1964-01-03 - Murder Psy Wrote
Summary: Someone tried to steal from Psylocke. Someone's "gonna get a hurt, real, bad".
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It was a surprisingly warm Friday afternoon in Hell's Kitchen. There was snow on the ground, ice to be sure, but it was beginning to melt as the temperature rose. There were clear skies, and warm sun. Some of the snow had hardened and compacted, meaning it would take a few days of good weather before it would dissipate. Nelson and Murdock didn't have a lot of petty cash, but they had used some of it to salt the stairs to their office building, meaning it wasn't a treacherous walk. The worst thing in the world would be for a prospective client to injure themselves while attempting to a visit a law office.

Foggy Nelson was hard at work, sitting at his desk. There were a few documents strewn about. A cursory glance would suggest that the case related to an assault that allegedly took place on a movie set. Eric Stevens and Marshall Redman had got into some kind of an altercation, and Mr. Redman was suing. Eric Stevens had come to Nelson and Murdock as his defence. And while it was hardly their specialty, a case was a case. In truth, Foggy was convinced that it was really a case of no harm, no foul. They were both at fault. But he had to defend his client, even if he thought this was woefully overblown.

He had missed lunch, and his stomach growled through the white cotton shirt he wore. Today, he had one of class bowties, a blue and white tartan affair. Most men wouldn't be able to pull it off, but on Foggy, somehow it looked good. His suit was also blue, not an exact match for the bowtie, and thank god it wasn't tartan, but at least he was coordinated. Reaching out for his coffee, he accidentally knocked it over, and cried out in frustration, "gosh darn it! Not again!"

Karen was busy at her desk, filing away motions and checking to make sure prospective clients had filled out all their paperwork. Blue must be a thing today, because Karen's sweater dress was a deep blue knit, the colour bringing out the brighter blue of her eyes. Strawberry blonde was down today, ending in curls just below her shoulders, swinging as she sprung up from her desk to step in her heels to the doorway. "Foggy? Do you need a hand in here?" Her eyes find the coffee spill, biting the inner edge of her bottom lip. "Another coffee and some napkins, maybe?"

While Elektra didn't need to work, after a week of NOT working, she was going a little stir crazy. So, the woman has made a decision, and that is that she will do some *volunteer* work to keep herself from going totally insane. And where better to volunteer than a place she knows could use some help, and then she can keep an eye on Foggy even during working hours. So, though it's well into the work day, the woman finally comes to the offices to at least make her decision known.

Her high heels look entirely too expensive to even be setting foot in an office like this. Designer, Italian, they click hard on the tiled floor as she comes up to the dusty old door. She pushes it open without knocking, slender frame wrapped close in a long black coat trimmed with fox fur. She looks over the place with an arched brow, "…Oh, Franklin… we really need to work on your offices, don't we?" She calls through the place, not quite expecting anyone else to be present.

Psylocke had been robbed the other night.

Wait no… Some people attempted to rob Psylocke the other night. She didn't stop them, because a man in a blue/red set of pajamas had stopped them for her. But, he'd also stopped her from 'dealing with them'. She had not appreciated them attempting to steal from her and as such, she'd wanted to harm them… physically.

She had told a few people at her current job about this and they had told her that she might get legally punished if she had tried to harm citizens of the country, since she was not a citizen herself and was here legally… but fearful of being deported for defending herself, should she ever have to.

Betsy approached the law office and she stepped on the salty stairs and walked toward the doorway. She pulled it open, her dark violet hair flowing behind her in the wind. She was wearing a black wool longcoat, expensive looking, it was unbuttoned currently revealing a red shirt beneath and black slacks with black shoes.

Psylocke stepped in behind Elektra, just in time to hear the woman's quiet words spoken alloued. Her dark purple eyes stared at Elektra, but she said nothing… just stood back and waited to be tended to by whatever employees worked here.

The door swings open again, and a clearly blind man wearing opaque red glasses walks in. He's got a cane in hand, and a big box of pizza from the divy, dirty little spot across the street. It smells absolutely delicious, with the pleasing odor of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and thick onions baked in a spicy tomato paste that would just about make anyone start weeping.

"I brought pizz-"

Unfortunately, the blind man's cane gets firmly tangled up in Betsy Braddock's legs. He chokes, and the pizza box begins to tip.


Leaning to the left, he snatches the pizza box before it can fall to the ground, then falls up against the doorjamb awkwardly. "Um. Pizza."

Yes, folks. This is the other half of Nelson and Murdock. Not to be confused with the snazzily dressed Foggy, Matt is wearing a plain, grey wool trench coat, and the suit beneath is about as plain and classic as it can get. Fortunately, it's one shade brighter than screaming 'FBI AGENT', and the tie is at least a deep maroon, to match his shades.

Foggy held one soaked piece of paper in his left hand, and three pages stuck together in his right. They were already beginning to fall apart. That was probably the worst of it. And he looked up to see Karen, biting her bottom lip as she offered some help, "uh, yeah Karen, that would be great. Thank you." He was embarrassed and frustrated at the accident, but there wasn't any sense getting angry at himself. He just had to deal with it and move forward.

Standing up, he tried to clear his desk so that he could set the pages out. He moved his typewriter off the desk, and he had to struggle with the antique. It was heavier than it looked, and he struggled with the weight, but he managed to get it onto a nearby cabinet. Then he moved his lamp, but only after unplugging it. He didn't bend in a lady like manner, instead, doing it at the waist. Someone should really teach him about proper bending posture.

Once he got enough space to spread out the papers, he separated them in the hope that they would dry properly. And then he heard Elektra. Here? His heart began to race. Matt was expected to be back soon. How would he react to his ex showing up at the office? Leaving the papers for the moment, he rushed out to greet her, "yes, we really do. But, redecorating costs money, and our clients… generally don't have it."

Evidence of that was the fruit baskets, incredibly nice Persian rug on the floor, handmade, and a few other knickknacks that people had brought in compensation for legal services. The rug was Foggy's favourite. On more than one occasion Karen had caught him walking around barefoot on it when he thought he was the only one in the office.

Then, he noticed the purple haired Asian woman, and Foggy asked, "a friend of yours?" Yeah, she had heard that he had just admitted that their clients generally didn't have a lot of money. Awe Foggy, the master of the first impression. He also had some coffee stains on that white shirt of his. He hadn't noticed. But at least his bowtie was immaculate.

And when Matt outdoes him in the poor first impression department, Foggy can't help but smile, "I do hope you're a friend of Elektra's," he specifically says the name Elektra, so that Matt has every reason to 'know' who the black haired woman is, "because if you're not, he's supposed to be the smooth one. I'm the funny one." He then extends a thankfully clean hand to Betsy, "Foggy Nelson, that's Matt Murdock, this is Elektra Natchios, and she's Karen Page. How can we help you?" He's making introductions, pointing to each person in turn.

Karen turns to get coffee and clean up gear for Foggy, pausing with a slight widening of those startling blue eyes at the arrival of the two other women. "Welcome to the office, ladies. Can I get either of you some coffee?" She slides past them, relieving Matt of the pizza as she heads to the small kitchenette area. "Matt? Coffee?"

She'll get a stack of napkins and a small hand towel before she turns and slips back into Foggy's office to clean up that mess in short order. She tucks hair behind an ear, a delicate glint of gold, a modest pair of earrings. She's nowhere near as glamorous as the two ladies that have come into the office, and there's a faint stiffness to her shoulders, though she's not sure why.

The scent of pizza and the sound of the door opening behind her draws a look from Elektra's dark eyes. "…late lunch or early dinner? And please do not tell me you two sustain on pizza alone. Young lady…Karen, is it? Tell me they don't eat pizza more than once a week. It's like Columbia all over again." Columbia. Ah, she must be an old college friend, even if she looks so far out of the boys league it wasn't even funny. SHe has yet to take off her jacket, but she does unbutton it to reveal the designer suit beneath, a deep, bloody red and tailored to her subtle, toned curves.

"…I am not here for business, please, miss, go right ahead…" Elektra steps to the side, as if it were perfectly normally that she just visited them in their offices every day. She's content to watch and learn, that little, curious smile on her features as she looks to see how the trio handle this other achingly elegant woman who has come in the place. "Oh, and your hair is *fantastic*." She mutters to Betsy, as if she were sharing some sort of quiet secret.

Psylocke's purple eyes looked down at the floor where she saw a cane… gently flapping about between her booted feet. She did not move. She simply looked up and turned to look over her shoulder past her straight dark-violet hair. She stared at Matt's face, his covered eyes. She watched him nearly drop his box of food and made no attempt to help him recover it should it fall… but it did not fall.

She did, however, finally step off to the side to let the blind man enter… she wasn't so heartless as to just stand in his way after all. But, she said nothing to him. It was Foggy who ultimately garnered her attention, because he was the chatterbox-one apparently.

"'Smooth One' who almost drops lunch on floor. I find it doubtful." She says in a very thick Japanese accented voice. "She is not my friend." Psy said, glancing forward at Elektra, hearing the compliment from her about her hair. She nodded once. "It is wonderful, yes."

Betsy's purple eyes looked around at everyone and then back to Foggy… "I am here for legal counsel… I wish to murder someone and I want to know how I can get away with it in your country."

Psylocke took off her heavy wool coat then, her red shirt was sleeveless and backless all the way down to the top of her rear-end, it connected at the top somewhere behind her neck beneath her dark violet hair.

"Well… Murder someone, maybe harm others. Break their bones… perhaps cut parts of them off. Only parts they do not need though. That send the best message."

"I'm sorry, I-" Matt begins to speak, but then Karen is snatching the box of pizza from his hand, and Elektra is speaking. The blind man turns his head in her direction, and for a moment he simply stares; as best a blind man can, looking vaguely in her direction.

It's just like her, you know. To show up here, making shit awkward.

"I," he stammers again, before turning his head slightly at Karen's prompting. "What? Oh. Yes, coffee, sure." A pause. "Actually, Karen, I don't… think… coffee will go so well with pizza. Do we have any more of those… no, we don't. Just… water, please." Pause. "Thank you."

Matt pulls his cane in close, no longer really needing it inside his own office, but he doesn't move much beyond reaching over with scrawling fingers, and finding the doorknob. The door closes, perhaps just a bit too quickly, causing the venetian blinds adorning it to rattle a bit. "We really should get a bell," he murmurs in Foggy's general direction, before finally diverting his attention in Braddock's direction.

And at that remark, he actually chokes. A hand comes up to curl into a fist over his mouth, and he coughs once more to clear his throat. "Ah…" he interjects, and takes a step forward. A careful one. "Typically… things like that are generally… frowned upon in America."

Murdock's voice is quiet than most of the others, perhaps save Elektra. Beneath the awkwardly paced response, it bears a rich elegance that just might hint of the 'smoothness' Foggy is so fond of pointing out. That awkwardness fades abruptly, and before anyone else can put in their two cents, his tone gathers strength, positioning it above other voices. "Might I suggest we move this party into the conference room?"

He gestures to the left. It's not an office, but it's… not much of a conference room. The table is nothing fancy, but it can at least seat six comfortably.

Alright, let's not tell fibs. It'll be a bit cramped if they all choose to sit down, but there are at least six chairs.

Foggy is glad to have Karen. She's so much more than a secretary. She's a valuable member of the team, contributing with ideas, efforts, and making their duo into a trio. He imagines that Matt feels the same way. And she's a great secretary too. He doesn't even have to think about the details. Karen sees to them. Part of him feels a bit awkward, having her do the physical work. But he's a big believer that women are just as capable as men. It might not be a popular opinion, but it's one he's always held dear to his heart. He smiles at her between errands, glad to have her on the team.

"Late lunch for me," Foggy answers to Elektra, "And… not alone. We often eat it together." He was trying to make light of it, but yeah, pizza, hamburgers, deli, Foggy doesn't have the best of diets. Which is probably why he's carrying a few extra pounds. Not enough to be fat, but he could really benefit from some exercise, hitting the gym. Matt's promised to teach him karate. That might help with the weight. Foggy does have the wherewithal to ask, "may I take your coat?" And if allowed, he will carefully slip it off of Elektra's shoulders, and then hang it up neatly on the rack, next to his own jacket and overcoat.

He will also offer to take Betsy's coat, now that it's been removed, and if allowed, will place it on the rack with the other coats. He has trouble concealing his reaction when she openly admits to a desire to commit homicide. "We-we-well, that would be very illegal." He says, "breaking bones is… also illegal." With Matt and Elektra here, he wasn't too worried, but then he shot Elektra a look, wondering if this was what she was talking about from the other night?

Foggy nods to Matt's suggestion of a bell, but he's kind of taken aback by Psylocke's open admission to commit crimes. Technically, as she isn't a client yet, they are obliged to report her. Fortunately, such things are at their discretion, and they aren't meant to do so if it may endanger themselves.

Concurring with Foggy's suggestion, "Karen, can you set the conference room for five, pizza, coffee, juice," he thought they still had juice, "and water." He was inviting Elektra into this. He was still trying to help her act normal, and who knows, in this situation, she might be of help. Plus, he felt safer having her around. He blinked, staring off into space for a moment as he dwelt on that thought. He felt safer having Elektra around? How things change. He really did need to talk to Matt about it at some point.

Karen runs her tongue along her teeth before they grind at Elektra's address of her. "I try to keep them circulating with other ethnic take out. But they're New York born and bred; they can be funny about their pizza." Her chin lifts just that extra degree, before she stares at Betsy just a moment. There's a flutter of lashes, then she'll turn to look at Matt. Her gaze becomes less startled and more speculative, suspicious even, before it will leave him to dart back to the dark eyed woman.

"Water it is, then." She says softly as she sails past Matt. "Sure, Foggy." She'll move with efficient grace, to set up that conference room, shifting chairs a bit to a better configuration for five. She's not sure she intends on joining them, but will if asked. Her handwriting and shorthand is the best in the office, after all. "Are you sure I can't get either of you ladies something to drink?" She may not be in expensive designer clothes, but she refuses to let that bother her.

The purple haired woman's comments to the lawyers actually make Elektra openly laugh. She sounds delighted, if nothing else, completely amused by Betsy's question and, even more so, rather respectful of the woman's forwardness. "Now, this is a woman I could like. It's good to see someone who speaks their mind, but you should listen to the boys. They do have ever so many laws against that sort of thing in this country. You have to do it far more subtle than that, you know… Can't let it lead back to you." Elektra explains as if she killed people on a semi regular basis because, well… She probably does. Or has. It just doesn't seem to be an issue that phases her.

Then she catches that questioning look from Foggy, and she gives a silent shake of her head. This woman wasn't one of her's, not at all. Karen is then given a brief look and a slight chuckle. "Alright, first thing I am doing for this office, I'm ordering you one of those… Farm share things. Fresh vegetables. Fresh cheese. I'm sure you could all use it." She then follows along side with Karen, "Water is fine, but you do not have five hands. Here. I can help. Despite appearances. I can actually be useful." That last comment is given more towards Matthew than anyone, but she does genuinely seem willing to go help Karen get the water.

"Water." Psylocke said to Karen. She paused, then added. "Thank you, servant." She added to try to be nice.

Betsy then listened to the others and she moved toward this conference room after handing her jacket off to Foggy.

She found herself a chair and lowered herself into it to sit straight up in it. She was a tall Asian woman at almost 6'0" with shoes on, so even when seated she was quite high up. She waited for the others to come in and then spoke to Foggy, whom she had deemed the Leader of this operation, because why would a Blind Man be the leader? It makes no sense.

"Murder is not legal. But robbing a woman of my stature is?" She asked, glancing to Elektra. She nodded to Elektra, if she understood her desire to murder then Betsy would see eye-to-eye with the other.

"I am robbed at gunpoint, in broad daylight. And some man in pyjamas defends the criminals?" She glanced around at everyone. "This is what you Americans call… Birdshit!" She shouted that last word out, she meant Bullshit, but she got the animals confused.

"I want blood for this. Hot blood. Sizzling on cold stone street."

Shrugging out of his jacket, Matt follows the others, letting each of them enter before him. He is taking great care not to allow anyone to know just how keen his senses really are, so much so that it takes a moment or two for him to find a spare hook upon which to hang his coat. One thing he absolutely doesn't notice is that look Karen gave him. Some things just can't be seen, much less felt, smelled, or heard.

Elektra is certainly heard, though. "Elektra." He speaks the word as if scolding a younger sister, before claiming his seat. Opposite Betsy, by design.

For the moment, Murdock remains utterly silent. That, also, is by design. There are plenty of heads here to fill the room with dialogue, opinions… not to mention changes in heat from the skin, increasing and decreasing tempo of breathing; the smell one secrets when they sweat, or don't. And lets never forget the most telling trait of all: the beating of one's heart.

Oh, for the moment Matt is simply listening, paying careful attention, but his face never strays from where it's pointed: directly at Psylocke.

Foggy Nelson interjects, "yeah, once, she came back with something called Chicago Style… that wasn't pizza. It was good, but it wasn't pizza." He actually preferred it, but he refused to admit that to Karen, Matt, or anyone else. He was proud to be a New Yorker, and if there's one thing that New Yorkers knew, it was pizza. And as rich and beautiful as Elektra and Betsy were, he thought that Karen had every reason to consider herself their equal. She was a wonderful employee, and an even better person.

He wasn't too keen on how much of a liking Elektra was taking to Betsy. The purple haired woman didn't seem to be the best influence, and he was trying, after being asked, to help rehabilitate Elektra. She wanted to live a normal life. It wasn't normal to ask for legal advice about how to commit a crime. Though, he did have to admit it was wonderfully forward thinking to consult legal professionals first. If he were ever to commit a crime, he hoped he would have the sense to plan that far ahead. Wait, what was he thinking?

And was Elektra giving her advice? "Not helping," he tried to mouth to Elektra when Psylocke's back was turned. But he does smile at the mention of the Farm fresh thing. "Vegetables? Those are the little things that they surround your food with, right?" He was joking. He actually liked vegetables. And he loved cheese.

Foggy made a face when Psylocke referred to Karen as 'servant.' He was quickly developing a distaste for this woman, but then again, he didn't like Elektra at first, and, Matt was something of a human lie detector. If he approved of the woman, Foggy knew she was okay. So, he didn't immediately throw her out on her bottom. But he was trying hard not to let it show that she was grating on his good sensibilities.

At least she seemed to take him to be the leader. It was Nelson and Murdock, not Murdock and Nelson, after all. "Robbery is not legal. But then, neither is murder. And, it's um, er, bullshit." If she's going to swear, she might as well learn to do it properly. "Do you have any idea who attacked you?" Maybe they could resolve this by suing the robber, or attempted robber. A fine or even some light jail term might help calm the woman. All they had to do was find a lone robber in a city of almost eight million people…

When it comes time to be seated, he notes how Matt sits across from Betsy. He tries to engineer things so that he ends up sitting between Betsy and Elektra, with Karen between Elektra and Matt, and an empty seat between Betsy and Matt. He's very political in these matters, and it seemed to be the best use of resources.

Once everyone's seated, he'll ask, "if it's not too upsetting, why you take us through this attack, from the beginning, and please be as detailed as possible. Even the most insignificant detail could prove to be vitally important."

There is a light in those blue eyes that Matt should be glad he can't see when Betsy refers to her as a 'servant'. There's a slight toss of her hair, jaw clenching. "You'll have to excuse if my hands are too full to pull my forelock." It's mostly under her breath, but right now, she wouldn't mind Betsy being hauled off to jail for premeditated attempted murder, or whatever.

She shoots Foggy a look, and doesn't know why she sits between Matt and Elektra. But she doesn't want to Strangle Elektra after the woman helped bring in the waters, so she'll settle quietly.

Hands full of water, Elektra returns to the room and sets down two of the glasses, one before Foggy and the other for Betsy. Karen can get Matt his water. She then realises that they really are getting down to business and she knew she had no privilege where this situation was concerned so, really, it was respectful to step out. "Uh… considering I don't actually officially work here yet, I should step out before I hear something I shouldn't. But… miss, you couldn't have better lawyers. I promise you that. Karen, it was nice finally meeting you. Foggy has said great things. I'll be back tomorrow morning." Probably with a few new furnishings for the place to boot. With that, Elektra moves for the door there, giving them all one last smile, "Don't work too hard." ANd with that, the woman is out the door, leaving nothing the faint scent of sandalwood and black vanilla in her wake.

Having heard that Betsy has been robbed and was seeking legal counsel, Ororo had offered to accompany her. And then she got delayed and couldn't ride with her to New York. She's just now arriving, thankful that she thought to ask Betsy for the address to the lawyer's office. She likely could have been here sooner, but could not afford a taxi and had to alternate between subways and walking. It's been a long journey just to get here.

Psylocke sat still for a moment while everyone entered the room then and she looked across the table at Matt. The way Matt sat there seemed to make her uncomfortable; she couldn't put her finger on it. But she stared back at him… only to remind herself that he was in-fact blind, and not challenging her to a duel… but it really felt like a duel challenge…

Psylocke quietly spoke something in Japanese under her breath…

When the water was brought, Betsy (though Kwannon was fully in control at the moment while Betsy was shoved somewhere in the back of their shared mind likely tied up and gagged, in a mental-sort of way) accepted the water and sipped it.

"I will take some of that pizza. It smells good." She didn't care if was for her or not, none of them were eating it so she might as well ask for some, right?

Finally she started again. "Yes, I know who it was!" She said then to Foggy. "It was this -fat butcher- who work down the street from where they tried robbing me! His name is 'Benny' he is as fat as he is bald and stupid!" She was getting angry again. "I followed him to his work… Butcher shop is named 'Clark's Meats'" Now, leaning forward across the table at Matt. "I asked around. There is -no- Clark at Meats Shop. So even their stupid title is a lie."

She sipped her water again. "I will murder him tonight after dark. If you tell me how I can get away with it. I do not wish to try to hide a body, it is too much trouble." She looked from Foggy to Matt then. "Unless you want me just to cut off his fingers. That would ruin his Birdshit Business…" She paused, then whispered. "Bullshit…"

Psylocke had no idea that her friend from X's had finally arrived.

Worth noting; Matt Murdock will later be referencing his reference materials to determine just what Betsy muttered under her breath. No whisper is too quiet for him to hear, especially in such close quarters.

At mention of Clark's Meats, Matt turns his head in Foggy's general direction. "Mob?" he asks, quietly. After all, the Italians owned a lot of the businesses in this area. A good butcher shop is right up their alley, and it might say a lot about motive.

Back to Betsy then, and Matt reaches out carefully to find, curl his hands around, and lift his glass of water. He drinks slowly, suggesting a simple life, before setting the glass down again. "Here's what I can tell you about the American legal system," he offers, before leaning forward and folding his hands together. Following this is an intentional pause, a play to make sure he has all of their attention.

"First, there is the matter of attorney-client privilege." Matt spreads his hands for a moment. "Right now, this is the only thing that is protecting you from any one of us calling the police to report you on premeditation of murder." The hands become folded again. "Which, you've clearly stated is your intent. That intent must change. In point of fact, you haven't even provided us your name, which means, technically, we are obligated to report this, or else Mister Nelson and I risk disbarment."

Murdock leans back now, folding his arms across his chest. "Now, you are correct - it is a crime to rob you at gunpoint. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon can earn a heavy sentence in a court of law. Should you agree to let us represent you in this matter, then… you're protected by attorney-client privilege, and you can tell us how much you want to kill the son of a bitch until you're blue in the f…" He catches himself, recognizing that she might not recognize the turn of words. "Until you're out of breath. But first?"

He pauses when he hears another coming up to the door, and his head turns just so, before settling back upon Betsy. "Or… second, after agreeing to retain us as representation, this crime that was committed against you must be reported to the police. I'm… going on the assumption that you haven't, considering this whole cutting off fingers business. But, I'll tell you this; make a violent move against this grease ball, and we won't be able to win your case. You'll go to prison. For a very long time."

Foggy didn't want Elektra and Matt to start fighting, but he can't very well say that to Karen in this situation, so he's relieved when she sits between them, or at least, was going to be. Things change somewhat when Elektra withdraws from the proceedings. At least there's one less accelerant in the room now. He does chase after Elektra, saying, "excuse me," and has a brief word with her in the hallway, before she leaves the office. After that, he'll return, smiling and feeling a bit more confident than he did before.

Like Betsy, he will take a slice of pizza. It might not be very professional, but it'd be even less professional for the new client to hear his stomach growl. Plus, she took a slice. So he felt well within his right to take one for himself. Unfortunately, while he was chewing, he heard her say some things that made him cough. He coughed while trying to swallow. It wasn't pretty. At least he didn't spit any of it out, but he had trouble getting it down. Patting his chest, he said, "some of that went down the wrong pipe." Yeah, cover for it.

"It sounds like you have an idea of who this man is. There are legal alternatives to murder, or mutilation. You could press charges, and sue him personally… also, there may be a way to link it back to Clark's Meats." He wasn't keen on going after the employer, but he'd rather launch a bad lawsuit than see someone murdered or mutilated on his watch. What had become of them if they were attracting clients like this?

And what was a supermodel doing talking about murder? He eyed Matt for a moment, wondering if Betsy were another ex of Matt's that he didn't know about. Those two were making eyes at each other, and it was all the more impressive for the fact that Matt was blind. He still didn't understand how he… worked, just that he wasn't blind like other blind people. He was special.

Returning Matt's attention at the mob reference, "could be." Foggy says. "I'll look into it." He knew someone who would be able to confirm that, and sometimes it was easier for the guy with sight to ask those sorts of questions. Matt could gather more information, but through different means. Ones that really couldn't come up in the 'conference room.'

It was nice that Matt was bringing up the seriousness of Betsy's statements. He had been clinging to the fact that she was by all appearances, a foreigner, unfamiliar with their legal system, and a prospective client. He was trying to talk her out of this path, and if it took some… mental somersaults, he was going to try and accommodate her. Not in allowing her to murder someone, but in allowing him to reconcile his duty to the court with his duty to a fellow human being. She was in trouble, of that he had no doubt. But he wasn't sure what trouble it was.

And at Matt's comments about becoming their client, Foggy asks Karen softly, "Karen, can you get us a standard contract?" Then he'll turn to Betsy, "Even if you don't wish for us to proceed against this man, you really should sign a standard contract with us. All we need is a dollar as a retainer, and that would save you, Mr. Nelson, Ms. Page, and I, a considerable amount of legal trouble. In this country, failure to report someone who has admitted their intention to commit a crime is itself a crime."

Karen had a notepad out and pen at the ready, but… well, she's not a client yet. She doesn't dare take down anything. "Of course." She rises, hands smoothing down her dress as she moves to the filing cabinet, extracting the standard contract that she's made neat copies of, all separated and held in singularity by paper clips. She's not entirely sure how she feels about this…

Psylocke listened to what both Nelson & Murdock had to say to her and it just made her sigh at their reluctance to do things her way. "I am -trying-." She says back at them. "Do you not see how exhausting this is for -me-?" She went a bit bug-eyed when she sayd the 'me' part. "This is me -being nice-" Another heavy sigh and she leaned back in her chair and pulled the long wealth of shiney black/purple hair over her right shoulder to let it drape down her chest and stomach.

"Name is Elizabeth Braddock." Psy said softly then, which would seem weird potentially since she both looked Asian and sounded Asian but that was not an Asian name.

"I will hire you. I am model. I am in big deal. First issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine is out this year. I am cover." She told them both, eyeing Karen wehn the woman got up. "She good employee. You give her raise. After, you help me."

"You two." She pointed at Matt and Foggy. "Funny Man and Glasses. Tell me what I do to be 'right' then. How do I get revenge?"

Psylocke heard the door knock and she 'felt' Storm's presence on the psychic power that she was always trying to suppress. "My friend is here, at your door. She is beautiful and kind. Let her in. Give her pizza and water." Another Psy-sigh then.

Finally, Matt proves that he knows how to smile. It's proven that there is empathy behind those opaque shades, and his posture leans forward again, more friendly now. "We can see," he tells her, not at all acknowledging the glaringly obvious fact that he can't see. "And one thing we don't want to see is the cover of Sports Illustrated getting picked up for murder."

Knowing that Karen and Foggy are about to be busy with paperwork, he scoots his chair back at the prompt, and reaches for his cane again. Keeping it in hand, but not needing it in the office he knows so well, he goes to the door and opens it. "Ma'am? Hello, Matt Murdock. I believe your friend, Elizabeth, is here?"

Not for the first time, Foggy is glad to have Karen as their secretary. She put up with Betsy's attitude, and appeared to be the most professional person in the office. She never spilt her coffee or nearly dropped a pizza like the two 'partners' did.

But this Elizabeth Braddock was a tough one to read. He could swear there was more at play, he just couldn't put his finger on it. Too much about her didn't add up. But he could definitely understand why she was going to be on the cover of, did she say Swimsuit magazine? He hadn't heard of that before, but with her on the cover, he'd probably pick up a copy, or five. Poor Matt, he couldn't appreciate such things. And then Foggy reminded himself, this was exactly the kind of woman that Matt frequently dated. Poor Foggy, he was lucky to get their friend with the 'great personality'.

When Karen returned with the documents, Foggy looked over them, "this is a standard attorney contract, which signifies your intention for Nelson and Murdock to represent you in legal matters." He'll explain some of the finer details, but it's all boiler plate stuff. Once he's done with the lay version of the legal jargon, he'll point to areas she has to sign, making an 'x' by them, and handing her a pen.

While she's looking it over and hopefully signing it, he'll go on to explain, "you can press charges, you can sue him personally, and… there may be a way to go after his place of employment, however, that is more of a long shot. This man hurt you. You can hurt him, but in a legal manner. Trust me, he won't enjoy any part of this." He's not sure who Matt's talking to, or how they know Elisabeth, but it was always nice to have new clients, or prospective clients.

Ororo is standing outside, and offers the man a smile when he answers the door. "Mr. Murdock, hello." Her African accent is very apparent, but her English is more than good enough to be completely understandable. "She is? I am glad of it. May I come in?" There's an odd bit of hesitation in that last question, as if she's almost expecting the man to tell her no and close the door in her face.

Psylocke sighed and she took the contract and began to sign it. "Fine." She quietly said. "Do it your way. Though if nothing comes of it, I will be very cross with both of you." She scribed her name down in flawless handwriting and then pushed the contract across the table and went back to smoothing her hair out.

"Ororo!" Betsy called out to her friend in the main room. "These men are knowledgeable. You have come to the right place!" She announced in a somewhat unorthodox way of communicating. She hadn't even visually seen Ororo yet, so it might be odd how she'd been so sure that it was her friend out there.

"Slay him." Psylocke said to Foggy, staring at him. "And I will be grateful." She stared long and intently at him… her purple eyes lingering on Foggy's face. Womanly wiles in overdrive?

Matt is already moving out of the way to allow Ororo entry. "Of course," he answers, though for a moment, he pauses, and does a very small double take in Ororo's direction. "Of course, this is 1964, not… not Lee's boot camp." He motions for Ororo to help herself inside. "Miss Braddock is speaking with Fo.. Franklin Nelson, my partner. And a much better attorney than I…"

A pause. Did he just hear…

"… am."

Another pause. "We have pizza and drinks, as well, if you're hungry. Please, after you."

Looking perhaps understandably confused, Ororo steps into the office with a smile of thanks to Matt for inviting her in. She's unfamiliar with the odd manner of cane he's carrying so doesn't yet suspect that he can't see.

"Thank you, Mr. Murdock. I know my friend B—Elizabeth sought your office for help with an unfortunate incident, but I was hoping to request your assistance on something unrelated." She steps forward a bit more confidently once she sees Betsy, even if she wordlessly declines the offers of pizza and drinks.

Psylocke is in the conference room talking to Foggy about what to do next. She doesn't seem terribly pleased with his 'safe'and 'legal' advice, but she seems to be complying with it all, reluctantly and loaded with heavy psy-sighs and disgruntled sound effects.

Foggy was relieved when Psylocke signed it. He checked to make sure everything had been signed, then handed it to Karen, who would file it in the right place. He did seem a little shocked, looking at the doorway when Psylocke called out to her friend. He wasn't sure how she did that, but then, he was starting to get used to these strange coincidences.

But when Psylocke stared him, so long and intently, her eyes lingering on him, he felt a stirring. He was a red blooded man. But things had changed for the man in the bowtie. He was in a different place than he had been recently. And he was able to withstand her feminine wiles. There either was someone, or more likely, he had the hope that there could be someone. "We'll do our best."

As Ororo approaches, Foggy rises. It was respectful for a man to rise whenever a woman entered a room. The only exception he made was Karen, but that was because she worked for them, and it was her job to come in and out of the room. Otherwise, he would have granted her the same courtesy. In fact, he did at first. Then he decided against it after she insisted that he do so. "Hello, my name is Franklin Nelson." And he extended a hand to the new arrival.

"Oh?" asks Matt. He moves the cane aside and steps out of the way, perhaps more so than is needed. "Well, I'm… sure we can accommodate." He follows Ororo in, smiling as Foggy introduces himself, and then gestures toward one of the empty chairs. "So, Miss Braddock, here's how this works. We'll ask you some questions regarding the details of the crime, which we will prepare and record for the courts." A deposition, but… she probably doesn't know what that means. "And we'll need you to file a police report. And… please. Leave out all the stuff about… just… stick with the facts of what happened. In fact, Foggy or I will accompany you there."

Ororo finally pulls the gloves off of her hands and reaches to shake Mr. Nelson's hand. "A pleasure, Mr. Nelson." She does take the indicated seat, but considering the severity of Betsy's legal trouble, she opts to not put her own request on the table. Not yet.

Psylocke slammed her fist down on the table then and she looked at them both. "Find man in blue and red pyjamas! He knew the name of the many who attacked me… this _Benny_!" She said to them then. "Thats my witness! All I need is witness, right? Then we give this Benny the electric chair!"

She sighed heavily and shook her head. "I'll file police report. No big deal. I've been down there already. Cop at counter stares at me like he's never seen woman before. He'll do whatever I say." She said this with a large amount of disdain in her voice. "I told him I wanted lawyers first. Now I have them. So fine. I go back to Police…. but… I wish I had the man in the blue and red… Stupid monster, protecting criminals…"

"The pleasure is all mine," Foggy insists to Ororo. He will ask her name, since he didn't get it, before joining in with Matt. It would seem that Elisabeth doesn't mind Ororo being present, and they haven't actually started anything. As professional as Foggy and Matt try to be, at times, they can fairly informal about such things, probably more Foggy than Matt. Plus, this is all basic. There's nothing confidential that should be said at this time, not yet anyway. And if all goes well, they may get Ororo as a client as well.

It was truly a dream of Foggy's, to one day help the helpless, protect the innocent, stand up for justice, and earn a nice living doing it. Everything but the last part had proven easy, but the pay, well, at least in their office, it flat out sucked. But he wasn't bitter. It was incredibly rewarding. Just, not the kind of rewards that you can exchange for goods or services.

He jumped at the ferocity of Psylocke's attack on their conference table, or, what they generously liked to refer to as a conference table. "Blue and red pyjamas doesn't really narrow it down in this city. There seem to be… a lot of people who dress up in garish costumes. Can you remember any other details about him? What did he do? What could he do? How tall was he? Was there a logo?"

She was probably right about the cop. Foggy imagines most men, who could see, would do anything Psylocke asked, just because she smiled at him. "Either Mr. Murdock or myself should accompany you when you visit the police station."

"Listen," Matt says, and gestures toward his office. "I'm going to go over a few things in my office, see if I can't get a bit of a refresher on a few things. Foggy, can you handle things from here?" He reaches over to find the box of pizza, his hand moving along the table until he finds the cardboard. Then, as soon as he finds the food, he slips a finger beneath and claims a slice of pizza for his own.

"You ladies are in good hands," He tells them. "Trust me; he's the better attorney."

With a smile, Matt excuses himself and makes for his office.

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