1964-01-07 - Welcome to SHIELD
Summary: Brian Braddock visits S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters for the first time and learns of an invasion by… lizards?
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Brian Braddock's 1963 silver Aston Martin DB5 Convertible was parked outside the Chinese resteraunt. He'd have to find a better place to park it in future, but for now, that was fine. He had come here with Daisy "Skye" Johnson, but she had made herself scarce, as she seemed to actively avoiding someone. But the recent transfer was here. He was in S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. And he had no idea what to do.

Descending the stairs, which took some measure of luck, as they weren't really built for someone of his height, Brian took in his surroundings. He looked for a guide map, directions, or some idea of where the Director's office should be. He imagined that checking in with the C.O. would be a prudent first move, but for now, he just looked at his new 'home' and was surprised at how… quaint, it seemed.

Bobbi climbed the stairs from the labs, coat slung over her shoulder and an empty coffee mug in hand. Blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and a standard Shield uniform beneath the lab coat. Blue eyes landed on the man lingering in the hall looking lost and she arched a brow upwards.

"Hey, need some directions stranger?" She called, waving a hand as she approached him, an easy smile on her face and languidness to her step that belied a trained operative.

Currently Carol is sitting at one of the desks in the bullpen, putting the finishing touches on a report from the looks of it. She is definitely not a secretary, considering that 1) she's wearing a field agent uniform and 2) she is apparently a master of the five-finger-hunt-and-peck technique of typing.

When Brian arrives in the bullpen, she blinks a little, and then notices Bobbi is talking to him. She waves over towards Bobbi, then finishes the final report and puts it in the Outbox with a flourish, "Aha! Victory is mine! Someone fetch me the finest coffee and donuts from throughout the land!" Kicking back in her chair, she looks rather pleased with herself.

Not long after Agent Morse cleared the Director's office, Phil Coulson moved in. It was a temporary measure, one he didn't truly care to take; convinced that Peggy Carter is still alive, he'd have preferred maintaining his desk at the back end of the bullpen, but SHIELD needed leadership right now.

Stepping out of the Director's office, Coulson seems tired. Had it not been for the tan he'd earned during his last assignment, one might have considered him a bit pale, but it's likely only Bobbi would notice. After a moment's hesitation, he makes a beeline for the coffee maker, smirking to himself as he goes. "There's plenty of pork fried rice upstairs," he remarks, while pouring himself a cup. Only then does he turn toward Carol, and tips her a mock salute. "Colonel Danvers. Good to see you back."

"Ah, yes, Doctor…" Brian looked for a name, some form of identification, but when none is forthcoming, he allowed it to pass. He did extend a hand in greeting, "my name is Brian Braddock." He spoke with an English accent, London, and from the wealthier part of it, by the sound of it. Unlike the others, he was neither in the 'uniform' grey suit, or the jumpsuits. Instead, he wore a blue three piece suit from a Savile Row tailor, and a beige overcoat, which had been left untied.

He eyes the triumphant Carol's reaction, immediately thinking that she was a typical American. Though he wasn't used to seeing American women being quite so… boisterous. Continuing his conversation with Agent Morse, he explained, "formerly of Her Majesty's Extraordinary Intelligence Service, or, more commonly known as MI13. May I presume that he," and he gestured to the man who made a beeline for the coffee maker, "is Director Coulson?" He had a name, but no picture. Plus, they all looked like in their suits, well, most of them did. Brian stuck out like a sore thumb, being taller and larger than most, plus that mane of glorious golden hair? He would not blend. But it made him no less useful as an Agent.

Bobbi laughed, shaking Brian's hand. "I'm not a doctor, though I get why you'd think that. No, I'm Agent Bobbi Morse. Nice to meet you. Did you just transfer over?" She arched a brow and stepped back, gesturing to the bullpen at large.

"And yeah, that's Coulson, the blonde over there is Danvers. C'mon in. I'm sure Coulson has something for you." She murmured, and made her way over toward the coffee pot that dripping away, an empty mug loosely gripped in her fingers.

She noted Coulson's paleness, but otherwise didn't comment or remark on it. Rather she eyed the coffee machine. "Makin' enough for everyone, sir?" She tilted her head, and straightened with a hint of a smile on her features. "Oh, also, I talked to Clint. He said he'd come by in a day or two to have a chat with you."

Carol grins back at Coulson, "Good to be back, Coulson, especially since it looks like you need me back here. And not just to catch up on my paperwork." She looks around her now-cleared desk with no small measure of amazement, and then spins around in her chair before standing upright.

Carol then moves over towards the coffee machine, filling her mug full of the gloriously strong caffeine as she glances over towards Brian, "MI13, huh? And here I thought you'd look a bit more like Sean Connery." She gives the new arrival a look, then says, "But you can call me Carol, if you like, Colonel makes me feel like I should be back to waking up at five am." She then passes a glance towards Bobbi, "How are you doing, by the way? That thing the other day seemed to ring your bell a little there."

At mention of MI13, Coulson turns to look at the new arrival, doing nothing to conceal his surprise at the man's size. "At SHIELD, we don't get started until 5:30," he quips in Danvers' direction, before diverting from the coffee maker to meet Brian. "You must be Braddock." He offers a hand, taking great care to keep it from shaking. "Coulson, Acting Director of SHIELD. I'm glad you're here, things have been…" A grin. "Interesting, lately."

The suited man takes a drink from his coffee before casting a look Bobbi's way. "You kidding?" he asks. "I'm about to ask Skye to make it run on a constant supply. Which reminds me." He ping pongs back to Brian. "When you see her again, tell her to stop avoiding me. Mention latrines, it'll get her attention."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Agent Bobbi Morse. Yes, actually. This is my first day. I've already met Agent Daisy Johnson," he uses her full name, rather than the nickname she gave him. He usually wasn't this forthcoming, but he's new here, and trying to make friends. He took notes on the other two who were identified, but only by surname.

Approaching the coffee area with Bobbi, he had a look to see if they had a teapot. He was English. Coffee really wasn't his thing. That was more of a French beverage. He wasn't about to make himself some, not yet, but he did eye the packet of Earl Grey tea.

At Carol's greeting, he does his best Scottish accent. Dr. No and From Russia with Love were immensely popular in Britain, just as in America. "You're one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen." The reply in the movie was 'thank you… but, I think my mouth is too big' and Bond added, 'no, it's the right size. For me, that is.'

Back to his English accent, "it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Colonel Carol Danvers." He then shakes Coulson's hand. His grip is firm, but not so firm as to try and hurt his new commanding officer. "Sir, it is a pleasure to meet you. As Hughe Knatchbull-Hugessen once said, may you live in interesting times." And at the instructions, he adds, "of course, sir. She is a wonderful agent, and a credit to the organisation." He was being kind. He liked her, and wanted it to sound like she did a good job.

Bobbi scooped up the coffee pot and poured herself a generous amount. A happy sigh dragging from her lips as she leaned back against the table. Her gaze sweeping back toward Carol briefly and she reached up to press a hand against her head where she'd been hit a few days ago.

"Yeah, those things hit a hell of a lot harder than I expected. No give either to their joints. Should've figured it out on the body, but I mean… I didn't count for them being alive. Also, lab gear covered in slime does not make for a good footing. Thanks for the save Danvers. It was appreciated." She smiled and glanced back toward Coulson briefly.

"If I see her again, I'll mention it. Think she's been playing with Lola though."

And then her attention returned to the new guy once more. "Call me Bobbi."

Carol grins at the Scottish accent, "Actually, you should stick to the English, sounds better." She doesn't have much of an accent herself, though there's a faint trace of Bahstan (or Boston) in her voice now that she's relaxing with other agents. Even if one of them is the Acting Director.

Carol then nods at Bobby, "Yeah, they are nasty little buggers. Didn't really see any over at NASA, but there were some other things…" She keeps it vague, because, well, it's an intelligence agency. Sharing is caring isn't exactly the SHIELD motto.

Coulson grins at the Bond reference; he'd seen both films in the theatre, twice. "One must ask; do you have your double oh, Mister Braddock?"

He looks to Bobbi next, and lifts his eyebrows. "I don't take her out as much in the cold. I wonder if she's actually installing an ejector seat. That might get her out of the hot pot. I know she's avoiding that conversation." Skye may be one of their youngest, but she's also one of their brightest. It's no wonder Coulson is giving her such a hard time.

He takes another drink of black sludge, before adopting a more severe tone. "Speaking of, I want full details of what happened in the lab. Seems we were right; those lizard bastards did go after FitzSimmons."

As an aside to Brian, he says, "Help yourself," then nods toward the tea.

Brian nodded his head, "Very well, Bobbi." He had heard that some people preferred to be referred to as their surname, others by their given name, and others by their title. For him, Mr. Braddock or Agent Braddock was natural. But he knew things were far more lax over here, so he tried to go with the flow.

"Awe, and I thought I did Scottish rather well. I doubt there will be much call for my West Country accent over here, or the Welsh." He can do a few accents. He even tries an American one, as it would help him while working here. Yes, he'll stick out like a sore thumb, but at least he can make his voice less distinguishable.

Trying on the American voice, it's a neutral, television voice, "no. That designation belongs with a different department, and it requires two confirmed kills. I have never had to use lethal force." That got a little more serious than he expected, but he doesn't like murder. Britain doesn't have the death penalty. It may be required, but he hasn't had to, not yet.

He did take note of the suggestion, and would bring it up with Skye when next he saw her. He had offered to help her in another way, so, and ejector seat. It piqued his scientific curiosity. After all, he did hold a masters in engineering.

When Coulson asides about the tea, Braddock returns to his English accent, "Sir, thank you sir." That will probably have to stop. He must be used to addressing superiors as sir. He made himself a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea, which went into a red cup that said 'World's Greatest Lover' in white writing.

Carol finishes her coffee, and then nods at Coulson, "Typed up a report and it should be on your desk already, but it's a good thing both Wanda and I were there." She smiles wryly, "Guess I finished my leave of absence in the nick of time, then."

With that, she checks the clock, "And, if you'll all excuse me, I have an appointment to keep, so I better make myself scarce. It was a delight meeting you, Brian." She gives the new Brit a smile to show that she means it, and then waves towards Bobbi and Coulson, "Good night!" And with that, she puts her coffee cup in the sink after rinsing it out, then walks towards the locker rooms, presumably to change out of her field agent uniform before leaving HQ.

Bobbi grimaces faintly as she sipped at her coffee and Coulson asked for a report on the incident. "They appeared as members of the Academy, requesting a transfer. Three in total. I thought I had managed to knock one out, but he got the jump on me. They're apparently physically more apt to take hits than humans. Their biology is utterly different than anything I've seen before. We're still not sure how they manage to replicate people. But we have three living ones now, so we should be able to run comparative analysis and figure out what might be occurring." She sipped at her coffee.

"I managed to contact an Asgardian as well, not the one we have in house mind you. Hilde, Barton's girl, she apparently can smell the difference in the dead, but she's not sure about the living ones. She also, said that she wasn't sure what these things are. So we can cross out anything mythological related." She shrugged.

"I'm gonna go with Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

At Brian's American accent, Coulson turns and watches with interest, a bemused smile upon his face. "Ian Fleming may be a talented pop writer, but he has no idea how espionage really happens. Good to know you can fit in with us yanks, if need be." That being said, he makes a bit of a face at the military response, but Coulson doesn't say a word; Brian will figure it out, sooner or later.

To Carol, he lifts his mug and says, "Very good, thank you." He then watches Carol's departure with a thoughtful expression, before diverting his attention to Bobbi. A slight grimace to match hers, but he listens with a sort of tired attentiveness.

"Well, we know that they can speak English," he point out. "Are they being held in the lab?"

"The feeling is most assuredly mutual, Carol," Brian replied as his fellow agent made herself scarce. He listened to Bobbi's verbal summary of some incident. He lacked information, so he couldn't really make any comments, but it sounded interesting, whatever it was she referred to.

This place was already getting very interesting, as there was apparently a different scent between the living and dead. He assumed she meant some kind of animated dead versus the living. He does aside to Coulson, "sir, as you know from my file, espionage wasn't exactly my primary task. But I did pass the entrance exams." He actually passed them with flying colours, but he wasn't one to brag. Still, he was a costumed hero, still is. He is capable of so much more, but he will do whatever is asked of him, even if that means sitting at a desk and watching a monitor. He's here to help and be part of the team.

A nod, "Yes sir, they're being held. We can assume that this won't be the only ones they send. But it's been quiet for several days. I'm not sure exactly what their next move will be, other than wanting the prison constructed." She shrugged, a hand reaching up to rub her temples.

"They also appear to only have the ability to change their shapes. I haven't seen signs of other powers as of yet. It's possible that that is their only ability. It would explain why they want the prison established to hold powered individuals, if they truly lack the ability to combat with such things…" She sipped at her coffee, her gaze swinging back to Brian.

"We're talking about an alien invasion, just so you know."

"We can only assume they've been here for some time," Coulson adds, to help bring Braddock up to snuff. "These extra terrestrials have the ability to take the shape of humans. Which explains Director Carter's absence. One of them had taken her place, until not long ago."

Looking back to Bobbi, he sighs. "I won't argue that the prison doesn't have its merits. But I agree, they wouldn't be so interested in having it constructed if they weren't concerned about the… 'powered' people here on Earth. Which further suggests that some sort of aggressive move on their part is imminent."

A pause, and looks toward the stairs that lead to the lab. "I will have to interrogate them."

"Ah, an invasion," Brian repeats. He really needs to read the files to make sense of this. THere are so many questions, but not the kinds of things that would be useful in a conversation like this. It's like coming into a movie, halfway through. You either observe and pick up what you can, or you interrupt it and ruin the rest for everyone else. He chooses the former.

"So, we have a species of sentient, polymorphous beings, who seem to be hostile, and are capable of not only assuming the appearance of an individual, but their mannerisms, voice, accent, bearing, and everything else required to blend in. That is an exceedingly dangerous proposition."

A nod and Bobbi offers Brian a two fingered salute. "We believe they've been here since World War II at the very least. Captain America was the first 'strengthened' person out publically. Though records now suggest that mutants were around prior." She sipped at her mug. "Fitz and I believe that they started testing their prisons back in Nazi Germany at least. Though we know for a fact that right now, NATO is compromised as is the Shield Academy." She heaved a sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"We also assume that they have some ability to their copy memories or observe those they replace previously. They were able to replace the Director and do so near flawlessly with required intel and details for months." She glanced toward Coulson and she nodded at the mention of interrogations.

"They've been kept nice and fretful and alone. All ready for you sir."

Gravely, Coulson nods his agreement to Brian. "Very dangerous, Mister Braddock."

Coulson grows thoughtful at all of this, sipping at his cooling coffee for some time. "Keep at it, Bobbi. And while you're at it?" Coulson's pleasant, disarming nature grows darker in that moment. "Get me everything you know about lizards. Specifically, what they like… and what they don't."

The Acting Director refills his mug, and then raises it to Brian. "Welcome aboard, Braddock." Then, without further adieu, he walks back to the director's office and closes the door behind him.

In other words, Director Coulson could be one of them, Agent Morse could be one of them, or as far as they know, Brian could be one of them. It was an unnerving thought. But he had already seen and fought other bizarre creatures. There were magics in this world that could befuddle the most scientific mind, and if this, alien race, did what they suggested, then it was a most interesting time to be alive indeed.

"I can't speak to any alien species, but common lizards are attracted to areas with plenty of cover. They need hiding spots to avoid predators. Tall plants, rocks, any kind of crevice that they can hide while sleeping, feeding, or waiting. They are generally repelled by the smell of eggs. Shells are a common household remedy for scaring them off. Coffee, garlic, onions, all of the allium family really, birds, cats, and of course, electricity are among the things that they hate the most. But again, that's referring to the ones we know about."

It's easy for Brian to talk about real world scientific principals. Speculating about an alien species, that's another matter entirely. He will lift his own mug to the director, "thank you sir. I can only hope it helped."

"We've kept their room temperatures low, but it hasn't shown any signs of causing the discomfiture of lizards. It's possible that while they're reptilian they might be warm blooded. We know that they lay eggs however, we think that they still have a form of mammary glands. I can't make heads of tails of it myself, sir. However I'll be sure to include such stats in the files for you." She glanced toward Brian and nodded.

"Yeah, it could be anyone. We haven't figured out yet how to test them either. So it's mostly a gamble every day." She pursed her lips together and sipped at her coffee.

"So far though I have my doubts as to whether or not they can replicate powers. So at the very least Wand and Danvers should be safe…"

Brian continues to speak in his scientific voice, "don't forget, there is the Platypus, and presumably other species of as yet unidentified mammals that lay eggs. There are also theories that the dinosaurs may have in fact been warm-blooded, despite the conventional wisdom being that they were cold-blooded. There is a far greater variety in nature than most would accept, and when you open that up to the stars, well, nothing is certain."

He goes on to ask, "have you taken a blood sample? Being an alien species, that would be one of the most likely areas for a difference, especially one with a genetic structure that was in flux. It's not the most convenient method, but it's worth a try."

Bobbi shot him a dry look, "I've degrees in biology and biochemistry. My work on replicating the super soldier serum is the closest anyone has gotten too. It was why Shield recruited me in the first place, Brian. And I'm not even the top scientist in the lab downstairs. Fitz and Simmons are important enough that the creatures made it a priority to replace them. Which is how we caught three live ones in the first place." She sipped at her coffee.

"Did I take a blood sample?" She snorted, and rolled her eyes.

"Actually, no I didn't because I'm not the one in charge downstairs. I help and I've been making a point to play security. And they appear fully human when they're alive. It's only when they're dead that they… show… suppose you might say."

Brian raises his hands in a bit of a mock defence, "it was a simple enough question. I don't know how long you've had these… people. For all I know, you were unable to draw a sample due to some kind of protective armour, unusually dense skin." He was only trying to help. "Do we know while camouflaged if they revert to their original state while sleeping?" He was curious now, and kind of wanted to study these creatures. His background was in engineering and physics, but he did have a minor in biology.

A chuckle and Bobbi rubbed her temple again. "Sorry, like I said, been in the lab for the past week. Sleep hasn't been much of a thing." She raised her coffee mug and sighed, leaning against the table.

"But no, they remain in their form from what I've observed. Sleep doesn't seem to impair their ability to maintain their shifted form. They can also, it appears, increase their mass to a certain extent. The one that replaced the Director was able to get pregnant."

Brian stroked his chin in thought, "it's quite all right, Bobbi. These beings sound like our worst nightmare. They can be anyone, anywhere, you or I could be one, and we wouldn't know it. That's…" he breathes out, "they didn't say I'd have to deal with anything like this when I put in for the transfer." He chuckles, trying to make light of the situation. "Perhaps we should head down there, see if we can give them a hand?" Meaning the scientists.

A shrug, and Bobbi turned to refill her mug. "Yeah, it's sort of a spy's worst nightmare, right? You've lost your ability to have faith in your superiors. Lost all asurance that reports, intel, data.. everything that you've worked for, for years, would be kept secure. Everything has been compromised. There's not a damn thing that we can't be sure those creatures don't know about already." She grimaced, her head lowering.

"It's like everything that I have worked for is in question. Every mission that I told myself was for the greater good? It's shot. Everything is." Her voice was low and she turned around.

"Yeah… let's give them a hand in the lab."

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