1964-01-01 - April Fool's Advice
Summary: It's a desperate situation if Lorna is asking a demon-hunting witch for relationship advice!
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Lorna did her best to handle things on her own. Really she had, but Tommy had been a disaster and so she ticked off his advice in the corner of 'better to never ask again' column. So she tracked down her older sister, a grimace and a flush and a sheepish look followed as Lorna finally found Wanda. Green eyebrows pinched on her forehead as she worried away at her lower lip before she finally spoke. "So, I .. okay, it's really embarrassing, but like.. I tried to talk to Tommy and he's really bad at advice and I thought that maybe he wouldn't be but I really should've asked Billy. Cause while Tommy is a guy and all, he's like totally groady when it comes to girls."

A fidget, and she fell silent, twisting a lock of hair between her fingers as she looked down at her toes. Her cheeks hot.


The past week found precious little of Wanda Maximoff in any of her known haunts. She possesses the ability to travel freely through dimensions, to be fair, and when not in the Sanctum Sanctorum, uncovering her whereabouts takes substantial skill. Worse yet, neither has one Doctor Strange been much easily located, and the way the wards jealously peer after her as she departs the sanctum may well speak to their affinity for the peculiar Slavic sorceress. "Be good," she tells the house, and that is that.

So they end up in a place with vinyl seats and a plastic tabletop, laminated menus, and plastic absolutely everything. Maybe not the food, naturally, but the spaghetti is disarmingly uniform all things considered. She pokes at her plate eagerly, for that constitutes a high-density form of energy. Mmm, carbs!

"This word, 'grody'… He is a castle? Of women?" Pity Monty Python has another decade to go for it might allow for a delightful pun, but instead, the native speaker of a shared language blows through her lips. "I think you mean it in another way. English is a terrible language sometimes." That said, her fluency has improved. "Nothing is embarrassing to me. You probably know this, yes? I see things that are most ugly and upsetting."


The seat squeaked as Lorna fidgeted around, and looked down at her plate of pasta and poked it with her fork. "No, it's different, I mean.. It's like gross. Kinda." She winced. "I mean like, he says gross things a lot and it's embarrassing. Like stuff that .. uhm, it's not exactly cool to talk about." Her cheeks lit up with pink as she mumbled out a weak explaination.

"Tommy came out and asked this guy if he was, uhm, ah, interested in me and this guy is only my friend. And it was so not cool. And I was trying to ask for Tommy's advice on what to do because this other guy that is uh, very interested in me tried to beat up my other guy friend and I don't exactly know how I feel about either one of them."


Spearing the spaghetti with her fork, Wanda rotates the utensil until she has a healthy amount wound around it. A thoughtful bite follows, giving Lorna ample opportunity to describe the issue in question and not merely the Polish translation of an English slang word. Her brunette curls weave their own glistening net around her slim shoulders and down her back, partly shielding her face from casual view. "Mm." The most noncommittal of phrases follows, but given the necessity of enjoying her meal entirely, this should not be mistaken wholly for judgment of any sort.

It's good pasta.

"So then, the issues are these. You have two friends. One has romantic feelings, the other maybe not. You have no opinion yet. The one with feelings has seen the other boy as a threat, and tries to scare him off like a bad dog."


"It's worse than that, one guy, Julian, he tried to tell me that I shouldn't see the other guy even as a friend because he's a thief. And Seth is pretty uhm, loose with his morals according to society. But so is Tommy and Hope and they're not bad people. And Julian was trying to tell me that Seth was a bad person because he steals things." She grumbled and stabbed at her pasta but did not yet eat it.

"And then Seth was trying to tell me that I should stay away from Julian because he has anger issues and comes from a life where he hasn't heard the word 'no' often. And I mean, that's true but it doesn't mean that Julian doesn't respect me when I say no. I mean, he didn't particularly ask me out so much as show up outside my dorm but he didn't really try anything, so I feel like that's unfair." She wrinkled her nose.

"And both of them got so upset when I told them that I can handle myself. That I don't need either one of them telling me who I can or can't see."


Morality is a luxury that some people simply don't have, and the young woman displaced from the ruins of an empire certain constitutes the sort of ne'er-do-well that authorities dread.

Wanda spins more of the spaghetti up, noodles and a red sauce satisfying, even if she foregoes the meat, much to the dismay of the waitress. Nothing to complain about now, even if the second piece of garlic-sprinkled bread is gone, downed with a vegan's habitual appreciation for anything fresh out of the oven and slathered in good herbs. Though unlike most vegans, she does consume butter. So it's not an either or state.

"They have much to say about how you should or should not." This is a simple fact. Her eyebrows gather, wrinkling a faint starburst across her brow. "Julian, I met him trying to enter our father's house, yelling about you. He has strong feelings and problems listening. In the long run this makes a very dangerous thing, added to your own abilities. It is important to be stable. I know more than most." The world relies on her not being insane, and for that, they owe a debt to a neurosurgeon deeper than they can ever understand, on countless planes and alternate reflections.

"Here, as in Europe, men do not like to hear a girl with her own mind. So, you know you have it right doing what is best for you." A rare smile follows, but never laughter, the most alien and rare of sounds for her. Wanda doesn't laugh, it's that simple. "I say there is no rush. Know them on your terms. Forget romance and fuss, you choose your best way."


"I'm nobody's girl, least of all some guys that think they can tell me who I can or can't see. Only tata has that right to even suggest it and even then, whether I listen is still up in the air." She finally stabs at the pasta to eat it, a look of surprise flickering over her expression as it was rather good.

A sigh pulled at her lips and she dragged a hand through her hair. "Julian didn't tell me that he tried to run to tata's," A frown, "He mentioned seeing you. I didn't know it was because he was upset. Though he did take it pretty hard that the clone Mojo sent melted.. I mean, I did too, but I guess.. I just.." She wrinkled her nose.

"I am still trying to get over that Mojo was poking around me when he had me and I didn't have any memory of it. It creeps me out. And then coming back and dealing with these guys trying to warn me away from the other.." She rolled her eyes.


"He took it badly. I put him somewhere safe he would not hurt himself or his car or the property. Erik would not welcome this." On that point, Wanda is rock solid in her certainty, and the soft timbre of her accented mezzosoprano will never veer away from that. "Julian seems… I do not have the English word for it. Someone like petrol. You put a match on him all the time by being around."

Another poke of her fork and she eats the spaghatti, glad for the noodles imparting their warmth to her stomach and the richness of the heavily spiced tomato sauce cutting through the faint metallic taste left by tea from earlier in the day in her mouth. Her palate is responsive in high degrees, and sometimes she slips into the Sight to give herself greater perception depth, even if there's nothing magical inherently in how damn good pasta is. "Stop having this drama. You need to mend, yes? Healing without the storm in your way they bring. Maybe you tell them no dating or romance, and let things go how they will. It is a good way to see who is your friend."


"Yeah, I can imagine the ways that tata would not be happy, and Julian has admitted that he isn't afraid of my family. Like he brags about it. And even Miss Frost warned him about upsetting tata." She shook her head and tsked under her breath, taking the time to enjoy the food and allow her older sister to talk. It seemed she was hungier than she first though, and happily wrapped more pasta onto the fork and into her mouth.

"Also, he destroyed his car. I told him that he didn't have the right to tell me what to do, and he crushed it." She wrinled her nose and glanced up at Wanda again, considering. "You mean, he's like.. gas and that I set him off? I .. guess.. he.."

"He admitted that he's never gotten attached to others before. That he was a womanizer previously and never really cared for anyone that he was.. uhm, with.. so my telling him that I want to be friends and get to know him… well, he I guess he just kind of I dunno.." She shook her head again.

"It's not my problem that he has problems emotionally. He's my friend I want to be there for him, but it's like you said. I shouldn't have this drama at all." A stab of her fork. "Mojo messed with my head and took bits of my DNA and made copies of me and I'm still freaked out about that. You're right.."


Shrugging her shoulders, Wanda demonstrates perilously little concern. "He learns the hard way. I told him I was not the greatest danger." Except she is, known to precious few, but there they go. The girl's an optically violent quasar compared to the quieter black holes of her family, and that stands to emit the gamma ray bursts ending all their luminous peace when sufficiently riled. "He is petrol, yes, in the way that he will be set off by any spark. You are one spark. It is enough to upset him? He will react. Most people are like stone, they do not get burning mad or emotional so easily."

She pushes away her plate and goes after the garlic bread taunting her by its proximity, as in, within five hundred yards. A restraining order would never do, and she bites into the crusty end, practically purring with a contentment usually only found behind closed doors in a secure location or slaying demons. "See? You have it right. We worry about being better after what that thing did. Let life be calm."


"I react pretty badly to things too, Wanda." She offered dryly, looking down at her mostly consumed plate and she continued to pick at it between speech. "And my powers react when I react. And it just spirals out of control." She reached up to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"It's been getting worse and harder to control what I can or can't do. And I think that might've been due to the fact that I spent a few weeks in a place without any metal whatsoever. And there was a lack of the Earth's magnetic field, so that threw me off even worse." She heaved a sigh, and shovelled the last bits of pasta into her mouth.

"And getting my life to be calm is so hard these days. Ever since Miss Frost found me and started training me, my life has been anything but normal."


There shan't be a measuring contest for the possibilities. No one needs to know what happens when reality warpers go off the deep end, much less the nexus of all realities. She's all but encoded to cause trouble. "Take your time. It is necessary to be normal, and this is your normal. Not that I will tell you what you must or must not do. But," Wanda stresses this by clinking her fork against her plate, possibly by accident. "Have a life means to have a place to stay, a pattern to the day. Not being unmoored. It will give you no health and no clear mind to be courting trouble."

Now just imagine somewhere, Strange huffing. Erik eye narrowing. This is a lesson hard learned.


A grimace at that, but it earns a nod from the youngest of Erik's brood of children. "I've been trying to get back into things at school but .. I dunno." She reached up to comb her fingers through her hair. "I really just want to be somewhere safe and not worry about boys." A pause, and then a look to Wanda.

"Can I spend a few days with you and the Doctor? Please? Just till I feel more comfortable with getting back into things at college?" She clapped her hands together and her lower lip stuck out slightly.

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