1963-12-23 - Muhammad must go to the mountain
Summary: Pepper Potts invites Foggy Nelson to Stark Industries to discuss a legal matter.
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Foggy Pepper 

It's 8:56 in the morning, and Foggy Nelson of Nelson and Murdock has an appointment with someone by the name of Pepper Potts. Muhammad has come to the Mountain in this case, and Foggy is okay with that. Stark Industries would be a huge client, and he was honoured that they asked to see someone from the firm. Of course, there was a small tingling doubt in the back of Foggy's mind. Could Stark Industries be planning on suing a client, and this be a round about way of fishing for a settlement? N&M didn't have many clients worth suing, but they did have some. His appointment wasn't until 9:30, but he came early, wanting to be punctual. He sat in the waiting room, looking at the secretary from time to time, and checking his watch. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a handerkief, wiping his brow. He had one in his lapel pocket, but that one was more for show.

Of course, Pepper has been here since 8 am, catching up for the morning and trying to fight through the side effects of the other bit of nastiness in her life right now. A good bit of makeup, concealer, proper lipstick, and unless someone is looking really closely, they'd not realise that beneath it all, Pepper is the colour of paper. Her hair is in perfect pins, her suit designer and neat. And, having been informed he's here early, one of the other, lower secretaries comes out and announces that Miss Potts would see him now.

He's lead back into a small office on the executive floor, nothing like the penthouse of Tony Stark, but Pepper has been given her own side office for when she needs to do work beyond gate keeping for Tony. She's sitting behind her desk, smiling and neat, though she stands to greet him as he's lead in through the door. "You must be Mr. Nelson." Her voice has the edge of a rasp to it, but it's the season for everyone to get a cold.

When he's lead into the office, Foggy Nelson tries to project himself as a powerful, confident, and extremely competent attorney. He has meetings with multinational corporations all the time. Of all the many, many meetings at this level he's handled, it's probably the second. He will approach Miss Potts, and unlike many men, he has no qualms about dealing with a woman. He shakes her hand, probably a little more gently than he might a man, but that's only out of respect. "Good morning Miss Potts, my name is Franklin Nelson." His friends call him Foggy, but that's not really appropriate for a meeting such as this. He takes off his shoulder bag, setting it down in one of the chairs. "So, what can Nelson and Murdock do for you?" He can't really suggest a course of action, or anything, as all he knew was that they needed the services of a lawyer. And he gets right down to business, as if he does this all the time.

To be continued…

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