1963-12-06 - Flying a Kite
Summary: Seeking information about the Dallas assassination, Cable reaches out to the Trickster God in his secure housing.
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The first frost of Winter has touched the trees and greenery of the district. There's a small hint of haze that drifts over the Potomac, given longevity into the afternoon by the heavy overcast clouds that hang low over what used to be a swamp but now is the capital of the United States. It's a lovely tableau that is observed from afar by many beings of the human race and another of an entirely different descent. The Asgardian known as Loki stands atop a four story townhouse leaning against the railing of the widow's walk and casually nursing a cup of coffee.

Behind him two men in black suits are hidden from view, their ear pieces keeping them in touch with their handlers and the security detail. They don't have any orders to prevent their charge from moving about his domicile currently, in fact they have no engagement or restricting orders at all. Their presence, most likely, is symbolic of some sort. Yet they take it no less seriously.

"Jenkins, care for some coffee?" The trickster deity's voice is casual, light as he looks over his shoulder. "Wilson? There's a fresh pot in the kitchen. Avail yourself if you so wish."


Unable to examine the dagger Loki gifted him via any of his or Greymalkin's systems, Cable has since let the weapon linger on his belt pouch and carefully avoided touching it, lest its potentially limited-use enchantment be inadvertantly triggered.

Following the Dallas assassination - and several failed attempts at hailing Loki via the circular comm device he handed the Asgardians in turn - however, he doesn't have many options to look into Loki's motives of late; somehow, he doubts that the Trickster left a memo with the Embassy.

Thus, given a couple weeks and a quiet rooftop, he finds himself sloooowly drawing the dagger from its sheath while holding the weapon as far away from his body as his arms will allow. All the while, his right eye flicks across the surface of the weapon, trying - and failing, utterly - to analyze the energies unspooling from it.


The seal breaks upon the dagger and triggers a cascading failure that in some ways Cable might be able to discern. Quantum Entanglement if such is within the realm of perception, though the minds of Asgard would consider it something else entirely, the binding and bonding of aspects of creatures from one point to another without a delay between the two despite distance and time. Yet as that blade is drawn it triggers a monitoring spell to fray and begin to decay, the shift in power enough for it to trigger and bring the warning to the Asgardian Prince.

He holds up his mug of coffee even as one of the men guarding him turns and starts to step back into the room. A hand lifts subtly, the faintest of eldritch power flickering to life and abruptly those two men are silent and still, awareness having left them. It gives enough of a window for Loki to turn back and expand his awareness, to reach out with it.

And that's when Cable might sense the tell-tale itch of a mental connection, a silent greeting from afar that manifests as little more than the facial features of the prince, one eyebrow cocking curiously. "Cable." The phantom appears before him.


"Loki." His right eye flicks down from the glowing image to squint at the dagger, then back again; the left flickers brightly. "This thing still work?" he asks while arching a brow and moving - very deliberately - to sheath the weapon in full view of the god.

Regardless of the answer, he continues by asking a couple of simple, succint questions: "What did you do, and where are you now?" Even as the latter comes out, his cybernetics work to try and provide him with an answer, teasing out a faintly visible trail of astral ephemera linking the phantom to— something much too far for his internal systems to track on their own.


Into his perception, Loki's hand will appear beside the floating phantom-like silhouette of the Asgardian's face. A small gesture is made and a small golden knot winds its way around the pommel and sheath of the dagger again, resetting the spell for future use should it be so required. But with that done, the floating head turns to focus fully upon Cable.

"There are matters afoot that I am not entirely at leisure to divulge. However, I am breaking no obligations by stating that I am innocent of the charges placed before me" His lip curls a bit as he glances behind him, but then looks back to Cable. "I am allowing myself to be observed and held for the time being to aid in the investigation. But if you have found evidence of Apocalypse I will remove myself from their custody to fulfill my obligation to you."


Back to the dagger for a beat as that knot wraps around it, and then it's reattached to Cable's hip.

"No, nothing like that," he replies with a slight headshake. "I've been— preoccupied: mob war, mutant slavery. It's ugly out here right now." Folding his trenchcoat-covered arms, he falls thoughtfully silent for a beat before asking, "What actually happened in Dallas? Can you tell me that without breaking someone's confidence? Or point me to who, or what can? Dead presidents are bad enough business on their own, given an otherwise politically stable climate; can't abide by there also being some great mystery about it." A frustrated breath escapes his nose, then he tacks on a grumbling, "Too many variables," with a slight headshake. His voice then comes back up to a conversational level as he concludes, "I'd like to assist in this investigation, if I can. Maybe not on the record - too many questions - but I'd rather not ignore this. There are people out there blaming mutants for it, and that— that can't just be allowed to sit, unquestioned. It's the first step down a slope that nobody wants to be on."


For a moment, Loki's visage furrows its brow as he watches Cable. He lifts his chin a bit and then imparts what words he can offer, "Those investigating are taking steps, setting what traps they can, my presence aids that somewhat. There is another faction that is making inroads into the fate of Midgard."

There's a pause as the green-eyed Asgardian frowns and then he adds, "Too many things are in motion for me to offer what I have been told. However, there are those that could use your aid if you approached them with a light touch."

He brings up a hand and an image of a young woman is displayed in the palm. She's Asian, wearing glasses, dressed seemingly well and if she an recognize 'Sue' from the Fantastic Four, then he might well have his lead. "Those individuals of ACT-F are pursuing matters. They also might be individuals that would not turn away such aid. But be careful."


"The Baxter Building," murmurs Cable as Sue's image brings archived footage of the team in action sliding into his field of vision. ACT-F draws a furrowed brow and a reply of, "Government alien hunters— risky as hell. Very little about me would suggest that I belong to this Earth. Not that wild about the US or Soviet governments being aware of the existence of time travel— not to mention the tech—"

News clippings with headlines like 'CAP PASSED OVER FOR FANTASTIC FEMME' unfold before his eyes, replacing the footage.

"… fuck," he mutters while reaching to pinch the bridge of his nose for a moment.

"You must have some angle, here," he then muses— hopes. With a slight swipe of his index and middle fingers, the archival data is dismissed. "Something more than sitting compliantly and waiting for the people around you to solve things." Metal fingers then shift for thoughtful chin-stroking, because that idly made observation is as much a distraction while he considers his options as it is a genuine attempt at ferreting more information from Loki.

"Any idea if Storm - or Richards, for that matter - can keep a secret?" he eventually grunts while frowning.


A half-smile touches Loki's features as he looks towards Cable and tells him levelly. "I am enjoying a bit of a vacation, perhaps." He seems to shift somewhat to the side, the floating apparition of him becoming more detailed as Cable's awareness is able to narrow down his location all the easier. Arms fade into being to fold over the deity's chest. "But at this point allowing the individuals concerned to reach their own conclusion without my interference is the politick choice."

There's a tilt of his head the other way, thoughtfuly. "I could conduct my own investigation, and press my way to a resolution. But would such be accepted? It is unlikely."

That having been said he gestures to the side as if brushing the concerns out of the way. "I do not know why one mortal has prominence over the others. But that is the one I would advise you to seek out. Perhaps she will lead you further onwards. But for now… that is all I can offer."


Louis has partially disconnected.



In the nerve center of a stainless steel and glass organism hidden amidst the stars, telemetric data streams down one side of a massive display while archival footage and images stream up the other. In the middle, there is a map of the US with two glowing points in New York State. One is brighter than the other, but a glittering trail winds southwards from the dimmer point.

"Nathan," the machine pleasantly chirps, "I'm going to continue tweaking the input variables on your psisense rig so that you may attempt to track your companion. Please alert me immediately should you find yourself experiencing any difficulties in differentiating physical and astral phenomena."


The light streaming from Cable's eyes - a subtle blue glow on the right, perpetual amber flares on the left - gradually intensifies as his senses do indeed work to capture the increasingly detailed astral presence before him and tie it to the god vacationing in secure housing.

The cyborg momentarily knuckles his temple with a frown, then shakes his head and straightens his expression as he murmurs, "Yeah. Admittedly, a problem I've found myself having to consider, recently," in response to Loki's conclusions about investigating. Exhaling sharply through his nostrils, he refolds his arms, and once Loki finishes saying his piece, he replies, "We'll see. Fairly sure I'm gonna have to tell her something to keep the rest of ACT-F from sniffing around me too much, though; not ideal. Neither is the possibility of someone using this shit to spark something much worse, though."

His left arm slips out so that he can offer a hand to the deity along with, "Thanks for the advice. If you don't mind some in turn, though: there anything stopping you from running your own investigation while letting the people who need to see you behind bars continue doing so, and deciding how to proceed once you've got your findings? You're Loki."


Though they are far apart and away, when the image of Loki accepts the hand from Cable there is the feeling of weight to it, texture and then the pressure of the returned grip. Of course it's only a signal granted from one mind to another, but it is enough. And then the words trigger a faintly rueful smile to light upon the immortal's features as he seems to shake his head slightly.

"In some ways, Cable… one would imagine beings such as ourselves to have such freedom. We can do amazing things to the points of view that most mortals hold. Yet they are not entirely aware that as we extend of ourselves we in turn bind ourselves."

He lets those words hang there for a time, but then steps off onto another path of thought as he shares, "I do believe I know who has transgressed here. I have taken actions that will not reveal themselves for now. Perhaps I err in the name of caution and diplomacy. Or perhaps it will serve to prove the wiser action down the line."

The connection begins to waver. "Good luck in your efforts, Cable. I do wish you success."

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