1963-11-22 - Dallas, Room 3
Summary: On the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza, things go from bad to worse as the world of the mutants begins to unravel in many ways.
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Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. — Jim Morrison


The last box is plucked from the moving van and Steve Rogers turns to peer up towards the pinnacle of the Baxter Building. Didn't we just leave this party? Squalor and an assassination attempt have had a funny way of bringing the good Captain full circle. Especially after the latter, circumstance has a funny way of providing some perspective on what is truly important. Everyone values security for themselves and the person they love.

"Captain Rogers!" says a man in a blue bell hop's outfit. But under the cap are a pair of thick glasses that seem to be propped up almost entirely by his thick white mustache. "I had no idea that you were moving in. Anything I can do to help?" Willie Lumpkin is always the kind of guy who will lend a hand, afterall.

"No, Mr. Lumpkin," Steve says with a grin. "This is the last box. I've got to get the television set up so I can watch the Presidential address."

"What do you think he's going to say?" the elder man asks tilting his head.

"Not really sure," Steve admits. "That's a tough speech to write. Mutants, Aliens, Asgardians. Think I'd rather be anyone else than him tonight."


It seats nearly 10,000 a this point and was specifically the reason it was chosen. Just over a year ago President Kennedy had come to Texas and gave his speech about going to the moon. In it he talked about America's big dreams in one of its biggest states.

Skeptics have noted he spends so much time in Texas because it is vital to his re-election campaign. Without Texas this election, the Democrats are likely to lose. Supporters would say that here, in the middle of the country, the President's voice can be heard easiest by everyone, far away from the polish of Washington and the elites, to a place that speaks to what he sees as the future of America.

Either way, the MC has been giving updates. The President's plane has landed. The President is en route. The President has arrived. Momentarily there's a cheer from the crowd as there is some stirring behind the curtain, but rather than the Massachusetts born Navy Man, a parade of Act-F enrollees come out to stand on the bleachers behind where the President is about to give his address.


It was time to get away.

Domino has a lovely new cherry red '63 Corvette convertible, thanks to Gambit. She has a crud ton of money, thanks to the Columbo and Gambino Families. And she has a very compelling reason to be far away from the northeastern part of the country, thanks to a contract which turned a large portion of New York City into an armed riot full of mobsters.

All in all, life is some kind of awesome. What better way to enjoy the moment than to follow where the action is? If the President is in the area then there's bound to be some other big names close at hand. Names which may have played a part in her past. It's a long shot but if she's really lucky there may be another attack of opportunity in her near future…

With the parade route mapped out she keeps some distance, having a flashy car and a face which is both peculiar and immediately recognizeable. Some comfort in the shade of a tree and a pair of binoculars are all she needs for the moment. For anything else there's weapons in the trunk all of fifteen feet away. With this fancy new task force included in the parade it would be very good of her to practice patience should one of those names on her list pop up.


Crystal arrives from RP Nexus.


Crystal has arrived.


Partway along the parade route, a pair of old friends are standing a bit back from the gathered crowd. Charles actually make a proper effort at being turned out today, an actual tie and jacket are even involved. His expression though is tense, half from the momentous nature of the events that should soon be laid out in the presidential address, and half from the press of anxious minds on all sides similarly on edge.

With so much at stake, the trip down to be present in person seems prudent. Firstly to be there to gage the intentions of those making the decisions, and secondly as Erik pointed out, in case things take a bad turn. And so Charles is sweeping his attention in turns across the area. It's a tiring sort of thing, especially with so many emotions running high, but for now considered well worth the trouble. "Whatever happens today will likely leave echoes for years to come." he murmurs to the others standing with him. "I hope it's a turn for the better."


ROLL: Xavier +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 78


Standing next to Charles Xavier is one of his oldest friends, Holocaust survivor Erik Lensherr. He's dressed nicely for the event, wearing a shirt and tie, brown leather jacket, and a plain, skinny tie. Completing the ensemble is a trilby hat and sunglasses, to ward off the bright Texas sun.

He lifts a set of binoculars and peers across the plaza, observing the crowd. Upon his face is a similarly pensive expression, and with Charles' words, he reaches a hand out to find Crystal's.

"Indeed," he says quietly.


Crystal couldn't reach anyone to speak about what she knew about these aliens. Or rather, she may not have tried as hard as she could. Black Bolt - her cousin, her king - had spoken against it. Metaphorically speaking, that is. So gathering up the gumption to go against his wishes had taken some time.

So she's joined the others on their trip to the south, to see just what this president is like. To decide if she and her people should come forward, or stay hidden as they have for centuries. "Well," she muses to Charles. "Loki did his best to poison the well, that's for certain." Her hand finds Erik's without hesitation, the grip a little tighter than necessary.


FROST INSTITUTE: Some punk kid gives an upwards nod to Lorna, "Hey, watchya watchin?" Mutants are supposed to care about this sort of thing by design, but too many don't. Including this guy. "Is this that President thing? That's stupid." Pshaw.


Inside the lounge of the Xavier Institute, Scott Summers is sitting in an oversized chair with a large back to it. Like most students at the school, he cares a lot about politics, especially mutant rights issues. Unlike most students he knows, he watches anything and everything he considers to be close to newsworthy. A speech outlining a new multi-national effort to protect Americans at home

He sits, as he has for the past 12 minutes, with his head propped by his thumb, braced by his arm, which digs into the rest at his right. His mouth never moves, his face never changes, and his glasses are always affixed to the television set as he waits, hoping that this President puts his effort where his mouth has always been. If he is for equality, he needs to show it fully now. But finally, Violet's commentary gets him to speak. "Can you please blow the smoke outside the window?"

Up on the stage, the lights shine down on the Black Panther, Johnny, Sue, Heather, Jennifer, and many others. Some with large followings, others with not so much. These seem to be the future of superheroing, defending America and the World from invasions. At least that's what the MC mentions every so often as we wait for the President

A plump woman sits next to Alex in one of the seats. She's wearing red white and blue sunglasses, waving a little American flag, and has a hat with a donkey on it. "I just love that President," she says to Alex with a big Texas smile. "He even wants to give the rights to those muties. I think we're ready for it, don't you?"

One of the people who runs the convention center approaches the reporter from W-ILD. "Anything we can get you? Ice water? Fans?" If the event looks good on TV, Dallas looks good. If Dallas looks good, then more people come to the convention center. Profit.

A member of the President's armed guard brushes by Meredith and gives her an all-too knowing nod. She's obviously been briefed on the plan.

Dealey Plaza is already filled with people. Nearly twice as many people as inside the auditorium, in truth. The parade route goes through a sharp turn and then down a hill, past a grassy knoll, shrouded by large buildings such as the Book Depository building.

That being said, from where Domino is it doesn't seem all that particularly crowded.

One this is for sure, Xavier, Erik, and Crystal will all find Texas to be rather hot compared to New York. As Xavier makes sweeps with his mind, nothing seems particularly out of the ordinary. Many people are talking about the weather in their minds, hoping that this won't last long, and wondering whether they should just leave and tell people they were here to see the President. Who would know?



A raucous crowd gives thunderous applause as the President emerges from behind the blue curtain with his arm outstretched in a high wave. He pauses a moment on his way to the podium to continue waving to his supporters, before he finally steps up to the microphone.

"Governor Connally, Senator Yarborough, Mayor Cabelle, and distinguished guests. Thank you for that welcome. It has been over a year since I have been to the great State of Texas, home of ingenuity, of freedom and independence, and above all else — in a moment where we so badly need it — a land of bravery.

"We are beset by all sides by those who would want us to wallow in the misery of fear, who push for us to act brazenly either as a show of strength or a reflexive action of cowardice, and by sinister forces, that we should continue to separate ourselves on divisions of genetics.

"I would attest to you, that while we do live in new and strange times, times full of the unknown and full of apprehension, that the United States has found higher and higher challenges over the course of its nearly two centuries and has conquered them all. Each generation, our maker tests us in ways we have never expected, and each time, American ingenuity and bravery have seen us through. Whether the threat of Nationalism, Communism, Invasion from without and within, or even the threat of Nuclear Holocaust comes upon us, our nation has shown an unalienable ability to see through fear and persevere.

"Behind me, the men and women recruited thus far for the Act-F Task Force come from a multitude of races and creeds, faiths and moral upbringings, and economic backgrounds. Mutants and non. Blacks and non. Christians and non. One group, united with other similar forces of the world to defend our planet from forces who would seek to mark you with fear.

"To those watching from somewhere far among the stars: It is our assumption you come in good faith. We are open to communicating with you, sharing information, and finding ways that we may both benefit from a relationship of peace.

"America's people have every right to be proud of the land they live in and the world they would like to see, just as other citizens of other nations feel about their lands. Our world takes a back seat to no others.

"May God Bless America and the rest of Planet Earth."

The President steps back from the podium and gives a nod and a wave to the crowd before he makes his way off the stage, shuffled into his car to get ready for the parade on Dealey Plaza.


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Hank leaves, heading towards RP Nexus [O].


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It's a promising speech, as far as these kinds of things go. Whether the guy can actually live up to any of it is another matter. Domino breathes out a long sigh and sets the portable radio aside, idly sipping an iced tea while she waits for the roadshow to begin. Until then she has other matters to consider, part of her mind working over the math relating to windage, elevation, and various distances between her vantage point and the road in question. It's something to pass the time, regardless of where she happens to be in the world.


On the topic of the Texan weather, Charles can only inwardly agree with many of the sweltering bystanders, tugging at his collar absently. Though unlike some others present, the unfamiliar heat doesn't deter him in the least from seeing this through to the end.

It's fairly apparent to those with him when the speech has started, for his wandering gaze turns and fixes in the direction of the auditorium. His awareness now blankets that general area, though special attention is of course paid to the mind of the President himself, the man everyone's been waiting to hear from. Charles echoes the words of the speech to the minds of Erik and Crystal, a small smile spreading on his face. From everything he can sense, the President means the things he's saying whole-heartedly, and that's the most Charles could hope for. He adds in an aside, «Perhaps things will take a turn for the better after all. Especially if we're mindful to help prove his sentiments true.»


Having shrugged off the jacket, Erik pays attention to the speech as soon as it begins broadcasting, in a manner of speaking, from Charles' mind. A small grin forms upon his face, and he tightens his fingers within Crystal's grasp just a bit, assuring her that he's here, with them, forever.

«It will take many people to change hearts and minds that live in fear,» he points out, by merely thinking. «But, I'll concede, it's a step.»

Almost abruptly, Erik turns aside and sneezes. Once, then again, as if allergies got to him.

This doesn't at all explain the deep concern that comes to his face, for the last time this happened, his magnetokinetic powers went, shall we say, haywire.


Crystal doesn't seem terribly bothered by the heat. In fact, she seems to keep a light breeze moving around the little trio, cooling the area without making it too obvious that it isn't natural. The President may have just given a speech about tolerance for people who are different, but there's no need to go testing his theories just yet.

"Do you think he's genuine, Charles?" she asks quietly, pushing up on her toes to try to get a look down the parade route. "Some chances…" Some chances are a lot to take. She glances back to Erik as he sneezes, murmuring an absent, "Bless you."


Magneto has partially disconnected.



"Lorna, come on. Let's shut this off and go drinking," the nameless guy persists. "You don't really care about this stuff, man, it's boring."


"They're just words," Scott says, still barely moving. He's thankful for Violet moving and pointing the smoke outside, but he does seem rather grumpy all the same. "We've heard the words by the Supreme Court and still Black people don't always get to vote. We've heard the words by all sorts of these men in the past, and actions are always limited."

The party donor turns his head towards Meredith, looking perplexed. "What the hell is a Boltagon?" he says with upraised eyebrows. But, noticing her beauty, he is quick to put his arm around her and begins to whisper in her ear, eager to show her how they do things here in Texas.

But, before he can get to far, one of the security team nods to Meredith, and begins to show her to her 'other' car.

"Well, I'm sure he wants to give them a full vote!" the lady says to Alex, her smile growin' bigger.

"The world is changing!" She hands Alex a pamphlet that informs him how to donate to the Democratic National Committee.

"Right on it, Miss," says the convention host. He shuffles away to get some fans.

Surprisingly, right in front of them and some other television crews, the President walks by.

"Mr. President! What do you have to say to Loki, Prince of Asgard?"

"I'd ask how Asgard is this time of year."

"What do you say about him trying to force tolerance on our country."

"I'd say it's convenient he comes now, but not as convenient as it would have been for all those Jews during the Second World War. We could have used his intervention then," Kennedy's reply is said with a smile and a wave, and one of his handlers informs the television crews that he will be taking no more questions.

When the President exits the stage, one of his handlers approaches the assorted members of Act-F, "Alright everyone, we have several motorcades that will travel behind the President. For those of you who like being in the spotlight, there will be about a million cameras on you, so we would love it if you smiled and waved. Do whatever comes natural, of course." The motion towards the curtain which leads to a garage where several convertibles wait to take the heroes along the parade route. There are covered cars, too, for those who hate the limelight.

As Domino plots and charts, there's a tugging at Charles' mind. Inside the Book Depository, a man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald is angry. He's spent a couple of years in the USSR and is a devout Communist. He hates Kennedy for his attacks on Communism. He hates all politicians, really, and has even gone so far as to promote his ideals to people when he lived in New Orleans. Oswald decides he cannot bear to watch and heads to the breakroom at his work to get a coca-cola. When he gets there, he turns off the radio, which is playing analysis about the speech.

"Course he is!" someone yells as they overhear Crystal's question to Xavier. "Come on Howard, we can get closer to see the President and all those heroes as they come by!" The family of four moves on closer to the street.

A short time later, the President, flanked by Jackie Kennedy, sits in a car with Governor Connally as they make their way down the parade route. With the breeze, Jackie remarks that it's much more lovely, and John is busy waving to the throngs of people who have come out to enjoy the speech.


"Buncha shit if you ask me," says one of the patrons to Remy LeBeau.

"Eh, give de guy a chance, non?" he lies. He's not interested in believing anything the government says, but being too loud in a place like this where the walls have ears is always dangerous.

"He fuckin' better do something!" yells another. "Mutants ain't gonna take much more of this shit!"


Ah, here we go. Granted it isn't much to see from a distance. A bunch of important political figures and their entourage of various guards going forward at around the pace of a brisk turtle, which seems like a fitting enough analogy for anything relating to change within the government. A thin, humorless smirk crosses Domino's steel grey lips as she brings the binoculars into focus with elbows braced upon knees. If this crew is all about freedom and equality then she's probably spying upon the wrong herd. But, who knows. There's always some crooked asshole involved. Her attention shifts from vehicle to vehicle, going right down the line as if she's simply shopping around for the best deal on the proverbial shelf.


"Gesundheit." Charles remarks, also glancing to Erik. Though the concern on Erik's face is reflected in Charles' next shared thought; «Is everything alright?» they still don't know for certain what caused that last episode with his powers.

While they wait to see if all is well with Erik, he adds to Crystal firmly, "Yes, Crystal. Yes I do." «From what I can see, he meant the things he said completely. Fulfilling it will be far from easy, but it's a very important step — Now if only your Skrulls could be convinced to take the sentiment to heart as well.»

From what Charles understands from Crystal, of the mysterious elements becoming known to the general public, they are the most likely to be wholely hostile as a group. While that could be an opportunity for those who aren't to differentiate themselves, a truly peaceful coexistance would be better still.

«Do you think tha—»

His thought trails off when he notices one specific mind far more angry than the normal sort of disgruntled disagreement some have met the President's speech with. Charles isn't overly alarmed at this point, still keeping up a peripheral awareness of the area. But he does spare some attention to the angry Oswald, to gain a bit more understanding of the depth and intent of his ire.

No sense in taking chances, after they came all this way.


"Danke schoen," Erik answers, in a manner that is almost instinct. Still, the concern remains evident upon his face, and he casts a glance Charles' way at the silent question. His answer comes in the form of a perked eyebrow, but nothing more verbally. «If it does happen again, you'll need to shut me down.»

Let's hope that doesn't happen. Erik is beginning to feel as if maybe, he shouldn't have come.

"One man's optimism doesn't translate into social change easily," Erik points out, following the family as they edge their way closer with a curious eye. Then, the binoculars are raised once more, his eyes tracking through the motorcade in an effort to find the President. He doesn't speak of politics much, but he's grown to like this one. A good man, with a good head on his shoulders, and, it would seem, a bureaucratic opinion that would make life better for mutantkind.


"I want to see this…task force," Crystal grimaces, hand still tight on Erik's as she tries to get a glimpse of the procession. "That's what makes me nervous. I know- I mean, I'm certain he wants to make sure that people are safe, and of course it's for the best that they be protected from any hostile actions, it's just that once you start to assemble a squad of personal soldiers, they're available for things. Things that aren't always what you intended in the first place."



"Fine, suit yourself," the kid says. No one seems to know his name. However this jock itch idiot ever got into this school is anyone's guess. Luckily for Lor


Scott nearly recoils at being called Mr. Summers.

"Mr. Summers is my brother," The comment at least does enough to make the kid chuckle for the first time today. "I'd have him do more than promise to protect blacks in schools in the south. I'd have him act quicker on these mutant riots."

Yeah, he's a zealot.

"Wait, what's happening?"

A young girl with a large lolli and two pig tails watches the interchange between Spiral and the Reporter with surprise. "Mommy? I don't think I want to be a reporter anymore."

"Yeah, Meredith," says the Presidential security team member, "The President really hates it when you get philosophical.

"Honey, you need a ride to the parade?" the frumpy woman says to Alex. "Darlin' I'm a local, I know a shortcut. Follow me." She leads the older Summers brother on a weaving way to a side exit where her car is parked. "Get in!"

But as the pair are about to get into the car, shots begin to ring out.


The motorcade follows the President, bringing Black Panther, Sue, Heather, and Johnny as Jennifer is walking alongside. It seems the government (the State of Texas, in this case) has spared no expense. It's an extended limousine with a pulled top. On the inside, the leather is white and nearly perfect. It really makes Black Panther's outfit stick out, and the blue of Johnny and Sue's pop. Speaking of popping…

Domino will see the first car, filled with the Governor of Texas, his wife, the President, and his wife. In the next car are a group of Act-F superheroes.

As Charles hones in on Oswald, he can see the young man sitting in the break room, arms over his chest, stewing. Everyone here so excited for a man who suppresses true economic freedom. It's bullshit. The entire system is bullshit, and Oswald cannot believe it's happening. Inwardly, he decides to go see a movie.

Erik and Crystal can now see the car turning down Dealey Plaza and picking up speed as it makes its way down the hill towards the Grassy Knoll, the bend, and towards the end of the parade.

Several people around them flinch as three bullets sound out from somewhere. With the angles of the buildings, it sounds as if the shots are coming from everywhere and from all different angles!



Something within Domino's mind snaps as soon as the three gunshots reach her ears. She doesn't know who is shooting or what the target is. For that matter..she doesn't know where the shooter is. This last part is what concerns her the most! It's distant, not aimed her way (whew,) but beyond that…


Oh, -shit.-

The motorcade. Someone else was staking out the parade, and apparently they found a target that was worth pursuing! With her limited view she blindly reaches out to the side to grab the radio and haul it closer.

Three shots. One target, or multiple? Did they even hit anyone? Once more part of her mind is crunching numbers, pouring over what details she knows compared to that which is still unknown.


Though his attention is a tad divided at the moment, Charles turns a concerned glance on Erik. He'd really hoped that first time had been some odd interaction between Erik's powers and Lorna's. «If it comes to it.» he agrees. For now, a quick scan of Erik's mind shows no sign that he isn't master of his abilities at least thus far.

He's about to respond to Crystal, his mind sweeping on as the momentary pause on Oswald suggests nothing terribly worrisome— and then the shots ring out.


More than just the word it's wrapped in, Charles' thought is tapping into Erik's singular awareness, to see if, with his advantage Erik was able to notice and stop the bullets in time.

Whatever the case, Charles at least hopes to learn the direction they came from via Erik's mind, and send his thoughts in that direction to locate the one responsible, since simple auditory cues are next to worthless in the current environment.


The moment shots ring out, Erik's hand darts upward. He'd expressed his concern for this event to Charles; it was one of the reasons they had decided to take the trip here. To say he was on pins and needles is an understatement.

At once, the would be Master of Magnetism fires a blast of magnetic power out from his person. There's simply too much metal in the area for him to divine bullets or their trajectory; with so many thousands gathered, moving bullets are swarmed out of his perception by pocketwatches, sunglasses, ink pens, the steel body of so many cars. It's his only hope that, by releasing a blast of power from his person, the wave of magnetic force might catch the bullets and push them away from their target.

He doesn't have time to think of the consequences. Of the metallic items that are suddenly ripped free from people around him, and pushed in a convex arc toward the rear of the motorcade. Charles' voice is still ringing in his mind when he realizes that his hand, outstretched, signifies the source of such a display of power.

The color drains from his face. Erik throws his hand downward at once, in an effort to push that magnetic force down and into the ground.

But nothing happens.

Not in the magnetic sphere, at least. No… now there is blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.


Crystal startles at the sound of gunshots, but her first reaction is for herself and the people immediately around her. With a thought, she thickens the air around Charles, Erik, and herself into a shield of sorts - Not a solid wall yet, but enough that anyone trying to pass through it will feel like they're pushing through quicksand rather than air. Enough to halt any bullets headed at them, at least.

"Charles, can you tell who-" She starts to ask the question, only to find that something else has happened to Erik. "Erik!" Her hand slips from his only to wrap around his waist instead, ready to catch him should he fall.


ROLL: Xavier +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 66


ROLL: Magneto +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 81


At both the Frost Academy and the Xavier Institute, it's tough to see what is happening. The news cuts away, revealing a man in a rumpled suit, desperately trying to get more information from a source on the ground.

"We have reports of shots being fired on the parade route," he says. "We're trying to get more information.

As the shots ring out, T'Challa leaps impressively from one car all the way to the President's car. She's followed almost as quickly by Jennifer, who turns green and burly rather quickly. Meanwhile, Sue is putting up a blanket of clear energy trying to put a protective cocoon between the President's car and the rest of the people out here.

As the shots ring out, Magneto sends a burst of pressure that takes all metal and shoots it outward. Unfortunately, many of the citizens alongside the parade route are hit with metallic debris. For days they will be pulling screws out of people's knees, keys out of people's eyes, and those are the lucky ones. One particularly terrible incident is a baby that has been impaled by a hubcap and will be in surgery over the course of the next few days. The consequences that he did not think about seem to be pretty severe.

Xavier searches around and cannot find anyone who seems to have wanted to harm the President, everyone is in shock, and that young man he noticed before is headed out of Dealey Plaza and down the street.

Lee Harvey Oswald is going to go to a movie but forgot his keys up in the floor where he works.

But as he walks down the hallway, he stops cold. There, at the end of the hall, is someone who looks exactly like him.

He can hardly believe it, and before he can do anything, the doppelganger exits out the back door.

It just so happens that Johnny Storm happens to see someone, from his vantage point, running from out back behind the observatory. A young man is walking calmly. He's wearing a leather jacket, white t-shirt, and blue jeans, and is headed east.

Down, below T'Challa's arms, sits the President. But rather than the bullet holes she may have been inspected, it almost looks like he has been burned through the shoulder and through the back of the head. Almost as if he was struck by lightning.



There's some confirmation from the news. Shots were fired. Who knew? "No shit," Domino mutters while continuing to look through the binoculars. The details are still evading her, and the news officials for that matter. What she -does- see is a pecular 'glitch' in the air and what sure looks like the glint of sunlight off of small metal objects. Given how the crowd within the area recoils she's going to go ahead and assume that lots of tiny metallic objects were indeed flying through the air.

Most curious.

One thing seems fairly certain to her, at least: It should be safe for her to go back to New York City now. Whoever caused -this- mess just beat out her last major act for media coverage. Lucky her!

With a bitter smirk she lowers the binoculars and reaches for her iced tea. "Gonna be another interesting month." Not that she's going to stop enjoying her mini vacation anytime soon.


ROLL: Domino +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 55


A frustrated sound escapes Charles — if Erik himself can't pick out a few bullets in this mess, Charles mentally looking over his shoulder has no chance at all. Whatever happened, there's no lead on the shooter— and then Charles finds himself summarily knocked flat as Erik's wave catches him by the watch and belt buckle. Being right next to him there's nothing else to hit him, but as he rolls up onto one elbow, it's with an expression of horrified shock as he realizes what just happened..

In reflex he sends out a hasty mental pulse of his own, a sense that whatever happened came from another direction, the overwhelming impulse to look anywhere else, notice anything else other than Erik, especially those injured or in need.

Erik, who felt as if he just suffered the mental equivalent of a dislocation. But for now he's still alert and upright, one thing at a time.

Though he's still largely focused on trying to prevent a mob from closing on them right here and now, Charles spares one tendril of thought for the President's car, a knot tight in his stomach as he searches to see if there are still the same number of living minds amongst he and his people as there had been a moment before.


ROLL: Xavier +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 77


A ferocious pain wracks Erik's head the moment Crystal calls his name. Its almost identical to the headache that gripped him at the New York Museum, moments before he lost control of his powers. Maybe he didn't intend to make the blast so powerful? Maybe he intended to focus it more? It's all a blur, as more blood trickles down to his chin. The cries and shouts of fright become a blur as he looks upon the devastation he's caused. He can't even see the extent of it, for his binoculars are gone, but what he can see is not pretty. More color drains from his face.

"Charles…" His hand finds one of Crystal's, and she'll learn that it's trembling. He turns to look at his oldest friend, eyes exposed, for his sunglasses had been ripped free by his display of magnetic power; in them, the vibrant blue has been dulled by sheer, utter horror.

"… what have I done?"

Still unaware of what his friend might be doing to save himself the repercussions of what might have just been a horrible accident, Erik feels the world closing in on him. A disorienting sense of dread and anger, swallowing him up. Crystal will feel his hand going slack, moments before his knees give out beneath him and consciousness simply goes away.


"Erik!" Forget the President, forget whoever else might have been a victim of this. As Erik starts to fall, Crystal steps beneath his arm, lending her strength to keeping him upright. The blood. The blood is a matter of some concern. Worried, she keeps the field of air between them and the crowd as she searches him for signs of injury. He's been shot before by someone who knew not to use metal bullets. What if that's what happened?



At a small hole in the wall BBQ joint, Bruce Banner is trying to get some food in his stomach with some of the money he was given by a man who took him for a beggar. He has enough change for a sandwich and orders such with a glass of water.

"Could you turn the television up?" asks Banner.

At first, it seems as though he's ignored.

"Please?!?!" Banner shouts out angrily enough to surprise the people eating at other tables. He breathes slowly and tries to calm himself.


Scott sits up in his chair and looks to Violet as things have gone from bad to worse. "Is he hit? What happened?" And then, as if he too needs some consoling, Scott pets the dog almost out of reflex.


Alex arrives, just behind Xavier, Erik, and Crystal as the motorcade has now already driven by. People are screaming, and crying, and a great deal of people are injured on the ground all around them. If Alex looks to his left, back towards the bend in the road, he'll see a similar sight of people laying on the ground in agony.

Luckily, well for the mutants anyways, Xavier mentally pushes everyone's thought away from their group. The fingers will be pointed elsewhere. As they stand there, Alex, Xavier, Crystal holding Erik's unconscious body, it's clear that they need to get out of Dodge. And quickly.


The news comes through as Lorna's classmates begin to sob. "We can confirm that the President was hit. We are trying to get further details, but our eye on the ground can confirm that the President has been hit." The sobbing begins to get louder.


One of Magneto's victims is the secret service agent next to Meredith, who slumps over her, bleeding heavily, dead from her earring which was ripped out of her ear. The metal inside the steering wheel jerks heavily, sending the car careening into a retaining wall where it mercifully comes to a stop.

The car that now holds Black Panther, the President, Connally who also looks to have been hit, Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Walters, and Mrs. Connally races around the bend, heading to the hospital as quickly as possible.


Johnny Storm slams into the body of the young man and piles him into the ground. He rolls over and his hands are up. Immediately he shapeshifts into a man with black hair. "I am Loki of Asgard!" he announces. "I am a Prince!"

"As an American citizen, I would like to speak with my lawyer!"

EPILOGUE: https://youtu.be/6PXORQE5-CY?t=1m11s

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