1964-01-05 - Supplies on the Wrong Side of Town
Summary: Lorna makes a supplies delivery to mutant town and runs into Raven.. among others.
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It was a minor humanitarian effort. Quite frankly, the world has gone to shit. Those who lived in Mutant Town couldn't afford to leave the country or the city; in fact, they weren't even thought about when the proverbial walls fell and giants tried to ice the city. Raven remained as a willing sentry. Putting Cain and Madrox to work with a round of killing and dragging bodies off to be either burned or melted, however you dispose of those big shits..

..and while killing happened in Mutant Town, it was just a job.
..Cain and Madrox did it well.

Raven took to the rooftops, foot perched, gun rested, giants sniped. And when everything was said and done, the little ones actually rejoiced at the blue woman who did not hesitate when it came to getting a job done. Morality aside, she wasn't the one who heard the word jump and asked how high. She gave the orders and marched right on in…

But today was a mild day of celebration. It was Laura's birthday. The little mutant who wasn't blue but pink, who had ears like a little elf and tiny wings that were upon her back. They weren't webbed like a bat; but she was a monarch butterfly realized, even though the colors themselves didn't fit the theme but she was Raven's favorite. Even though there was a quiet chill in the area, tiny little generators heated the fence. And never mind Jack, the man of fire, who roasted himself in the middle of the street as he carefully read a book that was held out by Steve, Steve who was his little brother, not a mutant, but held the book outright and turned the pages while he kept the area hot.

It didn't feel like summer? But it -worked-.

There was even a tiny little band made up of mutants whom Raven coerced (read: paid) to play a few songs to little Laura's liking. All childhood themed.

Food was delivered as well, the decorated table was fitted with an abundance of food, tents hanging over to keep the errant wind from blowing. It was high noon. And the area itself? Filled with laughs.


The Spring Semester was due to start up once again at the Frost Institute, and Lorna had taken her time to return to the city proper.. Which still by and large had been rebuilt in the more affluent neighborhoods, but was still half finished or less than half finished in other parts. So she had returned to her volunteer work. It had been a small thing before, but had gained her father's approval.. which instantly made it that much more important to young mutant.

Though her hair had been dyed back to brown, away from the obvious green, Lorna still tucked on a winter cap that fit snugly around her ears. As she had her driver's license, she'd taken up the shelter's offer to deliver various necessities to mutant town. No one else particularly wanted to go there, and with Lorna's acceptance of her own powers, it seemed slightly less nerve wracking to go..

Or it would've been if Lorna had ever been there before. Within a few minutes of arriving she found herself not finding the expected drop off, but instead seemed to have wandered into something else entirely. The deliver truck was carefully locked up behind her as she wandered through tents and laughter. Her green eyes wide with curiousity as she kept to the fringes, trying and failing to spot anyone that so much as looked to be part of the humanitarian relief group she'd signed on with..


And Madrox has pie. A little plate of it, and it has made him the happiest man in all the land. He'd done his part trying to keep the chaos at bay, clean up the mess and keep the denizens of this little quarter from meeting a terrible fate, and this pie? This was his reward. And it's delicious.

Of course, there's more than one Madrox. He's in fine form today, doing his best to let the unpleasantness of the past weeks be forgotten. Variously, there are a couple Madri playing with the children, a one-man-snowball-fighting team, and another performing card tricks (poorly) for the amusement of some others. But it's the one with the pie who stands with Raven, obviously the prime. "Always a soft spot for the little ones, hey Aunt Raven?"


Cain has taken up the stoop of one of the brownstones in the neighborhood, the kind that's normally occupied by a pack of kids kicking it after school. Cain, of course, takes up the whole damn thing by himself, stairs and all. He has a few beers and a cigar where he sits, watching the festivities for the little one.

Raven assured him this sort of thing, community relations and shit, was a good idea. He didn't mind the grub, but he didn't much care for the people. He could fight for the rights of mutants while not actually wanting to be friends with any of 'em. He couldn't stand most of his own family, much less a bunch of local freaky deaks just cause they had an extra leg growing outta their ass or somethin'.

His wary eyes take not of Lorna, if only because she doesn't seem to quite belong. She looks lost. Not the neighborhood to get lost in. He tries to make eye contact with Raven and nod her towards the strange chick.


Freak flags were flown this day. There was a mutant who wasn't too obviously a mutant, until he turned to allow his 'brother' to see the festivities. There was a face upon the back of his head. There was also a mutant who was too small, yet his feet were possibly bigger than Cain and the way he cut a rug near the band would make anyone think twice about his ability to move. There was even a mutant who clearly was missing her arms, who even sported a lopsided face but she was being wooed by Too-Tall Jones who wasn't too tall, no, he was too short. She had to bend just to get upon his level. This day was great.

Raven did not miss the arrival of the delivery truck, it was met with a little apprehension. In fact, she was ready to go guns blazing for the simple fact that there -were- still mutant's missing. That was hung upon the back of her mind.. that also made her want to get a move on in an approach. "You should know.." She murmurs quietly towards Madrox, one arm slung along his shoulder, bringing him in to a half hug as she leans in to whisper into his ear. 'High noon, surround the girl.'

A glance was given towards Cain, catching his eye and redirecting it towards Lorna, a tilt of her head given in Lorna's direction as she draws away from Madrox to cut a path towards the seemingly lost girl.


Lorna was occupied with watching the festivities, yes she was staring, yes it was rude. But beyond the Frost Institute or Xavier's she had never seen a gathering of mutants quite so openly. And decidedly none that couldn't pass as human in the least. So she gaped, brows furrowed as she shifted on her chilled toes and shuffled her hands into her jacket pockets to keep her fingers warm. For all her sheltered life, she'd never known the struggles or hardships of other mutants, and it showed in her new, clean clothes and wide eyed demeanor. It was obvious she didn't belong..

Still, oblivious, she missed the fact that she was being surrounded, at least not until it was obvious that she was infact, very pointedly surrounded. Then she squeaked softly, a small jump in her step as she sent a wide eyed glance around.


It's a rare moment of affection between Raven and her adopted nephew. Well, not officially adopted, but that's been their relationship since he was a kid. He returns the half-hug, a smile on his face. Could be for show. Could be the pie, as much as anything though. It's not long after the signal is given that a few of the Madri 'in the field', so to speak, break from whatever they're doing to move closer to the party's new arrival. He doesn't swarm, doesn't rush, but one by one there are multiple men (ha ha, see what I did there?) surrounding the new girl, ready to make a move a moment's notice (not that kind of move, come on people). Madrox himself, the prime, finishes up the last bite of his cherished dessert and watches the woman Raven has made a bee-line for. A hand moves to the inside of his jacket, grasping the weapon concealed inside; you know, just in case. A moment later, his own steps carry him toward her, to join his 'brothers' in their loose circle around the woman.


Cain doesn't regard much of anyone except Raven as family. Chuck, maybe, but they weren't exactly on speaking terms and, if they were, the speaking would mostly involve Cain swearing a lot, punctuated by occasional collateral damage.

He moves last, simply because he's hard to miss. Subtle movements don't go very far when you're pushing eight feet in height. His massive frame raises from where he sits, casting his shadow forward as he steps up to cut off another avenue of escape. Not sure what was going on yet, but no reason not to be cautious.


It was a good thing that most of the children and adults were preoccupied with their own. Though most seem to know that when the blue woman moves, it's usually with a purpose that had nothing to do with them even if they themselves choose to step out of line. While it was clear to most that Raven was armed, it became of something of a social norm. A social norm that Raven would possibly have to show towards Lorna if she decided to make the wrong move..

..shot to the knee..
..or maybe the back.

"It is oh so very clear that you do -not- belong." Raven finally speaks out, standing near the pinnacle of the point of egress. "And we do not take kindly to gawking.." In this form, it was hard to tell where those yellow eyes moved, but they were resting plainly upon Lorna. "The way I see it, you have three choices, little girl. You could either tell us whats in the van and let us have a look-see, hand over the keys.." She takes a little step forward.. ".. or be fed to the big man at my right. And he hasn't had longpig in ages.."


Lorna blinked, and gaped even more if possible at the sight of the blue skinned woman. She'd heard of her from Josh, knew that she was the definitive lead of the 'Brotherhood' via his attempts to explain to her what the group was about. Even still, it took a long moment for her to process exactly what was going on and then she seemed to struggle with containing her fear of being closed in on with trying to explain herself.

Finally, her gaping settled and she stood up somewhat straighter. Her lip was dragged between her teeth as she bit at dried skin there in a nervous habit. "I know, it was rude, I'm sorry. But I just.. I was supposed to drop off supplies from the shelter in the city proper. No one else was willing to drive the supplies over and I said I'd do it." She mumbled, her voice soft but at least it didn't shake too terribly.

The blue skinned woman's step forward had her backing up a step, shying away somewhat. She struggled to control her breathing, releasing it slowly from a sharp inhale. Her hands clenched in the safety of her pockets but nothing else happened for a long moment. Then she pulled out the keys from her pocket, holding them out with a white knuckled hand.


It's one of the duplicates which steps forward to snatch the keys out of Lorna's hand, without a word. He heads toward the van and moves to open the door, to investigate. If it blows up.. well, that would suck. But at least it's not Jamie himself, right? "Well, with everything going on recently, you can understand our paranoia, right darlin'?" Jamie speaks up; not the one going to the van though. "All these mutants in one place, makes for a prime target, doesn't it? Parties like this tend to be by invitation only." The Madrox who had approached the van spends a few minutes rummaging around, and emerges shortly thereafter, unscathed. "All clear," he says simply, moving back toward Lorna, ostensibly to return the keys. "It checks out. Doesn't look like we need to resort to any kind of cannibalism today."


Cain just looms. He's a specialist in looming. He looms like an absolute motherfucker. Shadowcasting, mean looks, intimidating standing - he's pretty much cornered the market. So that's what he does. He'll let the others talk. He'll just loom.


"Oh, did you?" She asks slightly, taking that step forward to cross the distance. Raven seeks to back Lorna into a corner, though if that didn't work, she'd settle for invading her space. After all, Raven liked doing things up close and personal. She waits until Madrox.. well, one of them steps from the van, her eyes watching him faintly, then glancing back towards Cain to gesture towards the keys once more, just so that he could look through the items that needed to be delivered. "I suppose we can take that load off of you. But naturally, before we distribute, it needs a thorough check."

Then she takes a step back, her arms folded behind herself as she waits like a sentry for the job to be done. "Tell me. What is your name."


Lorna backed up until she couldn't back up anymore, her back meeting up with the brick of the building behind her as Raven crowded in on her. She stared upwards as Raven invaded her personal space, and swallowed a hard lump of fear that stole her breath and made her throat dry. If the keys rattled slightly in Maxdrox's grip, it was slight, and possibly overlooked easily, keys rattle in one's hands after all.

Then her attention swung back to Raven briefly, as the woman stepped back and she bit her lower lip hard. "Lorna. Lorna Dane.." She mumbled, heat crossing her cheeks. "And I know who you are, you're the leader of the Brotherhood. Josh told me about you, and I saw the newspapers." She added, her voice still shaky, but there was some attempt to regain control of it at least.


Cain takes the keys and goes to inspect the load. He'll let Raven worry about whether the girl belonged or not - Raven would bleed the chick right in the streets if it turned out she was on the wrong side of the fence. In the meantime, he could see if shit had been tampereed with and, in case of bomb or other such shit, he was pretty much the safest person to be around it.


At least two Madri follow Cain to help him look through the load, all the while Raven remained in front of Lorna, successfully backing her into that proverbial corner though added with a slight smile. It was only slight. For as Lorna speaks, Raven moves closer again, a gloved hand striking out to plant upon the side of the poor girls head, a little lean created as she uses the brick masoned wall to keep herself upright. One foot kicks up in front of the other, as a red brow arches ever so slightly.

"There could be only two reasons as to why Josh had spoken to you about the Brotherhood. He either suspects or knows that you're a mutant and wants you to join, or you're someone he's attempting to scare." She sizes her up just then, taking in every inch of the woman as if she were salt in her hand. "You -are- very pretty. But I know for certain that you're not his type." Raven tries to at least reach to touch Lorna's chin, wanting to lift it as if she were inspecting. (Well, she was.) "So which is it?"


Raven would find little resistance to grabbing Lorna by the chin and tilting her head up to inspect. A delicate jaw bow, nose and cheekbones, which had been compared to her father's on more than one occasion. Green eyes screw up in fear and she trembled as she tried to press back against the brick and disappear. She trembled, she whimpered.

And then the car creaked and all the metal in the surround area lurched toward Lorna and Raven. Then stopped just as abruptly. The slight girl was struggling to slow her breathing, but it worked, and despite her obvious fear, her breathing wasn't the short and quick pants it had been. In and out. In and out.

It took her perhaps, longer than Raven desired to answer. "I'm a mutant. Please just leave me alone, I was just trying to help people out!"


Cain watches the metal around them warp. He doesn't necessarily understand that it's just metal or that it is tied specifically to the girl,l but he can follow the direction of where the warp aims, "Huh. Well, that's either messy or useful. Probably both," he says. He resumes his inspection, though, flexing his oversized shoulders. If Raven wants the little punk knocked flat, she'll give the signal. Till then, no use getting agitated.


Perhaps Raven noticed the familiarity there. Perhaps not. But the crook of her fingers were extended to a firm press underneath the jawline, lifting, tilting left and right to see if she could spy obvious signs of a different breed, an obvious mutation. But once that metal creeks, a visible shift of her yellow eyes darts towards it, once towards the girl, and back to the car again, her hand slowly withdrawing as she retains that closeness, her ear tilted to the girl, watching as her chest rise and falls in tune with the breathing that she does here.

"Then let me let you in on a little secret, Lorna Dane." Raven starts, her tone low. She wasn't going to leave her alone, not just yet. "You come into mutant town, appearing -normal-, you stop. You stare. You gawk." She pauses just enough to let those words hang in the air. "Don't." She then lowers her hand, lightly tugging at the coat collar that the girl wears. "You dress in fine clothes, have your hair done up all nice. You smell.." She even leans in to take a sniff. ".. like you come from money. But we all know people like you. People who can pass for being human, people who come from privilege.." She snaps the girls collar, then fixes it right back into place. "Looking down on those who are so obviously different that cannot hide." Her skin ripples, it was just an effect, she doesn't outright change in front of her, but she seemingly does grow just a little bit taller. "Next time?" She says, her brows lifted. "Do try to fit in." She pats the girls shoulder then, letting up out of her personal space. "Trust me. There are a lot of worse things out there than me. And they look just like you. And these mutants in this little subdivision? They're aware of it too."


Lorna could hardly breathe as Raven spoke, her gaze held in rapt attention at the blue woman before her. She flinched at each tug and snap on the collar of her jacket, her eyes screwing shut each time as she kept her spot pressed back against the wall. Then her eyes snapped open as Raven pats her shoulder and steps back a space, and she sucks in a sharp breath followed by a shaky exhale.

"I was here to help, I came here with supplies, no one else was willing to do it, for obvious reasons." Her voice quivered only slightly.

"And I have to dye my hair to fit in. I wasn't looking down on anyone either, I was .. I just.. I'd never seen so many mutants just being themselves and.. and happy." She looked down at her feet, lips pursed together briefly. Then her head lifted and she threw her hand out, tugging on the keys to the car in the door. They flew to her outstretched hand and she scowled slightly at Raven.


Cain slowly moves over until he's standing behind Raven. He makes an entire backdrop, his chest as wide as the front of a semi, his thick brow furrowed as he stares down at Lorna. "Appreciate it, but if ya expect grovellin' or credit, this ain't the place t'get it. Folks ain't here to be happy or be themselves. They're here because if they lived most anywhere else, chances are they'd get their throats slit in the night or get the house burned down around their ears. Sometimes by friends an' family alike," he says.

"This ain't some feel good ho down. It's a chance for folks with barely a shred o' hope to try'n feel alive fer a few minutes. So yeah, strangers bearin' gifts get suspicion. Suck it up, buttercup," he says. "Load's clean," he informs Raven.


Raven says nothing, those few steps back into the shadow that was created by Cain's looming allows her eyes to lift upon the bricks. As he speaks his words, her arms fold upon her chest as she watches the girl who held contempt. Even the keys. How could anyone miss that? Though her mind was working, the gears were turning..

"Telekinetic or does the metal call to you?"

Whether the question was answered or not, her arms drop down towards her side, her hand lifting to issue a few series of snaps in the form of morse code towards the Madrox's that gathered. "Unload the truck. Let's help our little mutant friend out by giving her a helping hand." Once the many men of one man begin to move, she watches Lorna carefully. "It's a damn shame you have the ability to hide where others don't have the luxury. You should possibly learn to be comfortable in your own skin."

Says the one who isn't, and hates herself for that fact alone.


Lorna's scowl deepened at Cain, but she refrained from a retort, green eyes narrowed faintly as he loomed tall and obvious behind Raven. Yet as the blue skinned woman spoke, the teen turned her gaze that way instead.

"It's the magnetic fields around the metal. It's inherited." She offered and the other side doors of the truck opened as she waved a hand toward them. The movement was a bit forceful, the doors swinging open and bouncing slightly as a result.

"I go to a school that's mixed. I can't go out and about with my natural hair." She muttered tightly, "Not unless I want to get harassed." She pursed her lips together briefly as moved toward the truck unless otherwise stopped.

"I volunteer and help where I can because it's the right thing to do, not because anyone would thank me or something." She exhaled a sharp breath, glancing back to Raven. The truck had emptied out fast with many hands at work and she peered into the back, partly surprised.


Cain snorts, "Ooooooooooh, inherited. We got an heiress in our midst. Get out the fuckin' hors d'ouvres," he says, going and starting to help unload, casually shoving aside anybody who gets pushy trying to get to their share, "Awright, hol' yer damn horses."


"Inherited?" She asks. The girl carried the same powerset as Erik.. could she be? Raven has to look at her again, even squint her eyes, tilt her head just so.. "I know someone with that skillset." Does she suspect? Possibly not. But since the Madrox's were on the move, she cracks a little whistle, her hand lifting to twirl in a circle to gain their attention.

"Take the boxes to the community center for distribution." The men move, nearly falling into line, some bitching and others following along with the rabble as kids hang upon their arms and swings about. The party was still going on..

"Given that this is a moderately free country, you have a pass, Miss Lorna Dane.." Raven finally says, her hands shoved within her pockets as she watches the entirety of mutant town.. those at play, those currently working..

"Make yourself at home if you feel. And thank you."


Lorna shot Cain another glower, but as Raven spoke and the truck was cleared, Lorna started shutting the doors. Manually. Then she paused and glanced back toward the blue skinned woman. Her sour expression faded some what as she paused on the lip of the truck's side door. "Yeah, everyone does, he was on the news fighting off those giants." She jumped down the from the truck for a brief moment.

"And he's my father. Only thing that linked us to figure it out was my powers." A pause as she considered Raven again, luckily, the teen found it easy to forgive people. The thank you earning a faint smile.

"You're welcome. I'll likely be back again, since I'm the only one willing to drive supplies over here.." She arched a brow and then climbed back into the truck, the door shutting behind her as she started it up and made to leave.


Lorna's words hit home in the worst way. She supposed that she had to go back sooner or later. But this? This was a good a reason as any, she had left them on bad terms and now it was time to return on equal footing. In fact, the thought of it all just made her laugh. And laugh loud. The irony of it all!

She follows Lorna towards the truck, her hand pressed against the door as she slightly shakes her head.

"You tell Erik that I said hello. And that I'm watching."

With that said, she bangs her hand twice upon the door, an old truckers signal for Lorna to get going. The doors were shut, no one was behind her, she was free to back up and leave without cause for concern.

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