1964-01-15 - Outside The Club
Summary: Psylocke is dispensing some justice when Daken comes to escalate things.
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There is an alleway behind the Hellfire Club, its night time out currently. There are voices coming from the alley but they are quiet. Its a man's voice, followed by the quiet reply of a woman's voice.

"Look, lady… I'm sorry, okay!" He says up at her, the man is balding and fat and he's wearing a jacket/suit/tie with his fedora laying on the ground in the wet old dirty snow that was melting in the alley.

Psylocke, stood over him, a black bladed katana aimed at the man's face. "You are the most sorry human being I have ever met. It is true." She replied, looking down at him with disdain. She was wearing a black long coat that was buttoned up over her body in the front, black slacks and black heeled shoes… her straight long dark-purple hair was laying down her back. "I should kill you right here, right now…"

The man shivvered and started stammering out of fear.

When one cannot get -in- to the Hellfire Club, well… one starts looking for ways. Of course, he could buy his way in. What with his recently acquired wealth. But what fun is that? What challenge is that? Akihiro stakes the place out. Noting windows. Doors. Outside security. All this while acting as a casual bystander. A pedestrian, as horrifying a term as that can be to him. Black suit, white shirt. Black tie. A classic. His hair is pitch dark, swept back from his face. Shaved at the sides. When he comes to the alley, he simply smiles.

Head tilting aside, that black hair spills to the left as he watches the scene unfold with both amusement and curiousity. He has no scent. He barely makes a sound as he makes a slow approach. Lifting a finger to his lips to shush the man if he sees the nearing of Daken.

Whether caught early or making it close enough to startle, he speaks up with a terminally bored baritone. An easy, smooth and matter of fact voice. "You really could. If you left him in the dumpster there, I'm sure he wouldn't be found for atleast a day or two. With this weather? Maybe more if he doesn't decay soon." All said as a lazy smile started to spread across his lips.

The man did see the approaching figure from the street, but his stammering stupidity telegraphed it easily to Psylocke's attention, since it was fully on the suited-pig she had cornered in the alley on its dirty wet floor.

Psylocke stepped away from the approachin Akihiro and she swept her sword up and pointed it now toward him. "Do not interfere with business that is not yours." She warned Akihrio, staring at him now with her dark violet eyes. She was Asian by appearance, Japanese more specifically, but her voice was a mixture of British and Japan heritage, flowing from one side of the scale to the other seemingly at-random with every word she spoke.

"This… creature… attempted fowl deeds upon me this evening. I am in the process of deciding his punishment… and the severity of it." She looked back to the pig-man in the suit who was starting to try to crawl away on hands and knees and Psylocie's left foot went out and she stuck the heel of her boot down over his ankle, squeezing him into place. "Stop moving, Pig." she warned him.

When the blade comes up, pointed at his neck, he slowly and carefully lifts both hands upward. Palms out. See? No weapons. He stops moving and the smile fades, those eyes however remain locked. Near unblinking. "If I kept to that credo, I would be so very bored this evening." He seems to have no accent in his English. His appearance? Quite definitely Asian/Caucasian. Japanese most likely as well.

Daken had mostly been ignoring the man up until now, when the spotlight turns back to the stammering and groveling creature, he simply sighs. "So many options." He shrugs nonchallantly before continuing. "You could kill him. But then the lesson is over, no? I say you take a piece from him. Something to remember you buy." He takes one single, testing step forward.

Psylocke's stare went back to Daken then, her slim chin however remained angled down, leaving her eyes at a tilted glare at Akihiro's face. "The option to kill him has expired." She said quietly back to him and as he stepped forward she did as well, making the tip of her black katana go right up near to Akihiro's throat. "You are an unknown and I cannot kill this man in front of an unknown."

"Oh thank god." The pig-man whimpered on the ground, causing Psylocke to twist her ankle that she was using to pin his leg to the concerete. He cried out in pain!

"Cutting pieces off of him, however, is not off of the table." Psylocke further spoke then with her quiet voice. "I can think of one in particular that this… simpleton… should no longer possess."

"What?" The Pig-man said, turning over to look up at them both. "Come on, man… get this psycho bitch off'a me!" He was clearly native to New York, everything about him was cliche New Yorker.

"Whwt, however, will your response be to my dealing of punishment to this man… that is my question." Psy said then, attention not leaving Daken now.

"Such a short time table. Tragic." Daken says in mock regret. He steps forward almost fully before that katana touches his skin. The tip against his throat, a little bead of red forming around it. "Hmmmm. Interesting. You do have a point. Other than the one at my throat. Introductions do speed things up nicely in these tense social encounters, eh? Akihiro. Daken, however, is a much more widely used name for me."

His hands remained up, he actually chuckled when she twisted her heel into poor, poor pigly. "-That- piece? Oh my. Swinging for the fences, I see. I was thinking ear. Finger. Or a whole hand. Something visible to reject him from the hunt all too soon. Maybe an eye. Though I have always found eye patches to be-" He's cut off by the loud pleading of the man at their feet. Dark eyes narrow, he addresses the man finally and waggles one finger in admonishment for the interruption. "That was rude. I dislike that kind of rudeness during negotiation. Maybe swing for the fences after all." He's quick to switch gears, it would seem.

"Negotiations?" Psylocke replied to him, having heard the introduction of his name to her… she had no interest in sharing her own however. "So you are bartering for this man's well-being?" She asked. "He is… apart of your 'man club'? Is that it?" She asked him then. "Since coming to this country, I have found almost every one of your gender to be rude and contemptious monsters. Perhaps every man in this entire, United States, needs to have its fences chopped off." She didn't entirely understand how to use that turn of phrase that Akihiro had used.

Psylocke glanced down at the man on the ground then. "I think I will just take a thumb. A thumb is a constant reminder of what you have done, and what you paid because of it…"

His well-being?" This actually makes Akihiro laugh. A cold, too amused and… possibly faked laugh. Well, maybe not faked but forced. He still hasn't moved, that blade at his neck. The thinnest trickle of blood trailed down to stain his white collar but it didn't continue. Maybe the blade plugged the tiny wound? "No, no, no. You get me wrong. I'm bartering for his -pain-."

That smile returns. Toothy and cold. Like a shark or a politician. "Well, I can see how you've had a less than exceptional time here. We don't exactly have the most popular skin color in this country right now. Not the least popular, mind you, but… Ahem. No. Not part of his club. Somehwat insulted to be grouped with him, by the way." He says and points to her accusingly. Both hands still up at shoulder height. "Quite rude." A brow arches sharply. "A thumb? Acceptable by lacking in flair. What about a foot, yeah?" That smile widens."

"Gee I wonder why." The Pig-man on the ground said when the topic of skin tones was brought up. He then let out a long whine and shook his head. "No!" He said when he heard the bit about his foot. "This is ridiculous! You can't do this to people in America! She was in the Club! That club has all kinds of women who offer services like what I requested… How the hell was I supposed to know she was actually a sword-wielding psychopath."

Psylocke let the man on the ground say his words while she looked up and stared at Daken. "Step back." She told Daken quietly then, it was a command though… no doubt about it, but she said it softly and with a potential amount of garnered respect toward this stranger at her blade's tip.

"In my short time on this earth, it has almost always proven wise to assume that everyone is a sword-wielding psychopath." Daken says to the man without skipping a beat. "You never know. -I- could be one too." He says with a chuckle at his own little joke. It's funny. To him. Because he is a blade-wielding psychopath.

Told to step back, his smile starts to fade. There is that split second where his eyes narrow. A muscle under his eye twitches. He considers the command a sleight. Takes in a deep breath and sloooowly lets it and the anger out. He steps back. Wipes the blood from his throat with a single digit and sticks it in his mouth. Eyebrows raised it silent question of her next move.

Psylocke watched the reaction that her soft command put into Daken. She knew that the men in her country were not much better toward women than the men here in the United States, if not worse… but this man remained yet somewhat of a mystery. She could probe his mind with her telepathy… she did not want to do that, she reserved that for more important moments.

When he did step back, she lingered her violet-hued eyes on him a moment longer and then suddenly spun her body, her longcoat flaring ouat around her legs, and her dark purple/black hair twirling about her head and shoulders as she sent her sword in a long and sudden swing that ended with her standing perfectly still again, her clothing and hair sweeping about her body as she stared at Daken further.

The man on the ground, winced in sudden shock, and then looked down to see his right foot was severed from his leg. Needless to say, he started shouting at the top of his lungs, screams and obscenities!

Psylocke started to back up, she knew who the real threat here was… but being here was not an option any more. She backed up toward the dark shaddows of the alleyway along its western wall, and as she grew near to them, she actually started to fade from vision. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Akihiro." She said as she started to grow darker and darker with the shadow absorbing her.

In the back of his mind, chaotic and nightmarish as it may be, Akihiro considers it still. The tension left the air, he could strike. He could be the one swinging for the fences… but he instead chooses to watch. See what happens next. He's rewarded for his restraint in a flourish of speed and violence. Something behind those dark eyes flickered. Like a fire finally catching in a cold hearth.

Then the screaming began. It was background noise to Daken. It's all the same. It's just noise these days. So young to be so utterly devoid of compassion. When Psylocke started to back up, he started to walk forward. Then she grew darker, as if someone was draining the light out of her. "Of course it was." He says flatly, still advancing. Then she's gone. He sniffs at the air. The trail goes dead. "That's new." Looking back to the screaming man, Daken switches gears. He approaches the bleeding, footless man.

"It's not personal. You're just sending a message is all." He doesn't think twice. Three claws spring free and off comes the head. The screaming stops and the silence is deafening. Daken stares down at the aftermath and nods approvingly. The wounds, three obvious claw scores in the pavement. He chuckles and starts to depart the scene.

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