1963-12-17 - Clipped Wings
Summary: Skye visits Bobbi in the hospital after her fight with the Winter Soldier.
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Bobbi groaned in irritation as she laid back against the pillows of the hospital bed. She'd been through the ER after the local police had delivered her there. A fractured fibula, cracked ribs and slight concussion had followed her tussle with the Winter Soldier, overall she was much luckier than his other victims. She was alive. And had a lead on where he'd been at least. Though, that was now useless, he'd likely fled already.

A call to Shield had been put out before she'd been given a cast and patched up to the best of the hospital's abilties and irritation was quickly settling in. Drugs made her system slow to react and Bobbi /hated/ it. She growled, and snapped at almost everything.

Though at least she was nice to the nurse that came in to check on her.


After a long day of christmas decoration shopping (read: Probable looting), Skye finally checked into the office aaannd.. she had to leave again. She was possibly one of the other Junior Agents who didn't have a wide arrange of tasks to do, her main task was keeping an eye out for the Ambassador that the Winter Soldier intended to murder. Though, with that said, hearing that Mockingbird was in play, and effectively taken out of play, Daisy (read: Skye) was sent out to check on her to get a mission update.

Or failure! However anyone chooses to view it!

There wasn't so much as a commotion save for her showing her 'badge' to the nurse, Skye escorted into the room proper with a slight look of trepedation. No one knows what the hell that girl was scared about, but she put on a brave face as soon as she sees Bobbi, highly irritated and quite possibly cantankerous. "Oh good! You're awake!" She meant to say alive, but that wouldn't have worked out well.


A wince followed as the junior agent entered the hospital room and the door opened and shut behind her. "Tell me that the Director will get me out of here, please. Or something? I can't stand it, fuckin' cast itches and my head is /pounding/ and they keep loading in more of those pain killers. I need to get out of here and back to the office to type up my report. It's just a few broken bones.." She growled, blue eyes narrowed faintly.

Her hand pressed against her temple, rubbing her skin. An IV with said pain killers was hooked up to her hand and several little monitors beeped steadily. She was obviously being kept for observation, given how banged up she was, it was clear to everyone else that she wasn't going anywhere fast.


There was a slight wince as she listens to Bobbi, her gaze soon falling around the room as she moves towards the chair to reach for it and push it towards Bobbi's bed. "I.. don't think that it's a wise idea to even -tell- the Director that you were out here. Or even -in- here. Yet." She holds up a hand. "Yet." She flops down into the chair, relaxing just a bit. "Coulson sent me to make sure that you're okay but.."

From the looks of things? Skye doesn't say much about -how- she looks, just.. eesh!

"..I think it's best we go with the doctors orders for now at least. Besides, we'd both get like.. beat the heck up and back if I say 'Hey! Margaret says it's okay!', cause you know that ain't gonna be true."


A sour look pulls at Bobbi's lips and she tries to cross her arms. "Why the hell wouldn't you tell the Director? It was /my/ mission to track him down and bring him before this whole lead came to us. She gave me it, and I found him. I took a calculated risk and it failed. My other option was to let him go and not engage and risk him targeting someone else." She huffed, trying at least not to snap at Daisy.

"Also, bring the Director some cream puffs, she won't bite your head off then." She grumbled, scratching at the place where the IV met her flesh. "What about Agent Siggy, she's Asgardian. Doesn't she have some magic or something that'll get me out of here and back in the field?"


You want to see a sour look? Skye gives good sour looks. She even tugs her hat from her head to give a sour look towards Bobbi. Even as she was lightly scolded, she stands upright, shucking her jacket to ball up into a nice little ball (poor thing, she was perpetually cold), which was soon shoved up her thin shirt.

And then! The re-inactment!

"Director Carter! Bobbi found the Winter Soldier! You know, the ghost guy! The one with the arm! El muerte cabrone! Man, she got so messed up!" And then Daisy crumbles, clutching her protruding, jacket made belly to the point she's down on one knee!

"Oh my stars and garters! A spot of tea won't help this!" Yes, fake british accent and all! "The baby is coming early! We need to leg it!"

Daisy, while could have been making fun of Peggy, wasn't. She actually cared about that squiggily little thing in her belly. Hopefully her point was made, for she let the jacket drop out of her shirt as she plops back onto the chair again.

"I don't kno.. Siggy? Who? Liv? I don't know! Man, you're talking new people new faces, Bobbi, I don't know who'sa whatsits around there anymore. I mean, I can drop a line to Heather, maybe she has tricks up her sleeve, but golly gee wally, they're not going to tell you to get up and leave because -you- want to. You gotta take care of yourself now."


Bobbi rolled her eyes, her sour look fading at Daisy's words and she settled back against the hospital pillows again. "Yeah, I guess that her first name? I dunno, I never got around to talking to her beyond 'Hi you're not human? That's cool'." She snorted lightly, as she looked down at her leg, falling silent for a long moment.

"I got a few shots off on him. He's bleeding. Send out some agents to the alley, see what you can find. He was hiding under a pile of /trash/.. fuck.." She pressed a hand against her features, the bravado brought on by the high of the drugs rushing through her system breaking somewhat.

"I didn't even think I'd actually find him.."


Skye snorts a little, her arms folding about her chest as she sways within the chair, moving it from side to side to keep herself busy. "He's after the Ambassador, so it's a good goddamned thing you did shoot him, maybe you gave us the opening that we need to stop him and bring him in." She nods slightly at this, her gaze falling away to something that was filled with a lot of thought.

"Where were you? And where did you hit him?" Then again.. "And who the fuck hides in a pile of trash?" She boggles at that one, brilliant, but smelly. "I'll have to get on the phone.. mind if I use yours in a bit?"


A sigh, and Bobbi grumbled something too soft to hear. "Maybe I bought some time, who knows? The man hits like a freight train. Steal fuckin' arm.. geeze.." She grumbled, shifting on the hospital bed. "But hell, for all that we know he's gone and moved up his plans."

The blonde grimaced, scratching at a bandaid that covered some sensor or other that monitored her heart beat. "I was at the corner of 9th and West 50th, he picking up supplies from a store. Bunch of canned goods, simple things. But he didn't keep a hold of 'em. So he'll need food again." She murmured, "As far as hitting him?" She pfft'ed and shrugged.

"I dunno where the hell I hit him. I unloaded his gun on him. Got it away from him at the start and ended up on the ground…" She waved a hand toward the phone a sort of, sure go for it.


It was the least that she could do, listen. She was still taking orders in a sense, so this one had priority. As she stands, she moves towards the phone, dialing a few set of numbers which leads to another set of numbers, something that was too hard to follow, yet Bobbi herself would know.

"Corner of 9th and West 50th?" She confirms, then nods, speaking into the phone. "Yes. Crew to corner of 9th and West 50th. Agent Mockingbird requests a crew to comb the area. Leave no stone unturned. Yes. Ring Coulson, tell him she's fine and in great spirits.." There was a slightly pained look towards Bobbi, then she grits her teeth.

"Yes.. Put in the request to have Agent Mockingbird discharged from the hospital. I know, I know.. yes.. I know. Oh she ain't that scary. Get over it Johnson and put the goddamned request in, cheez! And make sure they get all of her cartridges. Yes, for .. yes, the geeks. Oh.. you.. what the.." Instead of entertaining further, she hangs the phone up.

"There, see? I asked. You know they're going to want you to do desk duty for a while, right?"


A sigh, with a faint twitch of her lips followed as Bobbi watched Daisy pick up the phone and listened without shame to her side of the phone call. "Thanks, owe you one Daisy." She murmured after the other agent was off the phone.

"And yeah, I know.. desk work. Whatever. It's better than sitting here doing nothing. It's not like broken bones /need/ me to stay in bed. Crutches'll be just fine for getting around." A rough exhale left her and she winced slightly, "Might want to pass on his gun to bullistics too. Maybe they can trace where it came from or something. Who knows.. I doubt it, but anything at this point might help." A grimace pulled at her lips.

"I don't regret confronting him, I just don't get how he knew I was tailing him.."


Daisy nods, then returns to the side of the bed with the chair, she almost sits, but figures she'd ought to pick up her coat to tug it back on again as well as her hat. She was preparing to leave. "I'm sure they'll be on it when they get there.." Though, she does take a seat to explain this, her gaze glancing to the door as she scoots the chair up quietly.

"You know I trained with Fury, briefly.." She starts, her hands gesturing as she explains. "..He said it's something like a sixth sense. How you're so aware of your surroundings that you may as well have eyes in the back of your head or something." She looks thoughtful. "You know how you get that intuition that something is wrong, or that feeling that someone is watching you, or how you can -feel- that someone is watching you and you look in their direction out of happenstance?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "It could be that. It could be that he's not really even human. I don't know. Someone with an arm like that has to be like three parts fucked up and six parts lethal. So I'm glad he didn't get you." With that said.. "Is there anything you need before I go?"


Bobbi makes a face at that, "I've trailed Russians from Wales to Germany without as much hassle as this guy gave me. I dunno, he hit hard, and it wasn't just the metal. He was fast, faster than someone like that should have any right to be. I read the reports about 'im. Whatever the Reds did to the guy, it made him downright nasty. When you go after that Son of a Bitch again, take the Asgardian. She has enough Oomph to get a good hit in. My rods would've bashed a normal guy's head in.. He didn't even break a sweat."

The blonde glanced down at her hands, scraped as they were and grimaced. "Yeah, tell the nurse to cut the meds. I don't need 'em. They'll make it harder for me to type anything coherent when I get in."


"Supernatural, isn't it?" Daisy wasn't discounting anything that Bobbi said, she was taking that shit to heart. In fact? It was downright frightening, but she wasn't going to let that get to her. "When I get back to the office, I'm going to have some guards posted to your room until you're discharged, just in case." Yes, Daisy was afraid for her. But she was sure that it would pass. If he was what she said he was? He wasn't done by a long shot.

But she stands finally, fixing the hat upon her head as she draws her gloves from her pockets. She really needs to go shopping soon. "Alright, I'll let them know." She offers a slight smile, then gestures towards the phone. "If you need anything between now and then? Don't hesitate."


The nurses would roll their eyes at the request to lower her painkillers, it was literally the only thing keeping the woman awake at the moment and talking. Cracked (possibly broken) ribs, and a broken fibula did not make for a pleasant time after all. Still, Bobbi was nothing if not stubborn. She was going to work damnit and doing her paper work herself!

"Supernatural? I dunno, maybe. Could be anything these days.." She muttered, "But I know no regular jail will hold the guy. Guess the Director's prison will be useful if we can catch the guy." She wrinkled her nose up.

"And yeah, sure.. guards.. doubt he'll bother with me, but I get it. Thanks, Daisy."


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