1963-11-30 - Does No One Listen?
Summary: Heather calls to the heavens, calling Thor by name. He arrives, helpfully. (And stops the rain.) Their conversation is anything but helpful, however.
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Heather is stressed in a way she hasn't been in years. She's used to being sneaky and backhanded but not when it comes to her friends. The question is — is Peggy still her friend? Surely, somewhere in there, Peggy is still the person Heather has always admired so much. Heather makes it to lunch hour without being caught out and she can't stand the tension in the office. Her stomach is eating itself. A walk through the unaffected corners of Central Park seems like a good idea.

It's not. It's a cold, miserable November day and any pleasure Heather might have gotten from this scrap of nature is muted by the barrenness of the trees and the clotted grey cloudy sky. While she walks, she tries to think about what she's going to say to the Asgardians that's not going to make SHIELD sound terrible. And, she has to get an appointment, which is proving incredibly difficult since she can't go through any official channels. Perhaps it's her endless mulling over what she knows of the God of Thunder that prompts the skies to open up.

Almost without warning, thunder rolls on the heels of a white-purple sheet of lightning, and rain sluices down as though someone emptied a bucket over Central Park. It's icy. There are actually little bits of ice in it. And Heather is soaked to the skin.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" she yells at the sky. "I am trying to help your people here, you hammer-wielding blond lunkhead! I am trying to take care of Liv and where are you? Probably warm and dry! And oblivious!" She actually shakes a fist. "I can't even get an appointment with you, Thor, and you rain on me?"


While the rain and the icy precipitation isn't technically Thor's fault, in that he didn't actually command it to rain specifically on Liv, it is something of his doing. Mostly. It's the cursing of the skies, then, that gets Heimdall's attention, and in that impassive face, perhaps there is a glint of amusement in those dark eyes that have watched civilizations rise and fall as the tide ebbs and flows. It is to that end that there are only a few words that are spoken, "Someone requires your presence, my Prince."

A flash of light, perhaps as bright if not brigher than that lightning burst hits the ground, burning as if a brand into the soil a sigil that is reminiscent of Ancient Norse. There, in the center, is the blond Crown Prince of Asgard, armored, with cape, and hanging upon his side, a hammer enscribed with runes. If he is at all put out about the weather, he doesn't seem it. It clears around him, and with a gesture, the clouds disperse enough that it no longer pours, at the very least. Puddles now are the largest concern.

"My pardons, my lady.." is rumbled, clearly in humour. Blue eyes gleam with that amusement that Heimdall could not express.


Heather startles at Thor arrival, nearly lands on her ass in one of those puddles, and muffles a very unladylike word behind her hand. It's a momentary stumble, one she recovers from very quickly.

"I was not expecting that to work," she says, with what remains of her dignity. "Apologies for the profanity, it's been a long few days. Being wet is… the last thing I needed. But not relevant," she adds, wringing out her ponytail. "Thank you for coming, might I have a moment of your time while you're here? Assuming you're not here to smite me for yelling about the rain, otherwise most of New York City would be paste by now." She gives Thor a hopeful smile.


This… this is one of Thor's more public displays. Unlike his brother, the elder brother hasn't actively sought out the public eye, though he does not shy from it. He seems just as comfortable and natural in his armor as he does in his jeans and ill-fitting shirt, if not more. His head quirks and the smile remains, "Apparently your cries to the sky were able to move even the unmovable." Heimdall, the Watcher.

Inclining his head, Thor gestures towards somewhere dryer than the great outdoors. "If you would like? I shall buy you a coffee?" After all, Asgardians don't conduct business before feasting! "I have experienced a deli not far from here that has the most remarkable sandwiches."


"I'd appreciate that. If you could help me out, I might actually be able to eat lunch." Heather gives him a grateful smile and gestures for him to lead her wherever he'd like to go. "Before anything else, I know Liv hasn't had much to do with your people for some time — I don't know the specifics — but you should know that she's represented you all very well, for those who know who she is. She's a genuinely good person, brave and loyal, who always defends the helpless without asking for anything in return. She was very kind to me when we met, at a difficult time in my life. I didn't need defending in terms of fighting, but I felt weak in the face of stronger people and she helped me remember that I wasn't."


Thor is ready to take that walk, making sure that Heather suffers no slings and arrows of a grumpy public. New York City, however, is one of those cities that either people are apathetic or very, very involved. There is no 'in between'. Thankfully, along this path lies more apathy, and the pair are more or less left alone.

"Peace," Thor rumbles softly. "When last Liv Sigrunsdottir spoke to my brother and I, it was her desire to sever her ties with Asgard and cast her lot with Midgard, so incensed was she at Loki's display." He looks towards Heather as they walk, his brows rising. "Did she not speak of this to you? And to speak thusly to her Princes, there is no little weight to her words. Even now, the All-Father would be within his rights to speak of treason, as she was a soldier of ours that left without word."


"She said she spoke to you, not the specifics. She was afraid and she had every right to be. Why should she not speak plainly to you?" Heather stops and looks up at Thor. "Would you not rather have the truth, no matter how unpleasant? Would you have someone — an expert of sorts in the ways of my people — prevaricate in the face of a crisis for your comfort? Your brother's choices caused no small amount of fear and despair among my people, even those who already knew we were not alone in the universe. I think you have mistaken her — she still seeks to defend your reputation and keep loyal to you even at the same time that she also desires to protect this planet and the people on it. It is no small feat to balance those things in this hour, but she has tried."

Heather puts her hands on her hips, her expression is more disappoinment than anger. "In this day and age, in this country and in mine, it is the height of loyalty to speak truth to power. You take your welfare, your reputation, even your life in your hands to do so — but for most of us, it comes from a place of the deepest love and patriotism. If Liv spoke harshly to you, she did so to protect the weak of Midgard and because she knows Asgard is better than terrorizing those less advanced than you."


"It caused fear and despair because no one listened to the words spoken," Thor rumbles softly. "He said that while there were creatures that roamed, yet Asgard would be Midgard's staunchest ally through it. That our armies would shed blood to defend this soil, stand to fight side by side. All he sought was that your nations would put aside their petty differences of color and abilities and come together to stand beside us in effort to protect yourselves." Now, he stops his path and he turns to Heather, ducking his head such that he doesn't seem quite so large, quite so tall as he is. "Our Realm is different from yours. In ours, we hold our loyalties to the Realm, to the All-Father, Princes and such. It is not one that transfers power in a mass decree.. and it is an amazing way to rule, I will grant you."

Thor tries not to be imposing, he really does, and he gestures in their direction again, walking, "If one of your soldiers came out to their commander and said 'I do not agree with you and I will depart these lands', what would they say? I ask you truthfully. If she sought to protect Midgard, it is rather presumptuous of her.. as we have been doing that for the last two thousand years. At the very least. And, she is aware that Prince Loki," he uses the title deliberately, "Is by the hand of the All Father, the Protector of Midgard for our people. For Asgard. As much as she believes she holds to the right, there are things that even she does not see."


"And there are things you do not see. People listen to actions as much as words. Why should we believe words when we have seen no action but that display? Why would you not approach our leaders, anyone of them, instead of making a spectacle on a television show? That is not treating us as anything but lesser. We have had our share of those who come with spectacles and make grand declarations and it has never brought us anything but war — you were there for that. We do not need scolding. We do not need derision of problems we have yet to solve." Heather is, surprisingly enough, not intimidated.

"Your realm is different from ours and yet you expect us to bend to your way without understanding ours because you think us petty, because you think us small, because you think us weak. We know what happens to those who are looked down upon that way. I have no doubt you have had your own miserable, painful squabbles, your own wars that cost many lives for what seem, in retrospect, to be foolish choices." Heather is not about to back down on this. "You may have been here but you have not been with us. You have not been among us. You have not fed our poor, comforted our children, built our shelters. If Loki has been protecting us, where has he been all this time? Where was he at Dachau? At Nagasaki? Where was he during our floods and fires and famines and fear? Where were you? For everything you say Liv does not see? At least she sees us."


"You presume a great deal, my Lady," Thor begins softly. "Which is it for you? Do you look to your leaders and trust them when they speak of alliances with others, or would you prefer to know all, to have things laid before you so your people cannot hide such? You cannot have it both ways. I have indeed spoken with some of your leaders, and have for years. I see what those in power do to those they consider lesser, and have seen such things. You believe you have been scolded. You have not. Your leaders have been told to cease their poor treatment of their people. To cease beating those innocents in your cities. To cease making the mutants afraid to show their faces due to persecution. You would have us act, and when we do speak of injustice, again you say 'speak to our leaders'.."

The Thunderer exhales in a long breath, and looks to the street, looks to the people. "I have been here for years. You have not seen me, but we do walk amongst you. Loki has been here for over a century, teaching in your universities. He married, lost his wife to age. I myself sought a woman of Midgard to be my bride." Once. "Do not speak of what you do not know." He glances back to his side before looking out, "When you called me, was it to continue to give me a lecture regarding Midgard and her ways, or is there more purpose to it?"


"No, I was going to ask for your help, having risked my career and my welfare to help Liv try to maintain some of her loyalty to you and to your brother. But I have my answer. So thank you." Heather gives him a little nod.

"And to answer your question: I look to my leaders, but I also look to myself. I trust those who have asked to serve and been granted permission to represent us. Our best leaders show their merit, they ask to be lifted up into the positions that they hold, and we, the people, lift them to that place. Yes, they are flawed sometimes, and I disagree with them vehemently when they are, and I say so to their faces when I do. One of our most sacred tenets is that I have that right." And she does like to exercise it. "You may have been here, you may have deigned to love one or two of us, but it possible to be here without ever being with us. You have come to instruct us, apparently. You speak again and again of what I do not know, but you have no interest in listening, yourself. You have been told, obviously more than once, of the effect your actions have on us. And you choose instead to blame us for not reacting as you would like. You lack any capcity to accept that you might be wrong in your approach. I'm sorry to have wasted your time. Thank you again for the clarification. It's been edifying."


"Sigrunsdottir knows how to contact us and speak with us regarding her loyalty to Asgard. And this communication goes both ways. You chose to attack and tell us what it is we were doing wrong. When I try to explain to you our methods and purpose, again, you lecture on how it was wrong without word on how it could be done better. When I answer that we have lived amongst you, you tell me that it is not enough." Thor shakes his head, "I am sorry you cannot look beyond this, my Lady. I would have welcomed trying to aid you in your endeavor. But, as you say, it is all our fault. Yours is one of innocence."

Thor has given up, then, upon the thought of lunch, dinner.. that coffee. "Should you ever wish to express your anger, feel free to shout to the skies. Perhaps Heimdall shall hear your words once more." Of course he will! His right hand rises in a fist to lay upon his chest and he bows slightly. "Until we meet again." Stepping back, rather than flying, rather than calling out, the Thunderer… walks, departing for.. who knows?

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