1964-01-14 - From Zero to Pants'ed
Summary: Lorna introduces Tommy to Miss Frost, and Quentin teases Lorna.
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Lorna exited her science class, backpack slung over shoulder as she stepped out into the chilly afternoon air. Snow and ice dotting the sanded and salted side walks and the sun drifted in between clouds overhead, dipping ever slowly toward the horizon. Even as the sky threatened more of the white fluffy matter that closed down highways and roads.

The Spring semester had just started up again, and Lorna had taken back to classes with a strict determination that she'd had before.. Only now that carried over to her training as well. No longer was she struggling with summoning her powers, rather, now it seemed, they were too near the surface and ready to tug or push at metal too readily.

Thankfully, Emma's breathing lessons had held and she hadn't ripped anything apart on accident.

Still her hair had been dyed back to brown, and tucked up beneath a knitted wooly hat. Showing no signs what so ever of her natural green tint. All the better to blend in and not catch attention of others.


If Tommy Shepherd wanted to be noticed, well, he's fairly good at that. The boy knows how to draw attention to himself, and it's a skill that he often puts into practice. Today, though, he's being a bit more inconspicuous.

'There are /rules/ here' Tommy recalls Lorna saying. If it weren't for that — and more specifically the possibility that Lorna's a relative and that his actions might come back to haunt /her/ — he'd probably be running. Just cruising through the grass at those speeds that most mortals can't comprehend.

But, fortune favors him even in slow motion (to him). The familiar figure's spotted a ways off, and one arm swings over his head to wave in her direction. "Lorna, Lorna! Over here!"

So much for not catching others' attention.


The beginning of the semester means that the Academy takes more of Emma's time than her other interests for a few weeks. She's stopped in to check on the registration numbers and get a look at the budget for the semester, approving a few new expenditures for labs and professors with reputations for serious work.

Once that was finished, though, she stepped out of the office to get a feel for the campus. For Emma, that means something a little less nebulous than what appears like sitting on a bench and taking in the atmosphere. While she sits, legs crossed, in a spotless white wool coat with a fur collar, she lets her mind rifle through the surface thoughts around her.


Lorna perked up from her thoughts of science and school work at the familiar call and she beamed, rushing over toward Tommy with a toothy grin. She still had no idea if they were truly related, or how, given what her father had said about their family being dead and all.. But she didn't think Wanda was lying either. So she just shrugged and mustered on. Relation or not.

"Tommy!" She bustled over to him, her backpack jostling with textbooks and paper as she promptly made to give him a brief hug back.

"How are you doing? What are you doing here? I thought you didn't like schools that much?" Then she spotted Emma on the path way ahead on a bench, and she waved.


Apparently, Lorna's a hugger. Tommy can live with this — he hugs her back as she makes her approach, lips curved up into a friendly grin. It's not one of the practiced ones — those are for certain occasions and this isn't one of them. Once they're disengaged, he reaches up to brush a hand back though his hair. Fixing any bits that got mussed up.

"Doin' pretty good. Chilly, though." A glance around them briefly, yep, cold is the reason for the season. Or at least the reason the season puts out snow, rather than rain. Not that rain's any better. Wet shoes are not happy shoes.

"I /don't./" Tommy admits, holding up a finger, "But that doesn't mean I don't like people who /go/ to schools. Some of my best friends go to schools. Or, y'know, at least /did./" He falls in he latter category.

Then Lorna's waving and Tomm's attention is drawn to the target. Brow arches. "Who's the blonde chick?" …since Lorna probably knows.


It's Lorna's thoughts that catch Emma's attention even before she waves, which means she's standing from the bench by the time she does, a small smile curving. Purposeful steps lead her along the path until she's within conversational distance from the pair, hands deep in her pockets.

"Lorna," she greets the girl warmly, dipping her chin in a gracious nod. "You look well. Everything is going smoothly this semester, I hope?" Tommy gets a look - a curious one - but she waits for an introduction.


Lorna shoot Tommy a brief look of disapproval as he says 'chick', "That's Miss Frost. She's kinda sorta in charge of the school. So be nice. She's the reason why I'm even here actually, or found out about being adopted." She arched a brow toward Tommy and then glanced back toward the approaching blonde woman in white. She beamed and rocked back onto the heels of her boots.

"Hi Miss Frost, and yep. It's going pretty good so far. A lot easier than last semester. But I guess that comes with experience." Then she gestured toward the Speedster beside her, "This is Tommy, he's a relation, I guess. Not entirely sure yet how he's related to my father and I, but there's some kind of a relation." Lorna's thoughts bounced around from Wanda's magic spell picking up on their relation, as well as Erik's firm denial that none of their family could possibly be alive, Tommy's time-traveling and some how being Wanda's son.. It was a snarl of thoughts, tumbling over the other. One was clear though: Tommy was a mutant and somehow, Lorna acknowledged him as her relation.


Both hands move to about chest level, palms held outwards. "Best behaviour, promise. You like this gig, I ain't gonna rock the boat." Much. Intentionally. This time. Which is why Tommy tucks his tongue between his teeth and holds on. Just to try and put one extra layer of defense between the thoughts crossing his mind and escaping his lips.

It may not work well, but that doesn't mean he didn't try.

Then introductions are made, and Tommy sticks out one of his hands towards Emma, the other being thrust into one of the pockets of his jacket. "Hey, Miss Frost. Nice t'meetcha." Tommy replies well enough. See? He didn't even use her first name. There's a brief grin over towards Lorna.

Granted, he doesn't /know/ it, but… the point stands!


Those are some fascinating thoughts. Enough that Emma pauses for just a moment, sifting through the madness, before she's back to smiling politely at Tommy. "A relation. Well, that's wonderful, Lorna. It seems your family has been growing by leaps and bounds. Welcome to the Frost Academy, Tommy," she adds, gesturing elegantly to the commons around them.


Clearly, Miss Lorna Dane had had a very fascinating Winter Break. Still, she couldn't help but smile between the two, pleased that Tommy was being polite and that Miss Frost seemed to approve of his presence on campus. That was a fairly important detail there.

"Yep, we're still not entirely sure on the how yet, but it's being worked on I guess." She still wasn't sure if her father knew about Tommy per say. Details.

"But still, it's been pretty amazing. Thanks Miss Frost for helping with all of that." She glanced down at her toes as she spoke, biting her lower lip and folding her hands behind her back. It was directly because of Emma's reveal that she was adopted that any of her life so far had panned out as it had.

"I hope we're not disturbing you, or anything. I know I tend to project pretty loudly." A slight wince at that.


"Yeah — I figure we're probably like, distant cousins or something. Haven't exactly tried to trace the old family tree, but." A bit of a shrug. "It gets a bit complicated." There's a crinkle of his nose to that. /That/ was definitely a source of headaches for a while. At least he's pretty sure that he's put that behind him for the moment. Even with Hope's teasing.

When Emma gestures, he looks around as well — he's seen a good portion of it, mainly from run-throughs, but why tip his hand? "It's a pretty swanky place, I've gotta say — must've taken a lot of work."

Then a look back towards Lorna, and a playful wink is offered. "Tch. You're fine, Lorna — if anyone's disturbing people, it's me. I'll just yammer on for hours and hours and— see? There I go again." Hand moves to mouth, twists an imaginary key, and pulls it across lips like a zipper. There. Quiet for the moment.

It won't last.


"More planning than work on my part," Emma smiles ruefully to Tommy, though there's no doubt there's a certain pride in her features as she looks around the campus. "But well worth it, to give people like Lorna the opportunity to be everything that they can be."

She waves a hand at Lorna's apology, shaking her head. "Nothing to apologize for, Lorna. I could hardly be unhappy with someone else for speaking when I'm listening, after all."


Loud? Disturbing? Quentin Quire, at your service.

At the moment, he's just walking down the street, not so very far away. He might not be noticed, really, except by Emma. He's loud to Emma, a psychic radio, not from lack of skill but from sheer exuberance. Quentin has no shame about his powers, no misplaced self-loathing borne from prejudice turned inward. He reads the minds around him, toys with them, then (usually) puts them back the way he found them with relative aplomb. The alterations he's made today have largely resulted only in a free chili dog and some tickets to something on Broadway. He didn't catch the title, but he's sure it involves fight-dancing. Quentin loves him some fight dancing.

An Xavier's graduate for his own part, he isn't looking for schooling, but he does sense the smooth jazz of someone, somewhere psi-shielding nearby. Interesting. To probe or not to probe, that is the question.


A flush dusted over Lorna's cheeks and she couldn't help the reflexive smile that pulled on her lips. "Okay, okay, Tommy." She laughed softly, and pushed a fringe of brown hair back from her face. For all of Lorna's strength with metal, it was clear that the young mutant projected her thoughts quite freely. As it stood, she'd only ever run into telepaths that were friendly to her, and as a result, knew better than to lie at this point.

"Oh! Miss Frost, I started driving supplies over to Mutant Town over Winter Break as part of the relief efforts to help rebuild the poorer parts of the city. Do you think we could do something officially through the school? Or for community service? I really want to help them out and they clearly need it. The rest of the city is being rebuilt rather quickly and everything.." She bit her lower lip, green eyes wide with pleading.


"Yeah, she's a good kid — it's good that someone can give her a hand in the right direction." Tommy replies — she's like Billy, from what he's noticed. Definitely not like him. "So, yeah, thanks for doing that for her, I'm sure she'll be well worth the investment."

Quentin hasn't quite been noticed yet, the platinum-haired speedster's attention focused between the two women for the moment; his 'cousin' Lorna getting another cheery grin. Much like Lorna? There was no mental shielding with Tommy; his brain was an open book, if potentially headache-inducing due to the speed of his thoughts — material's processed a lot faster than most, and interspersed with random thoughts. Like kittens!

The talk about Mutant Town definitely catches Tommy's interest as well, though he's not going to say anything just yet on that subject. They could certainly /use/ the help, and positive attention, especially considering what happened on the other coast.


Emma's shielding, in comparison to the children around her (in comparison to any mind, really), is slick and hard and cool as a diamond. A regimented mind, to say the least. But one that can certainly sense the presence of another telepath. "That sounds like a worthy cause, Lorna," she nods to the girl, though her eyes are searching the groups of students. None of hers have that particular ability - she would already know.

"And you, Tommy? Have you been helping with this relief effort of Lorna's?" Searching, searching, searching…there. Her eyes land on Quentin, one manicured brow arching.


Quentin isn't likely to miss a beautiful grown woman looking his way with an arch expression on her face. It's not the first time he's gotten such looks, although usually not without having made some sort of lewd remark or having perhaps damaged a prized possession. He does what comes naturally to him under such circumstances.

He winks.


A glance toward Tommy as he said that she was a quote 'good kid' had her arching a brow upwards. Unaware of the mental powers that be catching attention to and fro. "No, Tommy hasn't been helping me. I was just driving over supplies since I have my driver's lisence and well, 'cause no one at the volunteer point was really willing to take supplies over there. I mean, it's not that surprising, considering.." She trailed off biting her lower lip.

Thoughts of a blue lady, Raven, her mind supplied, leader of the Brotherhood had basically threatened to feed her to another mutant..

Small wonder no one wanted to deliver supplies to mutant town.

"But I wanted to still go over and volunteer from time to time between classes and training. I think I can handle the time. I just wanted to make sure that it was okay first." She smiled easily, glancing toward Tommy.

"You could help me out though."


Tommy shakes his head in response to Emma's question, "Nope, this is kinda the first I've heard of it. The newsletter must still be in the mail." Pause. "But, if she /asks,/ I'd be happy lend a hand. Two of 'em, even. Those folks need all the help they can get." He still wears his thoughts on his sleeve in large, bold and underlined print — but at least he hasn't come out and actually /said/ he's a mutant. Wouldn't the others just be SO proud of him?

Probably not. Well. Maybe Billy.

…and there she goes asking. Man. Doing /altruistic/ things? He makes a face. There's no legitimate distaste to /this/ particular task, and it doesn't take a telepath to tell. "Hey, I'm game for it. You've got my number, just call me next time you need someone to run stuff down there. We'll get it done faster than you might expect."

There's a grin to that. Okay, Lorna /might/ expect it, since she's seen how fast Tommy can move before.


Threats? Emma tilts her head back toward Lorna as she catches that thought, but she's still watching Quentin. Especially after the wink. It's not entirely a friendly look.

"I think the school could afford to make some charitable trips, actually," she says finally looking back to Lorna. "Perhaps a few of the on-campus organizations would also be willing to lend a hand. We are, after all, accepting of others with…differences here. It wouldn't hurt to remind the world that the people they try to forget about are not alone in the world."


Quentin doesn't mind unfriendly. Beautiful women with unfriendly dispositions can be a lot of fun, in Quentin's experience. Still, something's clearly going on with the stone cold fox and her two companions - they seem a little young for her social circle. He takes a moment to flick his mind out at them, casually scanning the smattering of surface thoughts to see what he might find.

In the meantime, he reaches into his pocket and draws out a pill, casually rolling it on his tongue and letting it dissolve as he has a casual staredown with Miss Frost.


Lorna bounced forward on her toes with a grin on her lips. "I'll get to work asking who on campus is interested then. I know a few talked about wanting to help with various civil rights groups, but I think this is a much more direct method of helping those in need. I mean, there are children there that need winter coats and don't have anything at all. It's tragic, and that part of the city really hasn't seen much in relief efforts to rebuild it." A pause and her mind flit over how she personally could help with rebuilding. Moving metal had some perks, couldn't she help out with that in particular?

Then her attention changed to Tommy and she grinned. "I most definitely will. Oh! You should bring Hope too. Then we could get even more done. I mean, some people weren't exactly friendly when I went last time," Thoughts of not being 'mutant' enough trailed after that.

"But tata said that it shouldn't be a problem anymore." There had been a distinct note of confidence in her voice, but her thoughts had something more along the lines of. Her father knew Raven and had made it pointedly clear that the woman wouldn't harm her.

Even if there had been a threat in Erik's voice, Lorna certainly didn't choose to dwell on it.


Emma's displayed attitude towards mutants? Earns her some points int he speedster's book. Words bringing a smile to his lips. "See? I wish more people thought like you. Just because some guy has, like, four arms or something doesn't make him any different. Unless you're playing ping-pong. Don't want to play ping-pong against someone with four arms." …because that would clearly require four paddles. There's a brief thoughtline following that before he shakes his head slightly to clear it. Back on topic, Tommy.

Then he's listening to Lorna. And Tommy considers the possibilities. At least until Hope is mentioned. Then he chews on his lip for a moment, "I'll talk to her about it, but I dunno, she keeps kinda busy." — and then it's the talk of unfriendlies that gets Tommy's attention, and his features harden a bit.

"Yup. Definitely coming with you next time. Feel free to point out the people who gave you trouble, too."


"Excellent, Lorna," Emma nods approvingly. "I believe I may well accompany you. It sounds as though there are…elements there who may not entirely appreciate the good being done. I'd like to at least hear what it is they have to say."

Staring isn't exactly working as planned, it seems. As Quentin quests toward the little grouping of minds, he'll find Emma has extended her shielding…along with a thought of her own. « I get the sense that you really do know better. »


Quentin had been focusing pretty well on just kind of being in the background, but there are limits to what any man can take. With his psychic abilities and an observant eye, he could read their lips pretty easily at this point, moving closer so he can pick up the full context of conversation.

Tommy's rapide fire mind flicks around and makes him shake his head for a moment, the psychic schoolboy blinking rapidly for a moment before he manages to cry out the most natural response to what he's overheard.

"Yes, I do, I absolutely do," he answers Emma aloud, "But more importantly…did she just say "Tata"? What the lugubrious hell is a tata? I have so many questions and so many answers, none of them at all appropriate for mixed company, and yet I find myself desperately suppressing the urge to say them all aloud. Please, please, tell me about your tata and I promise only to laugh an eensie bit, mostly in my mind."


Lorna glanced at Tommy, folding her arms over her middle. "Miss Frost runs a school for everyone, you know. Like seriously, what would you expect.." She emphasized everyone enough that she hoped Tommy would understand without her having to explain it.

Then she was looking back toward Emma and she grinned, "If you want to come, Miss Frost. Though really, I could handle it. It was just that some.. okay, well some of the mutants there uhm.. they're very protective. And I was being rude. I stared. I'd never seen so many mutants that couldn't pass as human before having a party. It was really cool." She bit her lower lip. Images of Raven, all blue and angry clouding her thoughts appeared.

Then came Quentin, answering a conversation that she doubtlessly missed considering who she was standing with, his interjection about her term for her father brought on a fresh flush of red on her cheeks. Anger spiked, hot and relentless in her posture and mind. "It's Polish for dad. My father survived the Holocaust. He's Jewish, do you have anything smart to say about that? Huh? Please, tell me more about how ignorant you are about respecting other people's culture!" Her arms had fallen to her sides and she glared at him. Flipping from positively happy and content to rage. It was a sensitive subject and she'd already been teased more than once.


Emma's offer to come along to the benevolence party draws arched brows from Tommy, then he settles a bit. He's that fast, he can handle defending /two/ people if he needs to. But… "Just be careful if you do come along, Miss Frost — you never know when one of those people like the ones in San Francisco are gonna show up. Someone who's trying to help mutants, especially someone in a /position/ to do so, will probably have target written all over them." Which makes her that much more worth protecting when the time comes.

The arrival of Quentin into the mix draws the hummingbird's attention towards him, evaluating look being offered. There's /about/ to be a couple dozen smart remarks offered back towards him — but Lorna beats him to the punch with righteous fury. Eyes wden and glance over towards the unnatural brunette, before Tommy physically interjects himself, taking a step to place himself between Lorna and Quentin. Who's he protecting here? Maybe both of them, but only for Lorna's sake.

He decides not to /say/ anything. Quite literally biting his tongue at the moment, but giving the newcomer a warning look; proceed at one's own risk, to be sure.


"Oh, don't worry," Emma smiles sharply back at Tommy. "I'm quite capable of defending myself. Though I appreciate your concern," she adds. At Quentin's comment about Lorna's choice of words, she remains silent, letting Lorna handle it herself. It's not that she disagrees with Quentin. But if Lorna's going to keep with it, then she'll need to learn to defend it regardless.

"I don't believe we've met," she says to the other telepath, as if there's no confrontation brewing between them. "My name is Emma Frost. And you are?"


Quentin doesn't seem put off by the conflict or the unpleasant reaction. If anything, he seems a little bit delighted by it. "A sensitive tata, it seems, the best kind. I mean, I could have some smart things to say about them. Smart in the sense of understanding the cultural and political history that lead to the conflict which misplaced blame for economic woe on the Jewish people, going along with a long tradition of scapegoating dating back to the Dark Ages. Or I could just make some juvenile cracks about how the Polish word for father sounds an awful lot like polite slang for titties," he says. "You'd have to tell me which you prefer. I can read minds, but I'm told that it's rude."

To Emma, he adds a slight bow, "Quentin Quintavious Quire. Kid Omega. Mutant, troublemaker, bon vivant, disowned heir, delinquent, degenerate. I'd give you my card, but frankly, I'd rather establish a word of mouth reputation, it's sleazier and has lower printing costs."


Lorna looked ready to about burst at the seams with her irritation at Quentin, her teeth grinding together as her thoughts turned into a jumbled up mess of incoherent anger. It would seem that the constant teasing could only push the young mutant so far. Tommy's placement had her pausing however, and she seemed to deflate a minute amount as he held his silence. The lack of any chiding from Emma gives the irritated young woman a moment to reflect, before Quentin's response as her temper firing back into a frazzled nest of emotions.

Whether she consciously thought about it or not, Lorna was pushing on the metal on Quentin's person, whatever there was that is. Belt buckle, the zipper of on his pants, anything that she could reach out to effect, she was. And it wasn't to push him away but rather to push him downwards toward the frozen sidewalk.

Her cheeks redden with an angry, embarrassed flush as she spread out her hands in the action. The only sound escaping her lips being a sound of frustration. She had no witty come backs or anything else to say, and in the end, chose to lash out with her powers. He'd admitted he was a mutant and in her book, was fair game.


Hackles are raised… and lowered in turn. Emma continues to improve upon her image in Tommy's mind by not getting in Lorna's face about her reaction, and Quentin sidesteps enough not to draw a fist's attention.

…at least until Lorna, rather than he, is the one to go on the offensive. Assuming Quentin — or Emma — doesn't stop Lorna? The second he sees the bespectacled one having an invisible reaction used against him, Tommy does what Tommy does best. He draws attention.

In this particular case? He uses his ability to react. Timing his movements with what he sees, compared to images recalled from a future yet to come and shared by children a'plenty from that timeline. Hands go together, pull back, and slam forward in time with Lorna's shove — not perfect timing since he's not in her head, but pretty close thanks to /his/ abilities. "Hadoken!" he'd yell out, just for extra effect.

Yes, that just happened. Or will, unless someone stopped Lorna from magnet-shoving Quentin away.

It's a shame, really. Mutant and troublemaker? These are things that could have put Q and Tommy on the same page. But kinda-sorta family comes first, and that's where part two of the plan comes up. Once attention's on him? He's moving faster than sight — Lorna's picked up, slung over a shoulder, and /gone/ along with him.

About one mile away…

Tommy sets Lorna back down. Green eyes watching her. "Lorna! Chill out, kid. /You're/ the one who said they have rules. If /I/ have to play by them, you do too — don't screw up what you've got going for you, okay? I've known a hundred twerps like him, and trust me — the runt ain't worth it."

Of course, none of this happens if Lorna's stopped. But. If she's not.


In most situations, Emma would likely step in to deescalate things. By mental force if necessary. But she's been spending a good deal of time encouraging Lorna to stand up for herself, and interfering at this point would undermine all of that time and effort. That, and she's interested to see how this Quentin Quire handles matters himself.

Before she can, though, Lorna is…Well, gone. A brief mental scan is enough to reassure her that nothing terrible has happened to the girl, and she arches a brow at Quentin. "Well. If you were fishing for reactions, I'd say you caught quite a fish."


Quentin had expected some sort of reaction, although perhaps not quite what he got. He does manage to use his own powers to brace his body, gripping himself around his center of gravity and keeping himself from being flung to the ground. His body doesn't crumple and he manages to remain upright, albeit a bit strained as his own telekinetic strength is tested.

Unfortunately, he only anchored his body. His clothes, on the other hand, remained subject to fate. So his belt buckle tears free, his zipper shreds and, in perfect timing with Tommy's "Hadoken!", Quentin Quire's paints fall straight down to his ankles, leaving him standing there in his blazer, pressed shirt and rather brightly colored purple briefs with a pink waistband, the kind of banana hammock usually reserved for Europeans on vacation.

And then Tommy and Lorna blink away, leaving him standing in front of Emma with quite a breeze around the nether regions. And a laugh that he can't quite repress.

"Moby bloody Dick, yes, indeed," he says. "She's got quite a volatile temperament. Maybe she inherited it from her Tata," he says. "I'm going to pull these up in a second, I just…need a moment to absorb it. My ego's drinking up the momentary humiliation like a sponge, it's almost making me a little high. Although that could be the amphetamines," he admits. "All in all, quite a rush. I feel tingly."


Lorna didn't have time to process what happened. Between one blink and the next she was whisked away by her relation. She didn't even get a chance to relish her work on pants'ing the mutant that had earned her irritation. Rather she was left staggering as between one breath and the next, suddenly a mile away. She would never get used to being transported via Tommy's powers.

A hand pressed against her head as she blinked hard, green eyes that matched Tommy's flickered upwards toward him and she groaned.

Her blush cooled at his words and her lower lip trembled shakily as the reality of using her powers on someone, just because she was irritated, hit her. Granted it was likely her father would only approve, it was likely that a few others wouldn't. Not that she could process who exactly would be disappointed in her at the moment, but still.

Cue the water works. She teared up and in seconds was throwing her arms around Tommy and sniffling with tears.


Truth be told, Tommy was half expecting to have those powers turned on himself in a fit of anger from withdrawing her from the situation. The hug? Not expected. Tommy's motionless for a moment, but then returns the hug, patting Lorna's back to try and comfort the girl.

"It's alright, Lorna. He's… uh, way over there now. You're okay. Look, there's nothing wrong with defending yourself, just… you gotta pick your fights. Unless you want to get kicked out of school or something, that's the kind of kid you just walk away from today, and kick in the nuts i you see him out in the street, alright?"

Tommy Shepherd, voice of reason? Not exactly his claim to fame. But it is what it is. "Look, I'm gonna get out of here before I do something you'll regret — your school's back that way," Pointing, "You can head back, or you can tag along with me. Your call, just… y'know. Be careful, if you do go back. Alright?"


Emma's lips quirk at Quentin's state, though she manages to keep from telegraphing the full extent of her amusement. A little bit goes a long way. "Indeed," she replies to Quentin, dipping her chin as she takes a step back. "I'll let you…take care of yourself. A pleasure meeting you, Mr. Quire," she says politely, before swanning away toward the administration building.


Quentin grins, "Oh, the pleasure hasn't even begun," he says. He mentally grips his trousers, yanking them back up to his waist and takes to the sky, hovering upwards and beginning to fly himself up and over the bu

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