1963-11-23 - Asgardian Apprehension (Redux)
Summary: Loki arrives in Dallas to turn himself in as his Asgardian allies show him support. If this is the man who killed the President, this does not seem to make much sense. Cameos by the Attorney General and Director of the FBI
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All rainbows are fleeting, Heimdall says. It lies with and within the mortal seeming, a slight turn of the head or the trick of the suns rays just after a misty or rainy day. For such dark tidings that even the Thunderer could bring; the rainbow bridge, Heimdall would say, brings a light and laughter to the eyes of children that he himself enjoys.

But only when he looks.

And today was no different. It was wrapped in tragedy, anger, sadness and fright. Opposition on all sides and an earnest show of faith. Whether it could be grandstanding from those who choose to view it as such; or humility as those whom actually see it; brashness and cockiness as some wish to call it.. an all-typical grandstanding from the Trickster God who calls himself Lord Protector..

Many of those things lead to a decision that was based at a possible critical time. Togetherness. It was supposed.

Togetherness in a show of might that sends the bi-frost hurtling down upon the lawns of Dallas (In front of the CIA building) in a show of reds, blues, yellows, and oranges, even with a touch of green. Fifty strong they were, decorated with their royal regalia, standing in place with their shield and swords sheaths. Decorated with the mark of Asgard and the helmets that also carry their crests. In a show of soliditary, the horns that line the upper most crown curve like devil's horns, once that would adorn Loki's own if he chooses to appear in his royal regalia.

But the rainbow itself fades from the Bifrost, a lingering image of Heimdall presses at the side of Sif, the Lady She, who is adorned in the same royal gold with a few touches of burgandy and crimson weaved through.

The Thunderer, Old Thor, takes to the side of the army that presents his little brother, the skies darkening not to show his power..

But his sorrow.


Inside the building, the nation's top cop, J. Edgar Hoover is meeting with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy who just arrived an hour after finding out that Loki had escaped.

At first there is no response, but as the men inside begin to see that there is a sitaution, they begin to rush out to meet them.

The uniformed police officers come first, unsure whether or not they should reach for their guns. Some have their hands close, others realize there is no point.

Finally, Hoover and Kennedy both emerge from the doors in the warm sun. Both do not know what to make of it. Perhaps he's hear to cut a deal, wonders Hoover. Perhaps, Kennedy wonders, he's here to finish the job.


Standing between the honor guard, Loki of Asgard stands in his royal garb, the black and green long coat trimmed with a gleam of silver that adds the other-worldly aspect to each curve of the material. He stands there for a time as the mortals gather, looking levelly at the approach of the police officers, green eyes noticing the tension… the stress in the language of their bodies. For now they stand there in silence, awaiting the approach of those men who have right to treat with them. The ones who project a measure of authority.

And then there they are. Hoover, Kennedy, whatever entourage they might have. High above them all the sky seems to darken subtly, a faint swirl of ill humor from some weather god observing such a scene. It's only when the government officials advance that Loki looks back to them away from the guardsmen. He pauses a moment to give a nod towards Sif, and holds a hand slightly lifted towards Rogue to signify all proceeds as it should.

A few strides carries Loki away from the guardsmen. He does not seem to be armed, no blades hang from his belt, nor is there that staff he held during the Sullivan show. Yet his manner shows a calm even as he stops before them.

"Gentlemen." His first word carries from one end of the soldiers all the way to the police officers.


One, and only one, wears no helmet. It would go strangely with the forest-green leather ensemble she wears, in all truth. Silver mesh running up the sides of gloves and boots glitters in a strange mingling of Asgardian and northern European stylings. Scarlett might be so easily overlooked by those slightly taller and certainly more ferocious on the outset.

Gaze trained upon Loki, the one human in evidence is light upon her feet. The banner of her flaming hair caught in countless elaborate braids, she does not seek to distinguish herself to attention of the FBI or otherwise. There might be subtle differences to register her as not quite as these illustrious personas, but she is — as they — armed, a sword riding her hip, a pair of slender batons on the opposite side. A look cast heavenward reflects the clouds for a moment, and then she regards those who would dare to come forth.


The fanfaire of the Royal Guard was nothing to trife with. The first movements of Loki as he approach the men who step out upon the lawn created a rippling wave of a movement. Men who stood straight backed and poise soon collapse into a flurry of movement. Nothing alarming, nothing for show.. but they stand at ease and attention in wait for the order of the Lord Protector.

Sif on the other hand? Remains unmoved.


"What is the meaning of this?" Robert Kennedy's thick New England accent breaks the silence that lingers after Loki's opening remarks. "Break out, then come back with a ton of your friends. I hope, for God's sake, you do not bring war to the United States. If so, you will have it. I can guarantee that."


"I am the true Loki of Asgard," There's a pause as the trickster god looks between the two of them. He settles with his attention on Robert, "I am come to provide my assistance and the assistance of my nation in aiding your people in finding the ill that has caused this tragedy to pass. In the interest of insuring peace I shall remand myself into your custody, and offer what aid you would ask of me in tracking down the murderers of your leader. I also offer the aid of Asgard herself and the crown prince of Asgard, Thor Odinson who shall stop at nothing to bring these villains to justice and to clear my name."

There's a moment where the words hang there and perhaps the situation pieces itself together, but to quash any misunderstanding, Loki gives a nod. "I did not take the life of your brother, the forces that array themselves against you have the capability to muddy the waters and will require great effort to bring them to justice."

He pauses then gives a nod, "Are these terms acceptable to you?"


Scarlett moves not an inch from the ground she stakes out amidst the row upon row of soldiers around her, the goddess of war at their helm. Her gaze barely moves from the discussion between the President's men and Loki himself. It is a sight to be recounted in her memory.


Robert Kennedy takes a step back. His eyes are bloodshot from a lack of sleep and the tears he has shed for his brother. He should be in DC planning a funeral. He's speechless.

"Hell yeah," Hoover says with a nod. "I assume you don't need to be cuffed, so why don't you come on in and we'll start to debrief you." The FBI Director can't believe his luck. Either this punk is telling the truth, or he's just toying with them. Either way, Asgard kind of proved that they have these guys by the balls.

The police move forward as if they are about to take Loki into custody, but do so warily. As if they're not quite sure what they should be doing.


With his voice a touch lower, Loki tells them. "Grant me a moment, please." With that said he turns and then gives a solemn nod towards Sif as well as a small lift of his hand. But then he seems to square himself up and his brow furrows. He lifts his voice loudly and calls out, "Warriors of Asgard!"

The words echo off the near buildings, flowing through the ranks of men and soldiers. "To your duties!"

And as quickly as that the tension is gone. The intensity, the subtle potential of chaos and danger seems to lessen with that formal declaration and the acceptance of the terms.

It is then that Loki turns to them and offers a calm smile, his green eyes meeting Bobby's and then Hoover's. "I am with you then, gentlemen."


Some often wondered if Ethel knows that Bobby is sleeping with his bottle and some Texan whore. Thoughts from Heimdall's visage would gain a smirk, but the visage of him fades like an effigy that was meant to be forgotten. As Loki turns and makes his decree, the men all fall inline with a salute, starting from the first two guard that create the line, falling into a wave that was glorious there after.

The shocking call of the bifrost beats down upon the path that it had created, Sif soon stepping out of line to crack a slight whistle and a gesture forward.

The men all fall into the bi-frost, and with a slow step taken back and a grasp of Loki's arm. Where one would speak, she but gives a nod, and a turn towards the police men, Kenndy and Hoover. "Treat him well." Her tone was even, underlying a threat that shall not give birth to the air, before she releases the younger Odinson with a faint squeeze of 'good bye'.


Kennedy has no immediate response to the declaration from Loki that he did not kill his brother. Given the man's propensity for bravado, he figured he'd take glory in it.

It seemed to fly in the face of Loki's original message to the Americans. That part still didn't sit well with Bobby. He looks to Hoover who seems as though he just got the biggest break of one of Washington's longest running careers. He reaches to guide Loki into the office building where he'll be processed and interviewed. This time he'll get a lawyer if he wants one because the professionals are here.

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