1964-01-17 - An Offer And A Talk
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Ever so patiently, Silver watches Carol examine everything after she is ushered into the penthouse from outside. "When we spoke at headquarters, you said you were stuck doing paperwork," she notes. "Are you looking to get back into the field?" She's not exactly a high-level agent, but she can look at some information. Talk to the higher ups. Get recommendations.

Carol smiles, "Oh, I'm a field agent by nature, though right now Coulson has me sticking close to HQ given everything going on." She chuckles, "I did, at least, get all the paperwork done I needed to do. But thanks, Silver, I do appreciate it."

Silver smirks. "Thanks for what?" she asks, her eyebrows lifting. "I haven't even offered you anything just yet."

Carol grins, "Well, I figured your next comment was going to be offering to get me back into the field, otherwise you wouldn't have asked in the first place." She looks evenly back at Silver, her grin growing a bit, "Or were you going to offer something else?"

Silver crosses her arms. "I was going to offer you a spot on my team. Unless you'd really prefer to do paperwork while everyone else is out in the field." Carol may have heard tell of the 'Wild Pack' team Silver runs. A little fast and loose with the rules, but generally good agents, all of them.

Carol smiles, "Well, I'm flattered, but Coulson is right. With everything going on, I should definitely stay by the HQ, just in case." She then holds out her hand, palm facing upwards, then there's a faint glow coming out of her hand. "I also have powers, too." Since, well, Silver is SHIELD, no harm in telling her, right?

"So I've been told." Silver doesn't seem particularly bothered. "So do I. Depending on who you ask, that's either money or guns." She doesn't seem to be joking, either. "Well, the offer is on the table. You let me know if you change your mind."

Carol nods, "Maybe after everything is settled. Admittedly, I wouldn't mind a change of pace." She smiles a bit, "And from what I've heard, your team would definitely be a way to go."

"Good to hear it." She walks past Carol (perhaps on purpose?). "Can I get you a drink? Water?" The intent is, obviously, for Carol to follow but Silver moves just a little too fast - again, possibly on purpose - she's been told, given ideas of what exactly Carol's powers are. Maybe someone on SHIELD has the wrong idea, and this is Silver's way of testing?

Carol blinks in surprise at the speed, but moves along after Silver, "Water would be just fine, thank you." She thinks to herself a bit, perhaps a bit puzzled by the rapid retreat, though she notices the angle.

The kitchen's not all that hard to find, really. It's a penthouse suite, not her home in Symkaria. Back to Carol, as she pours the water into each mug she finds. "Tell me about working from the New York office," she says. "As a powered agent."

Carol hrmms. "Well, it isn't /too/ much different than an unpowered agent. Though I tend to be more of a 'break glass in case of emergencies' type." She smiles wryly, "Which means the threat typically means I'm necessary." Her eyes do linger at the offered view as she takes the water, raising it to Silver, "Cheers."

There's a bit of a pause on Silver's lips, her reflex would be to say 'Na zdravie'. 'to health'. But she's not at home, and she's not amongst countrymen and women. Well, not in front of her. She smiles to cover her recovery. "Cheers," she answers back, lifting her mug.

Carol sips from the water, then smiles a bit, "Wow, even the water tastes better here than in Midtown." She gives Silver a wry expression.

Silver doesn't quite roll her eyes, though the expression on her face says it all right there without the rolling of eyes. "It can't be that different," she insists.

Carol grins, "Well, maybe it's the company then, but it definitely tastes nicer." She chuckles a bit, shrugging over towards Silver.

The Princess/SHIELD agent rolls her eyes. She's certain there's no difference. But instead of pressing the matter, she lapses into shop talk. It's the easiest to discuss; the women work for the same organization. Though her stories are mostly about being abroad…

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