1964-01-02 - Probes?
Summary: Bobbi goes to report to Coulson, Skye shows up with a new asset.
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Bobbi dragged herself up from the lab back to the bullpen to get yet another mug of coffee. White lab coat over her uniform, and her hair bunched up in a topknot of blonde complete with shadows under her eyes. She'd slept the bare minimum of a shift since she had Fitz had brained stormed things out. Now? Now she was hoping to stay awake enough to report into the acting Director.

Right after a few sips of that black sludge that called itself coffee. The machine bubbled and dripped out the much needed caffeine, and Bobbi stared at it like it was the only thing in the world.


Coulson is at his desk, on the phone. An assortment of manila folders are strewn about, in some resemblance of order. "Yes, and while we're at it, I need a full overhaul of the magnetic tapes. Have forensics go over them in detail. Need to look for any signs of editing, or manipulation otherwise. Yes, thank you, Agent Dylan. That will be all."

Coulson hangs up the phone, then turns to look toward Bobbi. "L.A. division," he explains with a thumb toward the phone. "God, I hate dealing with time zones."

The Acting Director carries his empty mug toward the coffee maker, eyeing the machine with a frown. "We really could do better."


A dry, exhausted smile pulls at her lips and Bobbi heaved a sigh. "True, but we at least know this thing keeps up with the demand around here." She turned, resting back against the table, her hands balanced on the edge as she waited for the pot to finish trickling to full.

"I've been with Fitz in the lab, sir. We think we have a working theory. And a working idea of what these things are aiming for." A hand pressed against her eyes, feeling pressure there from too little sleep and too long staring under a microscope.

"No working 'how to' on testing these things yet though."


"We'll get there," answers Coulson. "If not on our own, then perhaps with the guidance of ACT-F."

The aging man glances again toward the coffee maker, a tired expression upon his face. He just might seem a bit more pale than usual, but that could easily be chalked up to a lack of sleep. "We're all burning the candle at both ends," he admits, before setting his empty cup down and looking back toward Agent Morse. "What's your theory?"


Bobbi sighed, glancing back to the coffee pot still drip drip dripping away. Not enough for two cups, not yet anyways. Then her gaze landed on the blueprints. "Fitz and I figure that, given what I found in the Director's office.. that what they want is that built. Above all else. Paper trail was clear that Director Carter tried to stop it. Then suddenly paved the way. She only cared in Fitz so much as his reports on how it was coming." She exhaled, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Fitz said the academy had the blueprints before, or at least something similar. We think that these things, have been here a long while and have been toying with how to best contain powered people here. On Earth." She pursed her lips and turned her gaze back toward Coulson.

"I assumed they were using the position to get intel. But they already have it, I think Sir. With the pressure of NATO wanting this.." A grimace, she wasn't telling this as clearly as she wanted.

"Sir, when you invade a country, destabilization, propaganda, mixing up the country's political systems.. it's all for a means of getting control. But if you can't fight, can't kill those that protect the country there's little point." She gestured toward the blueprints. "We think it's a means of clearing out those that might fight against them. People like Banner, like Wanda.." She eyed it.

"And /that's/ their goal. The prison."


Clearance. Being a Junior Agent, it wasn't something that she's had too often. But the fact that she could even get by with her potential asset in tow speaks the volumes of urgency here. They said, 'Daisy Johnson, get to work', and she replied doing just that. Someone took the Director away from Mickey, that cute little girl with the curly hair and pretty brown eyes. And there was going to be hell to pay.

The orphan herself walked along the hall, keeping quiet as she lead Alexander into the bullpen, her slightly pale face getting a little bit of color back into her face due to soup and a good damn argument that got the circulation going. She was quiet, but the entrance of her was filled with much stiffness, reaching the tail end of the conversation as the smell of a fresh brewed cup of coffee reaches her nose. "Oh thank god.." She busts out, immediately striding towards the pot, a cup swiped from the nearby table which was looked into, sniffed, then placed upon the counter top ready to snatch the pot from it's holder and..

"Oh what the fuck." SLOW DRIP! Hurry the hell up! It was -that- bad, she forgot to make introductions.


Alexander follows behind Skye, eyes cast around him to take in the environs. He wouldn't be caught off guard here if he could help it. It's an unfamiliar setting, but he doesn't seem at all nervous. It's not like Skye just brought Alexander down to HQ without at last some preparation; he knows what he's walking into, mostly. And thankfully, she managed to convince him to leave the sword at home. The argument being that if he really needed to decapitate someone, he could use his hands. He thought that was fair. Whatever stares he might get as the two traverse the room, he gives them right back, resisting the urge to instil the stuff of nightmares in the minds of any who might give him the stink-eye. And then just before it seemed introductions were going to be made, Skye diverts for precious caffeine. He can't really blame her, but it does leave him in the awkward position of just standing there in front of two old people with no explanation. "Hi," he says simply, looking at Bobbi, and then Coulson. "I'm Alex." You may know him from such films as..


Slowly, Coulson turns to look at the blueprints that have become the undeniable focal point of the bullpen. "Yeah," he starts to say, slowly. "This is where the Japs had it wrong, and the Germans had it right…" It would seem that the WWII veteran is starting to see where Bobbi and the absent Fitz are coming from.

"If the 'powered' people of Earth can't fight… but why start now?" He looks back to Bobbi. "As far as we know, Steve Rogers is the first super soldier, at least, the first one we created. I suppose we don't really know how long the mutants have been-"

Coulson goes quiet when Johnson steps in. His eyes dart from the Junior Agent to the man she has in tow. and for a moment, he seems less tired. "Get in line, Skye," he tells her. "And watch your language, will you?" He turns then to Alexander, smiling in a friendly way.

"Alexander Aaron, if I were to take a wild and educated guess?" He offers a hand. "Phil Coulson, Acting Director of SHIELD." He gestures Then toward Bobbi. "This is Agent Morse." A glance to Skye. "Who is first in line for the slow drip."


The blonde nods, "That's in line with our theory too. That they started experimenting with the containments back in Germany then. Just as Captain Rogers came into play. It fits. And what's more is we think we know their next target to—" She breaks off as Skye and an unknown asset walk into the room and she pursed her lips together, falling silent.

If Bobbi hip checked Skye slightly as the younger woman made a beeline for the waiting pot of black sludge that was coffee, well, she had it coming. "I just pulled an all-nighter in the lab, and I love you Skye, but cut me on that coffee and I swear I won't be responsible for my actions." She grumped. Arms still folded as she leaned against the table.


The entire situational and conversation was missed, thank goodness, because Skye wouldn't know the logistics of what they were speaking of. But that didn't mean she couldn't learn, but arriving at the tail end had it's fall backs. Thankfully, Alex was told to play nice before he entered, so she didn't need to look back or take an angry glance (not that it would work), so she focuses upon the coffee instead, nearly attempting to will it all to shake loose with just enough to fill her cup.

"Line? There was a lin—urp!" The light hip check from Bobbi has Skye approaching the pot again, a slight grumble upon her lips as she does the unthinkable.

The pot was soon snatched from it's place, her cup replacing the drip which is soon heated from the bottom..
..the pot soon lifted to pour the little bits of contents into Bobbi's cup..
Her own cup soon snatched and the pot quickly replaced to catch the fallen drips.

Skye has cheated the system. And it felt damn good. Those few tiny little droplets that plagued her borrowed cup was taken in, her eyes closing, a slight little exhale given as she presses a hand upon her wounded stomach. "Sorry boss. Pistons fire all out of sync if I don't at least get a taste." She lifts her empty cup, then sets it upon the ground, her eyes gone to the blueprints.. "What were we talking about now?"


Alex shakes Coulson's hand, squeezing a bit too hard, maybe to drive home a point. And he's strong. Maybe not Captain America strong, but definitely much more than he appears. "I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the Super Secret Spy agency knows my name," he says. Especially when he's shacked up with one of their own. Either that or Daisy spilled the beans on him. Either way, he's not bothered. Chances are they don't know /everything/. Right? "Good to meet you, Phil," he says to the older man, releasing his hand after a moment. His attention turns to Bobbi, and he gives a nod. "And Miss Morse." For the moment, he doesn't say anything more; he expects that if there were sensitive discussions going on they would be put on hold.. but he'd prefer to know the lay of the land before revealing his own hand, of course.


Cheating the system, in this instance, means that Skye didn't exactly skip Bobbi in the 'line', but she did just take a flying leap over the Acting Director of SHIELD.

Its a good thing they've got a visitor.

"We wouldn't want you to be out of sync," Coulson says carefully, without doing a thing to conceal what he really meant. A clear dig at what he and Skye have yet to discuss; her apparent and undisclosed 'powered abilities'.

Phil raises his eyebrows at the unexpected strength of Alexander's handshake. "…. Coulson," he offers in a friendly way. People don't just call him, 'Phil', after all. "Quite a handshake. Be careful; they don't make robotic hands yet." Pause. "Unless your last name rhymes with, 'Stark'. Or is 'Stark'."

He raises a hand toward Bobbi, hoping to hold off whatever it was she was about to report. There would come a time for that. "Agent Johnson has vouched for you, told me you might be a useful asset to SHIELD." He peers toward Alexander in a curious manner. "Why?"


Oh the things Bobbi would do for coffee. But those blue eyes of her's swerved off the caffeine and the 'trick' that Skye pulls to ensure she had a cup to land on Alexander as the young man addresses her. "Agent Morse." She growled the correction, gaze narrowed. Bobbi without caffeine had no time for niceties.

Still, she took up the mug with the contents in it and held it close, savoring the sludge's coffee smell before sipping at it like a dragon jealously guarding its hoard.

"And we were talking about the coffee machine, Coulson wants to replace it." She murmured smoothly, her voice lightening somewhat.


There was a slight wince when Alex addresses Bobbi as such, but.. what could you do? It was polite in it's own way, even though Bobbi herself may not take it as such. But as it stands, Skye had a little taste of the goodness and was oddly enough roaring to go, aspirin taken from her pocket that was given to her by Jemma, popped in and chewed as if she had the guts of an Iron Monk and balls made of steel. Later, Skye would come to regret this, the after taste was just plain nasty.

Coulson's slight dig at her grants a slight unexpected result. Her eyes widening somewhat, the cup that she once held beginning to tremble and knock against the surface.. a few tables begin to vibrate, pens and pencils rolling upon the floor until she turns to close her eyes and take a breath..

..a breath..
..a breath..

Once everything ceases to move on it's own accord, the clearing of her throat has her looking up towards Bobbi. "Oh! No need. I'm misses fix it." (Not to be confused with Joe Fix-It's hooker Mistress, Wreck-It Jane) And she was, gears and sprockets girl all the way. With that said, and to ignore the Acting Director all together, she moves towards her desk to gather her small little bag of tools and a chair, dragging it over in a lackluster way (which creates a really, fucked up, nails upon the chalkboard noise) to settle in behind the coffee maker, unplugging it.. and getting right to work. Yes. Coffee was denied for Coulson and Alex, if they wanted to drink, she was already cracking that damn thing open.


Alexander raises an eyebrow at Coulson's question, and winces at the sound that Skye makes as she moves the coffee machine. He's a god. And he's expected to sell himself to SHIELD? It's a world gone mad. He allows a bit of smirk to touch his lips, and he leans back against the nearby table, arms crossed over his chest. "Where do I start.." Eyes flicker toward Skye for a moment, watching as she starts to disassemble the machine, before returning to Coulson. She said to behave, and so he will. No nightmare-inducing images. No digging through people's unconscious to reveal their worst fears. In other words, no fun. "Well, first tell me something. How much do you know about Greek myth, Coulson?" It sounds so awkward, calling him by his last name. He'd much prefer to call him Phil. He actually makes a face after saying it, it feels so weird.


There is a clear and visible grimace as Skye makes such a ruckus, but for the time being, Coulson keeps his attention glued to Alex.

"I know enough," he answers. "Enough to know that, sometimes?" A hand rises, and it waves a bit through the air. "The lines between mythology and reality are… fuzzy."

Lowering his hand, he offers a carrot to their visitor. "What I care about, Mister Aaron, is what you might bring to the table. I'm going out on a limb bringing you here, but I'm doing so because of my best Agents -" A look Skye's way. "- in spite of an apparent inability to see social cues -" Back to Alex. "- has vouched for you. So, tell me." He crosses his arms. "In layman's terms. Why should I bring you in? What can you offer? And can I trust you to keep your lips sealed about everything you learn here?"


The shaking went noted, but unremarked on by Bobbi, she merely waited; watching Skye as the trembles ceased. Then continued to watch the younger woman drag her desk over with all the squeaking and screeching of a chalk board. A wince at that, and Bobbi continued to sip at her coffee. A brow arched upwards as Skye opened up the guts of the machine and went to town.

Bobbi certainly wasn't gonna stop her. She had her caffeine.

Then attention was brought back to Alex, and a brow hooked upwards. She studied the man, remaining silent as she kept her position near the coffee maker and leaning back against its table. Out of Skye's way but still by and large unmoved.


The bag was reached into, a few little gears popped out, beginning the first phases of rewiring and making things a little bit better. Her eyes lift, leaning just a touch to watch the two men out of the side of the area, then soon focusing upon the job that she was doing with the coffee maker. It was going to be great. If anyone could find a little spot of happiness at fixing something, it was Skye. Oh..

"I need to get at Lola soon after we're done here.." She mutters towards Bobbi, offhandedly. "Girl needs an oil change and a good shine. Maybe some tire rotations.."


Alex smiles a bit more. Skye's one of their best agents! He's so proud! But she's not the focus right now, for some reason. Alexander hates being put on the spot. In most cases, he'd just explain that he is the Son of War, make some show about knowing Coulson's deepest darkest secrets, and then scare some random underling into wetting their pants. But Skye told him to behave. "I'm no James Bond," he says after a moment. "But I can fight. I can follow orders. I can keep your secrets. And I can get the truth out of anyone." And by his tone of voice, there's no exaggeration. "And I knew what was going to happen to Skye.. weeks before it did." Eyes level at Coulson fully now, watching for a reaction, particularly to the last.


Direct, and to the point. "Careful," Coulson mock whispers. "The whole place is probably wired for sound." A direct quote from 1962's 'Dr. No.'

With a smile, the acting Director glances Bobbi's way. "I like him. Do you like him? I like him."

Coulson diverts his attention back to Alexander. "Maybe some time you can help shed a bit of light on what, exactly, happened to Agent Johnson. In the meanwhile, you'll be her attachment. Work with her on something of a missing person's case we are dealing with."

Coulson unfolds his arms then, and motions toward Bobbi once more. "Agent Morse and I were discussing the alien threat." To Bobbi, he turns then. "I believe you were about to tell me what you and Fitz suspect the aliens may be after next?"


A sigh pulls from Bobbi's lips as Coulson drags her back into conversation, away from her studying the 'Greek' before her. "Not a what, a who. Fitz and I think that currently they're going to be sending someone in. The replacement that they had planted won't be sending in information on the project and the attack set them back. They want the prison built and built fast. That means that right now. They're on a time crunch, we figure since they've been exposed. All their hard work will be for nothing if they can't contain powered people." A pause, and she gestured to the blue print again, stepping forward and sipping her coffee.

"Fitz and Simmons were the ones to tweak the existing technology to fit the crystal because they wouldn't use nuclear. Simmons is the one that came up with the method of relays that allows the crystal to work. Way we see it? She's their next target. She's human, and if they replace her they can push their tech along without anyone the wiser. And speed up their project."


There was a quiet grin. It was like bringing the boyfriend home to meet mom and pop. And it turns out? Pop likes the boyfriend, he really does! So, there was a little hint of pride there, not that she'd disclose their personal relationship on the fly…

But, back to the work at hand. Skye was putting the finishing touches upon the coffee maker, carefully screwing it back together as she listens to Bobbi's report. Her jaw clenches ever so slightly as she finally looks up over the finished project, the screwdriver settled down upon the surface as she looks on at the blueprints.

"So basically, if -anyone- who was on that project and key to it being built, if they start speaking about picking up on it and getting to work right away? They're compromised." She nods her head faintly, figuring that's what it all means. "But there's one thing that needs to be considered.. are we going to focus on the general eagerness of those 'people', like, their desperate need to find the Director.." She glances towards Coulson, considering.. "..or should we focus on the subtleties in their natures. Like, someone who has all the answers but lead us to them without us even knowing it.." And then she looks towards Bobbi. And then Alex.


Alex lets out a little chuckle at Coulson's Dr. No reference, and eases his posture a little bit. He seems to have gained some measure of approval. "I'll help wherever I can," he says, giving a nod when Phil mentions shedding some light on Daisy's condition. He doesn't know much about the details, only that it was going to happen; not when, where, or what exactly it was. The conversation about the 'aliens' and their plans, for now, is above his pay grade. Is he going to get paid for this? Is there a dental plan? Things to ask later. "My advice would be to let the ones you can spot lead you to the bigger fish.. but I'm new here." He gives a bit of a shrug, and quiets down to let the adults talk.


The logic makes sense. Coulson nods along with it, and glances toward Skye. "Maybe. It's a safe bet, but we can't put all our hens into one basket. If these extra terrestrials are as smart as us, they might see us anticipating this move, and go for something completely different."

He can't help but cock an eyebrow when Skye singled him out like that. He also can't argue that she, also, has a point. "What I'd really like to see is some scientific test. They're aliens. Gotta be some kind of biological 'tell'."

Decisively, Coulson walks away from all three. "Excuse me," he says upon departing, only to unlock a cabinet and go rummaging through what appear to be personnel files. The cabinet is locked, a manilla folder in hand.

The acting director stops by the group, and opens the file, holding it up for Alexander to see. The details are obscured behind a very generic cover letter, but pinned to it is a headshot of one Agent Jemma Simmons.

"What do you see in her future?" he asks.


A shrug, "They don't know that their replacement was found out. We're working on looking at what differentiates them on a cellular structure. But it's hard going. Fitz and I agreed that it makes sense that if they don't go for Agent Simmons, they'll at the very least push for the science and development workers. People in the lab." She shifted her weight, watching Coulson step out and back.

"In the meantime, we thought maybe some kind of a code would work. We don't know how these things are getting intel for replacing their victims, it could be through the old watch method or something else. I'm not ruling anything out."


"Biological tell?" Skye asks. "Well pardon me for being crude, and this is me attempting to watch my language. But I think maybe you should have another sit down with Chief Sousa if you catch my drift." Her purses her lips tightly, in case none of them actually 'understood'. "He probably slept with it." And to drive the point home? "You know. Bang bang?"

Now to push away from the subject at hand, Skye turns to plug the coffee maker back into the wall, pausing.. waiting for it to spark, sizzle and fry, but nothing happens. With a calmed breath, she watches as Coulson moves, her gaze falling towards Bobbi with a slight nod. A code. A tell. Hm..

She presses the button, quickly taking a few steps back and away from the coffee maker, one eye open as the other is sealed shut, waiting for the thing to explode. But once it lurches to life, the slow drip of the coffee becomes a steady stream of goodness..

Thank god for that too, SHIELD needed a tiny win.


"Hopefully marriage and fat babies, sir," Alexander quips, looking from the picture of Jemma back to Coulson, his expression humourless. "It doesn't work like that. I don't know— " He pauses, and his eyes go white for a brief moment, his expression blank. When the white fades, he blinks, and actually looks a bit stunned for just a moment. That was weird. "Holy shit. It's.. hazy. Uncertain. I should talk to her. She might be replaced." It might have happened already. The visions are never definite, and never have much context. "I don't suppose you have one of these.. people," are we calling them people? "In custody, by any chance?" He looks alternately from Coulson to Skye to Bobbi, and then back to Coulson. That'd be too much to hope for, right? At least now there's coffee.


"We don't know what kind of technology they're working with," Coulson debates Bobbi. "I mean, they navigated space. We're still trying to put a man on the moon."

He looks back to Alexander then, lowering the dossier and watching with bated breath as something… happens. "A dead one," he admits. "The one that had been posing as our missing Director."

Evenly, Coulson then turns to Skye. "Which is why we all have to do better," he answers. "Learn from our mistakes, and not let them happen again."

And then the coffee maker is working again! Phil smiles easily, before saying, "next person who jumps me in line gets a week of latrines."

As in, cleaning toilets.

Friendly reminder: there are Asgardians on base.


Bobbi folds her arms and purses her lips together, "As Coulson said, we don't have any live ones. My plan is that if they come for Simmons, that we're ready and we keep it alive. I have taken to helping Fitz in the lab with the dead one, trying to figure out what we can about it." She shrugged, "But as I told him, we don't know how they're learning enough about us to take over our lives when they do."

"For all I know they have some mind reading device or something. Which would totally be handy right now to have on hand." She threw up her hand, dragging it through her hair once before she took a long sip of her coffee.

"If we can get a live one, we can use it for tests, interrogation and hopefully figure out how to get our Director back and help stop this invasion."


Skye watches Alexander carefully, she knows that look. When his eyes flash white, she nearly recedes back into her seat to settle into silence. When she last saw that look was when he looked at her in that way in the diner. When she said she'd change. She didn't believe it then, but now? "Wow.."

She shakes her head faintly, leaning upon the table as she watches the three of them, swearing off the coffee for now with raised hands. "With all the people we have, we don't have mind-readers?" She frowns slightly. "What about that Wanda girl? The weird one, can't she do something.." She waves her hand briefly, but quickly becomes mindful of herself, closing her fist to bring it into her chest.


Alex is quiet a moment while he considers what they've said. "If they adopt the memories of the person they're replacing.. might be worth trying. Get me in a room with someone you suspect." Fears are deep-seated emotions, and even if the aliens have absorbed the memories of the one they're replacing, if they retain their own personality and memories, if it's all just an act, Alex might be able to see what scares their true selves. And chances are, if they're aliens? Not going to be the same things that scare humans. Or non-humans who have grown up on Earth. "If you get a live one, let me at it before you start ripping it to pieces to find out what makes it tick." Because, being a government agency, that's naturally what Alex assumes they do to aliens here at SHIELD.


Interrogations are one thing. Live testing… Phil isn't quite sure how he feels about such a thing. "Sounds like a long shot," he admits. "Every account we have of these aliens, two to date, they haven't revealed their true nature until they're dead."

He breaks away when the coffee maker finishes up, and pours himself a cup, before offering it to Alex. There are spare mugs nearby. "I'll call Wanda in for a consultation." Then he looks to Alex. "Don't worry. Any live testing I authorize will be non-invasive. We don't want the men from Mars going home with horror stories of probes and brain harvesters."


A glanced was shot at Alex, "We're not Nazis, thanks, those are down the hall though if you want to have someone rip living creatures apart, that's their specialty. I prefer to work with things that aren't out of a science fiction novel. Thanks." She raised her mug in Alex's direction, a look of irritation pulling at her lips as she pursed them together.

"So, Sir, given our current theories and plans, I was going to remain near Fitz and Simmons' sides in the lab. I'm not only qualified to be there, but I'm not exactly easy to take out by comparison. Maybe implement the 'buddy system' or something. It's a pain in the ass, but if it might lay a trap?" She glanced toward Alex.

"Well that'll give us the control group for finding out how these things operate and possibly get us some leads."


There was a slight wince at Alex's words. Though, she couldn't fault him for believing that. He'll see just what SHIELD does after this, so with a faint huff of a breath she slowly stands, her hand gone to her stomach again as she lets out a slight wince. There was a slight little laughter at Coulson's words, her hands clapping together once to point at no one in particular, her shoulders bobbing as she murmurs 'Anal probes'.. once again, at no one in particular. She snorts a little, then stops, looking towards the three of them with a hand that reaches back to rub at the back of her neck.

"I.. lack the social cues to form this brain trust with you all.." She waves her hand faintly, a slight hint of paranoia settled in as she makes for the door. No more coffee, there weren't any donuts or cookies abound to keep her mouth busy..

"..Gonna.. you know.." Fingers snap, hand claps against her fist, soon finger guns were pew-pew'd towards Bobbi and Coulson.. "..you know.. work on one of those .. destroyed SUV-aaah no, radiation.. yup! Hear Lola calling my name.." Skye was strafing backwards, fingers a'waggling. "..so uh.. good luck!" And, she was officially out. No one wants to be around an irritated Mockingbird.


Alex puts his hands up, "Sorry Ma'am," he says, "Meant nothing personal by it." Coulson might have been won over, but it seems to Alex that he some work to do to gain the approval of this Agent Morse. His eyes go to Skye when she starts to back her way out of the scene. What, you're just gonna leave him here? Alone? With the older generation? And THAT'S a good idea? "I, uh.." he starts to say as Skye retreats, but doesn't follow her. Because that'd be rude, right? Eyes go back to Coulson and Bobbi, a weak and somewhat uncertain smile playing on his lips now. "Buddy system. Sure. We're all buddies, right?" Is it safe to be in a lab with Morse while she has, presumably, access to caustic chemicals and poisonous substances? Did he call her ma'am? Yes. This will end well.


Coulson looks between the three, a pleasant smile gradually taking on characteristics that more resemble a smirk. "Looks like," he answers Alexander. "In a… weird, dysfunctional family sort of way."

Lifting the coffee, he takes a testing sip, before calling after Skye, "Be nice to her, and she'll be nice to you!"

He watches her go for a moment, before turning back to Alex. "Go with her. Get a lay of the land. You're her attachment, after all; so stay attached."

He finally turns back to Bobbi. taking another sip of his coffee. "Good plan. Is it safe to assume you've cleared Director Carter's office?"

With that, there comes a meaningful look.


Bobbi watched Skye take off with a hint of amusement on her lips, and she looked down at her coffee mug. Even the 'Ma'am' earns humor to her gaze, even if she doesn't show it right off. She lets the young man go without further comment before she turns her gaze back to Coulson as he addresses her. "I did. All the files are exactly as I found them." She met his gaze evenly.

"Is there anything else, sir?"


Alex gives Coulson a nod. Should he salute? See, this is where training would come in handy. He looks toward Bobbi, and offers another of the same, before turning to follow after Skye. "Wait for me!" He calls after her, breaking into a bit of a jog to catch up with the girl.

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