1964-01-01 - Dumb Robbers
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A brand new year, and hopefully things will be better. Hard for them to be worse. Aliens. Gods. Parasitic suits. Not exactly a good time, and hardly enjoyable an experience for the Spectacular Spider-Man. New Year's is always a hugely busy time and last night was no different. Sooo many people running about, so many muggers, so many car thieves. It all started to blur together by the end of the night that by the time he put his head down to rest in the wee hours of the morning, Peter Parker had been run ragged.

So now, the evening of New Year's day, Spider-Man is perched upon a billboard overlooking the great sweep of the financial district in New York. The roads are still busy, headlights filling the night like a luminescent parade of ants. Civilians stroll along the sidewalks, though not the large crowds of the daytime. There's a certain restfulness to it, a quiet despite the city never truly sleeping.

From his place high above, Spidey cradles a cup of coffee in a paper cup, taking small sips even as he sniffles faintly, brushing a forearm over his nose from time to time. "Ugh, can't afford to get a cold, Parker. Bad timing." Even as far below the world goes on by.

Psylocke had had the day off and was out wandering the city. She had not spent last night in the city, having wanted to avoid the chaos. Now she was back preparing to return to work tomorrow. Her life at Xavier's wasn't really working out the way she had hoped it so she wanted to scout out potential living spaces here in the city itself and away from the drive from Upstate New York.

With hands stuffed into her dark purple coat she walked the side streets, a very tall Asian woman at 5'11" with long dark purple hair was getting more than a few looks, but she was used to it. If anyone dared speak to her, especially in a negative way, she was prepared for that as well.

She assuredly was the target of several glances. From behind at first she'd get the glances due to her height, for really she cuts a clean figure. Smiles are aimed now and again, eye contact sought, most likely denied. It's probably the hair that draws the most attention. As she passes she might pick up snippets of conversation, most likely echoing into her thoughts as she could easily read such surface minds as she walks past them.

"Is she a performer?"

"She's so beautiful."

"What's the world coming to?"

"Her poor mother."

But all hidden behind the veneer of politeness as not being said directly towards her, nor really loud enough to be heard. But a woman with her powers assuredly can pick up that and more as she passes by. It might even be enough to distract her from the trio of minds that have an entirely different intent.

"Hey lady, come help my friend. He's sick!" At first it's an entreaty, a quick hurried request even as the one who is asking for her help has his two friends move in on her from behind. They're quiet enough that most wouldn't notice. Then again, a ninja very well might.

Psylocked was used to the whisperings, she didn't like them, she wanted to slay everyone who ever talked about her… but whatever, she had to control her urges.

When the person asked for her help she narrowed her dark puple eyes at him and then looked around… "I do not care." She said at the man who asked for her help, and she truly didn't. She started to walk away again, hands still in her pockets but the 'feeling' of those around her changed and she stopped and looked back at the sense of people coming up behind her!

A shot stub of a pistol is jammed towards the small of her back as one of the guys says desperately, "We don't care that you don't care, lady! Stay quiet and this'll all be over quick. Super quick." One of the guys behind her says with a voice ragged and torn by something he took or drank during New Year's. It's always hardest on the junkies.

The one in front of her backs up a bit and points towards the alleyway, as if trying to gesture for her as to where to go. The motion is followed by the one with the gun as he snaps. "Move it!"

But then another voice enters the moment as another mind comes to her attention. This one is a mind that's a blur of thought, so fast and such a train of curious images and actions. It's connected to the voice that says, "Hey, fella. Anyone ever tell you it's rude to point?"

And suddenly there's a /THWIP!/ as a webline flashes down to engulf the barrel of that gun and snaps upwards, hurling it to disappear into the air. There's a blur of motion and as if out of nowhere there is Spider-Man.

Perched upon a lamp post above the three thugs and the tall lady, he's a curious thing in red and blue. Those mirrored lenses in his mask narrowing faintly with a small mechanical whir as he cocks his head to the side to look at the. "So what is it Bernie? Your pal is sick again and you need bus fare to get to your mom's broken down car?"

Psylocke looked down to see the pistol being aimed at her and then listened to the men order her toward the alleway. "No." She said at them, but didn't make any motions otherwise. When the Spider-one shoed up and said his tirade she looked up at him, impressed by the clearly-young-man's style… though she'd never show it or say it.

She didn't move or do anything, she was more curious about how the Spider-one would deal with these armed robbers… If he hadn't shown up, she would've gone into the alley (most likely) and then killed the men. So its probably best for them that this other… person… arrived, he seemed less likely to kill.

Such a race of thoughts through his mind. She can pick up on only snippets of them. She can read how he perceives the world, so quickly as if in some ways it might be going in slow motion for him or just simply that his mind processes thing in an entirely different way. It's this crazed chaotic train of thought that one must grab onto with both hands to perceive properly.

« Poor Bernie, third time in a month. Who are his pals? Don't recognize them. Oh well. Hopefully I won't have to hit them. Who's the gal? Super pretty. Nice hair. Doesn't seem scared. That's good. Hopefully she won't call me a menace. Oh crap, gotta return the Bugle's call. Hey that guy's running. »

And as that last thought flits through Spider-Man's head he leaps into motion. One of the men near the alley makes a break for it, starting to rush down the alley. The man in red and blue flips down from his perch, twisting in the air to land in a crouch beside Psylocke. His hands come up and two weblines /thwip!/ forth to snare the man's legs and yoink them out from under him. Another splat of webbing locks him down in place.

"C'mon Spidey, gimme a break here?" Bernie's voice is plaintive as he tries to parley even as the third mugger says angrily, "I ain't going back!" And draws a knife.

There's a momentary flicker of light playing off the blade as he steps towards the vigilante from behind. There's no way he could see him, see the man's approach. Yet somehow Psylocke can tell he 'senses' the attack moments before it comes.

« Uh oh. Spider-sense is tingling. Aww man, knives. I hate knives.»

And there's a blur of motion as Spider-Man spins around, his leg sliding a bare inch over the ground as he slices the ankles out from under the man. The way he moves, the precision, the preternatural grace would be impressive in a martial arts student, yet she in her training might be able to tell that… he apparently has had none.

The man goes down with a whumpf and for his trouble gets webbed up into a bundle. The knife tink-ta-tinks as it bounces down the alley to rest near Bernie's feet. For a moment the junkie looks like he might make a grab for it.

Psylocke didn't really do anything. The Spider-kid seemed to have it all worked out. The most she did was start walking around in a slow perimeter and eyeing all the action. Her hands remained in her pockets and she just stared at the thugs as they went down, filing the emories of their faces away for later if she were to ever run in to them again.

Bernie's the last and he, smartly, kicks the knife away from himself even as Spidey rises up to stand in front of him. "Man, Bernie. You need to get some better friends. Didn't I drop you at the mission that other time you stole that kid's backpack?"

"Yeah… m'sorry Spider-Man." And, to be fair, the somewhat slow looking crook does seem remorseful.

"This was really messed up. It's gotta be cops and all this time. Sorry, man."

"No no, it's ok Spider-Man… I'll go quiet."

"Okay buddy. I gotta web you, you ready?"

"Ew. That stuff is gross."

"Yeah, I know."

And with that, Spidey pushes Bernie back against the wall lightly and then proceeds to web him in place.

It's then that he turns around to Psylocke and steps towards her, man she's taller than him, and he looks up into her… purple eyes? Weird. "You okay, miss?" He asks her even as he tilts his head to the side, his hands up as if to make sure she's not going to faint or anything.

Psylocke was standing there perfectly still. She didn't seem like she was even remotely close to fainting-levels. She stared at them all as they spoke to this Spider-man… and then looked to the young man inside the costume. He appeared to be roughly the same age as her, based on build and voice beneath the mask. "Of course." She said in a japanese accented voice, looking almost offended at the notion of being otherwise.

Her purple eyes went ot the men he tied up. "We should execute them." She said quietly. "It would preent them from ever doing this again to others."

"Oh that's good, I'm glad you're not…" Then she adds that last little bit, "Whaaaa?" He looks back at her, "Uhh, no. We do this thing in the states called like… due process." But then he sort of scritches his chin, "I mean. Okay yeah I'm a vigilante and all. But no. No executing."

Spider-Man unconsciously now sort of stands between her and the men, not entirely aware he does so but he looks at her and then adds. "Are you sure you're alright, miss? I mean this sorta thing can be traumatizing. Anyone you want me to call or like, family?"

Of course, distantly, that's the moment when a siren might be heard as New York's finest respond to the call in. The Financial District is a pretty decent area, so this little scuffle didn't go by unnoticed.

"I am fine. Stop asking me." Psylocke said back to the hidden Peter, a slight bit of annoyance in her voice now. "Who are these men?" She demanded him then. "You spoke to htem as though you know them or have met them before?" She peered at the concealed man. "Are you behind this attack on me? I do not appreciate this…" She said to him, taking a step toward Peter now… aggression in her posture and expression.

"Wha?" Peter keeps his hands up as if to stay her approach, "Bernie? He's just this homeless guy. He gets picked up for purse snatching usually. This is the first time…" But then he shakes his head as he looks to her. "Look, lady. I'm not attacking you…"

And a brief glance at his thoughts make it clear, he's actually a bit scared of her now. Or rather perhaps what she might do. There was and is no malice in his mind, though there's a bit of protectiveness to the fallen men despite them being criminals. But she can also sense that her mind set… is apparently setting off that alarm in his thoughts, his 'spider-sense'.

"How about we just calm down and wait for the police to come, alright?"

Psylocke stared at Peter as he seemed to almost recoil from her stare and posture… She stepped away from him then and off to the side so that this 'Bernie' could see her. She stared right at him and her active Asian face was entirely emotionless.

"Do not come near me again." She said to him. "I will end you if you do." She glaned back to Peter in disguise. "This… boy… is the only reason you're still drawing breath."

And with that said Psylocke turned back to the open mouth of the alley and started to walk once more for the sidewalk and where she had parked her car down the street.

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