1963-11-22 - A view from the future
Summary: Cable seeks out Thor and Loki in a need to be heard.
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The entrance of the younger prince of Asgard is heralded by the skittering of claws upon the hard wood floor in the foyer. The white poodle he had been walking for some time these last few days rushes into the household, making a break for the kitchen to indulge itself in the scraps that Hilde often puts out for him when he returns.

Behind him the twin sentinels that guard the front door settle from attention even while Loki goes through what passes for the mail. Curiously thin is the stack of correspondence, as if the mail man might not be entirely enthused to brave the guards to toss the mail into the slot.

Outside, however, the guards do not restrict people from approaching. When someone approaches even at this time in the evening with the night's sky ominous with clouds hanging low, the guards to not turn them away. They instead perhaps offer a nod to any who might seek audience.


Thor is in the back hall, speaking with the kitchen staff, of all people, the chair turned round in a Midgardian 'casual' position, his arms draped upon the back of the chair. It's more the barreling bit of white fluff down the hall towards them than the pervading presence of Loki that gains his attention to their arrival, and he makes his rise from the seat. "I am glad it is well in hand. The people here put great store in it, and I should like that we partake in their celebrations." To make them seem less 'scary', perhaps.

"Loki!" is called back. "I am here."

Now on his feet, Thor swipes a bit of bread and cheese before wandering from the back of the manse, dressed in an ill-fitting button down shirt, jeans and boots. Hair down today, but braids keep it from his face. "Today has been a busy day, and I do believe we may be getting closer to an answer on the issue of Muspell."


Absent a warning or an appointment, Cable approaches the Asgardian embassy a few minutes after Loki's arrival, with a brown trench thrown over his hulking frame and metal arm; and a black eyepatch covering his left eye. Dark slacks, a white dress shirt, black tie, and brown trilby round out his attire, taking the place of tactical pouches and impossible weaponry. Any nods are returned, but the guards don't get more than a passing glance otherwise once it's obvious that they aren't impeding visitors.

"Evening," he begins once he has parked before the guards and picked one out to make (cybernetic) eye contact with. "I'd like an audience with as many gods as will speak to me tonight."

Following a beat spent peering between the pair, he clears his throat softly and adds, "It, uh, pertains to a quest."


Outside the manse, the guard says something to his partner, their golden armor shifting as they confer. One of them shrugs and then answers in a dialect that does sound a smidge Nordic but definitely otherworldly. Finally a nod is given to Cable and he bows as he steps back and gestures with an armoured gauntlet to the Bell of the Door for Ringing. A moment passes and then he triggers the button himself.

Before the trill of the doorbell, Loki answers Thor even as he tosses the mail into a crystal dish in the foyer. "That is good to hear, the more fronts we calm the better so we can focus on what threatens…" But then he pauses and says, "I have spoken with the Sorcerer Supreme of late, and apparently there is a lovely article in the newspaper today. Matters proceed apace."

But then it's the doorbell and he turns away. "Expecting anyone?" He asks the moment before he heads to the door and he draws it open.

"Good e'en." And there is Loki, in the flesh. Perhaps not as physically imposing as Thor but there is definitely a… presence in the man.


"Perhaps between you and that Sorceror, things may actually turn for the better," Thor pops a bit of cheese into his mouth, followed by some dark, heavily crusted bread. "Sif's heart is set upon Vanaheim, so I will accompany her and finish those concerns. Be aware that I may wish my brother at my side should things get difficult and the Muspell choose a different path."

The bell of the door sounds, and Thor slowly walks behind his brother as he frowns and shrugs, shaking his head. "Not I." As Loki opens the door, the dark haired Prince may not look imposing, but there is something of an impressiveness to the larger blond behind him. It probably doesn't hurt that Thor is still eating that cheese, followed by bread, a welcoming enough smile set upon his face. He waves a mostly unencumbered hand, "Greetings."


After the bell is sounded, there isn't much for Cable to do but wait.

And study the guards.

"Bit of a liability, innit?" he lowly observes after a few silent beats, tipping his chin towards one man's golden breastplate. "Bright, shiny targets." There's a minimum of judgment in his tone; mainly, he's just impatient and the kind of person who's inclined to kill time by thinking about war.

When Loki and Thor eventually arrive, his attention shifts immediately and he offers a polite, if brisk bow.

"Greetings," he reciprocates upon straightening. His blue eye scans between the pair, squinting just a little. "Loki. Thor…?"

He clears his throat again.

"My name is Cable. It's an honor to meet you. I've come to beseech your aid in a matter of grave importance to your world and this one." A beat as his eyes briefly flick away from the pair, and then he takes a step forward while adding, "Preferably, in private."


For a time Loki sort of looks askance at Cable and the regard the younger prince seems to rest upon the cybernetic man could almost be considered heavy. For a moment it seems like not a word is to be said, but something perceived, something sensed… that Thor most likely can pick up on from Loki's body language… seems to grant this petitioner a weight of regard.

"Please, come in Cable." There's a moment of hesitation as if wishing for a title to place in front of the man's name, but having none he continues. "We are at your disposal."

He steps away, closing the door behind him. As he turns, Loki gives a knowing nod to Thor that might actually signal further that something about Cable is important. But then the host puts on his best manner and walks down the foyer, "May I take your coat? Will you have something to drink?"

The path he leads them towards is his study, two doors down and into a rather abundantily furnished library that has a liquor cart as well as several over-stuffed chairs for just such a meeting.


Thor looks at the man before him, and even without Loki's silent suggestions, there's something to the manner and weight of the man that won't be ignored. "Well met," he rumbles, and without that title, Thor too stumbles a little before, "Cable." A step back gives everyone in the foyer a little bit of room, and Loki offering to take hat and coat does gain something of a look. "Brother, hand them to me.." Beat. "Runar.." and they're passed off to a servant, dressed in Midgardian wear with decided Viking influence. Norse meets West, perhaps?

"Eat, we'll pour a drink and you can tell us what concerns you so regarding the problems you see rising for Midgard and Asgard."

Thor is nothing if not that generous host. There is a table in the back; a rather large and appointed one with food of all sorts. Meats. Cheese. Fruit. Bread. And drink.. wine, mead, ale..



Loki and the servant in turn are held off with his gloved left palm, raised protectively before either can get too near him.

Following a wary pause, he then brings that hand up to remove the hat and flick his wrist towards the servant, sending it unerringly across the foyer and into his hands.

"Thanks for the hospitality, but I'd rather hold off on the meat and mead for now, if it's all the same," he then says while shedding the coat. It's folded over his right arm, which is then extended out in the servant's direction for the taking. "Instead, I'd like to tell you a story, if you'll indulge me. Drink and eat as you wish, obviously." The last is accompanied by a vague gesture of his hand as he drifts towards one of the chairs.

A sharp-eyed god might notice a persistent gleam just beneath his left sleeve, as if he's tucked a watch or bracelet underneath his clothes out of paranoia or absentmindedness.


Loki seems content as he moves into the study. For now he does not avail himself of his normal glass of liquor. Instead he gestures towards a seat for Cable to take, and then takes one opposite and to the side so that when Thor should join them they'll be in a triangle of sorts, and able to observe each other easily.

"At your leisure, Cable." The younger prince says as he settles back into his seat, crossing his leg over his knee and looking attentively after the mutant from the future. "I can sense no dissembling in your manner nor tone, so trust that we shall treat your words with due gravity."


Thor watches the dishabillement with amusement; the flinging of the hat and the catching of the same by the ever faithful Runar. The manservant takes the proffered jacket as well, carrying it aside so their guest can take his comfort within the walls of the little slice of Asgard. He's listening to Cable and to that end, merely takes a glass of mead with him to the study.

"You have my attention," Thor acknowledges easily as he takes a seat. He's settled easily, blue eyes watching their guest and inclines his head towards his brother, "We are both listening."


Cable doesn't sit, but he does rest a hand against the back of his chair and wait for the gods to take their seats, if they so choose.

Once they do, he slowly draws in a breath.

"Once upon a time," he begins, eyes drifting between the two gods periodically as he speaks, "there was a boy named Nathan.

"Nathan was raised in the red wastes of what had once been society, separated from the land of his birth by an impossible gulf. When they weren't caring for him or teaching him to care for himself, his guardians told him stories of the world as it once was, handed down through generations to protect them from the dark and vengeful tyrant who ruled over the bones of Midgard.

"Among Nathan's favorites were the tales of gods and heroes of old, of untold worlds and unknowable sorceries: the ferocity of Sif, the wisdom of Odin, the bravery of Balder. The passion of Thor. The cleverness of Loki. They spoke of a time when gods stood among Man, protecting them as fiercely as they protected themselves— until one day, a new god rose up to cement his claim over Man. Their cities burned and the skies wept with their blood as they fought, died, and were finally - ultimately - extinguished, leaving but one god to proclaim himself the greatest of them all: Apocalypse.

"Nathan kept the stories of Asgard close to his heart as he grew from a scared boy to a man capable of protecting those weaker than himself in the hell that Apocalypse and his faithful made of Midgard. He fought until the tyrant god himself was cast down— and it wasn't enough, because Midgard's dirge had already been sung.

"So when fate one day intervened to give him an opportunity to step back through the aeons and write the world a new song, he took it— and now, he stands before the heroes of his childhood, desperate for whatever aid they might render:" Cable's eyes narrow as they bore directly into each of the gods' in turn, voice taking on a fire that was absent during the somewhat clinical telling of his tale. "Apocalypse lives, more powerful now than he ever was when I knew him. He may sleep, he may hide— but he lives. One day, he will rise— and if the heroes of Asgard and Midgard aren't ready to meet him, he will shatter them both once again."


The green-eyed god keeps close attention upon Cable as the man speaks. As the story progresses he leans forwards slowly, resting his feet upon the ground and then his forearms upon his thights. With fingers interlaced he watches, holding words back and letting the tale be woven. And, to Cable's credit, the man can weave it well. It hearkens back to some of the pattern Skalds have used in ages past, and the progression is clean with a calm escalation.

Once the time-traveling mutant has reached the end of his tale, Loki lifts his chin and then looks to Thor. No, the other brother does not get the sign that Loki is disbelieving. The consideration is the opposite. He loos back to Cable and says calmly. "Cable, the primary reason we have returned to Midgard, and brought ourselves forth is due to the threat that great beings hold for this land as well as ours." He uncurls a hand slowly, "The strands of fate are strong and with the brush of a thumb can be spread to show a myriad of futures. At the end of many of them a grim fate lies for Midgard, and in truth our passing from the 9 realms is a likelihood." Such words he has not shared before with Thor.

"So you come to us with a warning. You will not have to iterate it further. You wish aid. You will have it."

But then he looks towards Thor and quirks an eyebrow, "Unless you feel I misspeak myself, brother."


There is a twinge of pride; Thor knew that they hadn't been completely forgotten, but that's obvious. When Cable speaks so fondly of those days, living them through the stories told through the ages, Thor dips his head and sideways glances towards his brother. 'Cleverness' is kind, and there's a touch of a smirk upon the Thunderer's face before he looks back at the narrating guest.

With each part of the story, Thor sits up, his head quirks, and he is silent until the very end.

A foe with a name, then? Brows rise and he looks to Loki, his gaze remaining there as information that had not been imparted upon the elder brother is given. "We shall speak of this later, brother.." is said softly. Cable is given his full attention, then, and he exhales in a sigh. The news isn't good, and that is truly the only reason for the exhalation.

"My brother speaks truly," though Thor does give him a look- Midgard's yours! "This is why Loki went to the news; an attempt to deliver the message that Midgard must unite for a common enemy, and that Asgard stands with her." Though now?

"Tell me, Cable. Is there a place where we may take this battle so it never touches the Golden Realm and this place? There is no question that Asgard will rise to the challenge set forth," Odin willing, that is.. "But I would rather that it also remain off of Midgard's soil."


Cable finally withdraws his hand from the back of his seat when Loki initially offers aid, revealing deep, finger-shaped indentations.

"Thank you," he says, even while shaking his head slightly and glancing Thor-wards. His gaze lingers on the Thunderer and he continues, "The records that we were able to piece together - the ones we trusted - indicated that Apocalypse initially rose in Egypt thousands of years ago, and still maintains his seat of power there. If there is such a place, you'd know it better than I would; it probably won't be his domain, though." The mutant commando finally steps around to lower himself into his seat, rubbing his forehead for a moment before letting his hand fall into his lap.

"I don't just want to build a bulwark— the best defense against him is to find him and kill him before he's even had a chance to act. He's— complicated: all the power and arrogance of a god, but his longevity— it's artificial, in a sense. When I beat him, it was because he was on the cusp of shifting his consciousness from an old, worn body to a fresh one; had I met him at any other time, I have no doubt that I would have been annihilated." A goblet and a decanter of mead wobble towards his hands, allowing him to fill one from the other and sip.

"In other words, I guess, I'd like to see about making arrangements to embark upon a quest," he evenly concludes.


The younger prince's jaw clenches for a moment in reflection, and it's clear he is hammering something out in his thoughts. He remains quiet for a moment as he rises and steps across the room. A single stride carries him towards one of the book shelfs and he lightly runs fingertips over various knick knacks and antiques that all have a place there holding up the books that are shelved neatly.

"You come upon us in a time when matters are hectic, Cable." He finally stops his search with fingertips lighting upon an old golden dagger in its somewhat faded sheath. Taking it down he slides it from its sheath just an inch or two, then replaces back in its scabbard with a faint click. "Our attention is spread thin with matters in the 9 realms as well as establishing ties with Midgard."

For a moment he pauses and then slowly small golden strands of light seem to weave forth from his fingertips, beginning to slowly knit through the hilt and scabbard of the dagger, wending tendrils of mystical connection even as he continues to speak. "In acknowledgement of our agreement I would present you this blade." He touches his palm flat to it, the glow growing for a moment with a flash only for then the spell to be completed.

It's extended towards Cable and he says calmly, "If you require us in time of emergency, then draw the blade, break the bond. It will warn me, and if for some reason I am unable to respond it will in turn warn Thor. We will then come, with what forces are available and ready for war."

He lifts his chin, "If it is not an emergency," His lip twitches, "Then please come and see us here."


The information thus imparted by Cable as an answer is given a great deal of serious thought. A blue-eyed glance is give to his brother; Loki would be the more likely of the pair to divine a creature such as that. His is to form the force in order to destroy it, once his brother has done… what he does. (That's not considered light, however. Many battles…)

Cable's push forward and attack philosophy is exactly Thor's, only the Thunderer was hoping for something away from this Realm so innocents need not have their blood shed. A smile crosses his face and he inclines his head, "And a quest you shall have. I will speak with the All-Father on this, and soon we can have an army with which to dispatch this being." The movement of goblet and decanter towards their guest gains Loki a glance. It's nothing he hasn't seen before. Just… huh.

When Loki then speaks and offers a way to be summoned, Thor nods his head solemnly. "And when we come, we will be ready for battle.. so," and when Loki finishes his statement? "You are welcome through the front door any other time."


The blade is studied with a squint as it's taken, and before it's even drawn closer, Cable's reaching into his coat to withdraw a metal disc with a raised lip and a Phoenix emblem in the center.

"I understand, believe me," he says with a firm nod for Loki. "Apocalypse isn't the only threat on my agenda either, even if his name is a little bigger than the others. Here— same principle:" The disc is offerd out between the two deities for either one's taking. "The center is a button. Short press to communicate with me; long press to get my attention in an emergency. Use it if you need me, Apocalypse or otherwise; I'll be there, weapons free." After a sip, he allows a small smile as he adds, "They're pretty good weapons," with a look towards Thor.

He then stands and offers another, deeper bow. "Thank you for your time, both of you. Sorry that I couldn't come on a higher note; you really did make life in post-America a little brighter." He starts to drain the goblet, only to pause when something else occurs to him:

"Tell who you need to about Apocalypse, but my story - my story - needs to remain mine, for now. Please. The fewer people know that there's a man from tomorrow among them, the better."


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