1963-12-30 - Questionable Honesty
Summary: Amora casts out to see what can be found in Asgard; she finds Loki and he makes her a tempting offer.
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Amora had kept a many a secret from Sif and the others, especially her own little corner of the world that she had warded ages ago. Sif had 'commanded her, the gall, the thought made the goddess roll her eyes as she moved to the full length mirror in the rather gorgeously decorated room. Where it was, who could say, after all, it blured the lines of reality where she had carved it out for protection.

A safe house, accessible to her from almost every realm.

The mirror before her was tall, encompassing her entire figure. Gilded with images that would make most of the salacious lovers blush. Amora pulled the silk cover off it, exposing it to the light of the room around her and pressed the flat of her hand against the smooth sliver finish.

It was an advanced method of scrying, one that allowed her mind to sink deep into a pool of magic and travel, without actually traveling, to whatever reflective surface she desired.

All mirrors were connected in some way, if one knew how to use them, and so she did.

The danger of course with such windows, is that they can always be seen from the opposite direction as well…


And if one were a suitably accomplished sorcerer of some renown, they could extend that influence further than might be viable to some. For is not every reflection but a form of a mirror, oh the reality of the matter often counts for little, it is the strength of the mind that shapes the parameters and grants the rules their weight.

For Loki as soon as he realizes he is the target of such a scrying attempt he'll touch splayed fingertips lightly to the frosted glass beside him, standing in a lone hallway in the great palace of Asgard. It's the trickster's visage that meets her gaze. Much as she remembers him assuredly, the only difference is in the single slender iron band that rests upon his brow.

And when contact is established, her wavering silhouette clear to him in the faint outline of the window's frost, he'll smile and offer a greeting in one word. "Amora."


A laugh would sound, rich and warm, as those green eyes of her's danced at what she caught. "So t'would seem the rumors of your death were indeed false as the dawn. My, how delicious." Her hair bounced with her movement and it seemed as if she were reclining against the polished surface of the frosted glass.

"Whatever have you managed, darling? I'm hurt that you made such a splash and did not yet include me." A flutter of black eyelashes followed and she dragged her lower lip out in a pout that had worked on all save a few, mainly him and the Thunderer.


The small smile broadens faintly, and Loki tells her quietly. "It's a dark time for Asgard, Amora. To be betrayed so by the crown prince, to be set upon by her ancient enemies. Tell me what has passed on your end of the world?" He tilts his head to the side as he considers her and she'll assuredly feel an intensifying of the spell between them, not so much a strengthening as a broadening of its sphere of influence. Only for a moment then, perhaps examining her surroundings and then withdrawing.


A arch of those golden brows, "Oh traitor? So what has occurred to the Crown Prince?" She shifted, a hand pressing against the thin sliver of glass that truly separated them. Green eyes flickered beyond Loki briefly, no further than a foot, perhaps more, to note that they were alone.

He would in turn find her in a blurring of realities, wards so thick that nothing subtle would locate her fully without alerting her. There was decided an excess of furniture, of relics old and the scent of magic was ripe there.

"Upon my side? I have found bits of scattered Bifrost, Sif in a rage, and Heimdall nearer to visiting Hela's realms than breathing.. What occurred I know not.."


A simple word comes from him as he nods to her, "Ah." More of a sound of comprehension as pieces click into place. He glances to the side slightly, tilting his head as if considering something, then affixes her once again with those green eyes. A single fingertip lightly brushes the frost of her image in the glass, making a small slow circle around her.

"I rule in Asgard, Amora, is what has passed." He gives her a small nod. "The Bifrost is destroyed. The disruption of its destruction has isolated Asgard and made her vulnerable. Laufey attempted to take Odin's life, but merely succeeded in injuring him greatly. He lies in the Odinsleep now, recovering, Frigga at his side."

There's a pause then he adds, "Matters are grave, and the view of the people is negative to those who went to fight for the mortals on Midgard. I find myself with a need for eyes amongst them. Are you such a one to perform such a duty for Asgard."

There's a pause as he adds with a grim meeting of her eyes. "For her King?"


A tilt of her head follows his words and she exhaled a breath, appearing disoriented by his news. Her golden eyebrows knit together, green eyes flickering with some deep set emotion there. Yet otherwise she didn't seem to react to the news of him being King.

A delicate finger lifted up to trace the path of the mirror that his own had taken on her end, sympathetic magic, drawing them ever closer in terms of power.

"I do as my King commands," She murmured, "Ever in hopes that I might yet find my position .. returned to me." She whispered, side eyeing him from beneath a fringe of black eyelashes.

"Sif might yet be with child, and calls for revenge upon imagined insults upon her personage. She /commanded/ me find the Thunderer.." She murmured, a fingertip pausing to press against the chill sliver of the mirror between them. "And has named herself Protector of Midgard.."


Looking back to her, Loki speaks calmly, levelly in that tone that she has heard before where one must be in such terrible control of what words that pass. "The crown will be assuredly grateful to those that serve its interests. A place in court returned would be easily granted to one that had proved their worth."

He then steps to the side, turning to face her more directly, full on and now she can perhaps perceive more of him with the strength of the scrying growing a touch. A metallic click is heard as the staff in his hand comes more into view, though now she might be able to tell it is not the staff he has held in the past, instead it is the great tri-bladed spear, Gungnir. "I shall await your word, Amora."


As he stepped back and faced her fully, Amora inhaled sharply, once. Her eyes shot to the staff, brows shooting upwards briefly as she eyed it. A long pause followed before her green eyed gaze lifted back to him, and she shifted, leaning back from the mirror despite the closeness of the connection between them. He'd see more of the room behind her, a feeling of being underground in a basement of some kind, most likely linked to whatever dimensional closet she had built up.

"And the return of my powers?" She breathed, a pause, ever so slight. "My King?" An arch of her eyebrow as she pressed her hand flat against the glass. He'd sense that she already had broken Odin decree in strengthening herself, if he reached out for it.

Her own senses pushing at that divide between them, trying to sense what she could magically of him in return.


"I would have those who served me be as strong as they possibly could, and would deny them little in the loyal service of their King." There's a pause as he does not reach out to her, perhaps for the sake of propriety or possible probing eyes. Or perhaps he simply can make the connection for now without reaching for that contact.

"And when Asgard emerges back upon the stage of the 9 realms, it will have to establish new pathways from which to strike, to reforge the ancient walks. It will grant an opportunity for such lost lore to be rediscovered that would be the envy of any master of the mystic arts."

A moment passes, then Loki smiles, that slow edged smile. "And one who had been of service during such a time of chaotic change would assuredly have the weight of early prominence to draw upon, to take what duties they wish in pursuit of such things."


Oh, but he knew her so well, a shame that he as always so very tempting. Sweet honeyed words where Sif had been all venom and vinegar.

But was that not his way as well as her own?

Amora lowered her eyes as a wicked smile pulled the ruby bow of her lips wide, a flash of white teeth following his words as she peered at him from beneath those thick eyelashes.

"Well, what a pleasant chance for me," She practically purred, inhaling a breath and slowly releasing it. Asgard had decidedly not been her friend as of late. Between banishments and bindings, being man-handled to Karnilla, and then turned over to Sif? Oh, but Amora's grudges remained so bitter..

"Is there aught else my King, commands?" She arched a golden brow upwards.


"Only for you to not endanger yourself terribly, Amora." There's a pause as she can feel the connection breaking as he murmurs, "We have ever been concerned for your safety, now more than ever."

And then slowly his face, his features, and then finally his silhouette fades from view.


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