1963-12-13 - Fire And Ice
Summary: Hearing reports of a dome of ice, some X-Men investigate and run into something they didn't expect. Run by Loki,
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The days have been hard in New York. With the great ice dome in Brighton, the Jotun had established a strong beachhead. No longer were they forced to cross the immense distances between the two realms through conjured gateways. Now they could gather, form, and then advance forth from the glacial fortress. During the course of the day large forces of the giants had attacked, spearheading into various neighborhoods. At times their offensives were blocked or blunted by the actions of the city's heroes. At other times the National Guard had contributed to aiding in the evacuation of what civilians they could. The Air Force even made a run against the alien invaders, F-86s and A-6s dropping ordnance and strafing targets of opportunity…

Yet it had all been an effort to stem a grim tide. Ground was lost, grudgingly yet steadily. Only as night fell did silence finally reign over the city. Snow had continued falling throughout the day and grew heavier as the sun set. Yet no longer were the giants stalking the city's streets, no longer were the radio waves clogged with reports of incursions.

For some reason things had fallen quiet as the dark of the night advanced. Fires still burned throughout the city, and tendrils of smoke could still be seen against the skyline, but for now things seemed… at ease with a hint of tension in the air.


Bobby heard about what's happening in the city of course. Almost everyone in the world has heard. And while he and the rest of the X-Men would be inclined to go help no matter what, hearing about a giant impenetrable dome of ice and ice giants naturally got the attention of the Iceman. Alex and Erik were both there when he talked about going to go check it out and here they are, checking it out. "Yup. Damn big ice dome. Not seeing any giants though but that's good, right? Cause they surely aren't organizing their forces into some super huge attack." Nope.


"What else would they be doing?" Magneto looks over toward Iceman, lifting an eyebrow. "A conventional beachhead is all but impossible to form against the United States. That, however, is far from conventional." He turns toward the giant dome, frowning. "They're regrouping."

Magneto may be wearing his X-Men uniform, but something unique is happening while he speaks. Three spheres of metal that were floating around his shoulders begin reforming into plates of armor, each of them binding against the uniform to protect critical areas. "I see two options. We wait it out and alert everyone we can. Or, we bring that dome down and take the fight to them."


Alex, suited up in his standard X-Men suit, stalks along besides Bobby and purses his lips as he regards the dome, "That's… quite the Ice Citadel. I wonder if you can take care of it yourself, or if you'll need help from me melting it down." He hesitates, then adds, "I choose option 2, Magneto. We have Iceman here on our side, so we have an advantage."


"A beachhead made of ice. Jotun regrouping. Lives hang in the balance of what happens next." An old man with long white hair, a long white beard, wearing a pointy hat and robes, with a sword hanging from a belt, and a staff held in one hand, shuffles up toward the group. He gazes toward the dome. "What happens next shall determine the fate of many." The old man, Merlin, finally looks to the three assembled here, looking them each over in kind.

"I hope you all are prepared to face something not quite of this world. The Jotun are not to be trifled with. Then again, I suppose neither are any of you, hmm?" He chuckles softly. His gaze turns back to the dome. "The innocent shall not be harmed on this day."


That dome still gleamed with the spotlights aimed at it from distant rooftops in Manhattan. Burn marks mar its surface where the Air Force was able to strike, leaving small craters to dot the crystalline curves. A circle of ice extends around the sphere for a mile, reaching towards the city and creating a curve of frozen river that seems out of the ordinary despite the Winter that grips New York.

As the heroes speak in the calm of the night, the only sounds that travel from that dome is the faint crackling of ice as if several large glaciers were grinding together or rending something apart. In a way it could almost be considered peaceful if it weren't for the lives that were lost, and the violence the chill hides.

But that moment of contemplation is quickly lost. Around the dome there comes a low groan and crack as a portion of the surface bursts outwards, scattering shards of ice and a chunk the size of an olympic pool falls down to shatter upon impact with the ground. For a moment those whose eyes are drawn to the sounds, to the debris, might be able to see the gaunt and tremendous skull-like visage of Ymir, his arm's outspread as he holds that dome seemingly in place.

Yet what emerges from the great sphere is not a horde of giants, no mammoths saunter forth. It's a bright blaze of wings, burning flames leaping forth and landing on the few hotels that remain standing on Brighton Beach. Great beasts with red skin and a flickering inferno of fire lashing forth from their skin, their touch, the blades in their hands. Fire demons, for in this moment it is the time that Muspelheim joins the Jotun and attacks.


"Oh, I definitely vote for option two." Bobby answers, examining the dome. He's probably doing so with more than his eyes too. It doesn't last long though as he's soon distracted by a sound he knows very well. "That's not me." he says, before a section of the dome crashes to the ground and fire creatures jump out. "Definitely not me." And while he hadn't iced up before since all was quiet, he definitely does so now.


The moment that dome cracks, Magneto's arms shoot out to either side. The air distorts around him, and he looks from Merlin to Iceman. "Form a wall," he tells Bobby. "Try to force them into a bottleneck." He begins rising into the air. "Havok, I will come at them from above. Bury them."

The first items to come up are a bus bench and two streetlamps. The higher Magneto goes, the more he can see; he's searching for buildings that show signs of having been abandoned, evacuated by the National Guard.

He needs ammo.


Huh: the last thing Alex expected to see coming out of a giant dome of ice is a fire… demon things. Still, he rolls his shoulders a moment and clenches his fists, even as he stalks forward some, preparing. Blue energy radiates out from his skin, but he waits a moment before causing it to coalesce into a beam of plasma, he first simply gathers his strength. "


"Was that…was that Ymir I saw?" There's a pause. "Ah, I see they've got the residence of Muspelheim to join them." There's a mixture of surprise and disappointment in Merlin's voice. The head of his staff starts glowing a bright purple. "This feels eerily of Ragnarok." He murmurs to himself. "We cannot allow that to pass." He glances to Bobby. "I suppose it's good you can turn to ice, young man."

Looking then to the levitating Erik and the glowing Alex, Merlin smiles. "I do not believe they truly know what they are up against on this day. They shall rue the day they decided to come to Earth."


Even as the creatures assemble outside of the dome, some land upon the buildings, some fall to the streets and begin to form up into distinct units. It is a veritable menagerie of creatures, where the Frost Giants had been uniform of a sort, these creatures only seem to have the flames in common.

A great and raucous caw is heard as a monster the size of a bus flaps great and burning wings, leaping forth from that gap in the ice. It rises up into the air, with smoke pouring from the open beak of its mouth, brilliant red eyes scanning its surroundings… while behind it dozens of smaller similar creatures take to the winter night's sky.

Upon the ground a chariot rolls forth, carrying a black armored figure who wields a great obsidian spear in one hand, the horses that draw it forth composed entirely of flames and when they cry out it is in a ghostly scream. Other armored figures take up positions around the chariot and they start advancing as well.

As for Magneto's needs, there is no shortage of wreckage and debris, the large hotels in Brighton lie in ruins with a thin sheet of ice covering them. So many automobiles are abandoned, scattered, twisted and broken. And further into Manhattan several buildings have collapsed from earlier battles, giving him the pick of his wishes. Although as he climbs upwards in flight, his movement draws ill-wanted attention as some of those flying flaming creatures begin to fan out in his direction.


"I can do more than turn into ice." Bobby says idly as he watches the fire horde pour forth from the opening. Though there's a hell of a lot of them and that some seem to actually be made of fire is a little daunting. He was expecting ice and they got fire. Right. Lots of fire things, only one of him. He's going to have to do something about that, so to speak. It's already cold due to the weather. It's even colder because of the ice dome. And now it's getting even colder as Iceman starts to bring the temperature down even more. The first flakes of snow start to fall. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


So much stillness. Magneto can feel it; the metal unmoving, no watches, no keys passing to and fro on the city streets, cars left abandoned and unwanted. His eyes help him to see the destruction, but when they are drawn toward the creatures headed his way, he frowns.

A crinkling of noise causes a helmet to form out of that third sphere, which then fixes itself to his head. He knows just how to tap into the depths of his power, and it requires rage.

He had plenty of that.

Magneto draws a deep breath, turning his hands over to face the ground. Then, with a vicious scream, two abandoned buildings are captured by his power. They rip free from the ground, slow at first, until the structures are free of their foundations, at which point they accelerate toward Magneto at an alarming rate. A car and a bicycle follow in the buildings' wakes.

When they are almost upon him, he throws his hands forward. The buildings arc forward, colliding into a hellacious cacophony of screaming metal and falling concrete, until a massive pillar is formed that screams toward his attackers at violent speeds.


Are fire monsters susceptible to superheated plasma? Havok has no idea: maybe it'll just tickle them, or maybe he'll be of some use. Either way, a moment after Magneto sends the buildings flinging into the giants, the blue light flowing around him coalesces before his chest and he thrusts his arms out, and a sun-bright and intensely hot surge of plasma blasts out to strike into one of the fire monsters, as a kind of test run. The blue beam is so hot that as Bobby cools the air, it causes eddies of steam and shockwaves as it travels from his chest to bad guy's chest.


Raising his staff, Merlin stares at the hoard. The purple light from the staff grows brighter and brighter until finally it bursts forth to hit one of the fire demons. Bringing down his staff, he points it at the figure on the chariot. He narrows his eyes and focuses on him. He has a bad feeling about him, moreso than any of the other beings that have appeared. He murmurs a few words and a white light starts to form on the tip of his staff.


The air grows cold, steadily moreso as each breath the heroes exhale is visible in the night. The ice all around them crackles as the pressure shifts, creating a steady rising of noise signalling the way Iceman is able to make the world shift to his whim. At a casual glance from an onlooker it would be easy for someone to miss Robert Drake in his armored visage. But the armored being in the chariot turns its head to the side, gleaming eyes focusing upon him and him alone for now. With a shout he urges the horses forward, causing them to break into a gallop straight at him and the others.

A roar goes up as a score of other armored figures, their heads wreathed with flames, all take up the charge, moving down the street with onyx swords at the ready.

But then over the sound of the charge, over the rush of heavy boots, the world cracks and the buildings rise up… up up… trailing debris and then shifting shape under the mental twist of the Master of Magnetism. Even as the giant Roc spreads his wings and then brings them in close to /dive/ towards this floating mortal, the mutant creates a javelin of tremendous size and sends it hurtling straight at the monster.

It slashes forth, closing the distance and striking clean, the end rushing into… then /through/ the Roc's chest. A spatter of lava suddenly erupts from the wound, falling and causing jets of steam to rise into the air. As quickly as it had taken wing it is knocked from the sky by that impact, falling… falling… and landing in the snow skidding a furrow in the ice as its blood melts the ground behind it. The dozens of smaller creatures shriek their rage and lash forth, seeking revenge as they lance towards Magneto.

Only for several of those beasts to ignite with a blast from Havok. The plasma flickers through the forms of those smaller winged harpies, their cries of panic and anger clearly signalling that his ability can wound them, can kill them. A dismembered wing plummets to the ground, another half of one of the creatures careens off the side of a building. It is enough for him to gain the attention of some as their wings slash the air to hurl them at speed towards the heroes.

Yet even as Merlin downs another of the creatures, the armored charioteer rips his helmet from his head. A demon? A giant-kin? No. For that figure is one of the fae, elven features with hair of fire gleam in the chill of the night as he shouts angrily, "Who offers defiance to Surtur's legions! Who stands against Hrinmeer the Flame!" And as he says this, eyes heavily upon Merlin, he slams the base of his spear against the floor of the chariot, causing its tip to ignite.


Bobby doesn't do magic so doesn't need any fancy hand gestures or dramatic poses to do what he does. WHich isn't to say it's not without effort. He's made it snow before but the scale's always been smaller and usually in summer to distract kids. This? This is hard. Especially when a flaming chariot is charging toward them. "The people of Earth do." he answers simply. Cold, colder, coldest. "Go home." Clenching his fists, he thrusts his arms forward send two pillars of ice flying toward Hrinmeer and his chariot.


With much of his massive javelin now turned to molten slag, Magneto twists in the air and bends his hands about as if conducting a twisted symphony. The molten metal is still ferrous; still held in his invisible grasp. It splits into two streams that wing around in an arc, gaining velocity all the while.

Eyes wide with the thrill of the fight and the adrenaline of real danger, he spreads his hands out and lets loose another battle cry. Those molten pieces of metal spread out, seeking targets in those smaller fire demons. By now, the air is visibly distorted around him in a oval-shaped sphere, one that causes him to float backward with the sheer onslaught he's created.


Exactly who is the Big Gun in any given fight varies: sometimes its Havok, usually its Magneto, but in this affair, Alex is pretty sure Bobby counts. So, for his part, Alex will play interference. Minions will not have his friends: taking aim again, he allows the plasma to coalesce and then lance out, this time he holds the beam, striking some little winged foes and then turning to spread the starfire along the line. "Arrrrrgh!" he hisses out.


"Leave this place, Hrinmeer!" Merlin's voice bellows. "Merlin of Camelot, advisor of the once and future king Arthur and mentor of Morgan le Fay, once Sorcerer Supreme, and protector of this realm demands it! Neither I nor my allies shall not permit your grasp upon this land!" A beam of pure white magical energy bursts from his staff toward Hrinmeer. Removing his sword from its sheath, he starts toward Hrinmeer's chariot.


The twin pillars of ice cut through the air, crystalline forms almost immaculate as they hurtle towards Hrinmeer as the chariot rumbles ahead. The elf's features go grim as he brings his spear spinning around and in that moment its haft strikes each as a /blast/ of power is more felt than seen. One pillar slams down _hard_ into the ground and smashes straight through a group of the soldiers, crushing them under its weight. While the other pillar flips upwards, launched into the air by the force of the spear's twisting strike.

Around Magneto it is controlled mayhem, a symphony of chaos that roils and lashes out with the speed of whip cracks, trailing molten metal and leaving behind it a wake of bodies. Those smaller creatures slash out, darting past. At times a wing will flicker out, a beak, a talon. It takes concentration, for even though they are sharp, it is the heat that wafts from them that threatens dire results as well.

But below the melee, in that furrow of ice and earth, the great Roc lifts its head, even as the wound in its chest continues to spew lava while the wound slooowly closes. A great flaming frill of feathers rises up on its neck, crest displaying as if this challenge… this mortal has truly caught its attention. For some reason it alomst looks upon the Master of Magnetism as if he were a worthy suitor.

In the next moment it gathers its feet underneath itself and then /launches/ back into the air.

Yet while this is all going on Havok plays the deadly beam across the enemies that menace Magneto. Gleaming feathers are burnt out of existence, one of the minions is struck square center mass and explodes with a /paff!/ of sound that sends bone and gristle hurtling through the air to stab into another nearby flier. Yet as he turns to play that beam across the crowd he might notice something the others don't…

Back towards Manhattan there is an explosion… and another. Atop several buildings of the skyline, enough to limn the night sky with each burst of fire.

"Merlin, you have set your title down!" Hrinmeer is not ignorant of the role this man has played in the world. His spear comes back down as he draws rein only a dozen feet before Iceman, Havok, and Merlin. The elf looks down upon them all, even as the flaming steeds wicker hauntingly. "I am come with right of conquest. My lord Surtur exercises his claim on these lands in alliance with Laufey, King of the Jotun! By what right do you deny me?"

Though a parley has broken out during a firefight… the other combatants seem unlikely to halt their attack.


Wait, what? The old guy thinks he's Merlin from Camelot? Bobby can't help but pause and looks over. Focus, Bobby. Focus. There are Norse gods, ice giants and horses made out of fire. Let the old guy be Merlin if he wants. Since the elf is busy talking instead of fighting, Iceman throws an arm forward, five spikes of ice that are harder than any natural ice fly toward the footmen. Footthings. And the snow starts falling faster.


For a moment, Magneto is forced to rely upon his armor; the super-hardened material a fashion of his own design, a hardness nearly incomprehensible. It protects him from some damage, but a talon brings blood to his cheek and burns to his arms. Doubling back, he hunched over and sends a ferocious blast out and away from him, seeking to push those creatures away with a final push of the molten metal he commands.

Time for more ammo.

In that brief reprieve, he turns his arms upon the ground once more. Two more buildings rise into the air, twisting and turning against themselves to form a stream of material that, rather than formed as a weapon, becomes a twirling stream of three rings that spin and circle around him, forming a constantly moving shield.

Now, for the big guns…

Behind him, about half a mile back, are three tanks that the National Guard abandoned when this firefight began. One of them creaks and begins rising into the air, conducted by a single hand the Master of Magnetism had thrown behind him.

His eyes turn toward the great Roc. There is a moment where eye contact may be had.

"Go back to where you came from!" he snarls.


"We are the X-Men!" Pause, "And, apparently, Merlin, which we'll all have to talk about later." Havok nods his head slowly, "We are the protectors and guardians of the future! This world is our birthright and you will not have it." With that, Alex reaches his forward, and sends another burning blast into the minions, this time tightening his fists, and in addition to the primary blast, plasma blasts out from each hand. These beams are not as strong, but they are sharper in a way.


"These lands are have already been claimed!" Merlin grinds his jaw left and right, back and forth, for a moment before bellowing out once more, "I would call for a reprieve, a momentary cessation of all hostilities." He takes a deep breath in. He can only hope this will help, and will allow them time to come up with a plan to rid Earth of their attackers once and for all. "The cessation would be to permit we, the denizens of Midgard, to evacuate all the innocents from this region of the realm. Afterall, what good would conquest be if there is nobody left to conquer?"

There is determination on his face, however. "We would not stand while you take our realm. However, it does not do to bring harm to those who would not oppose you."


Even as their lord speaks, the armored beings continue their charge, rushing towards Havok and Iceman. A blade catches the gleam of the moon's light reflecting off the ice as it comes up, the footman in black armor readying to strike Iceman down… only for once of those spikes to slash into his chest, bursting through the breastplate of obsidian. It knocks him back, the others felled in the same moment all hitting the ground in a half-circle around the man in the ice armor.

But then there's a rush of power, an intense explosion of will high above signalled by the myriad of corpses falling to the ground as Magneto launches the metal away from himself. The flock of creatures are greatly lessened, their blood spattering, hissing as it strikes the ground even as their mistress leaps back into the sky in the form of that great blazing Roc.

She flaps her wings once, shape melding and shifting as she rises, her form becoming less massive and instead settling into the silhouette of an ebony-skinned elven woman in red armor that shines as if someone had taken a sliver of the sun's light and crafted it so. Her burning wings support her for a time as her red eyes meet his and she smiles enigmatically to answer, "No." But then the tank falls towards her…

Her hands come up and concentration takes her features, twisting the beauty into a look of utter focus. She holds her hands up, the air wavering with the intensity of the heat as she pushes /back/ against Magneto's power. Oh he is stronger, and he can tell, can feel the slow give of her position. But she defies him.

And even as Hrinmeer and Merlin speak, Havok's beams slice further into his entourage. Another armored silhouette is struck down, another… the helmet being cleaved clean from the man's shoulders… if man he be.

Yet then Merlin's words are heard and Hrinmeer brings his spear around, tucking it under his arm. A signal that must have been agreed upon, for in that moment many of the less… feral beings seem to draw short in their race from the breach in the ice dome.

For a moment the elven leader looks at Iceman, at Havok, then finally back to Merlin. "There is no honor in such killing, lest the great hunt be called." The words are not English yet somehow all around him understand them. "What time will you require and in return for such a boon what shall you offer?"


Bobby is about to launch another salvo when the bad guys slow to a halt. He glances from them to Merlin. "Seriously?" He's negotiating about evacuating the entire neighborhood? Or multiple ones? Which is not a bad idea but kind of outside their authority. Still, it buys some time for him to increase the snowfall. He's not Storm. He can't whip up the wind to turn things into a blizzard. But he can make the snow thick and heavy, falling faster and faster. Will it hurt them or put the fires out? Beats him.


It is a great struggle, between Magneto and Roc. The tank's barrel lowers, taking aim, preparing to fire. But then, there comes a pause in the onslaught. Magneto looks down, taking stock of both Bobby and Alex, and Merlin as he strives for parlay.

Ice blue eyes turn back upon his opponent. The rings continue swirling around Magneto, a veritable fortress of metal through which he can glimpse the elven opponent.

He will give her this moment, a chance to strike first, even as the tank groans in protest.


Stepping over towards Merlin, Alex lowers his voice, coughs softly, "Uh, … Master Wizard— first you lost your pointy hat— second, we aren't really in a negotiating mood. In fact, I'm kind of very seriously in a mood to teach them why they call me Havok. I'm not even *close* to tapped out. Fun fact: I'm immune to fire. I can run up and let lose an omnidirectional ball of utter rage and wipe — hey, that's an idea." He pauses, then adds, "But seriously uhh, no offense, but you are overstepping a bit here, gramps."


"To me, it looks like your gathered forces have been injured. Some of them anyway. We need a minimum of twenty-four of Midgard's hours. Perhaps thirty-two, to properly remove as many innocents as possible. In the meanwhile," Merlin calls out, looking around at the forces that have been amassed. "You have the time to heal those who have been injured. Additionally, I will personally provide your camp with nourishment."

He holds up a hand to Hrinmeer, suggeting he'll talk with him again in a moment. Leaning toward Alex, he raises an eyebrow. "This, child, permits us to ensure the safety of a number of innocent lives in this city. I would expect that would be a prime goal to set! As well, it allows us to do some reconnaissance to find weaknesses and utilize them. And lastly," He gives Alex a pointed look, "I have been fighting for the protection of Earth since before your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents were born. I was once Sorcerer Supreme of this planet. It is safe to say that, while I don't speak for all who fight for this planet, it is still very much my duty to do anything in my power to ensure that we can protect it. A pause in the fighting, especially from them, can help ensure that we can come up with a better idea to defeat them."

Turning back to Hrinmeer, Merlin takes a few steps toward him. "And if the offer of nourishment does not interest you…" He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath in. He's really going to do this. "I offer you single combat between myself and you."


High above what has become shared words as opposed to spilled blood, the elven woman in the crimson armor seems to watch Magneto's eyes all the while even as he was gaining the edge on her. But then she looks downwards slowly towards Hrinmeer, one eyebrow cocking curiously. Slowly she floats backwards lowering her gauntleted hands to her sides, her smile growing as she grants it to Magneto and surrenders the control of the vehicle to him. Instead she floats upwards faintly, as if on an upwards gust of heat as the remaining avian members of her brood swirl around behind her.

Then, quietly, her voice lifts. "Tell me your name, mortal."

Hrinmeer, for his part, however… watches first Merlin, but then his eyes are drawn to Havok. The elf with the burning gaze watches him for a time, gauging, perhaps committing much to memory before his attention slips back towards the former sorcerer supreme. Yet with this parley, however… the explosions in the direction of Manhattan have stopped at the least.

Hrinmeer then smiles after Merlin speaks, eyes flitting back to Havok now and again, but then he tilts his head towards the side. "Myrrdin, you always ask for much and offer so little." He holds up a hand as if to stave off protest. "I will grant you twelve hours, til this next morning. And then we shall play at sport."

But then he looks towards Havok and lifts his chin as he looks down the bridge of his nose at the young X-Man, "And if you so wish, mortal, I shall entertain you after I have dispatched this other one."


Bobby now looks from Hrinmeer to Merlin. "You get to tell the cops and National Guard what's going on and what you agreed to. I'm not even going to try. But if you think twelve hours is enough, you're senile so we might as well just destroy them all now."


There comes then the subtle narrowing of Erik's eyes. The objects circling him slow, forming a stable ring around him while the tank hovers between himself and his opponent.

"My name," he answers, "is Magneto."

He listens to the words spoken in the stillness below, before lifting his voice once more.

"And if you think this world is yours, woman," he answers, "I will prove you wrong."

He stays the killing hand though, and lowers his guard just so. She will understand… in due time.


"On your hands is the blood that WILL be lost, old man, when we do not end this and them now." warns Alex to Merlin with a frown and a shake of his head: to say the X-Man is not at all impressed by the elder mage's pedigree is an understatement, and that is clear on his expression. But, with a glance towards Magneto, he sees they seem willing to pause, for the moment. So. Alex stands ready to unleash cosmic fury. "And I am Havok." he does add, staring at Hrinmeer with an expression of pure challenge.


"We are in a poor position as is at the moment." Merlin says in a hurried, rushed tone to Bobby and Alex, while glancing up at Erik. "This, at least, gives you three to gather more support as well, yes? They will honour their side of the deal. I shall make sure of it. Gather as many as you can. I will try to send word out as well. Please. We can't let Earth be taken. I just want what is best for us." He pleads with them. There's pain, sorrow, and tiredness etched over his face. "I know you want what is best. We can do this, but not alone. We are stronger together. Bring as many as you can."

He sighs. "And yes, yes. I will inform the police and the Nation Guard, if you insist. But I did try to get us upwards to thirty-two hours. In the end, it's not the time we have left that matters, but what we do with it. Use this time wisely."

Looking to Hrinmeer once more, he nods. "Twelve hours. But if any innocents get hurt because we were not given sufficient time, than it shall be your honour on the line, not ours."


Above them the voice that comes from the elven woman is faint, melodic, as she simply responds. "I am Aelskith." She floats back again, her eyes drifting a glance towards the lighter skinned elf, then back up towards Magneto. Her wings spread and beat the air one more time before she turns and then breaks formation to fly back towards the dome, her wings then encircling her as she drops down into the great gap of that entrance and disappears from view.

As for the foot soldiers down upon the ground, their armored forms flicker faintly while Hrinmeer looks between the trio of heroes before him. His smile is a wry and faint one, edged like a newly drawn blade. He gives a single nod towards Havok, as if accepting such challenge so offered before he turns back towards Merlin. "If the peace is broken it shall not be from our side."

With that said he steps back, the horses rearing as they twist and bring the chariot back around. For a time Hrinmeer's back is given to them as he rides off… and as he rides off all of those foot soldiers, the creatures on the ground, the corpses that had been seeking such blood… all begin to fade from this haze of reality to somewhere else, though the evidence of their passage is still present in the way their blood had melted the ice and scored the world.


Even as the forces of Surtur begin their retreat, the young man known as Bobby Drake can get a sense for the Ice Dome at this proximity. It is a strange sensation, like a calling of sorts to one such as he. To the Jotun it could well be a form of kinship, a realization between creatures of the winter. The great fortress before him is no simple creation. Within it is the great Ymir, and the elder giant's feeling of power could almost be felt to call out to one who is master of ice and wind and snow.

Even in this short amount of time he's able to understand the strength of the construct, the power behind it. In some ways it could be a source of awe. Yet also it could very well grant insight. Very telling insight that might well serve him well in the future.

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