as if we were girded for battle, fair Sif. And those that did so were removed quickly and easily by Amora. Neither of us had to raise a weapon." Still, it does illustrate her point.

"This is why it must be stressed that Asgard fights for Midgard. Not against it. This is not out of fear but from an ages old promise and responsibility."

The question of Liv, then? Thor begins a response, and can't finish it before Alexander makes comment to it. The Thunderer looks to the lad, his gaze levelled upon the Olympian. "I do not allow any to fell one of Asgard. If she breaks any of our laws, then she shall be held to the punishment. Any who lift a hand against her shall bear the full weight of Asgard in retribution."


"Aye. We did not. Perhaps it was at my behest that you stayed your hand? You would have put away Mjolnir and throttled the poor men with your bare hands." Sif was amused, she remembered that day. There was respect in what Amora did; she moved like a phantom through the throngs of the men and ended the situation without upset.

And yet, when Alex speaks, Sif's brows shoot up briefly. It wasn't as if she had forgotten he was there, but that was one unspoken avenue that even she herself considered, and thought wisely against. Depending on which woman he was referencing.

As Thor gives a little lesson of Asgardian protocol, Sif adds in return.

"While we are seen as war mongers, conquerers, and those who are filled with rage and ready to fight, the All-Father and Mother teach us due process. True justice, much like what is nearly mimicked here on Earth. As is your Olympia." She states, showing her hands. "Now, if it is not this Liv that we speak of who you suggest that we remove from such an equation, then this Carter woman. She currently holds the keys to a governmental institution that holds many aspects of war untold." She clears her throat. "Our main purpose here upon these lands are protection of these mortals, a very light and guiding hand until they come into their own. The All-Father takes interests in Midgard's people, as do we all share the same affection." She looks to Thor then, and back to Alexander.

"To even -act- against a woman who holds our same values and views, the protection of her, is as near treacherous as raising a sword to strike down the All-Father himself, or in your case, Zeus." Though, her gaze lightens a touch. "That is to not compare her to one of the gods, but her voice is important, as any other here upon this world."

With that said, she rises.

"My love, permission to allow the young God to accompany me to Asgard."


Alex bows his head, "Of course," he says simply. "It was not my place to suggest it." Apparently a stern look from the Thunderer was enough to drive the point home, but Sif's words further give him cause to drop the subject. He wouldn't dare voice an argument, here of all places. Certainly not surrounded by three of their realm's most powerful. He is not his father, after all. And it's not like either of them are wrong. The request for him to join Sif on a journey to Asgard surprises him, but he again manages to hold his tongue, rather than say anything further which might jeopardize his standing, such as it is.


A chuckle rumbles from the Thunderer in memory. "We appeared prepared for war. I wanted to be sure those who summoned us understood what it was they'd done." Uh huh. "By Amora's hand, however, lessons were learned." Schooled by the Goddess of.. Love. Desire. Beauty. The enchanting Enchantress.

The tutelage given by the fair Sif to the lad, underscoring his own possibly less than patient words gains an approved grunt, except, then, where the question regarding Alexander's travel to asgard is concerned. There, Thor shakes his head. "I cannot allow it. Not right now. I would not wish the All-Father to find concern for yet one more." While Alexander could technically pass by being in Sif's entourage, it's a sticky situation.. and Odin wouldn't look highly upon it. "Perhaps another time."


"Opinions.." Sif counters towards Alexander's words, "..from any source are highly regarded and considered. It is how one takes the words there after, that shows character." She sniffs faintly, though her eyes do cut towards the Thunderer. There was a faint squint, as if she were to say something more, but she remains, her tongue held and caught for the now, yet her lips purse faintly. "Do I suspect a moment of fondness, old man?" She asks, her approach slow. One would think she'd throttle him but she would not. "Perhaps I need to make a fair bit of effort and keeping thy own heart enraptured."

Yet, she clears her throat then, accepting of his ruling. "Very well. I shall leave after the talk with Peggy Carter. Though now, upon further thought, guards shall be at your disposal as well. While I trust that you and Loki are formidable.. you both are not me." Cocky much!

"Alexander. Make preparations for my departure. One for the meet of Peggy Carter and the other for Asgard. See to it that my armor is shined and pristine, and my swords are sharp." Another pause. "Whilst I am gone, stable duty. Care for the horses and make sure they are watered and fed. Do -not- approach the goats. Tis my duty which I shall attend to post haste." Is there anything else?

"My checkbook is in my purse. Take this and fill the stores for now. But you shall need cleaning supplies. For when I return, I shall return with servants to attend to our needs." Thor's and hers. Not his. He's capable! "And then your training shall resume, after a word with your father. In which, my heart, I hope you'll be in attendance?" She glances towards Thor, questioningly.


"As you bid, Lady Sif," Alexander says with deference. He makes no argument, simply nods his agreement. The mention of her meeting his father gets a moment's pause, but again, no comment. While he would enjoy being witness to such a meeting, he expects to be the matter of discussion, and thus not welcome. It may also not go smoothly, if he knows his father at all. Realizing how much work is ahead of him, he finishes his coffee vey quickly, wincing slightly at how bad and cold it now has become. "I will take my leave then, to attend to your preparations," he says, offering those gathered a bow of his head, and departs to take care of his assigned duties.


Thor's expression shifts as he looks to Sif, his expression softening, the smile taking a lopsided, boyish look. "There are none that would take your place in my heart, my Lady," and he sets his fist upon his heart, a bow given with fondness. "I would not argue your methods of keeping my attentions, however, and I note that there is little time left before you need depart first this land, and then this Realm." Hint. Hint.

Thor is not so arrogant, however, that he would argue guards. After all, he has them when he goes home, mostly. He, Loki, Baldr.. as is their due as Princes of Asgard. He does laugh at the suggestion that he isn't quite as good, however, the sound a rumble in his throat. "Aye, Sif.. I will recall those words when next we are in battle. I will have you fell the greatest of beasts." Now, however, he has to get himself together and attend to the final bits before Sif departs. "Bring my regards to Mother, if you would."


Final bits?

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