1963-12-03 - Teenage Shenanigans!
Summary: Daisy and Alexander, out to blow off some steam, get into all kinds of trouble and make bad life choices. Alcohol is involved. Rated R for language and mature themes.
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Theme Song: I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night
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Being the God of Fear encumbered by this relatively flimsy mortal shell is a source of endless frustration for Alexander. Still fettered by the trappings of youth, he finds himself drawn to social situations for need of companionship, despite every rational thought in his mind which insists they are unnecessary distractions. Rather than ignore the urge, or found satisfaction with another, closer to home, Alex has ventured into the city; his relationship with the handmaiden, Brenna, is not a deep one, and while they have fun together, neither see it as any kind of a lasting commitment. She has made it clear that he is not her only, and Alex has made his peace with that. And so, where better to blow off some steam, vent his frustration, and distract himself from his situation than a bar.

It's a quiet night at this particular establishment; a small pub just outside on the edge of Midtown, in an older building which has managed to remain undemolished, nestled between two skyscrapers. Alex has a beer, sitting on a table, and is throwing darts. A nearly perfect game, in fact, which his opponent is certainly less than pleased by. Throwing the last dart and striking the triple-twenty once again, he turns and snatches the twenty-dollar bill from the man's pocket in a smooth, quick motion. "Better luck next time," the youth quips, giving the poor sucker a pat on the shoulder, and motioning for him to move on. "Any other challengers?"


Quiet night indeed. Daisy was in the shit, quite literally. She moved in with a woman and her boyfriend that she really didn't know, SHIELD was practically tits up, Chief Sousa was fired and Nick Fury was still MIA.

What was a girl to do?

With money she possibly borrowed from Heather and David, she struck out to the bar. Three beers in, the lightweight was already stumbling in steps to the bathroom and out. She had a good groove. Now it was time for the hard stuff.

Three shots of whiskey later and Daisy was feeling social. The call for a challenge has her jumping down from her stool with another trip into the young mans direction. "I.. I ansher the call!" She hiccups out, one fingerless gloved raised as she leans on a very, very luckily well placed chair. "Jus.. just let me sit down for a minute. Hunnred bucks I bet." *HIC!*


Alex is collecting the darts from the board when Daisy traipses over, and he immediately notices how drunk she is, because he's not blind and deaf. Setting the darts on the nearby table where Daisy has found her place to lean, he circles around to stand near her. Maybe to give her something to grab onto on to get back to an upright position. "Heh," he lets out a little laugh, the smell of all the boozze she has ingested reaching his nose. See, this is why Alex sticks to beer. He can handle beer. Even mead, as he's proven during his time ith the Asgardians. Hard liquor fucks with his equilibrium.
"Really?" He gives Daisy an incredulous look. He considers a moment, and then picks up three of the darts, pushing the other three toward her. "I have a better idea. You throw three, I throw one. If you outscore me, I'll pay your tab. If not, you pay mine," he offers. Giving the girl a sporting chance; she just needs to hit anything combination more than 60. Alex is expecting she won't even hit the board, in the state she's in.


There were times that Daisy 'Skye' Johnson had moments of wonder. Like that day she managed to do a backflip purely by accident. Ever see someone actually SLIP on a banana peel? Yes. It happens. Yes. She landed upon her feet and it was something that no one else had seen.

Who could you even brag to?! No one would believe it!

Much like now. She could brag yes, but there was a chance that she wouldn't even remember it. Sucks to be Daisy.

"Loser say wha?" She blurts out, leaning now against the young man, darts in her hand which were fiddled with and one dropped. "Hol' thash." She says to the ground, her eyes squinting towards the dartboard.

"Fwe.." *THUMP* The first one lands. "Drinsh!" *TWACK* The second one lands.

It was a slithering slide against Alexander to the ground upon her hands and knees, swiping the dart from the ground. "Ho..kay!" She blurts out, her hand flung up from the floor position and..


Freak shot! Daisy didn't even know that she hit it. She was still searching for the dart she -just- tossed. "Well where'n da hell it go?!"


Alexander's look of amusement continues as Skye goes forward with the challenge. Smashed out of her skull as she is, Alex doesn't imagine any scenario in which she hits the board, much less any of the high-value spaces. Her haphazard throws, however, land in turn, striking true in the cork. Two of them hit triples. His expression turns from amusement to shock, and his mouth actually opens up as he stares down at the girl. "Ho-ly shit," falls out of his mouth. "Eighty-two," he says, doing the math in his head. With one dart, he can't beat that. Maybe he didn't think this through. "You must have a horseshoe stuffed up your ass, lady. Come on, your drinks are on me," he says, because a deal's a deal. "And you're gonna tell me how the fuck you pulled that off."


It really was a freak thing. Something that'll probably never happen again, but hey! It happened! The two Daisy's on her shoulder were effectively giving her high fives!

But, as he helps her up, she grabs ahold of him by way of an arm around the neck and one upon the bicep.

"Uh.." Daisy mumbles, her words slurred.. "I.. am thse Gooddess of Luch!" One arm shoots up, fist pumped in the air, she nearly even woo'd but, thankfully, she wasn't -that- far gone.

Once near a table, which was thankfully empty, Daisy disengages and settles down into a chair, nice high back and all for her to rest upon. "Taps going. Gimme.. three shaquielas.."


"God I hope not," Alex says. "That'd make us cousins." He doesn't explain that, though, but he has never in fact /met/ Tyche, so anything is possible, really. Even so, he has his doubts. Olympians don't get drunk so easily. As with most of these rules, Alex tends to be the exception. When she makes her demand, he cracks a grin at her speech, but he can at least understand that she means 'tequila'. He motions to one of the servers, and when he gets her attention lets her know what they want. Rather than three shots though, he just asks for the bottle, and it appears before them soon after, along with two short glasses. "So, you're fucking smashed," he says to Skye, pouring her a couple of ounces. "You looking to make some bad choices, do something you'll regret in the morning, or what?" And then he pours one for himself, lifting the glass toward her. If she clinks her own, or not, he'll drink. Got catching up to do.


"That.. would be niche." Daisy actually comments. "But.. orphan baby.. no mom.. no dad.. no nothin'." She wasn't exactly a bitter drunk, but she was something. But it's been a long while since Daisy had felt this way, and in fact? She felt like she was on top of the world!

As he pours her the glass, she takes her own, lifting hers towards his to clink against his own. Looking to make bad choices? "Uh.. hell yeah!" But, she wasn't sure of what he was actually meaning!

"Who's ass are we gonna kick?"


"Parents are overrated," Alex mutters. Ares is not a good father, by any stretch, and there have been plenty of times Alex had wished to have had no father at all. He chuckles at her question, and shrugs. "I don't know. Anyone giving you grief?" He's not opposed to random violence, though Sif would be upset to hear about it. He'll just have to not lose this time, and hope it doesn't get back to her. Alex has been looking to blow off some steam, anyway, and it's either going to be by fighting or fucking. Maybe both. He pours himself another tequila. "Nobody here's going to provide me with much of a challenge," he says, boasting quietly. Drink number two.


"Nuh uh.." Daisy slurs. But her voice was quiet. There was obviously a little hurt there, and it shows. Her eyes water just a touch, her gaze falling towards the wooden table. "There's nothing I wouldn't give just to know who my parents are.."

Her shoulders lift in a little shrug, soon falling low as she slumps. The drink was slammed back with a thump of the glass to the table, and a gesture for another pour. She wasn't done by a longshot.

"Well.. shull we go out?" Why not, right? "Caus.. I got nothin'. Nothin' a'all.."


Alex slams back his next shot, and pours both of them another. "If they left, fuck 'em," he says. "Believe me, you're better off on your own that with parents that couldn't bother sticking around." Speaking from experience. But enough of that. "Yeah, let's go. We're takin' the bottle," he calls out to the waitress, who is about to argue about it, but then decides for some reason not to. Alex's eyes fade back to normal from the very brief flash of white. Abusing his power is a slippery slope. "Come on. I've got an idea." And it's a terrible idea. But tequila is anger-juice, and Alex has slammed back enough to just put him over the edge on rational thinking. One hand on the bottle, the other hand reaches out to take Daisy's arm, pulling her along with him toward the door. Wait, didn't he say he was going to pay the tab? Doesn't look that way now.


In truth, Daisy didn't really know what happened to her parents. Sousa and Fury broke the news in the worst way possible, but she kept a stoney face until she had gotten home. That's when hell settled in and made it's place at the dinner table. But, in her drunken mind? He was right! "Hell yeah!" She lifts her glass, spilling what little remained of her drink anywhere, and with a poor, poor display of dignity she begins to lick at her hand as if she could catch it.

But, ideas were a good thing. The hold my beer method. Daisy was down like an angry clown and immediately stood up and staggered back just enough to bump into a large man who immediately settled her with a pat on the shoulder.

The man? He's seen drunks before, he was a resonable dude. But with her arm taken, she 'Urps!' loudly, free hand smacking against her self-made beanie cap as she stumbles and staggers to the door. "WHeeeeeeeeehahahaha!"


Alex is the first one outside, dragging Daisy along behind him. He puts the bottle of tequila to his lips and takes a long pull, before handing it back to the girl. Whether there are people around or not (and thankfully the area is pretty quiet just now), he starts to shout into the sky, "DAD! DAAAAAD!" And then when nothing happens, he starts to get angry. His eyes glow, and his whole body glows with a dim white light. "DAD GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING SON OF A BITCH! WE NEED TO TALK." And so there he is, the drunk God of Fear, shouting at the clouds. This is the kind of crazy behaviour that gets teenager a bad reputation. He glances at Daisy for a moment, and then back to the sky. Come on, Ares, you're making your kid look like an asshat.


It was quiet, yes. The streets emptied possibly out of fear or preparing for their family holidays, one of which Daisy herself will probably never really get to experience. As he drinks, she practically paws at him for the bottle, it soon snatched from his grasp and put to her lips as he disengages from her.

And when he starts to shout, she was already wobbling, taking at least three mouthful of swigs with a slight turn of her body, straying her way into the middle of the street. "DAAAAAAAAAD!" Daisy calls out, breaking out into full on laughter. "FUCK YOU DAAAAAAAD!" The bottle was lifted, Daisy letting out a loud hooting hollar, both arms into the sky with a feeling that she was so free.. her eyes closed.

The world was spinning! Her throat and chest burned delightfully, even as she spins a little in space she stops with a stagger and a hunch, a swaying dance until eyes focus upon her new found friend.. hazy.. at first.. but.. "Woah.." He.. was glowing? She slowly staggers towards him, her hand reaching out, fingers attempting to pinch the white light until she gives him a hard shove at his back. "ALLLLLLLLIEEEEEEN!"


Alex was woefully unprepared for the shove, and the tequila in his system, as he says, fucks with his equilibrium. "Wha-!" he practically shouts, stumbling forward. The glowing stop, almost immediately. "Not an aaaalien," he says, his voice starting to carry the characteristic slur of intoxication. He looks back up to the sky, giving it one last shout. "DAD! YOU ASS!" And the back to Daisy. "Gimme that," he demands, motioning to the bottle again. "Gonna find that fucker and tear him a new asshole.. one of these days.." he mutters.


Poor thing! In her addled mind, he was an alien! He glowed like one! He was like a little beacon for the little blue or grey men coming to conquer the earth and kill them all! That's why he was calling for his dad! They were going to beam them down and start to slaughter everyone, and she was going to be first!

If he could read minds, he would know that it matches with the current look she has upon her face; pure, unadulterated fear. She was practically shaking where she stood, even stepping back slow enough to bump her ass into a parked car, one that she immediately turns to try to scramble up, liquor spilling and sloshing everywhere until she lets it go with a slip of her hand.


"Get away from me!" She slurs out.. finally reaching the top of the car to.. tumble and roll in! Who in the hell drives a car like that in weather like this?!


Even in his alcohol-induced state, fear is something that Alex can smell coming off a person, like a perfume. Or delicious fresh-baked cookies. He could make this girl think her worst fears are coming true, but it seems as though she's already well on her way. And then the worst happens. He sees the bottle slip from her hands. His eyes go wide, and he jumps to try to catch it, but to no avail. It shatters on the ground, precious pale amber liquid soaking the pavement. "Fuck."

His eyes flash toward Daisy, and again gain the white glow she had seen before, though now that she's the target, it won't be obvious to her. "I'm not a fuckin' alien," he says, pitching his voice low. Her sense of fear, even in her drunken state, is something he can control; turn it up or down, like the volume knob on a radio. He moves to stand in front of the car; hey, she doesn't have keys, right? As he talks, he dials her sense of fear down, at least as far as her perception of him goes. She might not trust him, might not /like/ him, but she won't be afraid of him. Given her reaction though, he might be a little bit more hesitant to tell her exactly /what/ he is.


Shit! He was upset! She was found out! She thought she had a really good hiding spot right there tucked in between the dashboard and the seats, but he's found her! Quick, hijack the car!

She was all into her flight and fright, her hand banging against the steering wheel at the correct place to snatch a few wires down, ripping them out of their respective places until she.. doesn't feel as panicked as she was. Odd..

She wasn't clear headed in the slightest but she wasn't afraid, it was just as if she had stepped out of the bar a few minutes ago. "Then what the fuck are yoush!" SHe calls out, sparking the whires together until the car revs to life, her hand reaching up to turn on the headlights as she pulls herself from the floor of the caro to the drivers seat. She even pushes her foot down upon the gas, giving the car an angry roar..

Funny how fear changes the perception.. cause now instead of worrying about what he was and who? She was patting the seat down with a frown. "WHAT HEY WHERE THE FUCK IS THE SHEQUELA?!"


Well fuck, she started the car. Alex quickly jumps out of the way, in case she decides she wants to just run him down. "You dropped it! Like an IDIOT," he yells back at her when she asks about the tequila, for now avoiding the question about what he is. He walks calmly toward the vehicle, approaching from the side, hoping she won't just push the gas and drive away. If she does, as soon as she's out of range that fear she was feeling might just take over again. He keeps his finger on the dial, so to speak, controlling her fear at a manageable level. "Go out and see people, Alex! Go be sociable for a change, she said!" Alex says, mocking someone he doesn't name. "This is /exactly/ why I don't," *HIC*, "Go out any more," he says, his words noticeably slurred. Tequila man, it hits him hard and fast. "I'm not a fuckin' alien. I'm from goddamn Iowa," he says, as if that should explain /everything/.


"HEY! Fuck you!" Daisy calls back. But, she was in the drivers seat.. the car's engine was a quiet hum that actually calms her down a bit. The fumes were something. There was an oil leak that needed fixing, she could tell in the rear-view mirror by the smoke that billows from the exhaust. Huh. She.. hijacked someones car. And she just told a guy fuck you. Great. Wa.. what was he bitching about? She didn't even hear that part, she just hear Iowa..

Her head lolls towards him, her eyes glossy.. her hand upon the knob to put it into drive as she revs the car again. And then it hits her!

He was from Iowa! DUHHHHHHHHHH!

"That's fuckin' ruff." She snooooorts out a long laugh, her hand moving from the clutch to point at him to laugh. "Mines worse! OREGON!" And she laughs even louder, a hyena's cackle of a laugh.. which stops suddenly, the weight of the drink heavy.. but still a desire to have more. "GET IN."


And there it is. Alex steps toward the vehicle again, close enough and on the passenger side that he can easily hop over the closed door and into the seat, not really caring about how his feet accost the leather on the seat. Drunk as he is, his coordination isn't particularly affected. It's more a personality shift than a physical one. He settles in, apparently perfectly okay with letting the enormously drunk girl take the wheel. Alcohol is the devil, folks. "Iowa's just one giant fuckin' farm. It doesn't get worse than that." Alex leans back in his seat, shifting his ass back and forth like he was marking his territory. In fact he's just trying to get comfortable. "Step on it, toots," he says. There's gotta be a liquor store open somewhere.


His hopping into the car had her jumping. It could be from the time that she's told him to get in, that she had momentarily fell asleep. It was anyones guess. "HOOT!" She shrieks out, breaking out into a little bit of laughter, her hands smacking the wheel which causes the horn to blare out in a looney-tunes esque sound. Thaanks Walt Disney! "Yeah.. Orgenus.. and.. pickle.. shits.." Her head begins to nod, her eyes nearly rolling into the back of her head.. closing.. closing..


"HOOO!" Daisy hollars out again, finally putting her foot down onto the gas, keeping the other upon the break until he said to step on it. "I AM!" She shouts out, then leans a little to look at her foot.. "Oh!" Eyes still on her foot, she lifts it from the break as the car jerks to the left and then to the right..

..with her eyes STILL on her foot! It takes a minute for all of this to register, but the cold air does help her to look up, her head lolling back and forth.. possibly in tune with the way that she was driving.

Back.. and forth.


And so this is the end of the God of Fear. Bad decisions ending in a drunken car wreck. Ah well, he had a good run. Alex holds on to, well, whatever he can to brace himself. He doesn't really feel sick from alcohol, thanks to his father's genetic contribution, but the lack of fluidity in transport certainly makes it difficult to focus. He should have taken the wheel. "You're gonna get us killed, crazy," he says, his slur fading a bit now, even so soon after he stopped drinking. His hand moves to take hold of the wheel, whether the girl will allow it or not. Yep, safety. "We should get burgers," he comments rather out of the blue, his mind wandering from their imminent doom to the fact that he hasn't eaten in a few hours, and his stomach is churning from the lack of sustenance. Priorities, people.


*URP!* "Mmhf.." Whatever was about to come up, Daisy pretty much swallowed down in order to drive the car. You cannot drive a car as nice as this and throw up RIGHT on the steering wheel, she needed that! "No I'm no— Hey! You know my name!" At least introductions weren't going to be necessary, he already figured her out. Despite the fact that she was winding down a road to hell, she veers close to another parked car until Alex takes the wheel.

And with that part over with, Daisy just reclines.. feeling along the seat for something, or anything to catch her..

"Eheehhe.. burgers.. you.. you evers wonder why they call them burgers? I mean.. is just a dead cow in be.. between two pieces of bresh." *BURP!*

"OH THERE!" Daisy suddenly grabs the wheel, creating a hard jerk towards the curb which has the car hopping it with a hard clash and a tap against the light pole!

Whatever though! They were relatively safe! The tap was just a tap that dented the fender but they were okay! And more importantly? The flashing lights that illuminate the car gives her a chance to really look at Alex, her head wobbling a little back and forth. "Cuuuuuuute. Go shet the shelia and we get dead cow."


Police? Alex doesn't notice them. If he does, he doesn't seem concerned. "Back in a flash!" And he hops out of the car without bother with the door. He's only seconds in the store, emerging with two bottles, one in each hand. He wasn't kidding about the flash, and the glow is fading again by the time he gets back. "Ohh, you fucked up the car!" He shouts, spotting the damage on the front. And then the sirens sound behind them. "Fuck! The cops! He quickly hands Daisy both bottles, and pulls open the door, "Go! Guard these with your life!" he shouts at her, and then goes to meet the police. "Hi guys!" … and they're already drawing their sidearms.


Police?! What police?! The flashing of the lights is enough to lull the storm that was brewing in Daisy. The storm that would have her projectile vomiting all of the liquor she so brazenly drank. She blinks a slow blink as she watches Alex leave.. and then returns within a second, her body soon perking up as she reaches out for the two bottles! "Right'o Cappi tans!" She hollars out, too loud for comfort. But to guard with her life meant to consume, right?

Nevermind Alex going to deal with the police! Daisy was busy! The first bottle of tequila was soon cracked open, her seat used as a near couch as she leans back and begins to drink with the youthful abandon that she wholly covets. Oh wait.. she has to say hi too.

"Hellooooo Shaquelaaa!"


"Oh jesus. I meant run, you idiot!" Alex shouts back to Daisy before turning back to the police. "Women, huh? Can't live without 'em, can't trust 'em to take off down an alley when the cops arrive, am I right?" He grins at the two armed men, even with their guns pointed at him.

"Hands on your head, get on the ground," one of the cops shouts at Alexander, as both men steadily draw nearer to the youth. And obediently, he does as he's told. Though, of course, as he lowers himself to his knees, he glares at the two men with his eyes taking on the bright white glow again.

"He's gonna shoot you in the leg," he says to both of them, placing that particular overriding fear in both men's heads. Before he's even on his knees on the pavement, one of the cops has turned to the other, and put a bullet in his partner's upper thigh, eliciting a loud scream of pain, and another gunshot. Neither one is going to be seriously hurt, but it'll be a few months before either can walk comfortably without a crutch again. Guns are dangerous. "Told you," Alex practically sing-songs. "Very bad things will happen to you both if you try to follow us or send for backup. You should probably go back to the station and tell them there was an accident, right?" He doesn't stick around to make sure they follow through, but it's safe to say they're too afraid of him just now to do anything more.

"Gimme that," Alex says to Daisy, grabbing the bottle away from her. He'll leave her with the other one, though, because he's a goddamn gentleman. "Ditch the ride. My place isn't far," he says to her, pulling her up from her seat by her arm. "I've got cups!" He smiles a little too gleefully, either from the alcohol settling him down into a happy place, or the high of using his powers after abstaining for so long taking its effect. Either way, cheerful Fear God is better than angry Fear God, for the most part.


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