1964-01-22 - Claws And Effect
Summary: While escorting Lorna around Mutant Town, Tommy runs into Akihiro, Domino, and trouble.
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When the mighty fall the moment becomes etched into history forever. When the feeble fall there are few left to pay it any mind.

There are some people willing to pay someone for something, however. Out of one of the shops with rusting black bars covering the windows steps a white-faced woman hiding within a long, heavy black coat. Her head is ducked forward, subtly flipping through a handful of paper money before it all gets stuffed into an inner pocket.

Outside the sky is still a dull steel grey as the noon hour creeps closer upon the clocks. There's a bite to the chilly wind reminding everyone that the season is far from over, though many of the locals are staying indoors for reasons other than the cold. Beyond a very few number of individuals roaming the sidewalks this part of town seems as much of a ghost as the white-skinned lady now wandering through it.


Mutant Town was a popular destination for some people as of late; whether it's just people coming to see what actually /happened/ there, or perhaps mutants who don't live there normally coming to visit and patrol the area for trouble, it's perhaps one of the parts of the city that's seeing more activity from outside than from within.

One such person? A platinum-haired speedster in a leather jacket, walking along the sidewalk with hands tucked in pockets. There were a few people that he /wanted/ to run into; although none of the individuals on his list will very likely /enjoy/ that particular meeting when it happens. If there's knives, there will be blood. If there's not? Broken bones would do.

But so far, no sight of the targets, or even the familiar faces like Hope or Lynette. Still. It feels good to be doing /something,/ or at least in position to, even if one is doing nothing yet.


It's been a while since he's walked these streets. They don't feel the same. They surely smell the same though. Daken, clad in an expertly crafted wool suit, grey with a black tie, stalks along with both hands in his pockets. Thick, black overcoat draped over his shoulders, the arms empty and hanging loose to catch the wind. The young man stands out in the crowd, thin and sparse as it may be. Not as much as -some-, but the hair style and attire in this neck of the woods? Might as well be begging to get mugged. Which he very well could be.

Catching sight of Domino isn't very difficult. The silver haired gentleman up the way. His dark eyes squint, focus in and lock on. He sets himself on a collision course with a light, casual stride. Like he's walking through a museum that he's been to a thousand times.


Lorna remained with her nephew, ha, Tommy as per the promise of sneaking out of the Sanctum. With the addition of a hat of course, over her magically brown hair. She contemplated asking Wanda for some kind of a charm so she could switch back and forth. Being in Mutant Town? Definitely merited being her naturally green hair, but at the moment that wasn't an option.

So she had donned her winter coat, over her armored figure. She wasn't looking for trouble, but given that there was a hit on her or something, she still wasn't sure, it was better safe than sorry.

"Tommy, did you find any leads yet?" She asked softly.


Lorna has partially disconnected.


In some situations recognition goes both ways, as Domino (after a moment) comes to recognize Akihiro in turn. Between the two already shady as heck figures and the heavy coats they wear the moment might look like something out of a televised show about secret agents. She keeps her head pitched forward a few degrees, hands ducking into deep coat pockets as she approaches the guy without showing any indication that she's looking his way or paying him any attention…

At about fifteen paces out she decides to test his hearing, one of her hidden hands slowly thumbing back the hammer of a concealed pistol.

Depending upon the wind he might have already caught a whiff of blood, too. Long-since dried, but not necessarily old. Or hers.

For the moment she just keeps on walking, though she's keenly watching him on the sly. Seeing if he's going to respond to such insignificant clues, and how.

Life's no fun if you aren't living it dangerously, anyway.


On another day, or in another place? Akihiro would have mark written all over him. Any man who dresses that fancy was just asking to be liberated of a wallet; and when you could move faster than the speed of sound, who was to say that anyone else should have it? Still Tommy is /also/ well versed in the game of human chicken. Much like he didn't move for the fairly gigantic Carl Creel himself, the collision course is going to be stuck to — he's got no intention of deviating because someone's coming his way, and he knows someone's coming his way.

Lorna draws a brief shake of Tommy's head, "None yet. Still looking, though. Guy as big as that can't hide from someone who can cover as much ground as I can for long." replies the speedster, lips curved into just the slightest of grins. Pride. "Must know I'm coming for him." Or that someone will be, at least. "Probably trying to stay inside. But every rat sees the sunlight now and then…"

As for Domino? He hasn't noticed her just yet, between the man walking towards him and the —ugh, yes, /Aunt/ who's only about two months older than him at his side.


It's like a dance. The looks set the pace, Domino takes the lead and Akihiro follows suit. She approaches, careful and easy as he does the same. Gravitating. Those near black eyes narrow as a slim smile starts to creep across his lips. The coppery scent of blood, while old and dried, is like a kick to the face for him. It's almost painfully obvious. Beneath the sound of someone banging on a door, he hears the soft click of metal on metal. The hammer pulled. He smiles all too wide. Toothy and savage. "Do it." He says

He pulls his eyes off Domino, those dark, dark brown eyes finding Tommy once again. Lorna now as well. His fingers curl as he takes the hand from his pocket. Counting on each finger as he nears them. Domino has her gun… the click of the hammer. Daken, starting to countdown as he zeroes in on his own targets. Or is this a game of chicken?


Lorna glanced around, green eyes wide, and rubbed at the back of her neck. "Thank you for.. for well, not telling my tata and coming with me. I really appreciate it. I was going stir crazy. Even if we don't find anyone at the church.." She bit her lower lip and crossed her arms.

"I'm just worried about my friend. He's been gone for weeks.. And he's homeless.. and ugh.. I just.. I'm really worried. If he was.." She trailed off, leaving the obvious unsaid. Any number of things could have happened to the homeless mutant.


There's the smile, and a voiced challenge being issued. In response a wicked smirk creeps across Domino's expression, her pale stare finally jumping upward to home in on Akihiro's own stare.

Yep. He noticed.

What follows doesn't involve any drawn guns, thrown punches, or so much as a verbal retaliation. As tempting as it might be to pull the trigger, Aki would be just fine. But, the albino isn't here for a skirmish. Instead she's just about to pass Aki by when she effortlessly spins about on a heel and starts walking right alongside the guy, instead.

"Maybe later," she responds to his earlier remark. "You're looking curiously mellow today."

From spies to rivals to pals in a span of about twenty feet. This is the right part of town for the unusual, at least!


The man in the suit, Tommy figured, has one of two reasons for not changing direction. One? He thinks he's a tough guy and that Tommy's going to back off first. That would be the wrong assumption. Two? He could be a pickpocket. Tommy could respect that, dipping into the pockets of others on more tha one occasion, but he also wasn't going to let anything of /his/ be taken. Which is why green eyes are flickerig around. Muscles are tensing in a way the observant might notice.

Voice, however, doesn't change a bit. "I'm not gonna make you stay inside all day — if I do that, you'll never agree to it next time it has to happen." the speedster offers, lips curving up into an amused grin — one that's tempered some with the topic of choice. "If we don't find anyone there… we'll still find her. A woman like that can't be too hard to find, either." He wouldn't be surprised if the Brotherhood made some noise in the near future in response to the Mutant Town attack. He'd be a little disappointed if they didn't. "If it makes you feel any better, we could stop by the morgue — don't see him there, we'll know he's okay. Maybe smart enough to move out of this crazy city."

…and collision in three… two…


Few people understand that strange itch under the skin. The tension of muscles, the unrealized potential that those metal claws have when unexposed. Hidden under flesh and bone. When Domino turns on heel and takes his side, he lets out a disappointed sigh and relaxes. He even pouts a little. "Tease." He states flatly but the edge of a smile is slowly starting a comeback.

"Ehhhh, I suppose. I found that letting go of the simple irritants and annoyances does wonders for the soul. Or what little remains of it." Akihiro says with a calm, almost terminally bored tone. Nearing Tommy and Lorna now, he speaks up from that conspiratorial whisper.

"It's a pity. I was going to let you have her." He says as the collision course culminates in a meeting on the sidewalk, a gloved finger pointing to Lorna before he looks right at Tommy. The way the other man looked back at him, Daken knew he was running the outcomes just as he was. "This is the one I wanted."


Lona didn't seem to notice or care overly that there were others on the side walk, at least once they just seemed to chat. "Next time? Tommy, I'm not going to have a next time! Seriously, who expects a 'next time' for people being so angry they hire people to come after you?" She snorted, and rolled her eyes.

So she didn't seem all that alarmed by the near collision course they were on, she was naturally just preparing to walk around them, after all. No her attention was further away, until that is, Akihiro addessed them and the path was block. She came to a stop, eyes widening briefly as he pointed at her.

"Wait, what?" She glanced at Tommy, her brows shooting upwards.


Speaking of the Brotherhood..! Someone here is on the lookout for some fresh blood. Perhaps literally.

"Been called worse," Domino almost cheerily replies to Aki with her smirk yet lingering. Regarding letting the simple things go she slowly rolls her shoulders. "Just the simple stuff. There's not much of that going around anymore, though."

'Going to let you have…' Oh, look at this. Aki knows a few more of the lost souls of the day. Now her expression levels back out, looking from one to the other with some emphasis given to Lorna after Aki points at her. The girl doesn't look like much but that's often how these things go, isn't it… For the moment she's not going to hold back in physical presence, though beyond rhetorically asking "Huh, was someone found cheating on the last quiz?" she's going to keep quiet and try to figure out what the situation is.

Her hands will stay cozy in those large pockets, too. With one of them resting around the wooden grips of a sidearm. There's always the potential for any encounter to get nasty. Considering Akihiro and Domino this seems to happen around them more often than not.


Who expects a 'next time'? Someone who's watched mob movies and, "Someone who survived the first—" …and keeping those eyes on target comes in handy every once in a while. Even if it /is/ somewhat akin to torture when the person being watched isn't near as good to look at as the one next to him. But, that motioning with a finger is enough for Tommy to act, rather than react, holding out an arm to his side to stop Lorna from proceeding.

"Run. Find Hope."

Three words spoken as an order to Lorna, without much care for who might hear. Then he's trying to push her backwards so that he can step in front of her. To those who can keep up with it, they might notice Tommy's irises darting around at a speed that far exceeds anything a normal human is capable of. Voice raises and gains some of that Jersey swagger, now. Lips even remain in a grin. "Alright, Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. Let's drop the act, yeah?"


"It all depends on your definition of simple, yeah? Tip the scales enough in one direction and it all just falls away. Freeing, really." Daken says flippantly. Months away and the young mans whole world perspective has altered drastically. Once a fiery, angry little thing… now? So chilled. Content. Calculating. A brow arches when Dom repeats his words. He chuckles and touches his chest with a black, leather gloved hand. "My appologies. Was just being friendly."

Licking his lips, he smiles all the wider when Tommy tells Lorna to run and find Hope. Sweet like anti-freeze. "If finding hope was so easy, you'd think this neighborhood would look a little more lively." Looking Tommy up and down, he starts to take off his gloves. Pulling one finger at a time. "What act? Just wanted to have some fun. Maybe get something to eat. Catch a concert. One of those small venues. More intimate." Those near black eyes narrow, the smile remaining. "But I'm open for alternate ideas." There it is again. That itch inside his arms. Those claws asking for freedom.


Lorna stopped as Tommy's arm came up and she slowly shook her head, her hands shaking, settled on her relation's arm. She stared, swallowing a lump that had formed in her throat. "He's metal. Inside. All metal." She whispered, brows furrowing as she stared at Akihiro, her gaze swinging toward the woman and noting each bit of metal on her as she calmed her hectic heartbeat long enough to think.

"She's got weapons." She added, and glanced at Tommy. "I won't leave you." Her voice shook slightly, and her hands dropped to her sides, curling into trembling fists. Fear and the need to help, warred within her. A determined grinding of her teeth following.


..Alright, hold up here. 'Find Hope.' Hope, like the name of a person rather than in a figurative sense? -Hope,- like the same Hope that Domino knows? Does that mean this girl is Hope's friend? Is one of the people on her list to reach out to for recruitment..hunting the friend of someone else whom is already on the roster..? It would be a long shot, but long shots are the norm with this albino!

..Well frig, if this doesn't just have 'conflict of interest' written all over it then -nothing- freaking does.

Yeah. She's not going to stand right beside Akihiro anymore. One, she's not an active participant of this conflict. (Yet.) Two, she's not here with the guy. Three, and perhaps the single most important item on the list:

"Someone mind telling me what the hell's going on here?" she flatly asks with a stare to match being cast between Aki and Tommy. Lorna's exempt, she doesn't seem to know any better than Dom does.


Lorna deciding to stay is noted quietly — there goes some trust. Some respect is gained at its cost, however. The warning about Akihiro being metal inside? Noted. That'll give him an advantage. He might not be able to do much with flesh and bone, but /metal?/ Metal he can make explode. Metal's not organic. That brings a smile to his lips. It would be so cathartic after the past few days…

"Should've never split up from her." mutters Tommy — possibly referring to the very same person he told Lorna to find. Domino's moving away is also noted, along with Lorna's warning there. Less than a second, he could search every pocket and hold all the contents. That number grows as she gets farther, though.

Akihiro, however, is the primary focus. Words are returned with a smirk. Amused. "Sorry, chum. I'm taken. My brother might still be on the market, though." he replies. Domino? She gets a tilt of his head in her direction; Akihiro can explain what's going on here if he wants. He's doing his best not to be distracted. Maybe the Absorbing Guy could change shape? It would explain the metal inside.


Akihiro's brows loft high and sharp, surprised for the first time in a long time. Do you know how hard it is to shock a man like him these days? He waggles a pointing finger at Lorna after taking his gloves off, stowing them carefuly in an overcoat pocket. A bit of ink peeking out from under his sleeve. "Oh, I changed my mind. -You- are the interesting one." He chuckles softly and shakes his head. "It's not -everywhere-, I assure you." Was that a helpful fact or a creepy pick up line? It's difficult to tell with Daken sometimes.

When Domino switches gears, Akihiro sighs dramatically. "I don't think this young fellow likes me all that much. Which is tragic. I would think we have much in common." He sniffs at the air. Laughs quietly and clears his throat. "Nothing to be scared of. I assure you. I'm a teddy bear." Smoothing a hand down his tie, he offers only a shrug. "Just the moment of two intensely aware people picking up what the other is putting down. She can detect metal. Makes me wonder what -he- does. Then again, curiousity and cats. Yadda, yadda."


Lorna bit her lower lip, glancing toward the woman as she stepped away from Akihiro. Her brows pinched as she shifted her weight on her toes. "I dunno if he's with the Absorbing man, Tommy." Her voice was low, as she watched Akihiro. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to focus on the curious network of metal that she could sense within the man.

"It's .. your .. your bones?" She blinked, her brows furrowing as she struggled to comprehend what that actually meant, or how. It made her head hurt when she tried to puzzle that out.

As far as an explaination for what was going on? She wasn't even sure, so how could she explain what was going on to the woman who'd asked. There simply were more questions than answers for the girl.


ROLL: Domino +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 47


Akihiro has partially disconnected.


Uh huh. When Aki tries to say he's a teddy bear Domino snorts in response. "And I'm the bloody Queen of England," she declares in a low and wary tone. Her question hasn't really been answered yet. Someone like Akihiro doesn't just wander around, jab a finger at someone, and say 'I've been looking for you' if he just wanted to strike up a conversation.

Really, this is only a problem to her because she doesn't know if she should be lending a hand to one side or the other here. Or just bugging off and getting herself some more coffee. That option's still on the table.

There's some confirmation, at least. Lorna can detect metal… How -very- curious. It's clear as day that Aki's gearing up for a fight, too. He was looking for a fight with her, now he's looking for a fight with these two.

These two -Kids.-

When Lorna asks Akihiro about his bones Domino nonchalantly responds "Yeah, check it out" an instant before she brings a hand out into the open, quickly leveling a .45 semiautomatic toward the side of Aki's head.



Tommy normally would've just let the collision happen; but all the interest being shown in Lorna? That has him at high alert and in guardian mode, even if it's laced with his normal bravado. "'Like' has nothin' to do with it, chum — I just don't trust you." Truth be told, there's not really /anyone/ that Tommy Shepherd trusts completely. None of those are within sight right now.

Fingers flex slowly — tensing muscles tends to make them stiff, and that's almost as bad as not being ready in the first place. "Let's hope you're right, 'cause this town needs more teddy bears." he offers back. crinkling his nose. "Me? I'm a porcupine… and what I do?" He smiles. "Well. I'm saving /that/ reveal for the Friends of Humanity. I don't really feel like giving a sn-"

Well. So much for not showing off. The movement from Domino is barely caught out of the corner of his eye. Lorna's comment registers. Irises turn in that direction properly. He realizes it's a gun at about the point that it gets to Akihiro's shoulder.

As such, he had plenty of time to stop it. But inside Tommy's head? A cartoonish version of himself is tossing rocks into a giant scale; each of them labelled with a big yellow post-it note. 'Dude's acting weird' goes into the 'Let her shoot him' side. 'She might be one of /them/' goes into the 'Stop her' side. There's a number of boulders to sort out and by the time he's done with /that?/ He's taken enough time that the gun's reached where it needs to go.

So Tommy charges /forward./ Essentially intending to shoulder-tackle Akihiro out of the way of the bullet in the time that it takes the thing to ignite and leave the chamber. Superspeed came in handy at times like this. Whether he's able to even /move/ someone with adamantium bones, though? Debatable. But he doesn't know that, and the 'Stop her' pile ended up being larger.

By one boulder.


Was Daken spoiling for a fight? Perhaps. What he did not expect was a metal detector to out him so easily. "Not -all- of my bones. Just the important ones." He says nonchallantly before scoffing at the idea presented earlier. "As if I would debase myself with such association. Pro bono." He clarifies. He clears his throat, and reaches up to loosen his tie. "Anyway, bored no-" He's cut off.

Domino was quick, Akihiro was distracted. Tommy? Much quicker. The -BANG- goes off, he registers that before a shoulder hits him dead center of the chest and sends him flying backward. Bones crack. Muscles burn. His heart skips a beat. That overcoat flaps to the ground, limp and sadly dirty now.

"Lovely. Now that we're all clear…" He smiles wide as he looks up, that coal black hair shielding one eye. A three point stance, as if he's waiting for the snap. SNIKT! There's the snap. Claws flash, brilliant and shiny as he launches himself at Tommy. No roar. No growl. Just a smile and a damned crazy look in his eyes. Play time.


The shot of the gun going off, has Lorna flexing her powers, the magnetic field that naturally surrounded her moved, pushing the bullet away from her and Tommy; at least until Tommy was moving so fast that her eyes, much less her powers, could react. But as Akihiro bounced back and stood her eyes widened at the metal claws that flashed free into the sunlight.

Her eyes narrowed and she reached out with both hands, her powers swinging outward to try to grab the metal of his claws and then promptly direct him up into the air and then upside down above them. Her hands twisting this way and that as she directed him upwards.

"Stop it, and I'll let you down. Alright?" She glanced at the woman with the gun, and reached out her hand that way too, trying to drag the weapon up into the air and out of her hands.

"Everyone just stop it!"


Shoot enough people in the head enough times and you stop getting surprised by what you see afterward. Domino already has a mental list of 'cause and effect' details ranging from Akihiro's peculiar biology down to the speed of the bullet, the distance the sound would travel, the time it would take authorities to respond, the time it would take other mutants to respond, how long it will take her to completely disappear from the scene—

A helluva lot longer than it took for Akihiro to disappear, that's for damn sure!

Before the musical *ping!* of a spent casing can chime off of the nearby pavement of the street both Akihiro and the other guy are just -gone- and she's left staring out at a building. A building which SHOULD have had a new hole in the brickwork. What..where the hell did..?

There's also the matter of Akihiro. The element of surpriseHER element of surprisehas been taken away, and Aki's been left alive and whole. She was trying to buy these two kids some time to get out of here and hide. She was hoping it would have given -her- enough time to do the same! As they say, no good deed shall go unpunished.

A quick glare is shot Tommy's way along with a yelled "You -idiot!-" before Aki's claws kiss the chilly winter air.

Then a set of pale eyes grow wider. "Aw, hell."

On the upside, her weapon isn't also a part of her. When she's left dangling in the air it's strictly by choice. She's Not. Letting. Go. "What—! Dammit, I'm trying to -help- you two!"


There was something freeing about moving in fast-forward. About not literally forcing each limb, each /muscle/ to slow down in order to fit in with the human world. To watch as everyone else moved in slow motion around him and tried to keep up with him. There were so many things he could do right now. If he didn't have Lorna to worry about? There was a hardware store about three blocks away. It would've taken him a second to get there, grab a can of pink spraypaint and get back. Another to give somebody a dye-job that wouldn't come out quite so easily.

Once the initial threat of the bullet is passed, he's back in motion. By the time Akihiro was lunging? He was already several feet away, looping around with an intent to seize that gun from Domino, who he still saw as the (new) primary threat. At least until he spies that gun going /up./ Lorna's doing, no doubt. A glance back towards Akihiro spies extended claws and the start of a lunge towards where he /was./ Well. Damn.

There's a little skid long enough to be called an idiot by Domino — to which he maturely sticks out his tongue — but the claim about helping? There's a glance towards Akihiro and one of two things happen.

If Akihiro is still moving, no matter how slow that movement is? Tommy's going to run at Domino at superspeed, try and collect her away from her gun with one arm, try to do the same to Lorna with the other, and use momentum more than strength to deposit the two of them about a block away.

If Akihiro's frozen? Well, much of the same. Except there's a warning, "Prove it, lady — let go of the gun, and /I'll/ help /you./" that comes first.


Excruciating. That's what it is. Snatched from the air by his claws, forcibly flipped upside down… It's like being hung by your thumbs. Tendons stretch, muscle sears. He has to tense himself up, display an immense show of self control both physically and mentally. Otherwise? Shoulders tear, rotators snap and that red rage floods in. Akihiro, no smile this time. No scowl either.

"See? Aren't things so much more fun when you let go of the little things? When you be -yourself-?" It's hard to tell who he's asking at this point. Those dark eyes sliding between Tommy and Lorna. Tie dangling down the side of his face, hair straight and very mohawky. "Dom? I forgive you. Kisses, darling."

Legs crossed at the ankle, he keeps his body upright by sheer force of will and, well, let's be honest: serious phsyical fitness, yo. A brow lifts downward. Unseen, unheard and unknown, Daken flexes a power of his own. One very, very few even know about. He starts to fill the air with a calming pheromone. He starts to smile, sweet and calm as can be while he waits for it to kick in.


Lorna's ability to hold up magnetic fields was not her father's. It required focus and being fairly close to the object that she was trying to manipulate. Along with actually being in sight of it.

So whatever else seh was going to say, whatever else she was going to do? It was cut off as her nephew picked her up and promptly sped her away.

A blink, a groan and she staggered as she was deposited a block away. "Tommy! Why would you do that?" She closed her eyes, her stomach very much still back a block away.

Where her grip on Akihiro was broken and the mutant left free to tumble or land as he wilt.


"I don't need your help," Domino snaps back at Tommy. "What I -need- is for your friend there to quit arguing with the fundamental laws of nature and give me my damn gun back!"

When Akihiro talks about being yourself the albino grunts and rolls her eyes. To hear that he forgives her, though… Well, at least she won't get a pair of claws in the back this afternoon. Tomorrow's always another day.

"You still didn't answer my question, Hiro. Get st-URK!"

Neena has experienced teleportation enough to have finally come to terms with it. More or less. Being hauled off at a speed she doesn't have any desire to figure out is an entirely new experience! While Lorna's busy pinning Tommy with the question Dom's busy dropping to one hand and both knees as she tries to keep from revisiting her breakfast.

"What… Just…"


Sorry, Akihiro — Tommy's instinct with Lorna around right now is clearly relegated in the 'flight' column rather than the 'fight'. Eyes are still pointed in that direction too, even as the women talk around him. Mostly to him.

"The words you're lookin' for, ladies, is 'Thank you'. It comes from the English words 'Thank you', which means, 'Tommy just saved your asses, consider yourselves owing him one.'"

After a moment, he adds… "Do you want me to tell your Dad how you wanted to stay and play with the nice man with the big claws? I'm sure he'd be interested." and "Your gun's probably back there still. Sorry. Who's your supplier? My girl's birthday's gotta be coming up soon. She'd probably like one like it."

Of course, he could go get /that/ one, but regardless of what his mouth says? His brain knows that Domino may have actually tried to save them. So she can keep her gun. … if Akihiro doesn't grab it first.


The pain leaves. That is a good thing. Sadly, gravity demanded his attention. Akihiro dropped like a stone. A handsome, probably psychopathic stone. A twist, a turn and he lands on both feet. Clearing his throat, claws snapped back into his forearms and he smoothed a hand down his tie and went about readjusting his appearance. Brown eyes lift up from his cuffs to the trip a block away now. He tilts his head aside ever so slightly and lifted a hand to wave at them all.

"Well, that was much more exciting than expected."

Turning on heel, he starts down the sidewalk in the opposite direction. A confident swagger to his walk. Bending down, he snatches up his overcoat and slings it over shoulder without skipping a beat.


Lorna shot her nephew a look, "Tommy, he had metal bits! I could've handled it! We still don't know if he was just looking for a fight or actually targeting me either." She brushed off her coat, her lips pursed together.

"And don't tell my tata," She added, slinging her arms into a crossed position as she heaved a sigh and glanced toward the woman that Tommy had snared with them.

"Alright, alright… Just take me home.." She muttered, eyeing Akihiro in the distance as the man waved and went in the opposite direction as they were in.


Tommy's insistence on being thanked instead earns him one raised middle finger from the queasy albino. What he has to say after the sarcasm turns out to be much more interesting, both about Lorna's father and about another girl having a birthday. Not many people like receiving guns for birthday presents… It just might be worth figuring out who this person is sometime.

..Some other time.

Some other time when she isn't feeling like her innards all decided to change places at the same instant.


Akihiro's wave and retreat draws an amused look from Tommy, who waves back in that direction. There would likely be a round two sometime in the future, but that round two wasn't going to be today.

Lorna gets a tongue maturely stuck out in her direction, "You didn't run when I said run, which meant I had to turn to the person that I could trust the most." Himself.

As for Domino? She gets a bright smile and a wave while he loads Lorna up for the next run. "Sorry, sugar. Like I told your buddy; taken."

…and away they go!


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