1963-11-22 - Of Gods and Beer
Summary: Amora spots an old 'friend' in a bar.
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The bar was crowded and smoke waft over the various patrons. It was the peak of the rush for the bar, and it was clear that most male gazes in the establishment were solely on the beautiful blonde bombshell at the bar.

Amora looked mildly annoyed as another drink slides down the bar toward her, two others still sitting before her and slowly warming to room temperature. She was in her mortal guise, a form fitting green sweater dress clung to her every curve and a golden chain link belt draped around her hips. Boots hugged her calves and she swung them from the barstool idly. Green eyes glittered with faint amusement as another mortal trips over himself to speak to her and fails miserably at it.

A dramatically bored sigh pulls from her lips, and the Enchantress scans the crowd for /someone/ more entertaining.


John Aaron is the epitome of interesting.

He steps through the door and nearly towers over all of the other patrons at a heavily muscled 6'4". Tight blue jeans and work boots, along with a red and black flannel over a white shirt. The sleeves are rolled up to the elbows of his powerful arms. He certainly draws his own attention. He glances about the bar briefly, his intense gaze landing briefly on one or two of the girls in the bar as he moves towards the counter. None of them hold his attention for more then a moment, however.

He steps up behind one of the occupied stools, and he leans in to growl beside one of the men holding it. "You're going to want to move." The guy glances back at him, clearly about to say something rude. That is, of course, until he gets a good look at John. He quickly grabs his beer, and his friends, and they take off. This leaves a few empty stools, and John slides onto one of them. He orders a beer and glances up and down the bar…until that gaze lands on Amora, and he blinks.


A slow and wicked smile pulls at Amora's lips as the very definition of 'interesting' enters the bar. She slides from the stool, hips swaying as she came up beside him, a gleam brightening her green eyes. A delicately manicured hand lifted to run over his arm and she tossed golden locks over her shoulder with a practiced shrug.

"Hello handsome.." Her voice soft and warm, like red wine and chocolate, and satin sheets and whispered promises.

"What's a 'man' like you doing in a place like this?" She crooned, batting thick eyelashes up at him.


He watches her approach with eager eyes. His gaze dips over every perfect, swaying inch of her as she slides in close to him, and he brings his beer to his lips for a long pull. He chuckles softly, and the sound is as deep as you would imagine it would be.

"Hello, beautiful. What is a man like me doing in a place like this?" He grins a hint and pulls his gaze from her with some effort, to cast it about the bar. "Cheap beer. Scuffed tables. A pool table. Darts. Blue-collar nobodies drinking their problems away and trying to get lucky? Seems like exactly the sort of place I should be."

He cocks his head to the side, gaze returning to her utter, sensual perfection. "You?"


A chuckle escapes her, lips twitching with amusement as she leaned her head against his shoulder and preens. "Oh, you know, soaking up the torrent of emotions of torrid love affairs, desperate lives scraping for attention… affection.." She grinned, looking up at him from beneath the fringe of black eyelashes. A teasing drag of her lower lip between her white teeth follows and she leaned away from him briefly. The perfumed scent of juniper and something intangible and uniquire her wafts from from where she moves.

"Trying to find someone to entertain me that can keep up with me.. I'm rather demanding, I've been told." A smirk quirked in the corner of her lips and she reached for a drink—taking it from some poor mortal man that passed her. He didn't so much as offer a protest in return.


Everything about her makes him heated…as it is supposed to. He is no mortal man, but he is a…well. 'Passionate' would be a tame phrase for John. His gaze dips over her again as he listens to her words, and he finds his mouth a little dry. His tongue wets his lis lightly.

"I can respect that," he grunts softly. "None of these women can last a full evening with me, you know. Broken and exhausted after only a few hours." He reaches out, his calloused fingertip brushing her soft cheek, and he tucks her hair behind her ear.

"Seems we might have been looking for eachother, hmm?"


Delight, and amusement war for the main emotion to light up the perfect curve of her lips. Amora's wicked gaze crawls over his figure, raking over his form and sensing the power if not the source of such strength behind the guise. Her own illusions spun so closely to resemble her own looks, it was impossible to mistake who /she/ was with a mortal; so long as one knew what to look for.

"I am utterly bored with these mortal toys," She murmured, leaning into his touch at her cheek.

"Mayhaps we should thank the fates for such a kindly intervention, hmm?"


He knows what she is. He has also grown bored with mortal women. John chuckles softly and nods to her, thumb brushing the soft, pillowy swell of her lip as she leans into his touch. Her gaze finds his build to be powerful, and the strength radiating from him is far, far beyond what any mortal man could muster.

"Fates or not, I'm cheered for it. And eager."

John pulls his gaze away from her with some effort, glancing about the bar.

"Should we abscond somewhere, then? To better acquainted?"


A wink, and Amora leans away teasingly, a shrug of her shoulders following as she dragged a green tipped hand through her hair. "Hmm, I can be convinced that such a thing is indeed worthy of my time. What should I call you, oh would be lover? I sense in you a strength that is lacking in this miserable realm." Green eyes flickering over his figure with a smirk playing on her lips.

"I've several homes in which we might enjoy a more 'private' room, depending on which you desire.."


"You can call me John," he offers with a small, lopsided grin. "John Aaron." It is the name he uses here, anyways. He downs the remainder of his beer and sets the empty bottle on the bar. The massive man steps away from the bar then, and he leans in close to her. If she does not pull away again, he leans in close enough to whisper in her ear.

"But you might remember me as Ares, perfect one."


Amora is hardly one to back away, much less when a man much larger than her closes into her personal space. After all, she toyed with Thor regularly. Still does. As he whispers his true name however, her lips pull wide and she practically flings her arms around his neck with a low throated chuckle escaping her. Her head tilting back to peer up at him with a flutter of eyelashes.

"Oh darling! How could I forget /you/?" She crooned, her voice sweet as honey before she leaned forward and pressed a teasing kiss to the corner of lips.

"I'm so happy to see that you've not forgotten me.."


His strong arms wrap about her waist when she throws herself at him like that. He chuckles deeply, and holds her against his firmly muscled form. He grins a bit wider when she teases that kiss to the corner of his mouth, and the God of War shivers a hint.

"Ah, but how could I forget you, hmm? You're the kind of woman who haunts my dreams to this day. And I have no doubt you know exactly the sort of dreams I mean."

Ares glances about the bar again, before returning his gaze to grin down at her.


A sound that almost resembled a purr like a cat follows as his arms wrapped around her and Amora flashed him a heated grin, seeming to enjoy the way she made him shiver. Another chime of laughter escaped her as he speaks of dreams and she flicks her wrist behind his head and a glitter of green mist swirls around them both. The sounds of the bar start to fade slowly, until suddenly they were not, infact in the bar.

Rather a skyrise apartment that overlooked the city proper surrounded them. The room was plush, luxurious in the extreme and almost gaudy in colors and hue to the mortal eye. Plenty of it was gilded and much of it was draped with ancient relics. The scent of magic holding fast around them until it disapated and they stood firmly in the apartment.

Amora draws back, gesturing around her, arms outspread. In either hand a goblet of sweet smelling mead held in offer. "Straight from the Princes' embassy. Asgardian mead. A great deal better than the swill they offer at such a mortal establishment.."


John blinks as the mist pours forth, and he glances about as they appear in the penthouse. "Huh." He releases her and brushes his fingers back through his salt and pepper hair, before striding over to the window to look out over the city. "It is like Olympus, looking down over the Grecians." He chuckles softly and turns, reaching out to take the offered goblet.

The God of War brings the drink to his lips for a sip before he nods. "Certainly better then what I have been imbibing while here." His gaze dips over her again, only more brazenly now that they are not in such public company.

"I live in a small apartment, but…it suits my needs."


A roll of her shoulders follows and Amora is more than happy to lean back against his side as he peered out the window. "I enjoy peering down on them. I've already lost one apartment to the fire-giants." She sighed, rolling her eyes woefully, a hand moving to pluck at the buttons of his shirt. She sipped at her goblet, peering at him from over the rim.

"And, it would seem Loki has kicked the hornets' nest. Telling Midgard that we exist rather dramatically. I've had to be careful as a result.." A shake of her head follows as she runs her free-hand over his arm and up toward his neck.

"Why ever would you step down to this pathetic realm, darling?"


He smirks a hint when she mentions fire-giants burned down one of her former apartments. "Well…you seem to be doing pretty well for yourself…" Ares trails off and idly brushes his fingertips down along her side, fingernails teasing through her gown. "Ugh. Loki. Seems to fit in with his usual antics. At least Dis mostly keeps to herself these days…"

The towering man trails off as his gaze dips idly over her. "I am keeping a bit of an eye on one of my children. He's down here being a bit of a fool, and I'm keeping an eye on him from afar. Beyond that? I have always thought that trials and tribulations make you stronger…and living as a mortal in this realm is certainly that…"


Another coy laugh follows at the teasing rake of fingernails through her dress and she leans her figure against him, her free arm draped over his shoulders for balance. A sip of her mead follows, and she peers up at him from over the golden rim. "I've had the ability to play by the mortal's rules and take their form of money for my own uses in the past several months since I've been here." She sighed, looking off to the side dramatically, and dragged her lower lip between her teeth in a mock pout.

"I've been forced to stay here at Lady Sif's bidding. A weak punishment given she desires me not to be present." Her free hand glides over his shoulders and massages the nape of his neck.


John smirks a hint at that. "Sif. Funny. She is actually the one currently babysitting my child…" He shakes his head at that, and his hand moves to tease at frills and stitching on her gown. It is clear the God of War wants to divest her of the gown, of course. Who wouldn't?

"Well, at least you have another God to keep you company while you are here, hmm? You are not alone among the mortals, anymore.."


A twist of her wrist and the golden goblet vanished from her grip as Amora wound both arms around the God of War. Her frame aligned with his in perfect harmony, and she tossed her hair back with a twitch of her head. "How lovely, I'd heard she'd taken a student." She laughed, leaning forward on her toes to nip at his earlobe.

"Shall you keep me proper company then?" She purred, leaning back with a cackling laugh of expectation.

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