1963-11-29 - Secondary Mission
Summary: Bobbi brings the Director cream puffs and discusses the jail, and Liv's loyalties
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After the MEETING of seeming doom last night, Peggy has been in the office the whole day, but her door is shut and most people have been avoiding going anywhere near her. Apparently, the Director is in A Mood. But, she's still present. Certain people know her better than others and might be willing to risk that threshold. So, when there is a knock, she looks up through the frosted door at the stance of the person beyond. She can recognize the set of Bobbi's shoulders and she calls, "Come in." Her voice is still clipped, but doesn't sound ready to bite Bobbi's head off.

She'll find Peggy behind her desk, looking somewhat sleepless around the edges and certainly still rather pregnant, but very much herself otherwise. There's a cup of cold tea at her hand and her desk is simply covered in reports, as per normal. "…Sit. Spill it. What's going on?" She knows no one is just coming for a friendly chat these days.


Bobbi entered without so much as a pause as she knocked on the door and received the 'come in'. A smile on her face and she hefted a bag of something sweet smelling. "I brought some cream puffs from Little Italy, figured you might want some." She wiggled the brown bag in the air before she shut the door behind her and deposited the bag on the desk before the Director.

"I also figured we could chat a little. Since the newer members were rather vocal yesterday, I'd thought it'd be better to talk to you directly with my thoughts when they /weren't/ likely to interrupt."

A flash of a smile followed as she took up the seat opposite of Peggy. "That and I wanted to wait till the lab reports came in before /really/ poking around."


The cream puffs are looked upon with slightly narrowed eyes, as if Peggy were deciding if she'd let the dragon lady out again or if the offering of sweets might tame her. It seems the latter decision wins out as she stretches a hand across the desk for the bag, "I hope you didn't expect me to share." She states flatly, but already some of the vitriol has been removed from her voice. Bobbi really DOES know her better than so many others. She shuts the report in front of her and rests the bag down, cracking it open already as she listens.

"…Alright. And…did the lab reports come back? I'm…listening. You probably have until I finish these to make a damned good case." Peggy mutters, drawing a sweet out of the bag and leaning back. At least she eats it slowly, picking little bits of it off and popping them past her lips.


"I already ate, that whole bag is for you, Madam Director." A grin and then a shrug as Bobbi recrossed her legs, "Well I was mostly concerned about any radiation that might have been found coming off that alien tech, but if there's any, it's not the sort that we're able to find using modern technology. As far as what else might be there? Who can say. Which was one of my main concerns. If we had to worry about radiation fallout from usage of those things as an energy source then it'd be messy to use as a containment field."

The blonde tossed her hair back over her shoulder, leaning forward and propping her chin up with a hand. "I agree with your assessment that we need containment facilities for anything other than the normal run of the mill 'human'. Powered people, aliens and so on? They have good guys and bad guys all the same as anyone else. The issue being that we've no means to keep them." Another pause and Bobbi seemed to fall silent for a moment, as if gathering her thoughts.

"But any cell, any prison or cage is only as strong as its weakest link. And given that it's alien tech? We don't know what its weaknesses are, we might not be able to figure it out any time soon. And if we happen to put in an alien that /does/ know that weakness?" She pursed her lips and then leaned back, shaking her head. "We need a backup. Something /else/ behind that energy source incase it fails."


A few bites of the decadent treat are taken, Peggy's dark eyes watching her trusted Agent quietly as the blonde makes her pitch. The director still doesn't look thrilled about the prison being questioned *again*, but Bobbi is seeming to do it in a way that doesn't get her head bitten off immediately. So, Peggy listens and munches, trying not to see impatient. Finally, she gives a tilt of her head.

"…Yes. *That* much I can agree with. It doesn't mean we stop going forward with these plans, but building in a back up system would seem wise. Do you have an idea for such a thing? Or are you just… putting it out there in hopes the universe will answer?"


A vague sort of gesture was offered and Bobbi, smiled faintly. "I wouldn't suggest halting the plans in the least. But I was thinking of depends on other various elements. It's merely a possibility that should be explored. Director, you know in the spy business it takes a spy to catch a spy. Counter intelligence is our main cup of tea for catching corruption. I thought, we should include other powered elements as well…" She paused, assessing Peggy's thoughts on the subject before she continued.

"Mainly, One: The Asgardian armor. If we can figure out how it was forged or the composite materials it might prove a useful addendum to the holding facility. Two: If we can find a homegrown mutant or two with powers that might aid us in our building, they could promise of use. I haven't the faintest idea how or what it might be, but it could be presented to our teams and we can keep eyes on the ground for such a person. Three: Possibly a fail safe that ends with the subject's termination. If they're bad enough that we want to keep them locked up and they try to escape, it might be better for everyone if they're terminated then and there somehow."


"I can agree with all of those fall back plans. In fact, I'd support us pursuing all of them." Peggy admits in earnest, the look in her eyes saying she's already been thinking of a fair amount of them also. She finishes off the first cream puff, popping the last little bit past her lips and chewing as she sits up a bit straighter in the chair. She can still look so stiffly professional despite powdered sugar on her fingertips (and the corner of her mouth) and all of her just soft for her current state.

"…Agent Sigrunsdottir seems to have developed cold feet concerning bringing in the armor, we need to figure a way to talk her out of it. I've got another meeting arranged with Charles Xavier of the mutant school, so hopefully we can, maybe, find someone among them who could help us. As for… termination procedures, I suspect they'd need tailored to the individual prisoner, sadly…"


A faint grimace pulls at the agent's lips after Peggy agrees and then continues to give her a few more things to think about. Then she nods, tapping her fingers against her chin. "I'll see if I can't chat up Agent Siggy as a friendly, older agent. If she doesn't give up the armor willingly, it brings in questions about her loyalty…Hmm.. The Asgardians seem to be monarchical in baring…" She trailed off, and hmm'ed under her breath again.

"Unfortunately, we don't know the exact means of bringing down all of those variables. Even if we attempted to tailor them. Some of the things I've seen while aboard made me doubt that beheading and fire would be the end all be all that I always hoped it would be." She sighed, "We can't remain on the defensive forever. Sooner or later even with these fail safes in place we'll be in over our heads." She sounded as if she were merely speaking her thoughts outloud, and then shifted in her chair, gaze moving back to Peggy.

"I'll need to do more field work and see if anything else can't be found out."


The Director sits back in her chair a bit deeper, pulling out another cream puff and beginning to dissect it as she considers quietly, "…Beheading is messy and requires precision. Fire is good. Perhaps an acid bath. Poison in the air would require them to breath, but certain acids can eat almost anything organic. We will have the scientists work on a good acid spray for most of the cells." She then pops another piece of sweetness past her lips as if she weren't discussing horrific, macabre ways to execute prisoners.

"..As for Agent 'Siggy', yes. If she refuses the armor entirely, she may need to be let go. But she knows a lot already too and that could be a …problem. I do not want her to have to disappear, but if she pushes me…" Peggy just shakes her head, letting the implication hover in the air as she finishes her second serving of sweetness.


A nod, and Bobbi looked not the least bit put out by the conversation. She was a spy afterall, people lived and died by the information she smuggled over country borders. People died by her hands. So long as they weren't the people /she/ cared about? It was just part of the job. Unfortunate, but someone had to do the messy things in life.

"You've considered that Loki put her here and gave her permission to work here to keep an eye on us." She let that stand, already knowing the answer, it wasn't a question. "And you've weighed the risks of taking her into our organization. She's useful. I'll take her out and see what can be found, typical asset run. See, if I can' find something blackmarket that might be a strong enough drink to affect her metabolism. From what I've come to understand, is that Asgardian physiology is immensely different than our own. I'm sure I can cook up some kind of a cocktail to get her somewhat drunk."


While it's difficult, the conversation certainly not a comfortable one, Bobbi's estimation in Peggy's eyes seems to have grown as the woman discusses taking Liv out like that. This is an agent who understands practical needs over soft hearts. She nods in approval, "I think that would excellently wise an idea. While… I hate the thought of doing this to one of our own, we must protect the agency at all costs. I have considered that she may be a plant for Loki and, now more than ever, we need to have a way to… handle it, if that is the case. Take her out. See what you can learn. Keep the bill and I'll reimburse you out of my own pocket."


A nod, "Has she had any medical evaluations here, blood work done or anything? It'll help me to figure out exactly what I'm looking for. Given that she's had access to our setup here, it's likely that if she wanted to, she could compromise everything we have… It might be worth it for me to work closely with her for a time. If not get in to get faces and intel on the Embassy itself. We need backups incase we have to burn her." A purse of her lips follows and it's clear that Bobbi disliked the idea of playing another agent, if the agent's loyalties were in question? Well that just threatened everyone she /knew/ and cared about.

"And if this is all for naught, if she's as loyal as she has claimed to be? Then there's nothing lost. Just a bit of backup information and two agents going out to drink."


"…I…think so. She was supposed to have, and medical didn't tell me otherwise, but I've not pulled the file. I'll check and get copies to you if they are in there. If not, well… it's time she's overdue for a physical." It might be a touch odd that Peggy doesn't know that, but then baby brain is a thing. And so much has been changing around the office, no one can be perfect. "As for being assigned as a partner… I think we can arrange that. Especially as you are experienced, she is still new, and I think you'd work well together."

Peggy nods in approval at the comment of going out, clearly pleased with all of this, as paranoid as it might seem. "Of course. It's still an excellent idea and I look forward to hearing the follow up. I do hope our paranoia is for nothing but… we can't risk that hope. We have to make certain."


Another nod was offered to Peggy, and Bobbi, shifted in her seat. "In the business we're in, Director, a little paranoia every now and then is a useful thing to have around. I'll get on it as a side mission and I'll read over what you send my way, in addition to the one by the books for Russia." At least she had managed to cover her concerns regarding the containment facility and voice her thoughts in regards to the Asgardian with a firmer plan in action.

"Anything else you need checked up on?"


The dark haired woman considers for a few moments and then she shakes her head, "No, I don't think so. If I didn't say it before, Bobbi…it's good to have you home. Honestly. Don't expect a vacation any time soon. Sorry." Peggy actually gives her a slightly wry smile as she says that, setting the bag of sweets aside just far enough she can reopen what she was looking on. "Dismissed, Agent."

But then, just as Bobbi is about to step past the door, Peggy calls again, "Oh. And you might need to investigate this bakery again for…Unamerican Activities. These are dangerously good. You should probably stop in there at least twice a week. Just in case…" Peggy gives the woman a bit of a wink and then truly turns back to her work.


As Peggy offers her a dismissal, Bobbi rises with her trademark smirk and nod. "Glad to be home, can't find cream puffs like that in Germany." She winked and then laughed as the Director informed her of 'investigating' the bakery she'd found again. And again.

"Very well ma'am." She offered with a grin as she left the office, shutting the door behind her and no dobut earning more than a few odd looks for leaving in such high spirits.

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