1963-12-09 - Window Shopping
Summary: Lorna quite literally runs into Tommy (Her nephew that neither is aware of)
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Lorna sipped at her hot chocolate as she wandered the strip of various shops. She was window shopping, struggling with what to get various family members for the holidays. Her hair was left to hang free, though knitted cap of purple sat over the top of her head and brown wool button up coat settled over her figure. She was bundled up against the chill of New York in the winter, and carefully stepped around the other customers that wove around the sidewalks in the mass of humanity around her.

A pause was made to look into the window's of a shop that offered up business suits and ties for gentlemen, promising quality with silks and suiting wool. A frown marred her lips and she tilted her head to the side as she considered the shop. Then she sighed, and shook her head moving on. Definitely not in her price range. Though she thought her father would look good in the maroon colored tie there.


Shopping. Not all guys enjoy it, but Tommy's one of the exceptions to the rule. Mainly because he's usually doing it with Frank's money that the man doesn't realize his 'son' has. It's more revenge than indulgence, but however one gets to the destination, the fact is that it's still enjoyed. Today he's doing a bit of window shopping, trying to find the store that he wants to go inside. So he's walking along, eyes looking in through the various windows, not really looking where he's /going/…

…and the platinum-haired teen is on a collision course for a certain brunette, definitely not looking where he's going — although in truth, he might not have altered his destination either way. Running into a girl really isn't /ever/ a bad thing! Still, it's a matter of will she, or won't she get out of the way?


Unfortunately, Lorna always had the bad habit of not being aware of her surroundings. Her green eyed gaze was still locked onto the storefront, a sigh falling from her lips. This whole being aware of where she was going would come back to bite her..It was a lesson that Emma Frost chided her over and had landed her in trouble before. Still, a step, a turn and Lorna was planting face first into Tommy's person.

Unless otherwise halted, Lorna would stumble back, likely tripping over her own feet in her efforts to not fall over. A soft yelp escaped her as she went down.


Time tends to slow down in moments like this. For a speedster, it's almost excruciatingly slow. There's the initial realization of contact, the feeling of forward momentum taking over, of gravity pulling him (and her!) towards the ground. Reaction is pretty instantaneous — he's not going to be able to keep from falling, but what he can do is mitigate the damage.

If she's watching, she might notice him moving much faster than anyone should be able to. One arm swings around in order to try and hold a hand behind her head — that way her head won't impact the pavement directly. His other arm moves and crooks slightly to distribute the weight upon impact.

…and then comes the thud, and a surprised sounding 'oomph!' as he likely lands atop her. He takes a moment (a long moment to him!) to recover, and then there's a brief, practiced smile offered with a lazy "Hi there.", followed by his rolling off and to the side. Head lolls over to look at the fallen brunette — he's not going to bother standing yet. "You okay?"


Confusion was the most prominent emotion that colored Lorna's features as she doesn't impact the ground but quite as expected. Much less the body landing on top of her! She gaped, blinking as she sat up slowly, rubbing the back of her head which was not in fact hurting. (How nice!). Her brows furrows as she turns a glance to Tommy, and quickly gets up as soon as she can.

A scramble follows as she reaches out a hand toward him, her cheeks stained red. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" She bit her lower lip, eyebrows held high.

"I am so, so, sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going, and really should be. I'm sorry. Are you okay? I'm okay, uhm.. erm.."


Most of Tommy's not hurting either — the exceptions being his own impact zones, elbows which will sport bruises later on, and the back of his hand that got skinned a bit where he had to save Lorna from the collapse worst effects.

Slowly, he's starting to sit up, voice coming out in an amused tone and dotted with laughter. "You ain't got nothin' to be sorry for, pretty lady." Tommy replies, shaking his head in disbelief. "I've been through worse, and the company's wasn't /nearly/ as good the last time around. Trust me on that one." he offers conspiratorially, punctuating his words with a wink.

Then the hand that /wasn't/ used to shield her is offered out towards her. Getting up can wait a bit longer. Pretty ladies can't — poor him on that note. "Name's Tommy. Glad you're not broken; work of art like you doesn't come around all that often and it'd be a shame to mess that up."


If red was prominent on Lorna's cheeks before, it's now turning ever deeper to spread down her neck. Still, she offers her hand to help him up as he puts out one toward her. A glance was spared for the other foot traffic around them, and a shiver follows as the chilly breeze sweeps through the air. "Uhm. Uhh, t-thank you?" She offered blinked repeatedly at Tommy.

"Uh, I'm Lorna…" She bit her lower lip, chewing on the chapped skin there as she tried to help Tommy up while still maintaining her personal space.


He takes the help getting up — he doesn't necessarily /need/ it, but he's not going to argue with an offer made by a girl. It's just not usually the wisest thing in the world to do… especially when you might want to impress them. "Nothin' to thank me for, cutie. Everything I said was true." he replies, grinning.

"Lorna, huh? That's a pretty name." Beat. "How about you and I get out of the ratrace here and grab a snack or something? I'd love to learn even more about you."


Another flutter of blinking is offered to that, and Lorna lets go of Tommy's hand as soon as he was standing under his own power. She gaped at him, and took a long moment of staring at him as her brain caught up to the fact that she was decidedly being flirted with. She never got flirted with. Well, save Seth, but that was more of him being a jerk and…

"Uhm.. uh.. I-I.. er.." She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly as she glanced around and back.

"I'm actually trying to shop for a gifts actually.. Soo.. Uhm.. thank you for uhm.. the offer.. and sorry for running into you.."


Oh yes. He's flirting. It's what he does when a person falls into his Very High Standards. Of course, he can't help but notice her reluctance to join him… and that just means it's time to try to overcome the objection. Like an expert salesman, but the product he's selling here is himself. …just not in That Way.

"Oh, I see, I get it, boyfriend, right? Lucky guy to end up with a girl like you." he points out, laying on a bit more of the charm. "Am I about this guy's size? See something you like, I'll put it on, and you can get an idea how it'll look. Although we probably don't look the same, but, y'know. Imagination's good at a time like this." …plus, it's a tactic that keeps her eyes on him, and he's confident that his looks can help seal the deal.


Lorna claps a hand to her lips, a squeak escaping her as she continued to blush. "No! I-I don't have a boyfriend." She mumbled, glancing off to the side and back again.

"I.. I was shopping for my father. I wanted to get him something nice.." She toed the frozen sidewalk with the tip of her foot, biting her lower lip and shifting her purse to her other arm.

"But I can't really afford anything nice. So ah.. I-I dunno." She seemed to deflate a bit at that thought and her shoulders slumped. "I mean, I /know/ I don't have to get him anything, but I really want to."


That's a win for him. Whether she doesn't, or just doesn't want to admit it? The hunt is officially on. And it was a hunt that he's very well versed in. "Oh! Good. I mean, well, not /good,/ because that means the rest of us guys just don't have the good taste to sweep you off your feet."

The story that's told brings a slow nod to Tommy, his lips curved up into a thoughtful smile. Well, he's got a solution for that. He /does/ have some cash… and there's always the five finger discount if all else fails.

"Got anything particular in mind for him, or still trying to decide on just the right thing?" Because, you know, it's important to know what he's dealing with before he plans his attack properly.

A small sigh escaped Lorna and she tapped her chin in consideration. "I dunno, he's Jewish? I'm.. I wasn't raised that way. I was told that just spending time with him, learning his traditions would matter and mean the most but.. I just, I /want/ to give him something that says.. Hey.. you're my dad, even though you didn't know it 'till a few months ago? So…" She grimaced, and scratched the back of her knitted cap.

"I mean, I know he'll be happy with whatever I get him, but /I/ want it to be perfect. Like.. he.. he's lost a lot of people and likely hasn't /had/ a Holiday with family.. in like a really really long time.. and.. ugh.. I'm rambling."


"Hey, don't feel too bad there. I recently found out that I have a brother; we got adopted by separate families. He's Jewish, too. Maybe he'll have a suggestion or two on what you can get your ol' man." A pause. "If I remember right, you might have to get eight things… 'cause I've heard instead of one night of Christmas, they have eight crazy nights of Hanukkah." He thinks he's saying that right.

But… there's a few thoughts that cross his mind, and Tommy flashes Lorna a brilliant smile. "Got it. Make him and any other family you can get ahold of like, a big, traditional dinner… and if you can swing it, buy one of those Polaroid cameras to commemorate the occasion. I've heard parents are supposed to get all sentimental about that kinda thing. Y'know, from watching Christmas movies and stuff." Because the Shepherds? Not so much.


A smile beamed over her expression at his suggestion and she shrugged, "I dunno if I'm supposed to give him a gift each night or not? I dunno when it even starts, though I know he doesn't celebrate Christmas. Man, it's so difficult, I dunno what to do beyond what I read in books at school.. and those are so dry, and then I get confused." She rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"But hey, at least you know what it's like to suddenly realize that you have more family than you planned, or expected.. Just kinda was all of a sudden. I didn't even know I was adopted before that.. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy to be a dad.. it could /way/ worse.. it's just.. geeze a lot. You know?"


"I'll check with Billy on that one. The camera would work well if that's the case, 'cause you could do like.. a different holiday tradition each night, and document it, and maybe even make an album eventually. Though if you grew up on Christmas… maybe he should do some of the giving too and celebrate your holiday with you, too. Besides. Wouldn't want to miss out on mistletoe, right?" Wink.

Then there's a nod, "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I mean, the people I grew up with? They sucked pretty hardcore as parents go. Weren't really even good as roommates go; so it sounds like you got lucky, too, on the adoption lottery." Tommy admits, reaching a hand up to brush a couple stray hairs into place. "But… I'm told family is who you decide it is. So? Give the guy a chance, see if it's something you want as a part of your life… and if it is? Go for it. If not? You're no worse off than when you started this crazy gig, right?" While the words are being said /to/ Lorna, some of it's practically directed more towards himself.


Lorna paused in her steps to side eye Tommy, as if understanding that he was talking of more than just her. She frowned faintly, her lips pursing together. "Thanks, I really appreciate it. Cause I just.. ugh, things have been crazy lately, yeah?" She tilted her head to the side as she started walking forward again.

"I dunno how well a camera will.." She trailed off and blushed prettily, glancing down at her feet momentarily. "Never mind, no, it might. That might work. Who knows? I'll have to try it." What was she talking about? Who could say.

"But yeah.. I got adopted by some really nice folks. I mean, they loved me and did their best by me. Not sure what else there is.. But my Tata? My father? He's.. he's really something. I feel like I already love him, is that fair? He's just.. He's /like/ me in so many ways. Questions I didn't even know I had.. he's /just/ that way. And I feel /safe/ with him.. Like I'm a kid again and nothing can hurt me if he's there.." She smiled as she spoke, trailing off as she shoved her hands into her pockets.


When Lorna starts walking forward? Tommy falls into line next to her. Arms swing backwards and cross behind his back, and feet move at a leisurely pace. Sure, he could go faster. Part of him wants to. But the rest of him is distracted by the pretty girl. "No kidding. It's not a great time to be a New Yorker these days. Hell, not even a great time to be an Earthling. You've got those…. Butt-guardians," In attempting to censor himself for Lorna's sake, Tommy totally makes it worse. "coming down to kill Presidents and start wars… then you've got some other morons giving the human race a bad name by pickin' on innocent mutants. I'd like to have five minutes alone with one of them."

Or, at least, know who they are. Then he'd vandalize all their stuff. It'd be great, really. He can picture it now. There's a quick shake of his head to clear the daydreams, and then he's looking back over to her once again. "Huh?" …why's she blushing? He knows he's awesome, but he didn't think he'd done anything there to provoke that reaction! Must be better than he thought. "Yeah, anything's worth a try. I mean, even if it doesn't work out, I'm sure he'll appreciate the effort at least."

Then she's gushing about how awesome her actual father is and Tommy forces himself to stay smiling. Inside? He's wondering if he should maybe lay off the Doc a bit. Maybe not push all the buttons he intends to. Maybe. "I think it's fair. I mean, there's such a thing as 'love at first sight' — I guess it could work with family, too… and finding someone you can relate to is pretty nice. Especially if it's something you haven't really had before." Now his mind briefly flits to Hope; the only girl who's been able to run away from him, and to Pietro, the man who would possibly be his Uncle. Meeting others who can move like him? It promises to be a good experience.


A sigh pulled from her lips as Lorna folded her hands behind her back. A laugh escaping her at the term 'Butt-guardians', she at least appreciated his attempt at censoring their name. A smile played upon her expression. "Mmmm, yeah there's some awful people out there doing terrible things." She pursed her lips together, glancing sidelong at him.

"I know my Tata will love anything I do, or try to do. I just want to make it perfect though. Cause he's put up with a lot from me and I just.. It matters to me." She murmured, and rubbed the bridge of her nose as she spoke.

"But.. my tata, my father? He's.. just so amazing. I don't want to be annoying or clingy or anything. He has a girlfriend. And she's so pretty and nice and geeze…" She trailed off, glancing toward Tommy. "She's like really really ..uhm.. rich?" A princess was rich right? Would a 'normal' person understand if she said her father was going steady with a Princess?


"But, there's good ones out there to protect the normal people who need it. Not like me, I can handle myself," he throws a couple punches at the air as if to demonstrate. Yes. Tommy's perfectly normal but can hold his own. Really. "Hey, I get it; you wanna make sure you do the best you can. I've been there." Trying to impress a girl rather than family, but he knows all about trying to find the right gift. "Sounds like you ought to invite this girlfriend along for the holiday festivities, Lorna. If youse two get along so well, I'm sure he'd be happiest to share the time with both of you — and she might be able to help out with the cost of the gift, from the sounds of it."

One bad thing about coming from a future era and living in the present? Reliance on technology that doesn't exist yet. Like digital watches, invented in 1970. The watches that were so hard to set at least had alarms, that could help the scatterbrained like Tommy keep track of what he needed to do. Fortunately, they just happened to be passing a clockmaker in time for Tommy to see… "…really? It can't be that time already…" he complains, frowning at the store window. "…I've got a store I gotta get to before they close, but…" he trails off a moment, digging around in his pocket before pulling out a small slip of paper; on it? His name and number. This is offered to Lorna. Yes, he pre-writes these. He knows he's going to hit on girls. It's a matter of having the information available when he needs it. "If you need a hand with anything, or just want to get away for a while if you're feeling too clingy and have a romantic dinner or something… gimme a call." A pause, and a moment later he pulls out a blank piece of paper, and a pen. "…and if you want me to check with my bro and get back to you on the whole Jewish tradition thing… you might wanna jot down your number for me too, pretty lady."


A smile at that, "Yes, well, I have a feeling that she would be there regardless. I already asked her what she thought he'd like and well.. it was mostly just wanting me around." A shrug followed and Loran pushed back brown locks from her face as she paused and turned to look at Tommy again.

"Sure, I can give you my number." She grinned and took the piece of offered paper before scribbling down her own number with a pen and handing it back to him.

"It's my dorm room number, I have a few roommates mind you, so make sure you ask for Lorna. Otherwise you'll get a run around and you'll never actually get a hold of me." She laughed lightly, and handed him back the pen and paper with her number on it. "I go to the Frost Institute, so if you're ever around come stop by."


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